Blind Love Ch. 03

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Stan woke the next morning, a different scent permeated the air in the room. It was Ann, she was lying so close to him, he could smell only her. He listened to her softly snoring, feeling her body rise and fall with each breath she took.

Lying there, he thought to himself that he had only know her for a short time, and has only been with her less than twenty four hours all total. He had never felt these feeling towards any other woman in his life, not that there had been many at all. He felt in his heart that he was in love with her.

When she had left his hotel, after that first night together, he could not get her out of his mind. The same for when he called her on the phone, just to hear her voice for a short time was so soothing to him. He knew it was to early to ask her to marry him, so he was going to bide his time and hopefully some time in the future, it would happen.

When he rolled to his side, facing her, he was rewarded with a face full of hair. It tickled his nose, but he stayed there taking in her aroma. He wrapped an arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, “Wake up sleepy head, can’t sleep all day you know.”

She heard his voice and a smile appeared on her face. “Mmmmmmm, I don’t want to get out of bed. We can live here, can’t we?”

“No, we can’t, as much as that would be nice. We both need people food to sustain ourselves.”

She reached behind her and her hand brushed his flaccid cock and said, “Looks like it needs heating up,” as she laughed and turned to face him.

Stan slapped her ass softly and said, “Come on, lets shower and go out for breakfast.”

“OH! Alright.”

They showered and dressed and Ann phoned for a cab and told the dispatcher to have the driver honk the horn, as they were both blind. Waiting for the cab, Stan asked if there was any place special she liked.

“I don’t go out much for breakfast, usually just have coffee here, but I heard that the Mid-City Diner served a great breakfast.”

“Looks like that’s where we’ll go then, I am starving.”

When the cab arrived, they left and told the driver where they wanted to go. When they arrived, Stan pulled out his wallet and asked how much it was.

The driver said, “Six-fifty, sir.”

Feeling the bills in his wallet, the one’s were not folded, the five’s were folded lengthwise, the ten’s were folded width-wise to the left and the twenties were width-wise to the right. He took a ten and handed it to the driver and said, “Keep the change,” as they exited the cab.

Inside the diner, a waitress named Shelia escorted them to a booth and took their order. Coffee arrived quickly and Shelia told them where the sugar and cream was located. Fixing their coffee, they talked about what movie they would go to and if they would go after supper or before.

Shelia watched the two from her station a few feet away. She thought about how sad it was that they were unable to see the smiles they brought to each others face when they spoke.

When their food was ready, Shelia brought it to the table and told them where everything was located on the plate and then said, “Would you mind if I said something?”

Their heads turned toward her and Stan said, “Go ahead.”

“I just wanted to mention that I have not seen a lovelier couple in here in all my time here. You both have made my day for me.”

Ann said, “Why thank you, that is very nice of you to say so.”

Shelia walked away and as she did, she said, “Let me know if there is anything else I can get you.”

They both said at the same time, “More coffee, please.”

During the meal they decided to go see Tuck Everlasting, before supper. Which meant he would have to taxi to his hotel to change for supper and then return to pick her up. His friend has told him about Ricardo’s, a very fine dining establishment and that they would be treated real good there.

Stan had called Ricardo’s before he arrived in the city and made reservations for eight o’clock. He didn’t tell Ann just where they were going.

After breakfast, they taxied to Ann’s and then walked to a near-by park. They talked about what they wanted out of their lives and realized poker oyna that both wanted the same things basically. They sat on a bench for a while and just listened to their surroundings.

The birds chirping, kids running by, laughing and bits of conversations from people walking by them. There was a slight breeze, but the sun was shining brightly. They walked a little more and around two o’clock, headed back to Ann’s home.

From there they took a cab to the theater and sat through the movie, just holding each others hands and listening to the dialogue. After the movie, he dropped Ann of at her home.

Stan took the taxi back to his hotel, and told Ann he would pick her up at seven-thirty, She spent the time by calling her mother and asking her to come over and lend a hand in getting ready for the night.

Stan, once at the hotel, used the weight room for a light workout and then spent a little time in the hot tub. He had a drink at the bar after he dressed for the evening and waited for the time to go get her.

Right at seven-thirty, he arrived back at Ann’s and told the driver, “I’ll go in and get her, it may take a moment before we come out.”

The driver said, “I’ll be right here.”

Stan knocked on her door and her mother answered it, “Hello Stan, nice to see you again.”

Stan recognized the voice and said, “Its nice to be able to see you again too, is Ann ready to go?”

“Yes, yes, come on in.”

Ann was standing in the living room, somewhat nervous, in her new summer dress. Stan could smell her perfume and went to her and kissed her on her cheek and said, Are you ready, the taxi is waiting?”

