Big Sis Knows Best, Right??

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Makoto absentmindedly flipped through the channels, trying to find something that interested her.

“Ugh, why isn’t anything good ever on at 2:00?” she complained out loud to the television. She sat there, one hand resting her head and the other tapping away at the “change channel” button, until a familiar sound caused her ears to perk up. It was the school bus. Kyle was home from high school! Brushing her long, brown hair aside, she hopped up off the couch, and scurried to the door.

“Hey there, Lil’ Bro!” she cheerfully called out as she swung it open. Makoto stood there smiling her usual big sister smile, expecting Kyle to come bounding into her arms for a welcome-home hug, like he usually did. Instead, however, her smile faded as she watched Kyle slowly trudge up to the door, hands in his pockets and his head hanging low.

“Um… Kyle?” she concernedly asked as he passed her by. Without even so much as looking in her direction, he depressedly climbed the stairs to his bedroom.

“Kyle? You okay, Lil’ Bro?” she repeated, again garnering no response as he walked into his room, closing the door behind him.

Makoto looked ahead as she closed the front door. Something wasn’t right. She and Kyle had practically been best friends ever since childhood. Makoto was the first child in the family, who came around before their mother had her first divorce. Their first father was Japanese, so he was responsible for Makoto’s name, as well as her fluent grasp of the Japanese language as well. And while Kyle came around as a result of their mother’s second marriage, that didn’t make him any less important. He was still family, and family were meant to help each other!

Following her big sister instincts, she followed Kyle’s path up to his bedroom door, and gingerly knocked on it.

“Who is it?” Kyle asked in a somber, flat tone. Makoto could hear the faint sound of the television from the other side of the door.

“It’s me, Makoto,” she answered. “Can I come in?”

“Sure. The door’s unlocked,” came the reply. Turning the

knob, she pushed it open, walked in, and closed it behind her.

Everything in Kyle’s room was in order; nothing broken or on the floor, and Kyle was laying on his bed in the far corner of the room, watching TV. Walking over to his bed, she smiled at him and sat down on the edge.

“Hey, Kyle.” Makoto said.

“Hey, Makoto,” he responded.

“So, how was your day?” she asked.

“Mmm,” Kyle grunted apathetically.

Makoto thought to herself, trying to think of something she could use to get a reaction from Kyle.

“What’cha watchin’?” she asked, looking at the TV.

“Some sitcom,” Kyle replied, his voice and expression still refusing to change.

“Ah, interesting,” Makoto muttered, trying to sound surprised. “So, how was school?” This was her chance to find out what was troubling her dear little brother. “You seem kinda down. Is there someone picking on you?” she continued, quizzically leaning in towards him.

“What? Er, no, there’s nobody picking on me,” he answered surprisedly, finally snapping out of his morass.

‘Success!’ Makoto cheered herself in her head. Now she only had to figure out what the problem was.

“Really?” she mused. “Then what happened?”

Kyle sighed to himself as he listed his series of grievances, counting them off on his fingers. “Well, first someone stole my lunch money, then I failed a quiz in Geometry, then I accidentally broke my phone case, and finally, I left my Government project at home.” Kyle finished his list with another discontented sigh as he shut off the television.

“Man, that sounds rough.” Makoto sympathized, offering her two cents as she reassuringly patted his shoulder. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just wasn’t at my best today.” Kyle responded, beginning to smile as he looked at Makoto. “I’ll be back in the game tomorrow, just you wait and see!” he added, lightly chuckling.

That was the face that Makoto wanted to see. Her little brother, smiling his usual, sunny smile at her. Her adorable little brother, whom she loved more than anyone.

Makoto looked back at him, taking in what she saw. As she did, she remembered all of the reasons why she cared about him. He was smart, had an amazing sense of humor, was always optimistic, and was always ready to take a bullet for anyone he cared about. He was everything a big sister like her could hope to have.

Everything, and more.

Then Makoto had an idea.

“Say, Kyle…” she spoke, breaking the silence. “If you’re still feeling down… I think I know something that might cheer you up.”

“Oh? Is it a new car?” Kyle jokingly inquired, his interest piqued.

“Nuh-uh,” Makoto answered, shaking her head. “Even better.”

“Ooh, now I really wanna know!” Kyle was becoming increasingly interested, sitting straight up on the bed.

“Ah, ah, ah!” she interrupted, waggling her finger as she giggled. “First… cover your eyes.”

