Birthday Bash

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Katie, Shannon, and Rachel sat at the small table in the corner. They were out for Shannon’s 25th birthday. Katie and Rachel wanted to make this a birthday she wouldn’t forget. They took her to the biggest and best club in town. Shannon was a very quiet and shy girl. She wasn’t much into the “club scene” like Katie and Rachel were. Shannon sat in the very back corner of the table while the others sat in plain sight.

“Come on Shannon!” Katie called across the table. “Loosen up! It’s your birthday!”

“Yeah, Shan!” Rachel called back. “Girl, act your age for once! It’s your turn to be wild!” Shannon blushed. She knew they were right. She had never been one to go out and get drunk and make a fool of herself. She was the one that always volunteered to be the designated driver never the designated drunk. Katie and Rachel made sure that she was going to be the designated drunk tonight.

“Let’s go dance.” Rachel shouted. Katie nodded and they pulled Shannon to the dance floor. Shannon knew there was no use to resist, so she just went along. They started dancing and Shannon realized she was enjoying herself…a lot! They danced for a few songs and they headed up to the bar to order drinks. Rachel spoke up first.

“Three mind erasers please.” She said to the bartender. He smiled.

“Coming right up, ladies.” he made the drinks and sat them in front of the girls. Katie was next to pipe up.

“Three purple hooters strait up please.” She winked at the bartender.

“Right away.” He said as he started the drinks. He set the next round of drinks in front of the girls. Shannon was last to speak up.

“Three red headed sluts please.” She tried not to make eye contact with anybody. The bartender leaned forward.

“Don’t worry about it Hun! Most women blush when they ask for that shot.” He smiles when she looked up at him. “So, what’s the occasion for all the drinks ladies, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“It’s Shannon’s birthday!” Rachel and Katie said in unison. This made Shannon blush even more.

“Well, happy birthday Shannon! When I get off work may I have the first dance with the birthday girl?” he smiled and this made Shannon melt.

“Okay.” Shannon said timidly.

“My name’s rob. I can’t wait to have that dance.” He smiled and continued waiting on the rest of the bar.

“Alright Shannon!” Rachel yelled as she started jumping up and down. “Alright girls, drink up!” they chugged all three drinks. Rachel and Katie were fine but this shocked Shannon’s body. She wasn’t used to this amount of alcohol. They all headed back to the dance floor. Katie and Rachel were dancing as they always did and Shannon just kind of stood there. After about fifteen minutes all of Shannon’s inhibitions dissolved before her eyes. She was dancing just like her friends. A few minutes later, Shannon felt a tap on her ankara escort bayanlar shoulder. She spun around to see the sexy bartender, rob. He was no longer in work clothes but in a pair of tight jeans, a snug white t-shirt and boots.

“Damn!” Shannon exclaimed. “You look hot!” she stumbled backwards. Rachel and Katie just stood back in complete shock. Shannon was never that bold. Rob smiled at Shannon and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the middle of the dance floor. He pulled her close to his body and started to dance. Shannon was grinding her body up against Rob’s as he was doing the same to her. Shannon reached around and placed her hands on Rob’s well-formed butt and felt him up and down. Shannon knew that tonight was going to prove to her friends how brazen she could be. Shannon moved her hands up Rob’s back. They were in a lover’s embrace that couldn’t be broken. The music stopped and robs and Shannon headed off to the bar. Rob order them some drinks. They sat at the bar and drank and between shots they talked. Rachel and Katie watched from the back corner table. They couldn’t believe this was the same girl that they had known for years. They talked for a few more minutes and realized that Shannon and rob were gone…

Rob led Shannon outside to his truck. He pushed her up against the hood and kissed her long and hard. She ran her fingers through his hair. Rob then picked Shannon up and opened the door of the truck and put her in the drivers seat. Shannon giggled and fell backwards. Shannon’s head was spinning but it felt great! She felt rob reaching to unbutton her pants. She had the urge to stop him but instead she helped him take them off. When rob got her jeans off he kissed her sweet bottom lips through her panties. Shannon moaned. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. This was amazing! Rob moved her panties to the side to reveal a completely shaved pussy. He couldn’t help himself but to kiss her moist pussy lips Shannon shivered. Rob them slid his tongue between her luscious lips. He could taste all of her pure, engaging juices. He wanted more. He ram his tongue up and down her moist slit. She was moaning and grabbing his head so that he didn’t stop. Rob plunged his tongue deep inside of her sweet love canal. Shannon let out a longing moan. She needed this! Rob felt Shannon’s juices running all over his face. This excited him more. Rob jumped up and unbuttoned his pants and revealed to Shannon his engorged element. Shannon placed her mouth on his hard cock and commenced tasting every inch. She engulfed as much of his member as she could. It was Rob’s turn to moan with delight. Shannon could taste how excited rob was. The bittersweet taste lingered in her mouth. Rob placed his hands on the back of her head as she stroked him with her luscious mouth. She stopped and looked at rob. She smiled sweetly and lay down ankara esmer escortlar across the front seat and spread herself wide open. Rob knew what she wanted….he wanted the same thing. He jumped into the truck and placed himself inside of her tight, wet, silky lips. Shannon jerked slightly when he inserted himself. When he was fully inside Shannon moaned in pure bliss. Rob stroked slowly and felt her lips grabbing his cock. He pushed deeper and Shannon clenched her muscles tight around him. Rob groaned in delight. He pumped her faster grabbing her hips for leverage. Shannon threw her legs in the air and rested them on the doorframe. Every thrust became more and more intense. Then, suddenly, Shannon clenched the seat and begins to yell…

