Bianco Boys Lose a Bet

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Contains oral sex, cum, gang-bang, enema, extreme insertion

Tycah Bianco grew up in a small Midwestern town of corn. Her friends always joked that there was nothing to do but fuck and get high. Tycah had four older brothers (Merle, Preston, Wilder & Trevor), who really loved having such a hot younger sister. Their dad was around, but didn’t pay much attention to any of them. So, Tycah learned about the ways of the world from her horny older brothers.

Tycah was a very sensual young woman. She had a dark, exotic look with a curvy & petite figure. Every guy in their small town wanted a piece of Tycah since she had sprouted tits. Her brothers felt that only they should have her, but that was going to change soon . . .

Tycah woke up to feel several fingers inside all of her holes. This was nothing new, as her brothers often used her body in her sleep. “We’re going to try something new today, Tyc . . . Merle lost a bet last night and you’re all we’ve got to pay it back” Well! That sure woke her up fast, it sounded like fun.

Wilder explained how a few guys had made a bet with Bianco brothers and won. They figured a chance at Tycah would clear the debt and the brothers were forced to agree to the dirty plan. They would all be here at 6:00.

Tycah spent the day preparing herself. She shaved and painted her nails, doing all the things to help these desperate men want her even more. Normally she liked to give herself an enema before a gang-bang, but Wilder promised they would do the honors later. Just before 6, Tycah took 2 muscle relaxants. The drugs made her sloppy, but she found that she could stretch her tight pussy and ass muscles beyond belief when she was doped up.

She lay on the couch as the drugs began to work their magic. Slowly, the guys from the bar began to show up. Well! It seemed to her that Wilder really meant a lot of guys when he had said a few. That was fine with her anyways, she had always wanted more than just four.

When everyone had arrived Trevor stripped Tycah of her clothes and had her on all fours up on the coffee table, where all could see her tempting holes. “Tycah you are to suck every cock in this room until they all cum. I want your belly full of cum before we even touch your pussy. AND you are going to get an enema at the same time to clean you out” commanded Merle. Tycah looked around the room, it seemed as if the town’s entire male population under age 25 was there to take advantage of her tempting body. There had to be at least 40 guys crammed into their sunroom.

If there is one thing Tycah could do, it was to suck cock. She started in right away, not messing around with teasing or anything. She sucked each cock with the sole purpose of filling up her stomach a little more and moving on to the next eager member wanting her services.

Soon she felt Merle’s thick finger slide into her asshole. He wiggled it around and popped it out canlı bahis quickly, satisfied that it was loose enough. She then felt the smooth rubber of the enema nozzle invade her bottom. The nozzle had a thin tip that widened into a bulbous middle to secure the device inside of her. She felt her sphincter opening up for the swollen portion of the nozzle and then all of a sudden, it was inside her. Wedged deep within her bowels, the nozzle would not slip out of place.

Just as a young man was exploding in her mouth, Tycah felt the rush of cool water into her bowels. The two explosions into her tiny body sent shivers all over. Slowly, she was being filled up on both ends. Water flowed deeper and deeper inside of her, while more and more cum filled her belly. In her drugged state, each minute that passed made her feel more light headed.

Her insides began to ache as the water violated her body. Luckily, she was in such an erotic position that guys just walked up to her and came in her mouth with very little urging on her part. Just more cum to swallow. She broke out in a sweat as her anal muscles protested the incoming water. Someone began to massage her distended stomach, relieving some of the cramps. Tycah wondered how much more water she would have to hold, it seemed to go on forever, trickling deeper and deeper within her.

Suddenly, a man she recognized from the lumberyard stepped up for his turn. She was taken back by his size, but was definitely aroused by his manhood. Forcefully, he slammed his cock down her throat. Now, by this time, Tycah had swallowed probably 30 loads. But this young man did not care to be gentle with her and quickly ejaculated a huge load of cum straight down Tycah’s throat. This was just too much for her tiny belly. Embarrassed, her eyes widened as she heaved an enormous amount of cum from her tummy. Gagging, she stared at the huge puddle of cum, amazed she had swallowed so much.

SMACK!! Merle slapped her ass. “You know better than that!” he yelled at her “Since you’ve made room inside of yourself by puking up that cum, you are going to take even more water inside your ass. What do you think guys, do you think she can take a gallon inside of her??”

Tycah’s head was spinning from every sensation her body felt. The drugs relaxing her body and calming her brain, the feeling of throwing up so much cum and of course the constant invasion of her ass as she filled up with water. She didn’t think she could take a whole gallon, she usually took just 2 quarts and that was even pushing it . . . she was a small gall!!

Trevor began to refill the enema bag with more water. Already her abdomen was distended, as if she were 6 months pregnant. How would she look after a whole gallon!?! But she couldn’t protest, she was in front of practically the whole town. She didn’t care if she threw up ten more times and passed out from the pain, she was going to take that extreme bahis siteleri enema.