“Aww, man! Okay.” Kyle responded in fake poker oyna annoyance, covering his eyes with his hands.

“And keep them covered until I say so!” she added. “No peeking~…”

Kyle perked up a bit at this last adage.

‘Did her tone of voice change?’ he thought to himself. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but it almost sounded… playful. Teasing, even.

He didn’t dwell on it too long, though, as he heard Makoto start humming to herself. He also faintly detected something else that sounded vaguely like rustling, but he couldn’t be too sure, what with his eyes being covered and everything.

After about twenty seconds, Makoto spoke up, again with her playful, teasing voice.

“Okay, it’s ready! You can look now…”

Kyle excitedly uncovered his eyes…

Only for his jaw to drop along with his arms.

Makoto was standing there, just like before he covered his eyes, only now, her pink shirt and jeans lay in a crumpled pile on the floor, leaving her standing there in front of him, wearing nothing but her white cotton bra and panties.

“So, Kyle? What do you think? Does this cheer you up?” she teased with a sexy giggle.

Kyle, meanwhile, was absolutely stunned. His brain practically shorted out from the sight. There was his sister, who was 21, only two years older than him, standing right in front of him, in his room, in nothing but her underwear.

“M-Makoto… You… Wha…”

“Shhhh…” Makoto shushed, placing a finger on Kyle’s lips. “I know.” she seductively whispered, removing her finger. “This body of mine… It’s really something, isn’t it?”

She leaned down, placing her hands on the bed, until her face was mere inches away from his.

“But I know, Kyle. I know what you want…” She could feel the heat from Kyle’s heavy breathing hitting her face. The feeling only served to encourage her. Slowly, Makoto rose back to her feet.

“I know you want to see more… Right, Kyle?”

Kyle said nothing. He only sat there. Thinking to himself.

‘Why is this happening?’ This certainly wasn’t a dream; he felt her finger on his lips. Now she was just standing there, gazing at him with a mixture of sisterly affection and womanly love.

She was… beautiful. Her legs were so clean-shaven, with such smooth, creamy skin. Her hips lovingly rocked from side to side, as if following some primal rhythm only she could hear. And her breasts? They were massive- bouncing, jiggling and swaying every time she swung her body in the other direction. She had to at least be an F cup. His sister had grown into such a beautiful woman.

And now, there she was.

Right there in front of him. Standing there, waiting, willing to do anything he want-


Kyle slapped himself in the face as hard as he possibly could. While it did leave a red, stinging handprint that would likely linger for a good few days, it also did its job of snapping him out of his sister-induced reverie.

‘WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?!’ his mind screamed with so much intensity that, had it been real, he and Makoto would both be deaf.

‘She’s my sister!! I can’t be doing this!! What kind of brother am I?!?!’

He desperately clutched his head as millions of thoughts whizzed through his mind, like bullets from a minigun.

Makoto, on the other hand, only smiled to herself. She knew that she was getting through to him. She just had to keep pushing. Slowly, she took Kyle by the wrist with one hand while, with the other, she began to remove her bra.

‘This is wrong on so many levels!’ Kyle was still lost in his own mind, and didn’t even notice Makoto taking one of his arms by the wrist. ‘How will Mom look at me? There has to be a way out of this. I need to think of something fast, before-‘

Kyle’s train of thought came to a screeching halt as he felt his hand make contact with something soft. Soft, and very squishy. Without even a word, he turned to see that Makoto had placed his hand on one of her now-exposed breasts.

“You don’t have to say anything,” she whispered, taking his other hand. “Just let it happen.”

Kyle looked ahead as his remaining hand was placed on Makoto’s other breast, her hands locked on his wrists, holding them there. Even as he tried to resist, he felt his grip begin to tighten, eliciting a gentle, pleased moan from Makoto as his fingers sank into her ample chest.

“Does it… feel good for you… Kyle?” Makoto asked, her breath becoming ragged. She leaned her head back, and began using Kyle’s hands to massage her breasts, as her mind was flooded with so many delightful thoughts.

She remembered all the time that the two of them spent together, thinking to herself why she loved him so much. His short, chocolate brown hair that matched hers, those sparkling hazel eyes, a captivating smile, and an enrapturing personality that tied it all up in one sweet little package.

After some time of simply allowing Kyle to feel her chest, she released her hands from his wrists, placed them on his cheeks, canlı poker oyna and brought his face up to meet hers.

