Birds of a Feather, Chapter 6

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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 6 (Better than I ever expected)
Note: There is a new character in this chapter. Her name is Amie. This is a real person, not the person described in the story but she does exist. She knows I’m using her named in the story and is okay with that but only if I would spell her name the way she dose. She is named after her Grandmother, whom she describes as a Real Catbird. I’m not sure what that means but she smiles every time she says

We are still at the adult toy store. We have met Amie, the salesperson and thing were progressing much better the Kathy and I had expected. Amie has showed us some strap-on harnesses and different inserts and things have progressed from there.

First, I looked at this beautiful woman that I loved so much, then the young twenty something woman that looked more like a schoolteacher that a sales clerk in an adult toy store. I was wondering what would happen next when Kathy started unzipping my fly.

I took her hand and stopped her. I told her this was great but it could be dangerous doing this standing here in the aisle. Amie was stilling holding onto my cock. She was grinning like a kid with a new toy. “I have a mat in the stockroom, just come along with me.

Still holding onto my cock Amie headed toward the door at the back of the store with Kathy following close behind me with harness and insert in hand. When we entered the stock room, Amie released me long enough to unroll the thick exercise mat and place it on the floor.

While Amie was busy with that Kathy was unbuttoning my shirt then my belt. Amie had returned and helped Kathy pull my pants down and I stepped out of them. They shipped off my shoes and socks then each took a side as they pulled my shorts down.

Amie gasp as my cock sprung free. Kathy smiled, “Beautiful isn‘t it?” Amie nodded. Amie asks Kathy, “Do you mind if I help him put the harness on while you undress?” Kathy surprised me when she told Amie. “Sweetie you can do anything you want as long as Frank agrees.

I felt like I was dreaming, I only hoped I wouldn‘t wake up before all this run it‘s course. Amie took my cock in her young, tender, hand and put it through the hole then pulled the harness up around my waist. She snuggled up all the straps.

Pre-cum was oozing out of my cock and dripping on the matt. Amie first licked the head then took my cock in her mouth and lightly sucked on a couple of times then turned to look at Kathy.

I had been so busy watching Amie I hadn’t been watching Kathy. She was standing at the edge of the matt stark naked. Amie motioned for her to turn her ass to me and get on all fours. She complied without a word.

Amie took me by my cock and gently pulled me to my knees behind Kathy. Amie reached over to a nearby table and picked up a bottle of lube. She used it to cover my cock, the toy and Kathy’s asshole. Amie took my cock and aligned it with Kathy’s pussy and the toy was pushing against her little rosebud.

I started pushing forward slow and easy, not wanting to be too ruff on Kathy. Without warning, Kathy lunged back and my cock and dildo went into her pussy and asshole as deep as it would go. She let out a loud gasp and told me to just hole still for a second.

Amie’s only comment was, “Oh Fuck that was awesome” She had moved around in front of Kathy and when I looked up, she was standing there as naked as a newborn. It was a remarkable sight. She was clean-shaven and had small puffy pussy lips. Hips, ass, waist were all perfectly propositioned but her tits was what caught my eye. They were a good “B” size but they were not round like grapefruits but more of a cone shaped. The nipples were like extensions of the areolas, bringing them to a perfect point.

I knew Kathy had noticed also, when she reach up toward Amie’s tits. Amie dropped to her knees in front of Kathy. She used one hand to cup under her tit and the other she placed behind Kathie’s head and pulled it to her tit.

Kathy’s hungry mouth sucked her tit in like a baby nursing it’s mother. I could hear the loud sucking as she moved from one tit to the other.

This went on for a short while was banging away on Kathy’ pussy and ass. Amie turned, lay on her back and slid under Kathy until she was in a prefect 69 position. I felt Amie’s hot tongue as she licked the bottom of my cock then up across Kathy’s open lips to her rock hard clit.

Kathy jumped as Amie licked and sucked on her clit. I saw Kathie’s head dip down between Amie’s legs and could tell by the moans that Kathy was hitting all the right spots.

Amie was ready and it was not long before she was reaching her first orgasm. I could hear Kathy’s skippering sounds and knew Amie was a real gusher.

Kathy was humping hard not and I was meeting her every thrust. I had to fight hard to hold of for Kathy to reach a good climax before I let go.

