Blackmailing Little Sis

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Note: This story was written in 2015 and has over 191,000 reads, and the most favorites with 208. I don’t understand why it is my lowest scoring story. Therefore I’ve gone back and edited it. Maybe that is the key? Thanks for reading!


Chapter One: Kyle Part One

My little sister Annie was really hot! She was two years younger than me, and I’d always had fantasies about her growing up. I know she didn’t think about me like that, but that didn’t stop my desire for her. Time passed, and I went on to college while she was finishing up high school.

I’d been finishing my second year of college when I got my chance to make my dream come true. Annie was in her last two months of High School.

She had turned 18 and was already planning to move in with her boyfriend as soon as school was out. I kept up on her because I came back home from school on the weekends. We’d all sit around the dinner table and catch up on what was going on with the family.

Then one Friday night I was looking for some printer paper for this project I’d written for school. I knocked on Annie’s door and then heard her shower running. I went in and dug through her desk and found the paper. I was about to leave when I saw her cell phone laying there and picked it up.

After a few tries, I unlocked her phone with her month and birthday. Her password was pretty easy to figure out, and of course, I got lucky in just a few times of trying. I didn’t even think about the fact I was invading her privacy.

Being a snoop, I read through some of her text to her boyfriend, and then looked through her photos. What I found there almost made me drop the phone! There were a bunch of pictures of her naked, and some of them were selfies of her sucking dick. I don’t know whose dick it was, but I guessed it was her boyfriends.

I hurried and emailed all of her nasty photos to myself. Locked her phone again, and left the room as fast as I could when I heard her shower turn off.

As soon as I got back to my room, I spent the rest of the evening looking through her pictures. Annie was about 5′ 5″ and maybe a hundred pounds back then. Sort of on the skinny side but her tits looked yummy! Like two grapefruits, round and firm, with nice perky pink nipples that made my mouth water.

My favorite was a selfie taken in her bathroom mirror. Annie was standing there completely naked with a big smile on her lips. Her pussy lips looked nice and puffy between her legs, with just a little rectangle of neatly trimmed bush above her slit. It made my cock hard just looking at them! I kept looking at them, wishing I could stick my cock in her little pussy.

It suddenly hit me that I could use her pictures to get what I wanted. I still feel guilty about it, but at that time, all I could think of was how badly I wanted to fuck my little sis. I planned out how to blackmail her with the pictures and get what I wanted. I put my phone away and started waiting for my chance that weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, I got my chance. Mom and Dad went shopping for the afternoon, and Annie was home, down in her room. Her room used to be mine, and I missed it. Mainly because it had its own bathroom, and was pretty soundproof. I’d snuck a few girlfriends in my bed once or twice back in High School, and fucked them without anyone even knowing about it.

I got up my nerve after mom and dad left and went downstairs with plans to blackmail Annie for some sex. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I wanted her bad enough to try.

I barged into her room, and she was sitting Indian style on her bed, texting away.

“What the Hell!” She exclaimed, “Don’t you know how to knock Kyle!”

“Sorry, but I have something I want to show you.”

“What?” She asked, putting her phone down like I was wasting her time.

I got close enough so she could see the selfie of herself standing naked in front of her mirror, “This!”

“OH MY GOD!” She yelled, “How did you get that?”

“You shouldn’t leave your phone lying around,” I told her as I scrolled up the picture of her with a hard dick in her mouth.

“You hacked my phone!” She was really getting pissed now, “You better delete those right now!”

“Even this one?” I asked, and she turned red when she saw it.

“That’s Private Kyle!”

“Not anymore!” I told her.

“Okay, you had your little joke now delete them!” Annie demanded.

“I’ll make a deal with you.”

“What kind of deal?” She asked suspiciously.

I yanked my shorts down to my ankles and let her see my cock and balls. I grabbed my dick with my right hand and started stroking it hard.

“GOD!” Annie yelled and covered her eyes with both hands, “Pull your shorts up…I don’t want to see your dick!”

“Oh, you’re going to do more than just see it!” I told her and stepped out of my shorts, “If you want me to delete these photos, you’re going to give me some head.”

She dropped her hands and stared at me with her mouth open, “You can’t be fucking serious!”

“Does this look serious?” I asked her and waved my hard 8 inches casino oyna at her.

“You’re my brother, you sick fuck!” She exclaimed as I moved closer.