“Makoto…” he silently spoke, his fingers still involuntarily locked around her tits. “Why… Why are you doing this?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Kyle?” She warmly smiled back at him, slowly bringing his face even closer. “It’s because…” her voice trailed off, until their faces were mere centimeters away.

“I love you.” she whispered, finishing her sentence.

Their lips met, and Kyle’s whole world was rocked to its core.

They softly pressed against each other, in a kiss that was not one of carnal lust, or simple affection, but one of pure, unfiltered love. Though he initially tried to push away, Kyle’s eyes slowly fluttered closed as the sweet scent of his sister’s body began to overwhelm his senses. His face flushed red as his hands finally released their grip on her breasts, falling to his sides.

Makoto, meanwhile, was in Heaven.

Though she never told anyone, she had secretly been dreaming of doing this with Kyle for years. And now, here she was, with her dream coming true, after so long. “Mmmm…” she softly moaned as she brought their bodies together, her breasts pressing on his chest.

She cherished him.

She loved him.

She WANTED him.

After almost several minutes, she finally broke the kiss, pulling away as a small, gossamer string of saliva hung between their faces.

“Makoto… My first kiss…” Kyle slowly panted, still a bit woozy from it.

“I know… I couldn’t help myself.” she responded, wiping the leftover drool from his mouth.

“But…” she continued as she began to gingerly slide a hand down his body. “It doesn’t seem like you’re quite satisfied yet.” Her hand came to a stop as it reached the front of Kyle’s pants, and began stroking the large bulge beneath it.

Kyle’s eyes flicked back open as he snapped back to his senses, having never noticed his raging erection until now.

“M-Makoto, wait! I-It’s my first time! We-” He was cut off by Makoto placing a finger on his lips once again.

“It’s alright, Kyle. You’re not the only one who’s ready for it.” She stood up and bent down, moving her hands to take off her underwear.

As she removed them, Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise as he saw a string of clear, sticky fluids trail from her crotch as she worked her panties down her legs before removing them.

“See?” She held out the pair of panties in front of her, showing off a large, damp stain that had grown on the front.

As she dropped them to the floor, she quickly leaned in towards Kyle again, so fast that Kyle had to lean back to prevent their faces from hitting each other.

“I got sooo wet, Kyle…” she purred into his ear, putting on the most seductive, sexual voice she could. “All because of you. And you know what? This isn’t the first time this has happened.”

Makoto had pushed Kyle onto the bed, where he was laying down as Makoto began to climb on top of him. “Every time I think of you, my pussy starts to drip a little bit…”

She began to unbutton his pants. “The thought of my little brother’s big, hard cock…”

She slowly pulled his fly down. “Inside of me… twitching… throbbing… pumping in and out…”

She pulled down his underwear, at last revealing his rock-hard member. “Sometimes, I just can’t take it. I touch myself in my bed, thinking about my dear, sweet little brother… fucking me until I can’t even stand.”

As she spoke, she began to rub her dripping wet pussy on his cock, getting faster and faster. “C’mon… Don’t you want to help me make my greatest dream come true…


Kyle froze at this last remark. He knew what it meant, but he had never heard Makoto call him that before. Just how long had she waited to do this?

Having sufficiently lubricated his cock with her own fluids, Makoto took it with one hand, positioning it as she began to lower her waist onto it. “Take a good look, Onii-chan. I want you to savor this moment as much as I will.”

The tip of Kyle’s cock poked at the entrance to her vagina, only serving to make it even more wet. She slowly continued lowering herself until suddenly, one of her legs slipped, causing her to drop down as the rest of Kyle’s penis quickly filled her up, effectively impaling herself on his cock.

“AAAAAHHH!” The scream ripped out of her like a bullet through tissue paper.

“M-Makoto!” Kyle managed to gasp out, fighting back the urge to move. “Are you okay?!” Even though this was all Makoto’s idea, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if she got hurt. His question was seemingly answered, however, by a puddle of her vaginal fluids beginning to pool around his waist.

Catching her breath, Makoto leaned forward, placing her hands on Kyle’s chest to hold herself up.

“Amazing, Kyle…” she moaned, exhaustedly smiling as she leaned over him. “It’s our first time, and I came just from putting it in. You really are something else…” she murmured, internet casino putting a hand where her vagina was.

Kyle could no longer resist. In a haze, he shot his hands forward, grabbed onto Makoto’s thighs, and thrust his hips upward, causing her to bounce.

“Ahh! Kyle!” Makoto moaned as he began thrusting up and down repeatedly. Her breasts began to frantically bounce in tandem with her hips, only making her feel even better.