Finally, she started and it seemed endless. I could feel her hot pussy juice running out around my cock and into Amie’s waiting mouth. She was licking Kathy’s over flowing pussy and my cock all in one long lick…

I added my load to he already overflowing pussy and our combined juices was flowing out around my cock and Amie was licking as fast as she could trying to get as much as she could.

Finally, I fell back on the matt and Kathy rolled of to the side. Amie jumped up and picked up a plastic cup from the table. She quickly moved between Kathy’s legs.

She placed the cup at the bottom of Kathie’s pussy. Amie held her pussy lips open and told her to push down. Kathy did as instructed, forcing a large amount of my cum out of her pussy and into the cup;

Amie used her mouth to such the remaining cum from Kathie’s pussy. Amie made sure we were watching as she spit the saliva, cum mixture into the cup.

She then moved over to me, took my now soften cock into her mouth. She cleaned every drop of our love mixture in her mouth and once again spit it in the cup.

She then pushed two fingers into her pussy. When she pulled them out, they dripping wet with her own pussy juice and Kathy’s saliva. She held them up to my mouth and I sucked them into my mouth. , leaving them clean as she pulled them out.

She held the cup to my mouth and I spit the mixture into the cup. Amie turned to Kathy and placed the cup over pussy again. This time as the made eye contact Amie told Kathy, “Piss a little for me if you can.

Kathy couldn’t pass up an opportunity to play with Amie’s lovely tits. She massaged, kissed and lick on the beautiful tits until I hear a couple splashes of piss as he hit the cup.

Amie handed the cup to Kathy, asking her to hold it for her. This time the two women stayed locked in a passionate kiss until Amie could make her little contribution to the coup.

Both women then turned to me and I knew I was next. I was very curious as to what Amie had in mind for the contents of the cup. Amie held the cup and Kathy held my cock over the edge. Both started sucking on my nipples as I attempted to relax enough to gat a little piss in the cup.

Finlay I was able to manage a couple of shorts into the cup. The cup was about half full of cum, spit and piss. Amie shook the cup around to combine the mixture them brought it to her mouth and took a big swallow.

Kathy looked at me in shock as she said, “Oh Fuck, She drunk it” I wasn’t even able to respond; Amie moved the cup away and licked her lips. Kathy and I just stood and looked

Amie handed the cup to Kathy, telling her, it’s only a mixture of the three of us. I assume you have swallowed cum, tasted piss and French kissed before. This is casino oyna just a mixture of it all at one time/

Kathy placed the cup to her lips and took a big mouth full, tilted her head back, gargling the mixture then swallowed. She smiled, licked her lips then handed the cup to me

For just a second the thought crossed my mind, “Have I got more woman her than I can handle? NO, NO, NO, I wanted someone to push me, make me push my boundaries. Well, I have that and I’m not about to loose it because I’m a chicken shit wimp that couldn’t handle the pressure.

I placed the cup to my mouth and one big gulp drank the remainder of the mixture. It was an unusual taste, not offensive, just different.

Amie moved over, gave Kathy a hot kiss the turned, and did the same for me. Then she suggested we got the bathroom, clean up, straighten things up a little and go to meet her family for dinner.

The cleaning and straighten up was no problem but the thought of meet her Mon, Dad and sister for pizza was bothering me. From the look on Kathy’s face, I think it was bothering her too. They had to know we had been here at the store having sex.

Amie seemed to be in great mood and looking forward to all of us meeting. I told Amie it was getting late and we may need to go on home. She laughed and said, “No way Frank, it’s only 7:30 PM and you will have plenty of time. You guys are gonna love my family, you’ll see.

Amie bagged up the harness and tops, put them in a bag and gave them to Kathy telling her, “A little thank you gift for both of you and I hope we can do this again and more if you would like. I’m sure Amie could tell by the looks on our faces, we were looking forward to another time.

As we were leaving the store, Amie called her Mom again. Amie told us they were just arrived at the restaurant and would hold a table for us. When we walked in Amie waved to her family. They were at a large round table in a back corner.

As we started walking towards the table, Kathy took my hand and squeezed. I knew she was as nervous as I was about meeting Amie’s family.

As we reached the table Amie’s Dad stood and extended his hand, “Hello Frank and Kathy, I’m Albert Muller, my friends call me Al and this is my wife Helga and our other daughter Morgan. Kathy and I shook hands with everyone. Morgan was setting between her Mom and Dad. Albert pulled the chair out and motioned for Kathy to set next to him. She glanced back at me and I nodded my okay. Amie set next to Kathy then I set between Amie and Helga.

