Black Like Me In Ottawa

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What’s up people? My name is Stefan Brandon Eustache and I’m a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I hold an MBA from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University and work for the Canadian Revenue Agency. I have a lovely home in the suburb of Orleans, which I share with my on-again, off-again girlfriend Stacey Edmonds. Tall, curvy and sexy, with light brown skin, curly Black hair and lime-green eyes, Stacey is something else.

Stacey Edmonds is my ride or die chick on a good day and the bane of my existence on a bad day. No middle ground with some females, man. Born in the environs of Montreal, Quebec, to a Haitian immigrant mother and White Canadian father, this gal is simply gorgeous. The gal has a sociology degree from Carleton University and works for the Canadian government. That’s right, Stacey Edmonds has brains, body, beauty and booty. A quadruple threat if you ask me.

I fell for her the first time I laid eyes on her in the quad at Carleton University. I pursued Stacey doggedly, and we became an item. We have a son together, little Elijah. Stacey and I don’t get along too well because she’s got a fierce independent streak and doesn’t trust men too easily. I try to make things work with Stacey because of our son Elijah. I want him to have both parents in his life. I want to be a good father. I grew up hearing about irresponsible Black fathers and swore I’d do better when my time came.

That’s not easy because Stacey has anger issues at times, and she also likes to sleep with other people. We’re not together, although we sleep together regularly. Stacey doesn’t do the whole stable relationship thing too well. The same way there are lots of men who can’t commit to one woman, well, lots of females out there find it hard to commit to just one man. I tried my best but I don’t see her ever settling down, not with me, or anybody else for that matter. Oh, well. Not much I can do about that, is there?

Lately, I’ve been exploring my sexuality. I consider myself mostly straight, but back in the day, I had some manly fun with some close friends. Since Stacey isn’t keen to take care of my sexual needs when she’s out partying with her girlfriends or uzun konulu porno chasing her man-of-the-week, I’ve been dabbling in the love that dares not speak its name. I guess that makes me bisexual. Sometimes I wake up with a craving. And what I needed that day was a big White dick in my asshole. That Saturday morning I needed to get laid, seriously. I grabbed a local newspaper and looked in the back pages. I found something interesting.

A transsexual dominatrix advertising herself as Blondie. Hmmm. Sounds promising. I gave her a call, and Blondie answered promptly. The voice on the other line sounded lovely and feminine, like any friendly woman does on the phone, actually. I told Blondie that I was a professional gentleman looking for some safe and discrete fun. She told me that she stayed in an apartment in the By Ward Market area and would be ready for me within the hour. Sounds good Miss Blondie, I said, and hung up.

I showered, and made sure I cleaned my dick and asshole with soap and water. I brushed my teeth, and then got dressed. I put on a red silk shirt, Black silk pants and a Black leather jacket. A lot of brothers out there don’t dress their age. I’m twenty nine years old. I have a university degree, a decent job, and a son. I do not leave the house dressed like whatever. I have an image to maintain, that of a professional brother. I went to the local CIBC ATM Machine and withdrew two hundred dollars. Smiling, I drove from Orleans to Ottawa, and made my way to the By Ward Market.

I stood in front of a brick building, and dialed Miss Blonde’s number. Come on up, she said, and buzzed me in. I took the elevator to the third floor, and knocked on door number seven. I was greeted by a tall, fine-looking chick with alabaster skin, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Hi I’m Blondie, she said, extending her slim hand for me to shake. I smiled and shook her hand. My pleasure I’m Steve, I said, and went inside. I took off my coat and shoes, and Miss Blondie led me to the living room.

You look lovely, I said, and the gal actually blushed. Thank you, Blondie said, and took the money I handed her. Didn’t even bother counting it. Let’s get comfortable, xhamster porno she said, and began undressing. I feasted my eyes on her toned, sexy and curvy body. Nice tits, flat stomach, cute round ass, sexy legs, and a nice, thick White cock. Nice, I said, and reached for Blondie’s cock. Smiling, she watched as I knelt before her and began sucking her dick.

