BFF Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the feedback and wonderful comments on the first chapter. I’ll try to get this series out in its entirety ASAP!

I woke in a dreamy haze, and alone. Had I dreamt the events of the previous night? Had I imagined that my best friend Shannon had sexually aroused me so thoroughly that I agreed to become her personal cock sucker? I felt a moment of wild disappointment before realizing I was naked and in her bed.

The goddess entered the room in her full nude glory with a big sexually charged smile “GOOD MORNING FAGGOT!!!”. She strolled toward the bed with an exaggerated sexual sway before straddling me “I have a big day planned for you. We’re getting mimosas, then going shopping, then I’m going to take that cute bubble butt of yours with a strap on. Doesn’t that sound fun!? Aren’t you excited to be my bitch!?”.

The truth was I was more excited than I had ever been. I was rock hard and the idea of this stunning creature fucking my virgin ass was incredibly exciting. “I agreed so I guess I’m all yours” I replied trying to hide my excitement.

Shannon then ripped the covers off and got out her vibrator “You’re in for a treat this morning baby! I LOOOOOVE having my ass eaten while I masturbate and you get to be my ass eating bitch this morning!”. She moved close to my face and seductively put the vibrator in her mouth before calmly sliding it all the way down her throat in what was almost a brag about her cock sucking skills “You have to beg me though. You don’t get to be a reluctant SLUT, you need to be my eager little BITCH! So now you’re going to beg me to lube my vibrator up in your whore mouth, then you’re going to plead to PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE be allowed to eat my perfect ass. Beg. WHORE!”.

She didn’t have to tell me twice, for years I had wanted to dive face first into her ass and I couldn’t imagine anything I wouldn’t do for the opportunity “PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! PLEASE let me lube your vibrator with my whore mouth and then let me worship your perfect ass with my slutty tongue! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!”.

Shannon squealed with delight before shoving the vibrator hard in my mouth “MMMM yeah suck that like a good little bitch! You wish that was a real cock don’t you FAGGOT! It will be soon, I’m going to find a big mean alpha to rape your whore mouth! In fact…”. With that she stood up on the bed and put the vibrator at her pussy as though it were her cock and roughly grabbed the back of my head “This is better isn’t it bitch?! You like getting that mouth raped don’t you!”. Shannon began to thrust her hips forward as she throated me and took my mouth as roughly as she could. I took the opportunity to grab each of her perfect cheeks and squeeze. “OH YEAH! You love that don’t you fag boi!? You love it when I fuck your face just so you can play with my amazing ass! Enjoy the grope baby because you’ll never get that ass! I’ll never let a sissy little cock sucking faggot fuck my ass! Only one of us is getting ataşehir escort bayan ass fucked in this relationship and that’s you, you gay little bitch!” she was fully skull fucking me and despite the fact that I was being brutally choked I was in ecstasy.

She suddenly pulled the vibrator from my mouth and licked a tear from my cheek that she had caused while gagging me “I am going to rape that whore mouth until your gag reflex dies and you become the perfect cock sucking faggot, I’ve always wanted you to be.”. She was now in a raw animalistic power lust from long pent-up desires on my ass. With that she laid back on the bed with a pillow under her lower back so that her ass was elevated. She starred me deeply in the eyes and spread her legs, I had masturbated to this exact moment imagining taking her pussy as my own.

As Shannon pressed the vibrator to her perfect pink pussy, she lifted her ass slightly and said “Get to work bitch! My ass isn’t going to eat itself!”. I flew across the bed and my hands were dividing her round cheeks instantly. I could smell her sweet pussy as my tongue circled her bowl moving ever toward her asshole. I had dreamed of eating this ass and then fucking it into oblivion. Now, as my tongue pressed into her hole I knew it was the only way I would ever get to fuck her ass but I didn’t care, I was grateful to be there.

“Oh fuck baby that’s it! Eat my ass you whore! Aren’t you so grateful to get to tongue fuck that tight butt bitch boi?!” she was working her vibrator hard on her pussy and the dirty talk was a sign of her need for an orgasm.

I knew what I was doing as I placed my entire mouth over her asshole and replied “MMMMM YESSS!!!”. My words were muffled by her meaty glorious ass and she lifted herself and pressed her hole deeper onto my tongue as I hummed them.

“YAAAAAASSSSS!!! Moan for me you fucking faggot! Moan into your Queens ass you cock sucking bitch!!!” she was close to cumming and roaring at me with relentless sexual fervor.

I ate her as deeply as my tongue would allow. I felt my long tongue penetrate her entrance and properly enter her ass. She may never take my cock but she could never again say I had never ass fucked her. “MMMMM, UUUUUHHHHH, MMMMMM!!!” I moaned as loudly as I could into her succulent ass.

Shannon began to shake and her ass hole snapped shut and she clenched in wild orgasm “FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK! WWWHHHHOOORRREEE!!!”. She shook for a few moments before laying back. I continued to feast on her ass until she stopped me “Baby! Stop! It’s too much! I’m done!”. She laughed and then kissed me deeply “Best. Bitch Ever.”. With that she hopped out of bed and lifted me off the mattress with a death grip around my swollen cock.