The waiter was there to take our order by the time we set down. It was apparent he knew Albert and his family. Albert introduced our waiter, Nino, the owner and us as their friends. He took our order, quickly returned with a couple pitchers of beer and glasses.

Al took Kathy’s hand and smiled as he said, “You two must have made quite an impression of Amie. She’s a good businessperson and manages the store on the straight and narrow. When she asks her Mon to share our family secret and spend some time with you, I knew you had to be special.

I told them I didn’t think we were very special. To us Amie is the special one. Helga reached over and placed her hand on mine. She smiled and said, “Amie tells us you’re newbie’s to all this. Its possible you don’t realize the attraction you, as a couple, have on other likeminded people.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as you said we’re newbie’s and I there is a lot we don’t know but I’ll have to tell you we’re both will.” At first, I thought I had said too much and was being too forward. Everyone at the table laughed at my comment, so I felt I was off the hook.

I felt Amie’s hand on my leg and Helga lifted my hand to her mouth and kissed it softly. I looked over at Kathy and noticed that she and Al’s hands were no longer on top of the table and Kathy had a nervous smile on her face.

Morgan shocked the hell out of Kathy and me when she ask, “How did you two like our favorite strap-on toy?” Kathy was beet red and I’m sure I was about the same. Everyone at the table was looking at me. I knew I had to choose my words well, Amie’s family and the love of my life setting her at the table waiting for my reply.

I mustered up all my courage, looked Morgan in the eyes and said, “You know all this is still very knew to us. There are so many things on our list of things to try. Now, thanks to your sister this one we can chalk up as tried it and liked it. I think that would go for both of us.” Kathy was smiling and nodding her head as I spoke.

Before anyone could comment Neon return to our table with two delicious looking pizzas. Everyone was quite for a few seconds while we all served ourselves the pizza and another round of beer.

As we started eating Al ask, “I know Amie has told you enough you have figured out how things are in our family. So, what do you two think about it?”

Kathy surprise me a little when she said, “I have heard about families like yours and have often wondered what it would be like to be that open sexually.”

Everyone was looking at me again, “To tell you the truth, I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other. I’m sure there are some good situations and some not so good. I would tend to judge it on an individual bases. In your case, we really enjoyed the experience with Amie and all of you seem to be happy and comfortable with each other So, I would say it works well for you.”

Helga squeezed my hand as she asks, “How would you feel about being adopted into the family from time to time?” I replied, “That would be up to Kathy, I would be okay with it but I wouldn’t do anything that she is not in favor of it.

Kathy laughed and said,” Should we call you Mom and Dad”. How about calling Amie and Morgan our sisters?” We all laughed and Morgan literally squalled, then said, Oh, I would love that. I would really love to suck my brother’s hard cock.”

Helga punched her and said, “Morgan, shame on you, trying to get ahead of your Mom and Dad like that.” Al told them both stop and eats up, it was getting late and we all needed to be going soon.

We finished eating and all walked outside together. Al and his family walked with us to Kathy’s car. They all give Kathy a big hug and kiss. Then they turned and the women repeated the same with me. Al and I shook hands and said, “More lately, okay. I was not sure what all that might cover, so I just nodded my head and smiled.

Kathy handed me the car keys, I held the door for her then slid under the wheel and headed home. Kathy slipped over next to me and whispered in my ear, “Honey, will it be alright if I just hold your cock in my mouth while you drive home.

“Kathy, DON’T YOU EVER GET ENOUGH” I laughed. “Baby, I have already hade more sex with you than I had ever had before in my whole but I never get too much of you. I just love the feel and taste of your cock.”

I thought, Oh well, what’s a man to do in a situation like this?” I moved the seat back a little, put my arm around her shoulders, and gently pulled her down. She unzipped my pants, worked my cock out, and gently slipped it into her warm mouth. I made sure to keep my eyes on the highway but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

By the time I pulled in our driveway, I was doing all I could to keep from shooting my load in Kathy’s mouth. We both hopped out of the car and run into the house. We both stripped as soon as the front door closed. Kathy headed for the couch, got on all ours, looked back at me smiling and said, “Stick the big fuck stick in me and feed the baby.

