Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 04

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“We must provide nourishment and fuel for this,” Cait said, giving my cock a slight squeeze, “for there are much more orgasms in store for us before this weekend is out!”

Hearing such words from my beautiful, adorable—and completely naked—18-year-old daughter put my mind into a fog of lust and love at the same time. I just stood there for a few minutes, practically paralyzed with sexually satisfied giddiness, while Cait grabbed a big fluffy towel and dried my own naked body. She then wiped herself down and grabbed a fresh towel to dry her long hair a bit before twisting it into a “turban” on top of her hair. Otherwise she remained completely nude as she led us from my master bathroom to the kitchen.

At her insistence, all I was allowed to do was brew some coffee, and then prepare some fresh squeezed orange juice while she rifled through the fridge and pantry to get all the fixings for scrambled eggs and bacon. An image I will remember forever was when I stared at her as she leaned forward toward the open refrigerator door. Her perfect round ass jutted straight back toward me, and I could clearly see her smooth vaginal lips within the cute little gap at the top of her thighs. And when she straightened and turned partially toward me, I began salivating at how rock-hard her nipples had gotten from the fridge’s cool air.

The rule of the day was that we were both to remain as naked as possible, the only exceptions being Cait getting to temporarily wear the towel on her head until her hair had dried a bit more, and the apron she put on to prevent sizzling bacon grease from spattering on her skin. The apron also served to give me yet another fucking sexy image, because with her back to me while she cooked I got to watch my daughter’s naked spine and ass.

Ironically, when we finally sat at the large kitchen counter together to eat, we fell into otherwise mundane breakfast conversations, chatting a bit about what classes she would take in college, what the weather would be like, what we thought about the last TV shows we’d just seen. Anyone eavesdropping from the next room would think a father and daughter we simply bantering away over a regular breakfast. Of course, were that spy to actually step into the kitchen the spy would see that the father was naked, and the daughter was wearing literally just an apron and a damp towel on her head. The spy would have enjoyed the view of both of our naked butts next to each other on our stools.

It was nice to calm down a little from all the sex and passion for a little while. My dick definitely needed some time to recover from so much stimulation, and I imagined poor Cait’s pussy was still a little sore from being penetrated by a cock for the first time late last night. As Cait went off on a tangent, telling me about why one of her friends was going to take a year off before going to college, I allowed my thoughts to wander, and for the first time in the last 12 hours or so since I had taken my own daughter’s virginity, my moral compass began to stabilize. I began to think about the ramifications of what I had done—to my own daughter. I couldn’t help but wonder just how much I had potentially fucked up my daughter’s life, my wife’s, and my own of course.

But what also amazed me was just how casual and, well, normal, Cait was acting in this very moment. Other than the fact that we were nude it was as if we were just plain old father and daughter having breakfast now. The mood was as calm as if my wife, Heather, could walk into the kitchen right now and, without batting an eye, simply ask if there was more coffee…

“What?” I said, blinking myself back into the moment.

“I said I think I’m boring you, Daddy,” Cait said.

“Oh no, not at all baby, I promise,” I said. “I guess I’m still just in a haze of bliss.”

Crunching away her last bite of crispy bacon, Cait said, “Me, too, Daddy. And the day has only gotten started!” She gave me a playful wink and stood to begin gathering the dishes. I stood too, and we had an interesting and erotic time “trying” to wash the dishes with her at the sink and me right behind her, reaching around and fondling her freely while grinding my crotch against her ass.

We gave up on the dishes and moved out of the kitchen. Cait got rid of the apron and said she wanted to dry her hair a little more. I followed her like a puppy to her bathroom, mesmerized as always by the wiggle and giggle of her hips and ass. While she started blow-drying her hair I felt the urge to pee and walked up to the toilet. I waited until she could see me in the reflection in the mirror before letting a nice strong stream of urine flow into the bowl.

“Awe, Daddy,” Cait whimpered in a tone just over the sound of the dryer, “you should have waited until I could aim it for you!”

I laughed as my piss continued to flow. “I would probably get hard, and I wouldn’t be able to go!”

She finished drying as bursa eskort bayan I washed up. Then it was my turn to watch her go pee. She was absolutely adorable sitting there, naked as the day she was born, and happily going to the bathroom in front of her nude father.