We stood next to the bed for a moment, I was confused as to what was happening but very hopeful. After a hesitant moment she ordered “Well… bend over faggot” while grinning from ear to ear. escort kadıöy I turned and bent over at the waste. She corrected my posture by forcing an inward bend in my back which lifted my ass and forced my face toward the mattress. She then kneeled and spread my cheeks before licking my bowl starting at the edges and working slowly toward my virgin hole. As she got to my tight asshole she stopped “You need to be thanking me for this right now bitch! I want to hear how grateful you are to have a goddess like me tongue fucking your ass. I’m taking your anal virginity right now with my sweet perfect mouth and you need to show some fucking gratitude!”.

The truth was I was incredibly grateful. To have her tongue in my ass was a dream come true “Thank you! THANK YOU! Please take my anal cherry! Please ass fuck me with your tongue! I want to brag to people that I lost my anal virginity to your tongue! You’re a goddess and I want my ass to be yours! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR MOUTH! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!”. I needed it and I was all in, I genuinely wanted to lose my anal virginity to her tongue more than I had ever wanted anything.

She cackled evilly “YAY! I’m taking your ass! Your virginity belongs to my tongue faggot!” with that she dove in and I was in heaven. She had a longer than normal tongue and as I relaxed she opened me up and truly penetrated my asshole. As I began to moan she responded in kind “MMMMMM! Yeah moan for me faggot! MMMMMM! You love this tongue up your gay fucking ass! MMMM!”. She was as into it as I was, this was a long held sexual fantasy for both of us, even if she was getting the lions share of the dream.

As I began to rock back to meet her tongue I realized I was now using her tongue to ass fuck myself. I almost came right then. Shannon began massaging my balls and gripped them like a handle as her other hand was on my hip guiding my thrusts back onto her tongue. With this goddesses hand wrapped around my balls and her wet tongue buried up my ass I was in pleasure overload. “OH FUCK! I’M GOING TO CUM!!!” I exclaimed through heavy breaths.

Shannon was merciless. She picked up the pace and was pounding her tongue into my ass ferociously and moaning into my hole relentlessly “MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!”.

That was it. I roared “FUUUUUUUUCK MYYY ASSSSSSS!!!!”. As my orgasm erupted I pushed hard back into her mouth as I desperately wanted to be impaled on her tongue.

But just as I came and pushed back Shannon quickly replaced her tongue with her vibrator and my now soft and well eaten ass was thrust back with all my might onto her tool. The vibrator, which she had turned on, penetrated me instantly and she pushed it in to the hilt just as she squeezed my balls with a vice grip. I exploded. The orgasm was more powerful than anything I had ever felt, the sudden anal penetration was both intensely pleasurable and unbearably painful as was her merciless grip on my balls.

“UUUUGGGGGHHHH!!” maltepe escort I let out an effeminate groan that was equal parts pleasure and pain. My body stiffened in orgasm as I tried to fall forward onto the bed. But Shannon followed with me and ended up on top of my back with one hand firmly keeping her vibrator in my ass and the other hand still holding my balls like the reins on a horse.

“You’re not going anywhere bitch!” she declared as we fell forward. She then bit my ear lobe and held on as my moan disappeared as my orgasm continued well past the emptying of my lungs. I convulsed and drenched the bed and myself in cum. After an eternity tunnel vision began to set in a I was about to pass out then I heard a sweet voice “Breathe. Breathe baby.”. With that Shannon released my balls and put her arm around me. We laid there panting for some time. “Told you I’d make you cum harder than you ever had before” she giggled arrogantly.

“Best. Orgasm. Ever” was all I could respond. I had actually forgotten there was a vibrator in my ass, and either the batteries were dead or Shannon had turned it off. Shannon laid there with one hand on my ass as the other slowly made its way nearer to my cum covered cock beneath me.

Suddenly this goddess grabbed the head of my cock as she pulled and squeezed in one motion with all her might. In the same instant she jerked the vibrator aggressively from my ass. “UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!” was all I could muster as unbelievably a second, though much weaker, orgasm erupted from my obliterated body.

As I lifted up from the sudden exit of the vibrator Shannon got me to flip over. She then straddled my cum drenched cock, knowing full well a hard on was entirely impossible at the moment. She grinded my soft cock for a moment and then very sarcastically looked at me and said “Well you can’t even get hard with a hot girl grinding your cock?! I guess you really are a faggot!”. She then laughed heavily at her own joke. Her tone then changed.

“You made a mess all over your goddess! RUDE!” she then took her cum soaked hand forced me to eat my cum from it. It was salty and sweet and even though I was barely conscious it was intensely arousing. She then lifted herself and forced me to clean my own cum from around her pussy. Had I not been so emptied I would have reveled in getting to taste her tight pussy, but it took all of my strength just to perform my task.

Shannon then crawled up behind me with her arms and legs around me as we dozed off for another hour of recuperative sleep. As we roused, she took my hand and led me to the shower as my eyes feasted on the world’s most perfect ass.

“Ok so we get cleaned up, then MIMOSAS! Then I’m taking my little cock sucker shopping for a strap on and maybe a leash!” Shannon was like a kid on xmas. “Yeah, a leash sounds hot! I want you on a leash when I rape this ass tonight!” she declared with a laugh and a hard slap of my well eaten ass.

“Whatever my goddess wants” I replied fully embracing our new dynamic.

Shannon squealed “YAY! You’re my gay best friend AND my bitch!!!”. By the end of the day my ass would go from well eaten to well fucked as Shannon, my goddess, guided me toward bitchdom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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