Her pussy was dripping wet as I moved in and plunged my cock ball deep in one quick thrust. “Hard and fast baby, fuck me hard and fast.” I did as she asks and canlı casino she was fucking me back just as hard. It didn’t talk long at all and I was shooting line after line of hot cum into her tight pussy.

It sound like Kathy was crying as I pumped the last drops of cum into her. As my cock softened, I slipped out of her pussy and set back on my hills. Kathy turned over and I could see the tears as they run down her cheeks.

She was smiling even though the tears kept flowing. She moved her hand down between her legs, plunged three fingers into her cum filled pussy. When she pulled them out, I could see they were dripping wet with my cum. She immediately placed them in her mouth and sucked the clean.

“Why the tears Baby, did I hurt you?” “Oh hell no Lover, I’m so happy and full of joy I just can’t hold it in. Thank you my Sweet Darling, I love you SO MUCH” I just smiled, moved back a little then lean down and buried my face in her pussy, sucking the remainder of my cum out of her sweet pussy bringing her to another orgasm.

I stood and took Katie by the hand and headed to the shower. As we walked across the den, I noticed the light blinking on the answering machine. I pushed the playback button. It was a message from Dan, “Hey you two Lovebirds hope everything is okay and you are just out having fun. If you get home before midnight, give me a call. “Hugs to you both.”

I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe in was only about 10:30 PM. We had packed a lot into one afternoon. I dialed Dan’s number and heard the sweet voice of Katie say, “Hello Frank, how are our Lovebirds doing.” I laughed, “Caller ID gives away all the surprise. I had a messaged to call Dan.”

“Hold on just a second and I get him for you. Kisses in all the right places to you both.” There was a short silence then I heard Dan laughing, “Hello Mushroom, how’s it hanging, straight down I hope at this time of night” I laughed, “As a matter of fact it is but it is very happy.”

We both laughed then Dan got to his reason for calling, “Frank, we’ve contacted the attorney that Peggy and Jerry had talked to but they have not retained him. That means he is not obligated to them in any way. He can do for you and Kathy what he told Peggy and Jerry he could do for them. We send a lot of business his way so he told me he would do it or you guys for cost. That would be about a hundred buck each.”

I quickly filled Kathy in on our conversation. She nodded her agreement. I told Dan to tell us what we need to do to make it happen. Dan said, “Nothing more right now, you may get a call form one or both of the gruesome twosome. If you do, just be careful what you say. It would be better if they didn’t know you guys were living together and defiantly shouldn’t know Kathy may be pregnant. One last thing, as far as you know were Peggy or Jerry animal lover, dogs and such?”

I wondered why he was asking such a question but I asked Kathy before I answered. The told me Jerry hated animals, dogs, cats or animals of any kind. I told Dan and asked why he was asking. He said he was just curious and he would get back to us soon.

We made our way to the bathroom where we shared a very touchy, feely shower, dried each other the headed to bed. I cuddled in behind Kathy, put my arm over her shoulder and cupped her right breast gently in my hand.

I was almost asleep when Kathy ask, “Honey, do you wish I have beautiful breast like Amie?” For some reason I was not surprised at the question. I squeezed her breast softly then told her, “Baby, you have beautiful breast like Amie, they’re just shaped different. The big difference is these breasts belong to you and I love everything about you.”

We were both asleep in just seconds. I don’t think either of us moved during the night. When I awoke the next morning, I was still cuddled tightly with Kathy, still holding her right tit. I was going to slip out of bed and let her sleep a little longer. As I started to release her tit she placed her hand over mine to hold it in place. “Just another second” she whispered.

In a couple of minutes, we were out of bed and on our way to the kitchen. We were both still naked and I was enjoying walking behind her, watching the cheeks of her ass bounce as she walked.

We decided on French toast, cream cheese and bacon. We were both in a playful mood as we prepared the food. We were constantly touching and feeling each other as we worked. Kathy set the plates of food on the table while I got the cheese and syrup.

Just as I was setting down Kathy stopped me. She had a very mischievous smile on her face as her placed one foot in a chair to expose her pussy. She pushed two fingers of her right hand into her pussy and started finger fucking herself hard and fast.