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Makoto’s soft, wet vagina was coiling all around him, squeezing and massaging his cock as he thrust it in and out of her like an animal in heat. He never could have imagined that sex felt this good, let alone with his own sister. His mind had all but cast away his inhibitions, and was now solely focused on pumping away at his sister’s pussy.

“Kyle! I’ve- Ahh! -wanted to- Ah! -do this for so- Ah!

-long!” Makoto managed to gasp out in between thrusts. She couldn’t have been happier. She had given her virginity to Kyle, something she was sure that he would treasure and protect until the end. Her heart was racing, not from passion, but from sheer, unbridled happiness.

“I love you, Kyle! I love you so much!” She cried as she wrapped her arms around him. “I want to be with you forever! I’ll never leave your side! I’ll do whatever it takes!” Tears of joy were streaming down her face as she proclaimed her love again and again.

Her declarations caused Kyle to quicken his pace even more, thrusting faster and faster, until he thought that his bed would break. Suddenly, he felt his balls begin to tighten as he felt something welling up within his penis.

“Makoto! I… I’m gonna cum! I can’t hold on… much longer…!” He shouted as his grip on her thighs tightened even more.

“Yes!” Makoto shouted in return. “Cum, Kyle! Cum inside me! Let it all out in my pussy! Make your big sis feel good! Cum inside meeee!”

After only a few more thrusts, Kyle shot his hips upward as he was finally brought to orgasm.

“M-Makoto! I-I’m CUMMIIIIIING!!” His cock gave one final spasm as his semen came erupting out, like a volcano that had been blocked for countless years.

“Aaah! K-KYYYYLE!!” Makoto threw her head back and screamed as the feeling of his semen brought about another orgasm, this one many times more intense than the last. She looked at the ceiling, and all she could see were stars, flashing and dancing before her eyes.

Kyle slammed his hips into hers again and again as his cum came flooding in spurt after spurt. It filled up her womb so quickly that it began pouring out of her vagina back down his cock, and onto his waist. The ejaculation only lasted a few seconds, but to the both of them, it felt like hours of nothing but pure ecstacy.

As the spasms at last began to die down, Makoto slowly raised herself off of Kyle, until his penis popped out of her vagina, still trailing a bit of cum.

“Kyle… I love you…” she said one final time, before collapsing onto her back beside him. As the two of them laid there, panting heavily, she slowly wrapped her arms around Kyle, and pulled him in for a gentle hug.

“Makoto…” Kyle said, catching his breath. “Is what you said true?

“What do you mean?” Makoto asked back.

“I mean, were you really waiting to do this for that long?”

Makoto gave a small smile. “Longer than you can imagine,” she answered with a quick peck on the cheek. “When I first saw what a cute guy you were growing up to be, my first thought was ‘I can’t believe that’s my brother!'”

“Wow… Well, I had no idea that you felt that way… but, why didn’t you just tell me?” Kyle asked, a bit puzzled.

“Well, what can I say? Big sisters are weird.”

“Oh, I can attest to that,” Kyle responded, laughing.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Makoto jokingly chided, joining Kyle in laughter.

After sharing a good-natured laugh, Makoto looked back at Kyle. “You know…” she said with a hint of playfulness.

“Mom won’t be back for about another hour. Wanna do it again?”

“Again so soon? Jeez, at least let me rest first.” Kyle responded, surprised.

“Alright, then how about we just cuddle?” she asked, wrapping her arms around him again and giving a soft “hmm”.

“I guess that’s fine.” Kyle said, wrapping his arms around her.

“Hey, Makoto?” Kyle asked as they lay together.

“Yes, Kyle?”

“I love you, too.”

-THE ENDMakoto absentmindedly flipped through the channels, trying to find something that interested her.

“Ugh, why isn’t anything good ever on at 2:00?” she complained out loud to the television. She sat there, one hand resting her head and the other tapping away at the “change channel” button, until a familiar sound caused her ears to perk up. It was the school bus. Kyle was home from high school! Brushing her long, brown hair aside, she hopped up off the couch, and scurried to the door.

“Hey there, Lil’ Bro!” she cheerfully called out as she swung it open. Makoto stood there smiling her usual big sister smile, expecting Kyle to come bounding into her arms for a welcome-home hug, like he usually did. Instead, however, her smile faded as she watched Kyle slowly trudge up to the door, hands in his pockets and his head hanging low.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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