“So,” I said as she dabbed at her vagina with some toilet paper, “what would you like to do next?”

“Go back to bed!”

I laughed.

Cait flushed, gave her hands a quick rinse, then dropped to her knees. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, watching her face approach my flaccid cock. She opened her mouth, but just when I thought she was about to suck the head between her lips, she glanced up at me and said, “Catch me if you can!” With that, she gave me a playful shove to throw me off my balance, and she launched from her haunches right into a sprint, making straight for the master bedroom.

I ran after her and more or less tackled her loudly laughing form onto the bed. We rolled around, playing and tickling each other very much as we had done so the previous night. I finally pinned her beneath me and looked into her eyes, trying to catch my breath. She was so beautiful, so perfect.

Cait must’ve noticed the more serious look I was giving her, because she returned it. We gazed at each other for several long moments, then I leaned down and kissed her. She welcomed my lips with hers, and she eagerly parted her mouth to allow my tongue to slide in and dance with hers. We clung to each other and made out for a solid 20 minutes, hardly coming up for air. The taste of her mouth, the warmth of her naked body…it intoxicated me, and I felt myself getting aroused again, my erection stiffening against my daughter’s hip.

In a quiet moment where we both briefly broke our kiss to shift positions a little, Cait whispered to me: “Make love to me, Daddy.”

It was all I needed to hear, and I lifted myself just enough to position myself for intercourse. I gently nudged Cait’s smooth legs apart with my knee, then centered my body to hers, sliding up just enough for the head of my completely rigid cock to “kiss” gently against my daughter’s sex. She sensed me pause, then reached up to touch my face while she nodded me in encouragement.

Slowly, so slowly, I began to push my penis into my daughter’s vagina. We hadn’t had much foreplay, and I was momentarily concerned that her tight, nearly virginal channel would not yet be ready to receive the thickness of my manhood. But as tight as she was—and mother of god was she tight—she was also very, very wet, and her eager pussy gave only slight resistance to my penetration. After a few long, careful probing pushes, I was able to bury my full length into her. Well, maybe 90% of full, because I could distinctly feel the head of my cock squishing up against Cait’s cervix, and it caused her to whimper slightly.

“Sorry, baby,” I whispered.

“It’s—it’s okay, Daddy,” she said, grimacing just a bit. “I want it. I want you inside me, I can take it.”

“There’s no rush, my love,” I said. We both locked eyes when I said that. Throughout this new experience of becoming lovers, I’d called her my usual pet names, “baby,” “pumpkin,” etc. To simply declare her “my love” seemed to bring us into yet a deeper level of intimacy. But I said it, and I meant it.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” my daughter cooed.

“I love you too, baby.”

I felt her bring her hands to my sides and urge me to move more tightly against her. I obliged and allowed more of my weight, and my length, to press against her and into her. She grimaced again, still struggling to adjust to my girth. But she was a trooper as always and continued to pull me against her. As much as I wanted to start slamming my cock in and out of her tiny pussy, I maintained discipline and kept my movements minimal, barely rocking back and forth.

“Don’t worry,” I soothed her. “We have all day, all weekend. We’ll take our time; there’s no rush.”

“Oh Daddy, thank you. I just want to please you.”

“You are, my love. This is absolute perfection. You are perfection.”

Bursting into tears of joy, my gorgeous daughter lifted her head and kissed me. I kissed her back and we started making out again as I moved gently back and forth inside her. I was very thankful for having had the chance to recently ejaculate, because I could now truly take my time, control myself, as I experimented with my movements and distribution of weight to bring as little discomfort as possible to Cait. Without the aid of alcohol this time, I could tell she was more than aware of just how big my dick really was. I was quite proud of my size of my cock, it gave me all the confidence in the world, but my daughter was very tiny, and this was quite an adjustment.

So, we took our time making love. And I really considered it making love this time. Our first time was frantic, drunken, desperate and frenzied. In short, we fucked each other bursa otele gelen eskort bayan silly. Now we relaxed into it. After rocking easily back and forth with each other for about 10 minutes, I felt some of the tension leave my daughter’s body. Her vagina certainly didn’t loosen up, but her breathing deepened, and her legs relaxed a bit. The endorphins of sexual pleasure were flowing into her more freely, and I sensed that I could now thrust more of my actual length in and out of her, instead of just a couple of inches.