I was wondering what the hell she was up too. She pulled her fingers out and imminently repeated the same thing with two fingers from her left hand. When she pulled these fingers out, I could see that all four was soaked with her pussy juice. She rubbed her fingers over the toast to spread as much of her juice as she could on all the slices.

She raised two of the fingers to my lips and I quickly took them in my mouth and sucked them clean. She put the other two fingers in her mouth and made a point of making loud sucking noises as she sucked them clean.

Even through the cheese and syrup, there was a slight taste of her pussy. We both agreed it was about the best breakfast we had ever eaten. We quickly cleaned the kitchen, showered, dressed then headed to work.

I parked Kathy’s car and we walked into the plant together. Cindy was waiting just inside the door, she give me our usual hi-five and the big boss man hello. Then she pulled Kathy aside and whispered something to her. Kathy looked back at me the nodded to Cindy.

Kathy come over and gives me a quick kiss then headed to her work area. As I walked toward my office, Cindy caught up with me. She asks if we were all having lunch together today. I told her I was planning too. She asked if I would mind another person joining us. I told it would be okay with me and ask who it was. She smiled as she stepped closer to me so no one else could hear, “You’ll just have to wait to see.”

The morning was off to a bad start when one of the robots malfunctioned but we all worked together and had it back on line and everything was up and running again.

I got a call from Lorie, Mr. Horton’s office assistant, asking me to come to Mr. Horton’s office. I told Cindy and Danny, another lead employee, where I was going and ask them to keep an eye on things while I was gone.

When I got to the office Lorie told me to go on in, Mr. Horton was waiting for me. Mr. Horton was talking on the phone when I walked in. He motioned for me to set in the chair in front of his desk. He was leaning back in his chair, looked very relaxed, so I figured whatever he wanted to talk with me about must not be too bad.

He spoke into the phone. “Yes, yes, that sounds good to me. (pause) Yes, he is here in the office now. I’ll get back to you later today and let you know for sure.

My mind started going wild again, wondering what was going and if I was in trouble. Mr. Horton leaned across the desk and we shook hands. “Frank, I thought about calling Kathy but I though I would talk with you first.

I could feel my heart beating faster and I was concerned about where this might be going. Mr. Horton leaned back in his chair again then asks, “Do you remember when we talked on the phone last Sunday I ask you to keep an eye out for a house in a nice neighborhood that could be rented for a few years.

Damn, I was all pumped up and he just wanted to know about a house for rent. I told him I remember but I didn’t kaçak casino know of one at the present time. “How about Kathy’s house? Since you two will be living together, I thought she might want to do something with her house.

I don’t think either of us had thought about what to do with her house. We had already moved most of her personal things to what we both now called our house.

Mr. Horton told me The J.D. Lewis Corporation was the people he had been negotiating with to buy the company. One of JD’s boys will be moving here to run this company for the next two to four years. He really don’t want to buy a house and a lot of furniture. That’s why I though about you and Kathy.

I told Mr. Horton I would talk with Kathy and we may need a little time to decide what we are going to do but I would let him know as soon as I could. He told me Jimmy Lewis would be there on Monday but he was going to stay at the hotel to begin with. He told me I could just talk with Jimmy in person after Monday and he hoped we could work out something.

It was almost lunchtime when I got back to my office. I made a quick round through the plant and headed for the cafeteria

.Kathy was already in line when I got there. I saw Cindy and Beth setting at one of the large round tables. I stopped by and asked Kathy to pick me up something to eat and drink. I walked over and started to set nest to Cindy. She stopped me and motioned for me to move over across from her, leaving two chairs in between us.

When Kathy got to the table, she set next to Cindy. I wondered what the hell was going on. I saw Allison Moore walking toward our table. I assumed this was my surprise visitor. She come over and set between Kathy and me. She spoke to all of us then started talking to Kathy about work.

I was wondering what the big deal was about her joining us for lunch. I heard Allison ask Kathy, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” “Like I told you this morning at break, it is fine with me if it is okay with Frank. It wil be both of us or neither of us.”

Allison turned to me, “Okay Frank, I guess it’s up to you. Brad and I would love to join the fun. I’ll tell you anything you want to know about you and us can ask Cindy and Beth. I guess you have figured out that we have played with Cindy, Beth and their husbands. That also includes Dan and Katie. If you need some time to think about it we will understand. Only thing we ask, if you decide not to allow us to join you, it will end there. No talking to anyone else, no problems here at work and no hard feelings from either side.”

