Bewitched, Beguiled, Beloved

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Simone’s dark eyes focused on the lead singer as he stood front and center on the platform strumming his guitar. Broad shoulders, slender hips. Tall, lanky, not too thin. She liked what she saw.

Rick Carver had chiseled features with soft blue gray eyes and chestnut wavy hair that fell tenuously across his strong brow. With a voice like crushed velvet, he crooned his version of Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love” into the chromed microphone while her guests danced with their arms wrapped around one another on the Spanish tile floor in front of the small stage.

For a mortal he was quite the specimen. He had been born with potential for greatness but too many scars had kept him from continuing down that path. The savage war between mortals had taken its toll on his spirit. She could sense his loss and pain. She understood the reason he chose to sing in a post war dance band but nothing could deny his heroic nature.

She surprised herself by taking such a keen interest in reading him. She rarely bothered with humans. Mortals were dangerous for witches. It didn’t matter to her what they achieved in their pathetic lives. It was necessary to get along with them in their frivolous world, but getting too close could lead to her being stripped of her powers or worse, possibly being burned at the stake. Not by mortals, those days were past but nothing prevented her from being torched by her own kind. Her magical powers, her very life were far more important than a human’s fleeting and often troublesome existence. This one was different and her curiosity to know why he caught her attention overrode her usual strong sense of self preservation. She moved cautiously towards the edge of the stage to take a closer look.

Simone strolled slowly in front of him as she connected with his expressive, soulful eyes. He sang a Jimmy Liggins classic “Baby, I Can’t Forget You”. A knowing smile crossed her scarlet painted lips at the same time it crossed his. He was a fine specimen of a mortal man indeed. Her hips swayed slowly from side to side to the rhythm of the music as he watched her, his emotions written across his movie star face. Simone was a magnificent creature. Gleaming raven hair, wrapped into a high fashion chignon, held in place by tiny jeweled snowflake hairpins. She was shapely, with long limbs and a wasp waist, not too tall but not too short, just right. Her formfitting burgundy satin dress hugged her in all the right places. He was enchanted by her exotic beauty and she knew it.

Simone glanced back over her shoulder and smiled once again. She could practically hear his heart pounding out of his chest. His eyes followed her as she slowly walked across the length of the dance floor away from him. Men were always aroused by her dark beauty. Nothing new about that, but this time she found herself completely beguiled by the handsome singer. That was new. Not in a typical way. Even though she’d bang him in an instant, there was something different about him she liked. She wanted to know everything about him. This intrigued and concerned her at the same time.

Simone was already making plans to take it a step further on that cool California night. After all it was Winter Solstice and she was feeling a bit provocative. She wasn’t certain how far she wanted to take this dalliance. The night would make that decision for her.

The band was packing up when she decided to make her first move. She knew Rick Carver was too much of a gentleman to make advances toward his client so it was entirely up to her. She had hired his band from a small ad she found in the Los Angeles Times. It wasn’t the first band she called but it was the first band that called her back. Being so close to the Holidays, she was lucky to find a combo with an opening. The Rick Carver Four had a last minute cancellation and Mr. Carver himself called her to say they would be glad to take the gig. She immediately liked his voice and hired him over the phone without suggesting an audition.

Simone could never tell him the occasion wasn’t Christmas or Chanukah but instead, the holiest of days for witches and warlocks. In ancient times her kind would have been circling a caldron, dressed in black, beneath a full moon with the smell of burning sage swirling around them, but this was modern day Los Angeles, 1952. Instead, they gathered in the courtyard of Simone’s lavish Hollywood Hills home and celebrated in the contemporary style of drinks, music and dancing.

The cavernous mansion she called home sweet home was built in the twenties by an up and coming movie mogul whom quickly went broke when talkies became the newest thing. She fell in love with the Art Deco inspired beauty at first sight and was able to purchase it for a very reasonable price. It sat high above Sunset Blvd and was aptly named Casa de Cristal, in translation House of Glass.

It was constructed with massive windows all the way around the side that overlooked the neon, billboards and roving spotlights ankara escort bayan of Tinsel Town below. She lived there with her long time companion of many decades, Helena. A fiery, freckled redhead with full firm breasts, shapely thighs and flashing dark brown eyes. Some would comment on her resemblance to Rita Hayworth. To Simone, Helena represented a soft place to land when things got hard. She couldn’t imagine her life without her.