She scooted back further on her mattress as I told her, “You like to suck dick according to this.” And I showed her the photo again.

“That’s my boyfriend!” She replied, “That was private!”

“It won’t be much longer if you don’t come over here and start sucking my cock!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ll send all your pictures to the school web page, is what I’m talking about.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh yeah?” I replied, “Maybe send them to mom and dad too!”

“What, you can’t get any on your own, so you have to blackmail me?” She looked really pissed, “That’s fucking sick!”

“I can get it anytime I want,” I told her, “But right now I want you.”

She wasn’t moving and staring at me as I stroked my dick, “So what’s it going to be?”

“If I do this, I want to watch you delete every God Damn picture!”


Annie slid over and looked at my dick in front of her face. She reached for it and put her hand around it, “This is disgusting!” She told me as she started stroking it.

“Take your top off,” I told her, “I want to see your tit’s while you suck it.”

Annie let go, “Really! I have to strip for you too?”

“Yeah, hurry up!” I told her, “I need my dick sucked really badly!”

Annie looked disgusted but pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the bed. She unhooked her bra, and it got the same treatment.

“Happy now?” She grumbled and took hold of my dick again.

“Those look nice.” I told her and touched one of her nipples, “I might suck them later.”

“You wish!”

“Just start sucking, or I’m going to hit the send button.”

“I’ll get even with you someday for this!” She told me, and I stepped forward until my knob was at her lips.

Annie opened her mouth and took my knob while I watched. It felt great and looked even better!

She really wasn’t doing much, just keeping it in her mouth.

“Come on. You can do better than that. I thought a slut like you knew how to suck dick.”

She pulled her mouth off my cock and looked up at me, “Really! I just had your nasty dick in my mouth, and you’re going to insult me too? I’m not a slut!”

“That’s not what these pictures say,” I told her, “Now suck it like you know what you’re doing.”

“Fuck you, Kyle!” She replied but started to suck me again. But the second time it was much better.

I let her suck my cock long enough that she was getting tired of it.

“Are you ever going to cum?” She asked, “My mouth is tired.”

“I’m not one of those two pump chumps you date,” I told her, “I guess you better get those shorts off.”

She looked up at me, horrified, “Oh NO…You aren’t going to put that thing in me!” She exclaimed, pointing at my dick.

“Do we have to go through this again?” I asked, “Get those shorts and panties off so I can fuck you.”

“FINE!” She spat out and started taking her shorts and panties off angrily…cursing under her breath the whole time as I watched her strip down naked.

When Annie was naked, she flopped down on her back, “Hurry up and get this over with!”

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and looked at her nice little pussy. I touched it and rubbed it several times as she stared at the ceiling. Then I dropped down to my knees and gave it a lick.

“What are you doing?” She asked, “I thought you wanted to fuck me?”

“I’m going to take my time and enjoy it,” I told her and started running my tongue up and down her slit.

“Jesus, you’re disgusting!”

It took me at least 10 minutes to get her off. That was fine with me because her pussy was sweet and wet. I think she was trying not to cum, but my tongue and fingers finally won out. My finger inside of her tight wet vagina and my tongue on her clit finally did it. Her hips started to buck at last, and she was groaning loudly when she came.

My finger was creamy wet when I pulled it out after she quit bucking.

“See that wasn’t so bad,” I told her as I stood up and wiped my knob in her wet slit.

“Fuck you, Kyle!” She replied again as I pushed my knob into her tight little hole.

“Okay,” I told her and held my shaft and pushed half of my cock up in her tight twat.

“OUCH!” Annie yelled, “Not so fast…FUCK!”

“I thought you’d be all worn out, but you’re tight as fuck!” I told her and started to work it back and forth.

“Best pussy you’ll ever have!” She told me and then groaned as I went even deeper.

“Don’t even think about Cumming in me!” Annie groaned as it went deeper.

“Why not?” I asked and pulled back until just the knob was in her.

“DUH! I don’t even want your cock in me, let alone your cum!”

I gave her another long stroke, and she arched her back when it got deep, “NOT SO DEEP…DAMN!”

“Your boyfriend must have a tiny dick!” I told her and did it again.

“Just shut up!” Annie told me, “I don’t want to hear your canlı casino voice…or look at you!” and she pulled a pillow over her face.