Are you top or bottom? Blondie asked, gently stroking my kinky hair as I sucked her dick. I sucked her cock and caressed her balls until she was rock-hard. Bottom, I said, and Blondie grinned as she rolled a condom on her dick. I rose to my feet and followed Blondie to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and watched her spray her condom-covered cock with lubricant. I love fucking big Black guys, Blondie grinned, and raised my legs in the air. I couldn’t wait to get fucked by this sexy blonde transsexual dominatrix.

I smiled as Blondie began stroking my dick while applying lubricant on my asshole. The sexy blonde transsexual rubbed her big White cock against my butt hole, then pushed it inside. Oh man, I groaned as Blondie penetrated me. Smiling, Blondie stroked my eight-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. I groaned as she began fucking me, plunging her cock into my well-lubricated asshole. A lot of the guys and transsexuals I’ve been with tend to beg me to top them because I’ve got a big Black dick. Well, I’m a power bottom. I like to be the one getting it….HARD. I love getting fucked in the ass. I wish fools would stop asking me to stick my dick inside of them. It’s not my style.

Blondie hammered my ass with powerful thrusts of her cock, and I moaned in delight. I hadn’t gotten fucked in the ass in ages. Three weeks ago I bent Stacey over the kitchen counter and stuffed her juicy cunt with my thick cock. Things got so hot that she asked me to fuck her in the ass. Happily I smeared butter all over Stacey’s asshole while fingering her wet pussy. Then I eased my dick into her asshole. Smacking Stacey’s ass, I began fucking her with deep, powerful strokes. I am quite dominant with my women. Yes, a bisexual man can be dominant with women and submissive with his fellow man. It happens far more often than people realize. Fucking xnxx porno Stacey up her ass was fun, and I really liked the feel of my biracial ex-girlfriend’s thick booty around my dick. Good times.

Still, I find it much more fun to have a huge dick throbbing inside my butt hole. I’m freaky like that. Anyhow, back to the present moment. Blondie rammed her dick into my asshole, going so deep inside of me that I felt her prick tickle my prostate. While fucking my ass, Blondie pumped her hand up and down on my big Black dick. Oh damn I’m going to cum, I all but squealed. Laughing, Blondie continued jerking off my dick while slamming her cock up my ass. Soon I came, howling in pleasure mixed with delicious pain.

Moments later, Blondie pulled her cock out of my asshole. I lay there, spent. Blondie lay next to me, and played with my chest hairs while sucking my dick. Amazingly, the sexy blonde transsexual got me hard again. My turn, she said, and climbed on top of me. Before my amazed eyes, Blondie rolled a condom on my dick and applied lube on her own butt hole. Then she impaled herself on my dick. I groaned as Blondie’s tight ass gripped my dick. Fuck me, Blondie snapped, and I did as I was told.

I put my hands on Blondie’s hips and thrust into her, slamming my dick into her asshole. It was my first time fucking a non-woman up the ass. I’ve always been the one getting some dick in the ass when I get with guys and transsexuals for some fun. Yet here I was, pumping my dick into a sexy blonde transsexual’s butt like there was no tomorrow. Fuck me harder, Blondie pleaded, and I did as I was told. I slammed my dick into her ass even harder than she’d fucked me earlier. Moments later I came, and my screams of passion mingled with Blondie’s.

Much later, Blondie and I lay side by side on the cum-soaked bed, our bodies covered with sweat. That was fun, I said, and, in a moment of over-enthusiasm, I kissed Blondie. Yeah, I kissed a blonde transsexual escort. Grinning, Blondie kissed me back. Come back to see me, she giggled, and I nodded. I got up, showered, and then left, but not before thanking Blondie for an absolutely wonderful time. I’m a bisexual Black man who just got butt-fucked by a beautiful blonde transsexual with a gigantic White dick…and I feel GREAT. I drove home, and when Stacey came at me with her bullshit, I just smiled and shrugged. My lack of a reaction puzzled Stacey. What can I say? I’m the man. Cool as a cucumber in the face of her bitchiness. Getting laid does that to a man!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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