Simone and Helena had met at a coven in Spain nearly forty years ago. Witches don’t age like mortals. They were now well into their late eighties but both looked to be about mid twenties.

Simone was bisexual but her lover Helena was strictly into women. It had caused some interesting fights between them throughout the years. Simone loved Helena intensely but even that could not squelch her need for the occasional penis. When she had cravings for a male lover, she never had difficulty attracting them. The problems only arose when they wanted to stay in her life after she and especially Helena didn’t want them around anymore. Usually a few simple spells involving the enamored suitor’s memory would send them on their way. The two passionate lesbian lovers would then settle back down to their very reclusive, contented existence high above the city on Mulholland Drive.

Simone lingered nearby watching Mr. Carver put away his equipment as he meticulously disconnected and coiled up endless lengths of electrical cords. He had an incredible ass, tight and muscular. She could see the distinct concaves on the sides of his hips. So different from a woman’s fuller rounded curves. Angular, firm and they deepened when they thrust their hips deep into a woman’s vagina. She loved that.

If Mr. Carver noticed Simone staring at him, he didn’t let on. She was content to quietly watch him bend and flex his sinewy masculine frame.

Simone glanced behind her to the large cluster of Bird of Paradise on the far side of the pool. Helena was hiding there, glaring in her direction. She was watching Simone admire Rick Carver’s exquisite attributes.

Simone softly sighed. She’d have to spend some extra time later satisfying the very beautiful but equally insecure Helena. Fortunately, Simone could eat pussy better than anyone else Helena had ever known. It was sheer pleasure to bury her face into the blazing copper cunt of her tempestuous lover. It gave her extreme satisfaction to lick Helena’s swollen salmon colored clit until she was screaming out to the heavens for sweet release.

To be fair, Helena was also an expert at carpet munching. She could bring Simone to some of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms, over and over again. It gave Simone ample time to fantasize about having a huge dick plunging in and out of her sopping wet vagina while Helena demonstrated her exquisite expertise in cunnilingus.

Helena never knew what Simone’s fantasies revolved around. Certainly she didn’t know they involved fucking men. If Simone had anything to say about it, the beautiful redhead would never find out. Even so, there was nothing quite as satisfying as a woman’s soft touch. Soft curves pressing into equally soft curves, breasts, thighs, vaginas. It was a comforting feeling.

Right now she had more pressing business at hand as she licked her red lips and admired her next casual suitor with hungry eyes. “Mr. Carver.” Her voice, soft and sultry. “I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your quartet tonight.” Rick straightened up and turned to face her. It nearly took her breath away. He was so incredibly handsome. She managed to complete her thought. “You boys really know how to entertain a crowd.” She tried not to let on how attracted she was to him. It simply wasn’t her style to gush. She managed to maintain her cool exterior but she wasn’t about to let this one slip through her fingers before she had her way with him.

“Thank you Miss Barteau. You have excellent taste in music.” His smile was electrifying. “We don’t get too many requests for solid R&B. They usually ask for the newer standards from Les Brown and Artie Shaw, which are fine by me… but the blues…” He placed a hand over his heart. “…that’s where my heart is.” He casually leaned his frame against the trellis and narrowed his eyes. “So, where does a classy lady like you learn to appreciate the finer strains of R&B? Very few people have ever heard of artists like Percy Mayfield, Jimmy Liggins and Poison Gardner.”

“Well, I’ve always had eclectic tastes.” She paused and bit the corner of her bottom lip. “Some say that kind of music is the work of the devil… but personally, I prefer it.” Simone gave him an impish smile. “Cash or check Mr. Carver?” She inquired.

He seemed embarrassed but he was relieved that she offered to pay in cash. He’d be able to pay his band tonight and keep his beloved Les Paul Gibson out of the hockshop this week. “Mmm, cash would be swell Miss Barteau… if it’s not too much trouble.”

“It’s not.” She smiled. ankara bayan escort “Very well Mr. Carver, cash it is.” His eyes widened as she reached inside the plunging neckline of her burgundy satin dress and pulled out a large wad of bills from between her rounded, pushed up cleavage. She handed him the stack but he didn’t bother to count it. It was a lot more money than what he had quoted her over the phone. He could tell just by the weight of the tightly wound roll.