“Oh my god! Oh, rob! I’m gonna cum. Oh god!” Shannon hollered. Just then, Shannon started Cumming. Rob felt the juices running down his shaft and onto his full balls and he knew it was his turn to cum. He felt it rising from within. And at that moment, rob exploded with Shannon. The noise that was made was heard throughout the emptying bar. Rachel and Katie ran out to the parking lot to see what all the commotion was about. To there surprise they saw that the noise was coming from there shy, backwards friend. She was doing something that they never expected.

“Oh my god! Shannon is fucking the bartender in the parking lot! Rachel was jumping up and down. Katie just stood there in shock.

Rob turned his head slightly to see a small crowd being herded away from his truck. When the crowd was gone all that was left was Rachel and Katie. They ran over to the truck to see Shannon, she was trying to cover herself and rob trying to cram his still hard cock back into his pants. Rachel and Katie grabbed Shannon and were yelling like maniacs.

“Oh, damn girl! When you go for it you really go for it!” Katie squealed.

“I am so proud of you baby!” Rachel couldn’t contain herself. Rob jumped back in.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to steal your friend away like that.”

“Sorry? No! We should be thanking you! She has never been this spontaneous! This is awesome, but next time, you might want a more private place.” Katie winked at rob. “Why don’t we all go home? That way you at least have a private room to please each.” The group piled into the truck and they headed back to the house the girls shared rob and Shannon didn’t make it passed the living room before they were at it again. Rob’s swollen cock was bulging out of his skintight jeans. This turned both Katie and Rachel on as well. Rob knew all three girls were drunk, hell so was he, but he couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. He turned to Shannon.

“Shannon, have you ever thought about a four way sexual encounter?”

“No, I haven’t. Why?” she was puzzled.

“Wanna try it?” and evil grin came across his grup yapan escortlar face. Shannon couldn’t do anything but smile and say yes. Rob got up and walked over to Shannon’s roommates and brought them over to where Shannon was sitting.

“Alright,” rob said pulling his throbbing cock out of his pants. “I want all of you to stand in front of me and get naked.” The girls all looked at each other in shock but did as they were told. Rob looked at each of them and touched his cock with delight. “Now, I want you all to play with each other.” They were all frozen. “Rachel,” rob demanded. “Lay down on your back. Shannon, get between her legs and tell me how her sweet pussy tastes.” Shannon did as she was told and started licking Rachel’s very swollen wet pussy. Rachel jumped when she felt Shannon’s silky lips on her pussy lips. Shannon smacked her lips with the first taste and the dove right in. she inserted he finger deep into Rachel’s tight hole. With Shannon eating Rachel out. Rob told Katie to sit on Rachel’s face. Katie squatted over Rachel and Rachel instinctively buried her face between Katie’s ultra wet lips. Rob stroked his cock as he watched the girls enjoy each other’s bodies. Shannon was licking all of Rachel’s juices that were flowing down her ass crack. Rachel squirmed. Then he saw Rachel was ready to cum.

“Shannon, get on her pussy. She’s getting ready to cum. I wanna see you drink it all up.” Rob instructed. Shannon went down on Rachel again and Rachel started cumming. Shannon drank all of the cum that was in her body. Shannon again licked down Rachel’s ass crack to get the little bit that she missed. At that moment Katie began to cum. Rob instructed Rachel to do the same as Shannon. Rachel was slurping to get all the sweet juices Katie had in store for her. Rob got off the couch and got behind Shannon and put his hard throbbing cock inside her very wet pussy.

“Now, I want Rachel to eat Shannon’s pussy while I fuck her and I want katie to eat Rachel’s hot pussy.” again, they did as they were told. The girls found out that they loved licking pussy as much as they loved sucking dick. Rachel pushed rob away and sucked Shannon’s hard clitoris as Katie got behind Shannon and finger fucked her pussy and licked out her ass. Shannon put her head between Rachel’s legs and licked all of the sweet juice that flowed freely. Rob moved behind Katie and started pumping her sweet, tight hole. All at once, all four of them climaxed. They were screaming in unison. They all collapsed on the floor and passed out.


In early afternoon they all woke up. The girls looked at each other and smiled. They knew what they’d done and there were glad they did it. Rob looked over at the girls and smiled. The put there clothes on and headed for the kitchen for some coffee. After coffee rob kissed Shannon goodbye and handed her his number. She smiled and walked him to the door. When Shannon walked back into the kitchen, Rachel and Katie were both naked again. Shannon knew what this meant! She got undressed and laid down on the floor. She was going to get a tongue lashing of a lifetime!!

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