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My boyfriend had just moved in with me. We were still getting to know each other. I only knew I was crazy about him, nothing else seemed to matter. When he asked me if his best friend Michael could move in because he had nowhere to stay I told him it was all right. I didn’t see any harm in it. I had met Michael and he seemed like a sweet guy. He moved into the extra bedroom and did his best to help whenever he could. The living arrangement seemed great for all three of us.

When Michael started pressing up against my ass and nuzzling my neck I was sure Steve would be jealous. Michael was hot and sexy, but Steve melted my heart. I would never want to hurt him but when I felt Michael’s huge hard cock pressed tight to my ass my knees started shaking. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to say anything to Steve about Michael, they were best friends.

When Michael brushed up against me the next day and slid his arms around my waist to hold me tight against his hard cock I froze as I heard the front door open. Steve was home! I was so afraid that it would end in a fight. I tried to pull away from Michael, but his arms held me tight, his hand sliding upward under my shirt to squeeze my breast, rolling bursa escort bayan my nipple gently between his finger and thumb.

As Steve walked into the kitchen, I squeezed my eyes tight, imagining the worst. But Steve walked up to us with a smile on his face, wrapped his arms around both of us and started licking Michael’s earlobe. I was so shocked I couldn’t breathe. What was going on?

Steve grasped my hand tightly as Michael slid his arm around my waist, both pulling me to the living room. Pushing me down on the couch between them they started kissing right in front of my eyes. As I watched Steve’s hand lock tightly on Michael’s crotch I finally understood. I had never known anyone who was Bi, and I was indeed fascinated as I watched them strip each other’s clothes off.

They were rolling on the carpet, kissing, and hugging. I watched as Steve pushed Michael down and started licking and sucking his balls. I could see his fingers moving in and out of Michael’s ass. I was hot, wet, and trembling by this time. I was so turned on when Michael rose up on all fours and Steve started licking his asshole, I could see his tongue slipping in and out then he buried his face between bursa anal yapan escort the cheeks of Michaels ass and moaned softly.

I didn’t resist when Steve started removing my clothes. Steve grabbed my ass pulling my hot wet pussy to his lips as Michael licked and nibbled my nipples. it was more than I could bear when Steve leaned backward pulling me over his face, his lips sucking my clit, his tongue sliding inside my pussy was ecstasy. Michael slid down on the floor and put his finger in my tight little ass as he started to suck Steve’s huge hot cock. Steve slid out from under me as I felt Michael’s hard dick stab into my soaking wet pussy and was still. I waited expectantly until I felt another hard jab and heard Steve moan even louder as he shoved his cock hard into Michael’s ass causing Michael to slam his dick even harder into my pussy. Stabbing over and over until me cum dripped from me onto the carpet.

When I could catch my breath, I slid out from under Michael, so I could watch them. This was hotter than any porn flick I had ever seen. I leaned against the couch, playing with my clit, sliding my fingers into my soaking wet hole bursa rus escort as I watched Steve pound his cock into Michael’s ass, over and over, faster and harder. I felt the cum explode from my pussy as Steve pulled out and shot his cum all over Michael’s ass. Michael turned and pulled me to him. Parting my thighs, he licked my clit and sucked the cum from my vagina. Sucking harder he again started pumping his finger into my ass. I saw Steve sitting against the couch with a smile on his face watching us. What an unbelievable turn on to have him watching while Michael buried his face in me, licking and sucking until I moaned his name, telling him I was ready to cum. He raised my feet to his shoulders as he shoved his huge cock into my pussy as hard as he could, bending me over, my legs still on his shoulders. He fucked me harder and harder until I screamed feeling the cum pour out of my pussy again, soaking him. My whole body shook as he rammed into me over and over until I felt his hot cum pour into me.

As Michael lay panting on the floor, Steve slid his face between my thighs, nibbling my clit. His tongue started to lick the cum from my still throbbing pussy. He moved up to kiss my lips and told me he loved me. One on each side, Steve and Michael cuddled me and held tight to each other. I was so overcome with sexual satisfaction I didn’t say a word but closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep to dream about my first sexual encounter with bi-sexual men. And wondering with excitement what the next time would be like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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