That was fine with me; I started to pump her hot little pussy and enjoy how it felt around my cock. After a while, I leaned over her and squeezed her nice tits with both hands while I banged her. I was determined to get the most out of my sister while I had the chance.

I rubbed her clit with my thumb and pumped her a little faster. I kept doing it until she was humping me back and lifting her hips as my cock finally went in all the way up to my balls. She held the pillow over her head, but I could hear little moans slipping out from time to time.

I pulled out and licked her wet pussy some more, and she started groaning under the pillow. Then I put my dick back in her and pumped her really hard and fast.

It didn’t take long before Annie yanked the pillow off her face and yelled out several times as she came. Her pussy was contracting around my dick each time she did.

I guess because I wasn’t supposed to be fucking my sister I had one of the biggest orgasm’s I’d ever had before. I slammed my dick all the way in her quivering cunt about six times and shot a monumental load.

“OH, GOD!” Annie yelled when she felt me spurting inside her pussy, “Are you Cumming in me?”

She tried to pull away, but I held her tight against me, “Hold still, I’m not done!” I told her as my dick jerked and sent at least half a dozen huge spurts in her. I kept holding her as I gave her a few more tiny spurts. Her pussy was so tight and hot; it was the biggest load I ever cum.

“I didn’t want you to cum in me!” Annie complained.

“Couldn’t help it, sis, your pussy is too good!”

“Jesus, I can’t believe you fucking came in me!” Annie bitched, and her whole body went limp like my dick was starting to do.

I left it in her and sucked on each of her nipples working my cock back and forth until every drop of cum was in her.

She sat up, “Give me your phone!”

“I’ll do it,” I told her.

She watched me delete all the photos, but that was okay because I had copies on my thumb drive.

“Okay, you had your fun now leave!” Annie demanded, and stood up, “Go on… get out of my room and don’t come back!”

Impatiently she stood there while I got dressed. I was leaving when she said loudly, “Oh FUCK!”

I looked back, and Annie was bent over looking as cum ran down the inside of her thigh.

“Sorry,” I told her.

“Get OUT!”

I left as she ran for the bathroom.

I slept like a baby that night! I thought about taking the thumb drive and having another visit when I heard her come home late after her date. But at the last minute, I decided to wait. Instead, I went to sleep and figured I’d surprise her in the morning when mom and dad went to church.

The next morning I got up early and just put on my baggy shorts. I didn’t need my boxers for what I had in mind. I waited until mom and dad left, and then padded down the stairs to see what Annie was doing.

Her room door was open, and I could see the bathroom light was on when I walked in. The room smelled sort of steamy like she had just taken a shower. When I peeked in the bathroom, Annie was in her bra and panties, putting on make-up in the mirror. I startled her, and she jumped and turned to face me.

“What the fuck are you doing here again?” She asked.

“I’m headed back to school in a couple of hours,” I told her and walked in.

“That’s nice,” was Annie’s sarcastic reply, “Hope you stay there from now on!”

“I thought we could say goodbye to each other.”

My cock was forming a nice tent in the front of my shorts, and she noticed right away, “OH NO…I’m not letting you do me again if that’s what you’re thinking!” She said, pointing at my crotch.

I walked closer, and she turned and put her butt against the counter, “Stay back, Kyle!”

I reached for the front of her bra to unhook it, and she slapped my hands away, “You don’t have any pictures left to use against me anymore, so get out of here!”

I held up my little thumb drive and let it dangle in front of her face, “Are you sure, Annie?” I asked, “We made a deal for the pictures on my phone, not the copies.”

Annie looked at me with cold eyes, “Why are you doing this, Kyle?”

“It’s like you said,” I replied, “You have the best pussy I’ll ever get.”

“Jesus!” Annie cried, “I’m never taking another nude picture of myself as long as I live!”

I reached for her bra again, and she pulled my hands away, “How do I know you don’t have more copies?”

“I don’t have anymore…that’s all of them.” I told her, “One nice goodbye, fuck, and you won’t ever hear from me again.”

I reached for the middle of her bra again, and Annie leaned back on her hands and let me unsnap it. It flew open, and I started to fondle her nice warm boobs.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this again!” Annie complained, but air softly hissed out between her lips as I kissed a nice warm nipple, “I hate you!”

I sucked it kaçak casino and teased it a bit before tasting the other one. I pulled off of it when it was sticking out nice and hard. Her eyes were closed, and I tried to kiss her.