Her mom said, “Where are you going to Ann?”

Stan looked at her and said, “Ricardo’s, I made reservations there for eight.”

“Ricardo’s!, that is a very nice place.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“Ann, I’ll lock up after you leave, you two go ahead.”

“Okay mom,” she said as they were walking out the door.

At the restaurant, they listened to the music softly playing from overhead speakers when a waiter arrived and asked if they wanted to see a wine list.

Stan said, “Do you have one in Braille?”

“Yes sir, we do, I’ll be right back with it.”

Stan then said, “No, that’s not necessary, bring us some champagne, please.”

The waiter handed them some menu’s and left to get the champagne.

During the meal, both talked about how they felt about one another and talked about their future. Stan wanted Ann to move and live (for free) at the hotel until they got married. Ann told him that she would feel like a “kept woman” if she did that, but she did want to spend as much time with him as she could.

“If we do end up getting married, I’d be more than happy to help you at the hotel, but I just can’t move there. I know there are miles between us, but if this is going to work, then we need to not think of them and do what we can. Besides Mom would just keel over should I tell her I was just packing up and going to live at the hotel.”

“I know all this honey, its just that I want to be with you and I’m racking my brain on how we can be together.”

“It will work itself out Stan, I’m sure it will. Maybe I can talk Mom into driving up next weekend or the following weekend, I’ll ask.”

The rest of the meal was spent enjoying the duck they had ordered and sipping the champagne. Stan paid for the meal and had them call a cab.

At the house Ann told Stan, “Come inside, you can call another cab later.”

Inside the apartment, they sat on the couch. Ann had poured them some wine and they sat and listened to some easy listening music.

Stan was struggling in his mind. He knew he didn’t want to return home and not have her with him. He knew she was the right one for him. His feelings have just grown stronger from the very first time that he had met her. What could he do? What should he do?

Ann said, “Your quite, a penny for your thoughts.”

“Thinking, about us, again.”

“I like it when you use “US”, she said.

“Ann, what kind of wedding do you want to have?”

“I’d love to have a large elaborate wedding, but I really canlı poker oyna don’t many people, so that would be a waste.”

“Would you elope? Tonight, with me? I have rings in my room and we can get married tonight.”

“Stan, did you just ask me to marry you?”

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Then the answer is yes, I’ll marry you. Tonight if you want to.”

“Then lets not waste time, call a cab and we’ll go get the rings and find a Justice of the Peace.”

Ann reached for the phone and called a taxi. They waited for its arrival and when it arrived they were standing on the stoop. In the cab Stan told the driver the name of the hotel.

Ann was very excited and asked if she could wait in the lobby. The driver was asked to wait and they went inside. He went to his room while she waited. She asked a passer-by to take her to a phone.

Lifting the receiver, she dialed her mother’s number.

A groggy voice answered, “Yes”

“Mom, it’s me.”

“What’s the matter, are you okay?”

“Yes mother, quite okay as a matter of fact. I just wanted to tell you that if you wanted to see me get married, you better get dressed and go to 781 Maple Avenue, and meet Stan and me there.”

“You’re getting married? Tonight?”

“Yes, so get dressed please.”

“Okay, but your father is going to pitch a fit, you know that.”

“I do, but he’ll be happy too. Hurry mom, we’ll be leaving Stan’s hotel soon.”

She hung up the phone and found a seat and waited on Stan. She heard his cane tapping on the floor and rose to greet him. “Over here Stan.”

They walked arm and arm to the taxi and when inside, Ann gave the driver the address, then turned towards Stan.

“I called mom and dad, they’re on their way too.”

“Good, don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. I’m glad they’ll be there. Besides you need a Maid of Honor and I need a Best Man.”

It took a little time to arrive at the JP’s address, but they paid the driver and waited on the sidewalk for her parents.

A car pulled to the curb and Ann listen for someone to say something.

“Ann”, It was her mother, Ann honey, we’re here.”

Both her parents held her and her father asked, “Are you sure this is what you want Ann?”

“Yes dad, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Well then, how about introducing me to my soon to be son-in-law.”

“Stan, come here honey, This is my dad, Richard Robins.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Robins”

“Nice to meet you too Stan. I think we’d better get inside, before the justice turns off his porch light.”

Knocking on the door, a short woman answered, “Yes, can I help you?”

Mr. Robins said, “My daughter would like to get married tonight, is that possible?”

“Certainly, all we need is the blood test results and the marriage license and we can have them married in no time.”

Ann said, “Oh God, we didn’t even stop and think about any of that, we don’t have them.”

The woman said, “Sorry, can’t marry you unless we have them.”

