Black Man and Arab Queen

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Another night in North London, England. Jonathan Starling sat in his apartment, sighing deeply as he looked at family pictures. His tall and dark-skinned Jamaican-American father, Jonas Starling, looking rugged while fishing in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. His mother Deirdre Hamilton, looking deceptively frail. The short and pale-skinned, fiery red-haired Englishwoman was one of the toughest women on the planet. His parents on a boat, fishing. Good times. Unlike now. For the thousandth time Jonathan questioned his decision to come to the City of London, England. Sure, it was his mother’s hometown and he held dual American/British citizenship but he certainly didn’t think or feel that he belonged there. So why did he stay? He knew the answer the moment he asked himself the question. He stayed for her. Unfortunately, she was at work tonight but he couldn’t stop thinking of her. He couldn’t wait for her to come home. He still found it odd to think of someone else so much. Once upon a time, his world revolved only around him.

After graduating from Boston University with his bachelor’s degree in business administration, Jonathan Starling felt like leaving the State of Massachusetts for a while. In his twenty two years, he’d only left the United States three times. Once, to visit his father’s ancestral homeland of Jamaica. His father, Jonas Starling was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He left the Caribbean isle for the United States at eighteen, and studied Criminal Law at Harvard University. He met Deirdre Hamilton, a beautiful British woman while visiting relatives in the island of Jamaica, and they got married. The pair returned to the City of Boston, Massachusetts, to live together and there they raised their son Jonathan. They wanted him to be a global citizen. Exposure to other cultures was a must. Young Jonathan Starling had been to Ottawa, Ontario, and also Kingston, Jamaica. This was his first trip to London, England.

At first, Jonathan Starling missed Boston sorely. The Capital of the State of Massachusetts was the only place he truly knew. Boston was the intellectual heart of America. The place where countless United States Presidents went to learn the art of governing a nation. Great Britain was an odd place. The British were a funny bunch in the eyes of the six-foot-six, perpetually grim young African-American. He enrolled at Brunel University, intent on getting a Master’s degree in business. The City of London was home to some of the best schools in the world. Jonathan’s mother Deirdre urged him to apply to Oxford University but after one visit, Jonathan knew it wasn’t the right place for him. Oh, modern day Oxford University was a diverse school. Tons of African, Chinese and East Indian students walked the halls of the fabled old British school. The sons and daughters of immigrants from outside the European Union made themselves at home at various schools in London, England. However, an authentic African-American was a rare sight in the Capital of the British Commonwealth. At Brunel University, he felt at home. For many students in Metropolitan London, Brunel University in Uxbridge was considered a low-cost alternative to many of the big-shot institutions. As a result, Brunel poker oyna University attracted a lot of slackers. And there were many minority students among them.

Jonathan Starling smiled to himself. So much had happened to him during his first year at Brunel University. For starters, he lost his virginity. As a towering young Black man who stuttered, Jonathan was painfully shy. He excelled at both sports and academia at Boston College High School and at Boston University. However, he always kept to himself. His friends and teammates knew him to be a man of few words. When Jonathan came to Brunel University, he focused on his studies. For the most part, he seldom left his apartment located near the campus. His interest in the beauties of London, England, waned within a week of his arrival. European and North American towns were all starting to look alike anyway. The British accents all around irked the young New Englander, but he took it all in stride. This was England, after all. He couldn’t expect them to sound like Bostonians. To do so would be unrealistic.

Jonathan Starling kept to himself, until someone brought him out of his shell. A five-foot-six, pixie-like gal with lustrous Black hair, dark bronze skin and light brown eyes. Adiva Rahaf Mansur. Born and raised in the City of Chiyah, in the Capital Region of the Republic of Lebanon. Adiva was an undergraduate student in the Law Department of Brunel University. And also the Vice President of the Lebanese Christian Student Association at the school. The first time she laid eyes on the towering, handsome but ever-silent young African-American, Adiva’s heart skipped a beat. The young giant impressed her with his sheer presence. Watching him stride silently through the crowded halls of Brunel University was like watching a Superman in motion. He didn’t walk like a man. He moved like a lion. Everywhere he went, ladies flocked to him. As always, he was polite but distant to them. He seldom answered any questions they might have about him. Adiva asked around. She learned that he was American, originally from Boston, and that his mother came from England. Other than that, nobody knew Jack about Jonathan Starling.

Adiva was determined to get this rare fish for herself. So she began to stalk him, basically. One day, she approached him inside the Brunel University campus library. He was sitting at a computer, a picture of the Boston skyline serving as his screensaver. And he looked really hot in a bright red turtleneck shirt, Black silk pants and Black leather boots. His long Black leather jacket was draped over his chair. The young man sat there, typing away on Microsoft Word while listening to music on YouTube. Adiva came and sat next to him. And she looked at him pointedly until, a bit annoyed, he asked her what she wanted. Adiva’s eyes flashed, and she told him to get over himself. She had seen Jonathan’s type before. Tall, good-looking men who were used to getting female attention. The only way to deal with them was to bring them down a peg or two. Remind them that at the end of the day, women controlled the game no matter how good-looking they thought they were. And it worked perfectly.

