Big Girls Don’t Cry

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Hannah was 18, blonde, and beautiful. Her long, dirty-blonde hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall; flowing in beautiful locks. She was about to graduate high school in a week, and the prom was tomorrow night. However, Hannah was pouting, writing her journal as little tears fell onto the paper, blotting the ink and smudging the words her pen had etched. She was crying and sniffling softly. Her brother Jonathan was playing video games in the room next door, when he paused the game.

“Hannah?”, he called aloud to his sister’s room just feet away. “You okay sweetheart?” He knew that Hannah had voiced some concerns about the annual seniors’ prom to him a few weeks before, but he figured she was over it by now. However, when Hannah closed her door, walked to his, and knocked, Jonathan knew she was not over it.

“Can we talk, Jonny?”, she asked him, still sniffling and pouting. Jonathan liked being alone with Hannah. Though she was indeed, his sister, he still remembered when she came of age years ago, and he had too. He remembered the long lonely nights of listening next door to Hannah, moaning lightly and rustling in her bed, and he just masturbated the night away, moaning her name. Those fantasies had passed away, but his lust was just being rekindled now that she was 18, and now that he was 19.

“Sure. What’s wrong sis?” She looked back at him through hazy, teary eyes.

“Well, I’m afraid again. Afraid that guys will laugh at me for being overweight.”

Jonathan smiled. She looked so Casibom cute with that pouty expression.

He looked at her and said lovingly, “Oh, Hannah, you’re not overweight. You should check the mirror. You’re a size 6, pretty normal. You just have wide hips. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact–” Jonathan reached out, and grabbed her thigh, just inches from her crotch–“I like thick hips. Gives you more to hold on to.”

“Oh Jonathan, every girl you’ve ever been with was a perfect 10. Stop teasing.”

Jonathan knew she made a valid point, at least somewhat valid. Every girl he’d been with was a perfect 10, but none of them satisfied him sexually like he’d wanted. But the rising erection beneath his jean shorts told him that this may be his only chance.

“Well, sis, none of them were as beautiful as you, or as hot.” With that, he leaned in and kissed his little sister on the neck, sucking lightly.

Hannah was taken aback. “Jonny! I’m your sister!”

Jonathan stopped for a moment, then replied slyly, “Does it feel good, Hannah?”

Hannah looked absolutely flushed. But she spoke up in a quiet tone that hinted of mischief, but also of interest.

“Well, of course it does!” she said it a hushed whisper. “But it’s wrong…” But her actions said otherwise.

Hannah laid back and pushed into Jonathan a little, trying to get some pleasure out of him. But Jonathan only kept going, now kissing and licking around Hannah’s cleavage. His hands pulled her shirt up some, revealing Casibom Giriş that Hannah had no bra beneath.

Hannah helped Jonathan pull off her shirt, and moaned lightly as Jonathan licked around her small areolas and her nipples. Her nipples hardened as her brother began to suck them. “Mmmm, yes Jonathan. Right there, that’s it.” Hannah’s breathy voice was almost a whisper in his ear.

Finally, Jonathan began to unbutton her pants. Hannah lifted her hips into the air to allow him more room to remove the pants from her legs. As soon as Jonathan got them off, he instantly went for her pink, heart-covered panties. He pulled them off with his teeth at first, just down to her knee. At last, with a smooth, fluid movement, he uncovered his little sister’s beautiful, shaved pussy.

He looked with awe at the virgin button before him, the hymen glistening with lubricant she had produced herself during the foreplay. Jonathan began pleasuring Hannah by lightly licking and kissing her little clit. Now Hannah felt real pleasure, intense pleasure like she’d never felt. Her brother Jonathan was licking and lapping at parts she’d never explored fully before this moment.

She placed her hand on Jonathan’s head; running her fingers through his brown mane. She moaned with his every movement; he moaned into her sex and the vibrations caused her to scream aloud.

“Oh God Jonathan! I’m getting close…don’t stop, please! Mmmm! Oh! Yeah!” She moaned and yelled with every move of Jonathan’s slick, Casibom Yeni Giriş wet tongue.

Every pleasure-filled moan spurred Jonathan onward, his erection growing with intensity. But he wouldn’t give in. He wouldn’t allow himself to take her cherry. No, he would just continue to lick and suck her hard, pink bud.

Jonathan’s fingers found their way to Hannah’s little hole. With some difficulty, he was able to slip one finger into her hole. Now Hannah was really getting into it. She screamed his name, begged for more, and asked him to go faster. Jonathan pulled out enough to let her catch her breath, and then slid two fingers into his little sister’s snatch, violently finger fucking her virgin hole with a sheer intensity that made her writhe in pleasure, lifting her hips into his thrusts.

Finally, Hannah could take no more. “I’m coming, Jonny! Oh, yeah! Oh, God, Jonathan! Don’t stop now! I’m coming! Yes! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!” With that last, sustained moan, Hannah released her juices for Jonathan. Her climax caused her to squirt somewhat, and Jonathan pulled his finger out, lifted it to his mouth, and tasted Hannah’s sweet, tangy juice.

“Mm, thank you Jonathan. That’s exactly what I needed,” Hannah said between breaths. The two lay there, spent, and sweating heavily, finally realizing just what they’d done. Hannah broke the silence again by kissing Jonathan full-on with her tongue and lips locking with his in a passionate embrace.

When she finally stopped kissing him, she spoke up. “Now I can go to the prom! Maybe I’ll get lucky?” she asked Jonathan.

“Sure, Hannah,” Jonathan replied. “Even if no one else fucks you tomorrow night, I’ll do it for you when you get back, okay?”

Hannah nodded. She could now go in peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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