“I’m sorry mom and dad, neither of us thought of that stuff.”

“That’s alright honey, sometimes we all get ahead of ourselves. Look tomorrow is Sunday, you can’t get anything done, so you’ll have to wait until Monday. I can drive you downtown and to get the blood test then, and if you can wait until Friday, we can have the wedding at our house. Is that okay with both of you,” her mother asked?

Stan said, “I’ll have to call my Assistant Manager to see if he can fill in for me on Monday, I’m sure he will, when tell him why. But yes, if Ann can wait until Friday, I can too.”

“I can wait that long, and having the wedding at Mom & Dad’s would be a lot nicer too,” Ann said.

Stan was dropped of at his hotel and Ann was driven home. She was so excited and was happy that her parents were happy about the up-coming marriage too. In her bedroom, she danced and sang like a little child. She knew she was to excited to sleep right now. Ann undressed and went to take a shower.

The water cascaded down her body, It was warm and felt so good flowing over her. With soapy hands, she moved over her body and when she internet casino touched her breasts, she shivered slightly. Her nipples stiffened and she tugged on them, wishing it was Stan’s hands on her. As she encompassed her breasts, her pussy was starting to moisten.

She dropped a hand down her stomach, over her bellybutton to her labia. A finger split her lips and she again was chilled from the nice feeling. Moving slowly, her finger entered her wet pussy and she moved it in and out. It wasn’t her finger, it was Stan’s and her juices were building inside of her.

She licked her lips and let her other hand move to her clit and she tugged on it slightly. It felt sooooo go her. Reaching out, she took hold of the shower handle and moved it from it’s hook and brought it down. Changing the setting to pulse, she aimed the spray to her crotch. One hand opening her pussy lips, the other moving the shower head up and down her slit and onto her clit.

The pulsing water sent chill bumps all over her body as she paid a lot of attention to her clit with it. Like a small tapping finger, the water pulsed on her love button and she quickly climaxed.

As she felt the thrilling tingles throughout her body, she envisioned Stan on his knees, with his mouth sucking on her, sucking down her love liquid. Her knees weakened and she almost fell in the shower, but managed to hold onto the wall, spraying the pulsing water in her face.

Drying off, she went back to her bedroom and sat on the bed. Her phone rang.


“Hi Hun, couldn’t sleep, to worked up,” Stan said.

“I know what you mean, I was too.”


“Well, I kinda released some tension.”

Stan laughed and said, “I did too.”

Ann said, “Get a taxi and get back here, I want you here, holding me, please?”

“Yes, I want to be there too. Don’t be too dressed up when I get there.”

“Just my robe honey, just my robe.”

They hung up and Ann went to her closet and felt for her silk robe. Pulling it from the hanger, she wrapped the material around her and tied the sash. Sitting on the bed, she waited for Stan.

The twenty five minutes seemed like a lifetime to her. When she heard the knock on the door, she jumped and went to the door. Pulling it opened, she felt Stan come into her arms and hug her.

“Now what if it was some stranger at the door,” he asked?

“Then he’d be holding me and not you.”

Kicking the door closed with his foot, he reached down and lifted her into both his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Luckily, they didn’t hit anything on the way. When his legs touched the bed, he placed her on it and stood back, removing his clothes.

Ann untied her robe and tossed it to the far side of the bed and said, “Hurry, I want you in me right now.”

Stan dropped onto the bed and they were in each others arms in a second. Ann rolled onto her back, bringing Stan with her. His cock was hard and he was between her legs and pushing the head inside of her. Ann pushed her hips up and shoved all of his stiff rod inside of her.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Fuck me Stan, she grimaced.

Together that slammed themselves into each other. His cock imbedded as deep as he could go. Her pussy was so wet, he slid in and out easily. Her fingers raked his back, leaving small welts and drawing a little blood too.

There was nothing to either of them except the connection between her pussy and his cock and they worked it in and out of her.

“Stan, Oh God Stan, I’m gonna cum.

“Me too baby, me too, cum with me.”

Ann’s pussy throbbed and her body was sent into the throes of the best orgasm she ever had. Her nails embedded into his shoulders and she nearly passed out from the shear excitement of the moment.

Stan felt the pain of having her nails breaking his skin, but none-the-less, his cock shot loads of cum into her pussy. She was bucking like crazy, but he held on to her and they were both in their separate worlds, together.

Finally, they slowed down and his cock began to get flaccid while he was still inside of her. As he fell on top of her, she felt his weight, but her erratic breathing and his was still so intense, she just held him to her.

Soon he realized his full weight was on her and he rolled to the side and brought her with him. They kissed and soon fell asleep in each others arms.

To be continued…

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