Jonathan fumbled for words, apologizing and telling her canlı poker oyna that he didn’t mean to offend her. Adiva smiled and told him she was just kidding. He scratched his head, grinned sheepishly then held out his hand. Adiva shook Jonathan’s large hand. She looked into his eyes. There was an almost spooky softness in them. He might look titanic and overbearing but he had the eyes of a lamb. Eyes that drew her in. They began to talk, and she learned a bit more about him. Jonathan was bored and lonely in London, England. The only friends he had were in Boston, Massachusetts. His attempt of getting to know his mother’s homeland while attending school wasn’t working too well. Adiva knew a way to solve his problem. When he stared at her, dumbfounded, she offered to be his guide.

Jonathan was hesitant, so Adiva had to sell him on the idea, fast. She promised him he’d be safe with her, that she just wanted to make a new friend. That seemed to reassure him. Adiva smiled. Game, set and match. Over the next few days, they became inseparable. Adiva knew everyone at Brunel University. She introduced Jonathan, the American giant, to her buddies at the Lebanese Christian Student Association. Jonathan seemed surprised that so many Arab students were Christians. Adiva told him that forty percent of the Lebanese population was Christian. A fact ignored by the biased Western media, which automatically considered all Arabs to be Muslims. Jonathan found that really cool. He told her he was raised Catholic, but hadn’t been to church in a while. The next Sunday after they met, Adiva took Jonathan to Our Lady Of The Rosary Catholic Church. One of the most prominent Catholic churches in London, England. There, they sat side by side in a pew. And for the first time in years, Jonathan prayed. Adiva watched him as he prayed fervently. Lord he was beautiful.

When they walked out of the church together, Jonathan Starling’s eyes looked a little misty. Adiva gently teased him about it. Smiling, they walked to the nearest bus top and went back to Brunel University in Uxbridge. That night, they grabbed supper together in one of the school’s dining halls. Adiva lived on campus, Jonathan didn’t. During dinner, Adiva learned a bit more about Jonathan. He showed her pictures of his Jamaican-American father and White British mother. His life in Boston. His old school. The professional baseball team he was so dedicated to. He gave her one of his prized Boston Red Sox hats, and she accepted it graciously even though she knew nothing about baseball. Jonathan playfully poked her arm and promised to teach her how to play. They continued talking, and by the time they stopped, it was midnight. Adiva walked Jonathan to the curb, where he got into a taxi and went home.

That night, the young Lebanese woman lay on her bed, thinking about the handsome young African-American. The guy was cute and friendly and had a lot of stuff going on for him. If only he’d let it show. He was some kind of special! Adiva promised herself to help him come out of his shell…and make him her man. Over the next few weeks, she slowly but surely seduced the young Bostonian. When he nervously asked her out, six weeks after they met, she feigned surprise internet casino but happily said yes. Thus, they became a couple. What a pair they made. An African-American giant and a pixie-like Lebanese beauty. Striding through the halls of Brunel University in London, England!

Jonathan Starling fell in love with Adiva Rahaf Mansur, surprising everyone, including himself. Adiva fell hard for the young giant, but always wondered about his true feelings since he wasn’t exactly the most expressive person in the world. One afternoon, he swept her into his arms and kissed her in front of everyone inside the Brunel University library. It was the first time HE had kissed her. Up till then, she’d been the one kissing him. That night, they went back to her place. And there, they made love. It was their first time together, and his first time ever. Adiva was surprised to learn someone as handsome as Jonathan had never been with a woman before her. Jonathan seemed a bit embarrassed when she said that, but she kissed him and urged him to be open with her. Jonathan told her that he was really shy around women and felt awkward with his gigantic frame, so he never let anyone get close to him. Adiva took his hand in hers and kissed it. Then she told him she was glad he opened up to her. Jonathan smiled shyly, and she kissed him again.

Slowly and gently, they undressed each other and began making love. Adiva guided Jonathan through the motions. She kissed his lips, playfully tugging at his chest hairs. She stroked his erect manhood, which was long, thick and uncircumcised. Jonathan cupped her firm breasts in his hands and gently rubbed them before sucking on them. He flicked his tongue over her areolas, and she moaned in pleasure. Her areolas were really sensitive. Adiva stroked Jonathan’s member, and slowly kissed a path from his lips to his chest, then down between his legs. She took his cock in her hand, and gently began sucking on him. Jonathan stared at her, eyes wide as she began sucking him off. He seemed really nervous but Adiva’s loving eyes reassured him that he was in good hands.

Adiva made love to Jonathan’s member, sucking him to full hardness. While sucking him, she fingered her own pussy and found herself really wet. Once she had him fully hard, she put a condom on his thick member. Jonathan watched as she climbed on top of him. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his member. Smiling, Adiva took Jonathan’s big hands and placed them on her hips. At the same time, she thrust downward, impaling herself on him. Jonathan gasped as he penetrated her. Adiva smiled, and happily told him he was officially no longer a virgin. Jonathan smiled, and began making love to her passionately. He thrust deep inside of her, and she welcomed him inside of her. Adiva wrapped her arms around Jonathan, urging him to go harder and faster. Her sexy lover did as she urged him, and for hours they went at it. Until finally, they collapsed in each other’s arms.

Adiva lay on top of Jonathan, who gently stroked her. The handsome African-American giant murmured words of love into his Lebanese darling’s ears. Adiva smiled and tugged on Jonathan’s chest hairs, grinning mischievously when he winced. Jonathan held her face in his hands, suddenly serious. In a quiet voice, he told her he loved her. Adiva smiled. How she longed to hear those words. She told him she loved him too. Jonathan smiled, and pulled the covers on them both. They went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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