Birthyday Party Ch. 02

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Abella Anderson

If you have not read part 1 please do. This way you will know what happen up till now.

It was now about 11 pm and Sue and I have been at it for the past 3 hours. Sue had me get up and go into the bathroom. As I stood in the shower I thought of what we did. Sue knew how to pull the right strings on me or in me. And she knew what pleased me. I washed all over. I had no idea of what was to come next. I stepped out of the shower and took a clean towel. Sue always had clean things for me. She had a clean towel for each shower. She had mouth wash, and a new tooth brush. She was a clean nut. But that is why I kept on coming back. Plus she had something that most woman did not have. I put on a robe that she had out for me and walked out.

I walked into the living room and she was standing with a glass of wine. Sue was dressed in a white garter belt, white stockings and a pair of white lace high cut panties. “You look good enough to eat”. I took the wine and she kissed me on the cheek. “Now that is something you have never done”. We sat and talked. It was not about sex but about my job. Things that she knew nothing about but then that was the way she made you feel like you were the only one. Her hand was on my leg and was going up and down.

“So do you think Karen would like to join us one night. Or was that just a tease”? She smiled when she said that. No one knew about Sue and me. And the thought of someone watching got me going. “I would like to see that. Karen is ….. how can I say it……. So straight at work, I would have never thought she would have said that to you. But I guess we all have are secrets”. With that I started to rub her leg. I keep on going higher and higher. I was just about at her panties when she looked at me. Her face was so pretty, like a girl I knew in school. Her make up was just right. Soft cheeks and red lips. ‘Are we going to the next step”? That is all she said. All I could now was move my head up and down. A soft kiss on my lips and she stood.

Her breast stood out from her body and I had to kiss them. I bent forward and kissed one then the other. I licked her nipples and then sucked each one into my mouth and then let then go. I ran my tongue down to her stomach. I got to her navel and pushed my tongue into it. I then sucked it. Kissed her stomach a few more times. My lips went lower. When I got to the top of her panties I kissed them. I looked up at her. Her head was back and I could see her breast lifting and falling as she stood. I bent back down and kissed her panties. I then worked my way down. Lower and lower I kissed. Sue’s legs held her secret spot hidden from my kisses. I kissed lower on her right leg I picked it up and placed her foot on the chair next to me. I then kissed and licked down to her knee. Then back up. As I got close to the spot between her legs she put her leg down. I then started on the left leg. Kissing that lower and lower. I picked that leg up and licked and kissed to her knee. Then back up. Once more her leg went down. I hooked my fingers into her panties and kissed the top once more. I then started to pull them down. With each new inch showing I kissed it and then pulled more. Lower and lower till I could see the top of her mound. I bent my head back and looked up.

Sue’s head was bent so she could see what I was doing. A smile came to her face as I licked and kissed that new spot. I had never toplu porno done this to her. This was all new to me. I pulled harder and I could see in her eyes she was asking me something.

“Yes my dear the next step. I have been thinking of it and I’m ready”. I could see her breast rising and falling. I could hear her breathing. I could hear my heart pounding. I pulled down on her panties. Her legs open. And they came down. I could feel her leg lift and I pulled her panties off her one foot. Then the other. Her hand went down to cup herself. I looked into her eyes and smiled. Without taking my eyes off her eyes I bent forward. My tongue came out and wet my lips. I put my hand on her hand kissed it and then pulled it away. I then started to lower my eyes. Up till now I have only seen her a few times with out her panties on. And that was with her sitting across from me. Now I was going to get a up close and personal look. Her hand came away and her cock came into view.

Yes I did say cock. Sue was a woman with something extra. Looking at her like this was a turn on. I have been with her for four years and I have never been able to bring myself to touch her like this. But tonight it would all change. Her cock was about 4 inches long. Not to hard but almost half way. I swallowed and then bent forward. I wet my lips once more and took hold of her. I picked it up and kissed the tip. I would have thought that it would taste like something. But it had no taste. As I gave it my first kiss I could hear her suck in her breath. Then I kissed it once more. It sounded like she was running a mile race. Her breathing was that fast. She was getting harder and it was growing. I kissed the tip a few times more then I licked the tip. When I did that Sue sucked in her breath and held it. She was saying something but I could not hear her. I licked my lips once more and then without thinking I took the tip into my mouth. Across my lips and then deeper. This was all new to me. Would I like it? How was I going to do it? Soft, hard, slow or fast? My fingers went to her balls as I took more into my mouth. I felt her pull back, not to pull away but just pull back some. I had my eyes closed, and I soon felt her body on my face. I must have her whole cock in my mouth. I pulled back till it came out. I heard Sue moan and felt her trying to push herself back in. I opened my eyes and took a look.

Her cock was shaved. Her balls shaved. She was hard and it looked to be about 5.5 to 6 inches long. About 2 fingers wide. Not as big as me. But about as big as her dildo that she used on me. It was hard but felt so soft to my touch. I could hear music in the background and I thought of how she had sucked me to music. I looked at her and then went back to sucking her. I open my mouth and it went in. with one push she was all the way back in. I pulled back and she slid out. Back down and in, then up and out. Each time I could hear a moaning sound. I could hear her telling me how great it felt and that she loved the way I sucked her. In and out, in and out. I felt her hands on the back of my head and I knew she enjoyed it.