We soon got into a rhythm, a classic missionary-style rhythm, and the feeling of my daughter’s tight vagina and warm little body brought me to the most wonderful plateau of pleasure. I knew I had the stamina to go for quite a while this time, and I was determined to bring my daughter to at least one powerful orgasm. To my surprise and delight, I didn’t have to wait long. Cait’s breathing started becoming more rapid. I could feel her body begin to tremble and her stomach quiver.

This girl was getting ready to cum.

“Oh Daddy,” she began to repeat breathlessly. “Oh Daddy…”

“My baby girl,” I said softly. “I love you so much, and I want to bring you such pleasure.”

“Oh…oh Daddy, just…just keep moving in me like that and you will!”

I started thrusting a bit hard, just a bit harder, carefully controlling the intensity of my movements to build in proportion to my daughter’s building climax. She began breathing hard and panting. She had been trying to maintain eye contact with me, but now she screwed her eyes shut and let her head fall back.

She began moaning, and I began thrusting harder. And harder.

“God…yes,” she started crying out, “oh fucking god yes!”

“Yeah, baby? Is Daddy going to make his daughter cum?”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes! Gonna cum…gonna cum so hard.”

“Then cum for me, my love. Cum for your Daddy. Feel my length inside you.”

“Yes, Daddy! Your cock—so big! So huge! You’re—you’re filling me up so good!”

I began pounding her pretty good now. I could feel the head of my cock slam into the poor girl’s cervix over and over. I gazed down her body and smiled as her big soft tits giggled up and down on her chest as her body was pulverized by my thrusting hips and cock.

I was giving her quite a solid fuck now, and I could feel her pussy begin to clutch me even tighter, if that was possible, and her moaning got louder and louder. I knew her climax was imminent. Both because I felt it, and because she wanted the world to know.

“Daddy! Daddy! You’re gonna make me cum! Gonna make me cum! Fuck me, Daddy, FUCK ME!”

“I am, baby girl,” I grunted. “You’ve got every inch of me slamming into you. You have the most perfect pussy in the world. I want to feel you cum on my cock. I want to feel your whole body cum, baby!”

“I will, Daddy! So close! So close! Just—just—”

Suddenly she sucked in a lungful of breath, and I felt her legs lock around my butt when I slammed into her.

“Don’t move, Daddy! Just don’t move! Hold it!”

I froze, my cock buried as deep inside her as ever before. I had been expecting her to climax while I continued to pound her, but I quickly realized she wanted to let it wash over her while I was stuffed completely within her. (It was remarkable to me, but also strangely familiar, because this was exactly how my wife, Heather, liked to cum when the moment hit her!)

“Don’t move, Daddy! Don’t. You. Fucking. MOVE!”

I held still, held on for dear life, and I enjoyed the sight, sound and feeling of my daughter, Cait, experience what seemed to be the biggest, most powerful orgasm of her life. Her legs became an impenetrable vice against my ass and hips. Her fingers dug into the flesh of my sides. Her face became flushed and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. A cry of pleasure the finally ripped out from her throat made the walls of probably even our neighbors’ houses shake!

This girl came. HARD.

And not only did she cum, she came for a long time. Several moments had passed before I sensed only the slightest relaxation in her legs and body. I just kept my body still, my cock still ram-rod hard inside her, and let her come down from her climax in her own good time.

After another moment or two, Cait seemed to come back to reality. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. She licked her lips and realized she had been slightly drooling. She let her legs relax a little more and set her feet back down on the bed on either side of me. She let go of my ribs and brought her hands to her face, wiping her mouth and rubbing her eyes a little. I smiled down at her the whole time. I was a proud father, a proud lover.

“Oh Daddy,” she finally said, her voice raspy. “Is it like this every time?”

“Well…” I trailed off. I certainly wished it could be like that every time.

“Are bursa eve gelen escort you okay, baby?” I finally asked. I was worried that I was crushing her under my weight, and of course my throbbing erection was still buried within her.

