Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 07

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My name is Georgia Antoine. A tall, good-looking and forthright Black lesbian of African-American descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m a student at Kennedy College, and I’m currently dating a tall, beautiful Black woman named Miranda Hill. She’s the Dean of Student Affairs and a special advisor to Scholar-Athletes at Kennedy College in downtown Boston. We have a very passionate relationship. The fact that I’m twenty one years old and she’s over forty doesn’t bother either of us. Love is love. Age isn’t anything more than a number. That’s my belief anyway. Tonight, she invited her old friend, Christine Joan Armand, to join us for some fun.

Now, I love my Miranda. She’s my friend, my lover, my submissive and my everything. I care for her deeply. However, even the most loving relationships can grow rusty and stale after a while. We’re determined to prevent that from happening to us. Lesbian bed death doesn’t have to claim yet another otherwise fun and promising relationship. We can keep it at bay by keeping things spicy. I must say that I was excited to meet Miranda’s friend Christine. Apparently they were roommates in college and had a lot of fun together. Christine was a wild one, according to Miranda’s stories.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed when I finally met the daring and infamous Christine. The lady certainly had a presence. Christine Joan Armand is a very tall and sexy Black woman from the city of Brockton. One fine-looking gal with a very pretty face, great body and fabulous ass. This gal is a wealthy and powerful lady. She’s the CEO of Armand & Dale Realtors. Yes, an actual multi-millionaire. That didn’t impress ankarada sakso çeken escortlar me half as much as her thick ass did. I do love a fine ass. And Christine assured us that she was definitely down for my unique brand of fun. We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.

Right now, I am sitting on a high chair in the living room of my lover’s Back Bay townhouse while Miranda Hill and Christine Joan Armand kneel before me. I can’t tell you how great it is. For a young Black woman like me to sexually dominate two sexy older Black women. They’re both naked, and they’re licking my feet. I sit there, smiling while polishing my scepter and makeshift rod. For I am a princess and they must cater to my every whim. I’ve dominated many women and been dominated by one or two but I’ve never dominated two sexy Black women at the same time. Especially two sexy Black women who are older than me. This is a first for me, in more ways than one. For starters, this is my first threesome. All things considered, I think I handled it splendidly. What do you think?

After my two very willing lady friends got done licking my feet, I rose from my chair and asked them to follow me. We went to the bedroom, where the fun really began. I lay on the king-sized bed, legs spread while they worshiped my body. Miranda fondled my breasts and sucked my tits while Christine licked and fingered my pussy. It’s not every day that I receive such wonderful attention, and you had better believe that I absolutely relished the experience. Miranda and Christine were absolutely frigging amazing. Expert pussy lickers and tit suckers. I should have done this ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar a long time ago.

Not one to stay inactive, I didn’t merely direct the fun. I participated as well. I put Christine on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I spat on her asshole and inserted my finger inside. Meanwhile, Christine busied herself licking and fingering Miranda’s pussy. I caressed Christine’s ass. The sexy Black businesswoman had a fine-looking ass. Big, round and firm. I smacked her ass. She just continued to lick Miranda’s pussy, just like I told her. Good woman. She knows how to follow orders. I really like that in a woman. I inserted two fingers inside Christine’s asshole. Oh, my. This sexy Black lady was definitely no stranger to the pleasures of butt fucking. Curious. Very curious. Her asshole felt warm and tight around my fingers. Hell, it even felt supple. I’m willing to bet that this lady has taken it up the bum and she’s done so quite recently. This will work to her advantage considering what I got planned for her.

I grabbed my trusty strap-on dildo, and strapped it on. Once I had it firmly in place, I spread Christine’s ass cheeks and pressed my dildo against her asshole. Ready or not, here I come. With a swift thrust, I penetrated the sexy older Black woman’s very inviting asshole. Well, that elicited a response from her. A wordless groan escaped Christine’s mouth. Even though she was busy licking Miranda’s pussy. Grinning, I gave Christine’s big Black ass a good smack. I love to watch a mature Black woman’s big sexy ass jiggle after getting smacked. It makes me wet in funny ankara gece kalan escortlar places. I put my hands on Christine’s wide hips, took a deep breath and shoved the dildo deep into her asshole.

While I fucked Christine’s asshole, she began to fuck Miranda’s pussy with her very own dildo. I smiled, and gave her big ass an affectionate pat. This lady definitely knows threesome etiquette. Cooperation and teamwork, coupled with a talent for multitasking can work wonders in these situations. Miranda squealed in delight as Christine put her pussy through the tunnel of delights, as she likes to say. I smiled at that. My beloved Miranda loves to have her pussy properly licked, teased, fingered and fucked. Our friend Christine was apparently quite talented in that area. That’s good.

While sliding the dildo in and out of Christine’s asshole, I fingered the older Black woman’s dripping wet pussy. Clearly she was loving what I was doing to her ass because her excitement was palpable. I tasted Christine’s pussy juice. Not bad. Not bad at all. Of course, she didn’t taste half as good as my Miranda did, but then again no one does. I decided to spice things up by grabbing a handful of Christine’s short hair and yanking her head. The sexy older Black woman yelped in surprise. Laughing, I smacked her ass and resumed fucking her. She really loved anal play, I could tell. With a grunt, Christine resumed fucking Miranda’s pussy with her dildo. We sucked and fucked the night away, folks. It was hot.

When all was said and done, the three of us lay exhausted on the bed. We were grinning like clowns, our bodies with sweat and pussy juice, happy as can be. I pulled Miranda into my arms and kissed her. Christine kissed me, and stroked my breasts. I smiled at her. She was definitely welcome to our bed for many more repeat performances. This woman was definitely a lot of fun. I am one lucky Black college chick. I’ve got two sexy older Black women to play with. Life is good.

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