“Thank you ma’am. I’m not sure quite what to say. This is very generous of you.”

She sniffed slightly. “Trust me, you were worth every penny of it and probably more.” She smiled as she smoothed the plunging neckline across her décolletée. “I’m just grateful you were able to play for my party. It was so last minute.” Her smile could capture the coldest man’s heart. “I’m famous for putting everything off until the last minute.” She giggled. “It gets me into trouble more times than I care to mention.”

He gave her a hearty laugh and turned around to finish breaking down the rest of his equipment. She wasn’t about to let him get away, not just yet. “Mr. Carver, may I call you Rick?” He turned around and flashed a warm smile that nearly knocked her backwards.

“Why… yes. I’d like that very much.”

His band members had finished packing up were standing off to one side talking quietly among each other, waiting for Rick to finish. She nodded towards them. “Did they ride with you this evening Rick?” She added sweetly. “…and by the way, you can call me Simone.”

He looked pleased but slightly embarrassed. “No ma’… um I mean Simone. We all came in separate vehicles.” He seemed puzzled by her question. “Why… is there someplace I could drive you?”

“Oh no, I have my own car.” She looked around to see if anyone was listening in on their conversation besides a now livid Helena still holding court behind the bushes. “I was wondering if maybe you would like to stay after your friends leave… perhaps for a midnight swim?”

There was an awkward silence and a mild look of surprise on his handsome face. “Well, that sounds like fun but I…I don’t carry swimming trunks with me.” He winked, hoping to mask his flushed cheeks. “Certainly not in December.”

She grinned. “That’s okay, you won’t need them.”

He tilted his head slightly to the side and peered at Simone through one eye. “I don’t mind… if you don’t.”

She smirked. “If I minded, I wouldn’t have asked you to stay, would I?”

“Fair enough ma’am… um, sorry, Simone. Sorry, my mother didn’t raise a fresh boy.” The tips of his ears had turned bright red and Simone was pleased by that. She liked her men on the shy side. “Excuse me, I’ll go tell the boys goodnight.” She nodded as he strolled over to where they were standing. He flashed the huge wad of cash at them and they all beamed as he licked his thumb and peeled off bills from the stack to pay them.

Simone’s attention was averted to the sound of Helena beckoning her from her hiding place in the foliage. She walked over to the where her lover was hiding with a crooked smile on her face. Helena hissed. “You’re planning to fuck that musician aren’t you?”

Simone was always amused by Helena’s green eyed monster. It pleased her to think the spirited redhead was still jealous after all these years. She pulled Helena from her hiding spot by her arm and soothed her.

“Oh hush my sweet darling.” She stroked Helena’s flaming auburn waves and tugged on the full skirt of her green taffeta party dress to smooth it. She gazed lovingly into those familiar flashing brown eyes. “Honey, you know it’s been a long, long time…” She looked up at the clear night sky. “…and there’s a full moon tonight.”

Helena knew there was no talking Simone out of anything once she made up her mind. Many decades had passed and she still hoped her need for the occasional man would subside. It hadn’t. Helena sighed. “Very well… but remember who loves you.”

“How could I ever forget?” Simone cupped the back of Helena’s head in her hands and lovingly pressed her full red lips against her lover’s more delicate tangerine tinted ones. She forced her tongue inside the redhead’s mouth and kissed her long and hard. When she pulled away she whispered. “You will always have my heart, my sweet flame.”

Helena grabbed Simone’s hands, squeezed them and held them to her lips with a distant sadness in her eyes. “Very well, my sexy girl. Have your fun. I’ll be waiting in our bedroom for you to return to me.”

Simone watched Helena as she slowly walked away. She turned around in time to see Rick Carver waving at his band members and looking in her direction. He must have seen the two of them kissing. She was curious to see if he would say anything as she walked toward him standing by the pool.

Rick watched as Simone stopped by the antique Wurlitzer jukebox and clicked a few buttons. The colorful lights began to roll and flash as the music ankara escort bayanlar started playing. Funny, he never noticed that beautiful old record machine sitting there before. He shrugged his shoulders as soon as the haunting voice of Billy Holiday’s “God Bless the Child” came pouring out of the speakers like rich Kentucky bourbon.