Cait nodded, but then realized: “You didn’t cum, Daddy.”

“It’s okay, pumpkin. This was all for you.”

“But Daddy, I don’t want you to get blue balls.”

We laughed, causing my cock to twitch inside her, and her eyes went wide.

“Jesus, Daddy, still so big. So stiff. You are amazing.”

“Thank you,” I said, blushing.

“But I’m going to make you cum, and it’s going to be fun getting you there.”

“Oh, you are?”

She was, and she also decided that she would have fun trying different positions until it happened. We carefully shifted around so that she could keep my cock inside her while she eventually got into the cowgirl position. Seeing her like this reminded me that up until now we had only done missionary. I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of her naked body now straddling me. She started moving up and down, experimenting with what for her was an entirely new position. I loved watching my cock disappear and reappear in and out of her tight baby-bald vagina as she moved up and down. Her glistening pussy lips were swollen and stretched to accommodate my thickness. When she leaned forward I leaned up and started sucking her breasts and nibbling her nipples, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

I was a champion of stamina this morning, and I felt that I could go long enough to bring my daughter to another climax. For her part Cait was quite happy to move in ways that gave her as much intense pleasure as me. She also surprised me by unabashedly reaching down and fingering her clit while she rode me.

That brought her next climax on that much sooner. I started encouraging her to make herself cum while she was impaled on my cock, and she gladly accepted the encouragement. Once again, her breathing changed, her body started trembling, and at the very last moment Cait let almost all of her weight drop down on me to the point where it felt like I was penetrating her very womb. Like before, she stopped all movement except for her fingers, which furiously rubbed her wonderfully swollen clit.

“Daddy! Daddy! OH DADDY!” she cried out, once again paralyzed in orgasm.

I simply held her steady by her curvy hips while her climax washed over her.

Finally, she opened her eyes and looked down at me. I had a silly grin on my face. She leaned forward again and kissed me. When she lifted up again she said, “Let’s try another position, Daddy. My legs are getting a bit sore.”

“Okay, baby,” I said, all too eagerly. “What would you like to try next?”

“Whatever you want, Daddy.”

I grinned. “Okay, I’ve got another one for you, but I’ll have to pull out for just a moment.”

Cait gave me a mock-pout but then another quick kiss before slowly starting to pull herself off of me. We both looked directly at where my thick cock was slowly, wetly, emerging from Cait’s impossibly tight pussy. When it finally came out all the way it made a wet slapping sound against my tummy as it bounced but remained firm and ready for more action.

Cait groaned in disappointment that I was not inside her anymore. But I quickly fixed that: I got to my knees and encouraged Cait to do the same, in front of me. She may have been new at sex, but she was pretty quick to figure out that I wanted her to bend over in front of me so that I could take her from behind. With horny eagerness, my daughter moved into position, then looked back at me as I took over. I adjusted how she knelt just a bit so that I could more perfectly align my dick with her dripping entrance. I knew she was extremely wet from her first two orgasms, but I was still careful not to just slam my cock into her in one stroke, though the temptation was there!

“Oh yes,” Cait blurted as the head of my cock pushed passed her pussy lips. And after a few careful in-and-out strokes, I finally got myself buried balls-deep, and she blurted, “Oh FUCK yes!”

I luxuriated in the difference with how her pussy felt in this new position. Being inside her in any position was of course pure heaven, but getting to try her in this new way, getting this new slightly different sensation, was the sexual equivalent of sampling a few different styles of fine single-malt Scotch.

Before long I was moving in and out of my daughter at a pretty good pace. I clutched at her hips and pulled her toward me as I pushed my dick deeper and deeper. Cait settled her head on her hands and just hung on for dear life as I used her precious little body to bring on my own pleasure. By now the toll of fucking a young teenager who also happened to be my daughter was once again catching up. I no longer felt in very good control, and my dick began twitching with the sensation of having fucked this tight cunt for the better part of an hour.

Cait seemed to instinctively sense this too, and I heard her muffled voice encourage me. “That’s it, Daddy, keep pumping your cock into me. I know you want to give me your cum soon, and you know how badly I want to feel it shooting up inside me.”

“Oh Cait!” I grunted, my rhythm becoming erratic.

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