“No kissing…that’s too weird!” Annie complained and turned her head to the side, “Just get it over with!”

“Fine, I’ll kiss everything else!”

My dick hurt from being trapped, so I pulled off my shorts as she watched me. Still, with her back against the marble counter, I took the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She lifted first one foot and the other as I was on my knees on the tile in front of her.

Her pussy was right in front of my face, and so I gave it a big wet kiss.

I heard her inhale sharply when I did, so I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit. I started flicking my tongue on it just as fast as I could.

“Unhhhh!” Annie croaked, “I hope dad comes back and catches you!”

I stopped long enough to tell her, “If he does, I’ll show him these.” I let her see the thumb drive dangling around my wrist.

That shut her up while I went back to licking every inch of her pussy. By the end, she had a hand in my hair, mashing my face to her twat.

Her legs slipped apart, and I slipped my index finger up her vagina and sucked her clit hard.

“OH GOD!…AHhhh OOoohhhh UNHHHHHHh UNHHHHHH UNHHhhh!” Annie moaned and came, my finger felt her pussy got dripping wet and pulsed several times.

I pulled my finger out and stood up. I turned her around facing the mirror and pushed her down flat, so her boobs were on the cold marble.

I dropped down behind her again and started squeezing her nice little butt cheeks with both hands. Spreading them wide apart so I could l lick the opening to her oozing vagina.

Annie started to moan again as I licked the space between her vagina and anus. She smelled like soap from the shower mixed with the heavy musky smell of her wet pussy.

I loved how she jumped and groaned when I tongued her perfect little tight anus. Her pussy was dripping, and I decided it was time to fill it with my aching dick. If I’d had some lube, I probably would have stuck it up her ass, but her pussy was ready for me.

My cock slid in easily even though she was tight as hell. Annie got up on her forearms and started moaning as I held her hips and fucked her. Her head would drop to the counter, and she’d pant hard as I pumped her fast and deep. It only took a few minutes to make her cum again.

I loved how her pussy would get even tighter on each moan of her orgasm. I pinched her nipples and left it all the way in until she was done.

“I made you cum; the least you can do is suck my cock,” I told her and pulled out.

Annie turned and slipped down to the tile in front of me. She took my wet cock in one hand and started sucking my creamy knob fresh from her pussy. All the argument from her was over. She was just plain horny as hell by that time.

I felt my balls getting tight as I watched her sucking my sensitive knob, “Stand up.” I told her and helped her up in front of me.

I lifted her by the hips and sat her on the counter in front of me. She let me push her legs apart and put her feet on the counter, so she was wide open leaning back on her arms with this glassy look in her eyes.

“I think you like my cock.”

“Don’t flatter yourself!” She snapped back.

The counter was a little low, so I had to bend my knees to get my knob back in place to slide up in her. Once I was in here I put my arms around the center of her back and slowly stood up…pulling her towards me as my cock slid back up her tight twat.

“Unnhhhhhh!” Annie moaned, and both legs went up in the air around me.

“See, I knew you liked it.”

The position made her even tighter, and I started to hump her nice and slow, “OH OHHhhhh Unhhhhhhh!” Annie groaned, and her legs wrapped around my waist. I could feel her heels as she crossed her feet and locked them tightly around me to keep from sliding off the end of the counter.

I kept my hands under the small of her back on the counter and loved how tight her pussy felt on my knob when it was all the way in her. Annie’s head bumped the mirror, so she put her arms around my neck to hold herself up at that weird angle. Her face was just inches away from mine.

Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning softly with her mouth partway open.

“Your pussy feels so fucking good!” I whispered and pushed my cock all the way in again.

Annie’s head dipped back, and she let out a long moan. I started to pump her harder because my balls were starting to get that tight feeling before orgasm.

The room echoed with the Slap, Slap, Slap, noises of my balls smacking her wet pussy and groans from both of us.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

Annie’s eyes popped open, and I thought she was going to tell me not to cum in her. But instead, she pulled my head down to her lips and gave me a hot lusty kiss, sticking her tongue in my mouth and moaning at the same time.

We were still kissing when my dick exploded deep in her pussy. Annie broke the kiss, and her head went back, “OH GOD!” She moaned out again, and I felt her pussy tightening up around my cock as it started jerking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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