Simone held out both hands and he offered his in return. They stood face to face as she smiled. “Now, Mr. Carver, where were we?” She didn’t wait for him to answer as they both glanced down at the blue rippling water. “Ah yes. We were going to take a midnight dip in the pool, weren’t we?”

His reaction reminded her of a schoolboy, the way he shyly looked down and ground the toe of his wingtip into the concrete poolside. She liked a bashful man. She found bashful men made better lovers.

Simone flashed him a warm smile and released her hair from the tightly wound chignon, carefully tucking the tiny snowflake hair pins, one by one onto the edge of her plunging neckline. Her dark tresses fell softly across the tops of her delicate shoulders. She tugged at the zipper of her dress before motioning to him in a hushed tone. “Do you mind?”

Rick moved behind her, close enough to detect the heady scent of Shalimar on smooth olive skin. Even though his hands trembled slightly, he managed to pull the zipper of her satin dress down her narrow back then stood back and watched as it slid off her slender body into a pile on the cement. She stood before him looking like some kind of goddess in a black satin bra and panties with a matching garter belt, attached to seamed stockings with tiny black satin bows.

At some point he started breathing again as she slowly slipped the straps of her push up bra down her arms and performed a sensual strip tease for his pleasure. The night air was cool which was evident by her very erect berry brown nipples that seemed to point straight up toward the moon above. As her bra fell away, she cupped her hands over those perky breasts and made some indecipherable comment about the chilly temperature. Rick was already lost in the moment to care about the weather.

He questioned, somewhat insincerely about the decision to take a dip on such a cool night and she laughed. “Nonsense. I pay a lot of money to keep this pool heated.” They both laughed. They were paying attention but it wasn’t to the small talk. The tension was as thick as the heavy night air. As she shimmied out of her panties, he tried to maintain some sort of dignity. His trousers were beginning to get uncomfortably tight. Her dark pubic hair was trimmed into a perfect triangle. Rick had never seen anything quite like it before but he knew he would never forget it either.

She stood perfectly still for an instant to allow him to feast his eyes on her lovely form before she went about removing her garter belt, stockings and heels. He was mesmerized by the vision of this ravishing woman stripped naked before him. He didn’t need Santa to bring him any presents – this would be more than enough.

When Simone was completely nude she turned her back to face the pool, giving him one last look at the sweetest heart shaped ass he had ever laid eyes on. She quickly dived headfirst into the sparkling blue pool with barely a splash as her sleek body glided under the water of the brightly lit pool. She came up somewhere near the middle and gracefully swam toward the edge of the pool, just below where he stood. He was in awe of her rare beauty and his incredible luck.

An eerie blue mist seemed to rise from the water where she came up. She tossed her wet hair away from her angelic face and inquired to her stunned guest. “Well, are you going to stand there in your clothes or are you going to get naked and join me?” She grinned and placed her elbows on the lip of the pool as her spectacular tits gently bobbed in the rippling waves. “Come on in! The water’s divine.”

Rick didn’t hesitate a second longer as he hurriedly tossed shoes, socks, jacket, pants and shirt wildly about in a shedding frenzy. He never thought it was possible to take off clothes that quickly and he was certain he had just broken some kind of record on getting naked.

He quickly dove into the pool and rose up from the water right next to Simone. His arms enveloped her body as his lips met hers in a passionate kiss. She responded exactly as he hoped she would. They spent the next ten minutes kissing and petting. Deep, long lingering kisses as Simone wrapped her long legs tightly around Rick’s slender waist.

He felt the warmth of her neatly trimmed pussy flush against his firm belly, her exquisite tits pressed against his solid chest. She smelled heavenly and her skin next to his felt sublime. Rick Carver could surely count this gig as one of the best he’d ever booked.

Simone pulled at his hair, bit on his bottom lip and rubbed the lips of her pussy against his steely erection. The water was warm and the air was cool as he lifted her body and slid his cock inside of her. She had the tightest pussy he had ever had the privilege to fuck as he held on tight and bounced her hips wildly against his thrusting pelvis. Fucking in water was never anything Rick had been an expert at but he was quickly adapting.

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