“Allison, right now I would say it looks good but I need some time to talk to Kathy. Things have been happening so fast lately I’m almost overwhelmed with it all and I’m sure Kathy is also.”

Allison suggested the four of us meet for dinner on evening when things settle down a little and talk things over. I looked over at Kathy, she nodded and I agreed we could do that in the near future.

We had finished eating and I told Kathy I needed to talk with her for just a minute before we went back to work. We stepped out to the hall and I filled her in on my contestation with Mr. Horton. As agreed that she felt no ties to her house except for the fact she was the one who had paid for it.

I told her to take a little time and think it over and we could talk about it more. I also ask her what she thought about Allison and Brad.

Kathy waited a second before she answered, “Frank, let me make this easy of you. I love you and can be happy with having sex with just you for the rest if my life. All the other is fun and exciting to me and I think also to you I am and will always be in agreement with anything you want to do sexually.”

I laughed as I said, “You know you like to push me to the limit and more, so why would you say it’s up to me.” “Because I never push until I know you’re okay with it and it is what you want. I also know that we both like me being forward and pushy.”

She had me there, I was just as she had described. Cindy and Beth rounded the corner, I kissed Kathy and she headed back to her work area as the three of headed off to ours

After work, Kathy dropped me off at the auto shop to pick up my car. She told me she was going to go by her house to pick up a few things and check the mail.

I had just pulled in the drive and was getting out of the car when Kathy pulled up. She had an ice chest and two bags of groceries. She also had the back seat full of clothes.

I just looked but didn’t say anything. She simply said, “I’ve decided.” I grabbed the cooler and she took one of the bags. I could hear the phone ringing as Kathy was unlocking the door.

I stepped in, set the cooler down and grabbed the phone. It was Dan, he ask if I could put the phone on speaker so her could talk with both of us. Kathy set the bag down and stepped beside me. I told Dan we were both here.

“Things are going good on this end, if you don’t get a call for Peggy and Jerry in a couple of days, you should contact them. Of course, they don’t need to know you two are living together now. There some other things happening on this end and I need get some copies of pictures I would like for both of you to look at them call me back.”

Kathy held up a letter and told me it was from Jerry and it was telling her to get on the ball and send her part of the money to hire the lawyer.

When I told Dan he started laughing, “This dumb ass has no idea what’s going on. You need to see these pictures. I can make arrangements to have them to you by the time you get home tomorrow if that’s okay with you guys.” Kathy nodded and I told Dan that would be fine with us.

Dan was quite for a couple of seconds then said, “Ah, Katie and I have discussed what I’m about to tell you. We have a Special Friend that has to be in Bakerfield (Our town) early Friday. She will be coming over tomorrow and spend the night. We haven’t told her anything about you but if you think you would enjoy a lovely woman that is very good with couples, I can tell her about you. I can assure you it will be a very enjoyable evening.”

Kathy and I were just looking at each other, not knowing what to say. I ask Dan if we could call him back in about 10 minutes. Dan laughed, “Sure but let me tell you a little about her to help you decide. Her name is Gail, she’s 47, a little older than you are, just a little on the stout side, about a 40” DD that she really knows how to use and thee other holes that she loves to use. She’s devoiced and wants to stay that way. She loves to play with couples like us and she’s steamily discreet. I can tell you more if you decide to go for it.”

Kathy talked while we unloaded the car and put the things away. There was wine and frozen food in the cooler and a verity of groceries in the bags. She also had a verity of clothes. I didn’t ask her if she was moving in, it was obvious and there was no need to discuss it.

By the time we had everything put away we had decided on sandwiches to eat and talked more about Dan’s call. We decided if she was Special to Dan and Katie she must be hot. We wondered about the age difference and decided, if it didn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother us. I told Kathy we could look at it as a blind date with benefits.

I called Dan back and told him what we had decided. He told us, “She is very open in private, loves getting naked so it will be fine if that’s how you meet her at your front door. She is like Katie in the fact that she loves to give and receive enamels. She is open to anything you want to do as long as you both agree. One more thing, she likes a little pain but I’ll let her tell you about that.

Kathy smiled and said,” this sounds interesting, would you like to spank her ass Honey.” I smiled at Kathy,” To tell the truth, I don‘t really know. That‘s another thing I had never thought about..

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