Shaking, she remained on the coffee table while dozens of hands rubbed her stretched tummy. A few more guys wanted to cum in her mouth and she obliged, having no energy to fight back. Everyone was amazed that so much water could fit inside such a tiny body. Wilder could normally fit his hands entirely around her waist . . . he could not believe how full that feminine waist was now.

Finally, the enema bag was empty. Tycah’s stomach was so large she could not even believe it was her. She was so weak that she couldn’t stand on her own, but Preston helped her to her feet. Leaning on her brother, Tycah staggered as she let every guy rub her engorged belly. Several guys came right on her stomach when they felt her. Tycah had never been pregnant, but she realized that was how it must feel, so full and heavy.

As she made her way around the room, the swollen nozzle began to feel very heavy inside her abused rectum. Fearing she might lose control soon, Tycah begged her brothers to let her release the fluid within her. This just encouraged their torment of their younger sister. Merle began to flick her clit with his finger, teasing and teasing. Preston slid one finger inside of her, pressing back toward her rectum, building pressure from within. Trevor bit her nipples with such intensity, Tycah thought they would bleed. And Wilder did the worst of them all. He pressed his large hands on her big belly, forcing water in all directions of her body. Then he would push the nozzle in deeper to remind Tycah of the stress on her little asshole. Then back to her belly with his hands. It went on and on. Tycah was glad of the drugs she had taken earlier, she never would have been able to take so much abuse without them.

Finally, they granted permission for Tycah to release the enema she had been forced to hold. Slowly she stumbled over to the bucket they arranged for her in the middle of the room. She reached back and began to slide the nozzle out of her rectum. Instantly, she began cumming. As soon as she dropped the nozzle on the floor, she began rubbing her neglected clit and the enema exploded from her asshole. When the entire enema had been expelled, Tycah stared at the bucket. There was so much water that she could not believe she had just held that inside of her.

But the men had already seen how much water had gone inside her little body. They wanted to see her abused asshole after such an intense cleaning. Tycah returned to her spot on the coffee table. Her anal opening was red and still gaping open. Preston slid three fingers in, easily. “Let’s fist her!!” he cried as he began to work his fingers in deeper. Soon four were inside, then his thumb. Tycah forgot the pain she had just endured and concentrated on this new invasion. Slowly, her anal passageway opened to his fist. As soon as his knuckles sank into her, bahis şirketleri his whole hand seemed to be sucked into her ass. He pushed until his wrist was embedded deep inside too.

This was too much for the others who wanted their chance at Tycah’s sexy body. “Let me fuck her cunt while you do that!” one of the guys yelled. They flipped Tycah over and began having their way with her. By now, all of the pain had mostly subsided and Tycah began to love their violation of her body. She arched her back to meet their thrusts and moaned as they filled her up.

Merle had told the guys they should all cum at least twice, once in her mouth and once wherever they pleased. The Bianco boys were proud of how Tycah took all that cock. Even a cock in each hole didn’t seem to be enough for her. She begged the guys to slide two cocks in her pussy and one in her asshole. Well, they did that and more until there was cum squishing out of all her holes. She seemed satisfied with four cocks inside of her at once, since her brothers did that all the time, but she wanted to try more.

They pushed beer bottles deep inside of her and ripped them out fast to enjoy how her cunt gaped open, then slowly winked shut. Double fisted, multiple cocks at once, cum everywhere, Tycah felt her insides were being pushed up into her throat. After they tried everything they could think of, Tycah still thought she could take more. Her asshole was red and distended, showing the obvious abuse it took that night. Her pussy never seemed to close all the way. Like it had been stretched so much that it never would return to the tight little hole it was before.

“My wiffle ball bat!” Trevor remembered how Tycah once thought that was the largest thing anyone could fit inside of them. Wider than a normal baseball bat, this toy had both length and girth. Trevor soon returned with the plaything turned sex toy.

Tycah moaned as they began to stuff the bat into her pussy. It was so wide that it stretched her asshole out as it slide into her hole. Gasping, Tycah felt the bat open her up more than anything else had in her life. Slowly it spread her open until it hit her cervix. The blunt end of the bat pushed deeper inside of her body, at least 12 inches. She reached down and felt her stomach. You could see the bat slamming inside of her since her belly heaved with each thrust. Guys were cumming all over her as they watched such an enormous object violate her.

But Wilder, now he was always one to do something different. Wilder began to rub her hard clit, willing an orgasm to build with in her body. Many men took turns at pushing the bat into her cunt, but Wilder stayed with her clit. Tycah began to tremble as he pushed her closer and closer. Just as soon as she thought she would cum, Wilder would stop, making her wait longer for relief. In and out the bat went, stretching her pussy and filling her up. Finally, she couldn’t take any more and exploded as her cunt muscles clamped around the bat. And that was when she passed out. When she awoke, everyone was gone. She lay snuggled up in a blanket with the distinctive wet feeling of cum leaking from her holes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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