As the music stopped I pull back and I felt it come out and heard a sound like a pop. “Lie down on your back. I’m going to go one more step”. Sue sat down and then laid back. Her legs open . Her knees bent. I knelt and kissed her soft stomach. I could hear her breathing türbanlı porno once more. The next song came on and I bent and kissed her cock. Just the tip. After sucking her the way I did I would have thought I would have tasted something. But still no taste. I took her about half way in and then pulled back. A few more times like that and I went all the way down. I could hear Sue saying things like. “Great….. Just like that…… More… Slower…. Deeper…… Faster….. Oh my god….. You are great…….. Please…. Please”. I then ran my finger from her balls to her ass. I was going to just push it in but then I thought better. I sucked my finger and when it was wet I went back to her ass. I pushed slowly and I felt her ass open. Once twice….. three times for this lady…… (L. O. L.) I was all the way in. I pushed and pulled a few times. Then with out thinking I pull off of her cock and licked her soft balls. I then sucked one into my mouth and then the other. As I did this I was jacking her off. I let her balls pop from my mouth and then bent lower. I looked and then put the tip of my tongue on her ass. I did not push in like she does to me, but just a lick with the tip. And a soft touch on her hole. She went nuts. She told me that she love it and that it felt great.

“Yes my dear…. Oh my fucking god. Does that feel great. Now I know why you like it when I do it to you. Please….. Go slow”. As I did it I was still holding her cock. I felt her hands on my head holding me so I could not move. The song came to an end and I pulled back. Sue looked at me and just smiled.

“That was great. Was that your first time doing that”? Sue knew that we never asked each other things like that, but I knew that I should answer. “Yes it was. And you know….. I like it. I wish I had done it years ago”. I sat up on the chair and Sue moved and sat right in front of me. My cock was rock hard and she put her hand on it. As she spoke she slowly jacked me off.

“One last step. Think you are up for it”? I had no idea what she was thinking of but I shook my head yes. Sue stood left the room and came back all clean. She knelt down and just took my soft cock into her mouth. I was soft but soon she had me hard. Her fingers at my ass and she was pushing into me. I felt them going in and she started to fuck me. The song came to an end and she told me to lie on the floor. I did.

On my back legs open and bent like hers Sue knelt between them. She bent down and once more started her sucking. Soon she was sucking me like she had never done before. My cock was going all the way in and all the way out. She had my balls in one had and a finger of the other hand in my ass. I pushed up as she came down. I pulled down as she came up. I was now fucking her face. Making love is slow and soft. Fucking is hard and fast. And that was what I was doing. Fucking her face. I knew I was going to cum. The music stopped and she pulled off. I had my eyes closed and I was wishing that the song would have lasted a few more minutes. The next song came on and I felt two fingers going into my ass. All I could do was smile and breath.

‘Yes I do love when you finger my ass. I could have you do that all night my dear”. I opened my eyes and looked down. Her face looking at me, her eyes told me that it was not her fingers. And it was not her dildo. Sue looked at me and türk porno said. “Remember the safe word”. And then started to push her cock into my ass. I could not take my eyes off her. Sue pushed harder and she went in deeper. It was the same size as her dildo but it felt bigger. It bent and was softer. It was the same size but different. Sue pulled back and I could feel her put more KY on. She then started to make love to my ass. In and out. Deep and then pull back. In and out. I pulled my legs up and bent my legs. Soon I could hear words coming out of my mouth.

“Sue fuck me. Yes my dear. Fuck my ass. Oh yes. Deeper. More. Just do it. Please…… don’t stop. Yes… Oh Fuck Yes”. This was the first time I had a cock in my ass and I was starting to like it. It did not hurt like I thought it would. In and out and then she started to go faster and faster.

“I’m going to fuck your ass till you cum”. Sue pulled my legs up and now they were near my arms. My cock was about 8 inches away from my face and she kept on fucking me. I could see Sue looking right into my eyes. I could feel her breathing as she fucked me. I could see her breast bouncing as she went in and out of my ass.

“Jack off as I fuck you. Grab your cock and make yourself cum. Please trust me. You are going to love it. Do it for me”. I took hold of my cock and without taking my eyes from her I started to jack off. It felt great having her watch me. I enjoy jacking off in front of others. I love to watch her do it as I do it. But this time was better. She was pushing her cock in and out of me. And to top it off. I enjoyed it. I was nearing the point that I was going to cum. I could see that she knew.

“Tell me when you are going to cum. Let me know. And then I’m going to take you over the top. Just open your eyes and mouth and I’ll take over. I’m going to have you shoot your cum on your face and into your mouth”. This was one thing I have never done. Could I do it. Would I let her jack me off into my own mouth. “Your going to love it. And the best part, you’ll and think it is my cum. I do it all the time. I love to watch it shoot out of my cock and hit my face. Trust me my dear. It is the next best thing to the real thing”.

As Sue said that I made a move. I was going to cum and I could not say a word. She knew. She took hold of my cock and pushed all the way in. My legs bent more and then I felt her pulling my cock. I felt myself ready to……. And it happen. I started to shoot. The first one hit my face but Sue aimed it better for the next one and it hit my mouth. The next one went right in. Now this was a new thrill. I was taking my own cum. Sue kept on jacking me off and I kept on shooting. I felt it hit my face and I felt it in my mouth. The taste was just like licking it off my hand. But this time it was coming right from my cock. I was almost done when Sue pulled out of me. She pulled the condom off and I could see her shooting on her leg. She was jacking me off with her right hand and jacking herself off with her left. It looked like she was going to cry. And I felt like I was going to cry. She let go of my cock and I put my legs down. She was still pulling her own cock. I just watched.

We both sat holding a glass of wine. I looked at her and told her that next time I was going to do the same to her. “Next time I’m going to fuck you and jack you off”.

Sue looked up at me and smiled. Took a sip and then ….. “If you ask Karen to come over we can have some real fun”.

That is one thing I’m going to have to tell you about. Sue, Bob and Karin…… Maybe for my next birthday.

E-mail me at….. [email protected] ….. BYE…… or is that Bi

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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