Blind Poker

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Edited by Cute Vixen

“So here’s what I was thinking, girls!” Ann said, as she talked with her best friends, Marilyn and Sandi.

They had been best friends since elementary school. All three were born blind but did as much or more than most sighted people do. They shared many experiences together as kids so trying new things as adults, seemed only natural. Ann tended to be the wilder one but Marilyn and Sandi never seemed to mind following along.

“We could get three blind guys and play strip poker!” Ann said. “Allan, Mike, and Craig are blind, single, and I’m sure will be willing when we beg them to play!”

Laughter filled the air as they ate lunch together at a local sandwich shop. Neither Sandi nor Marilyn were sexually shy so Ann’s suggestion didn’t’ bother them. In fact, it led to a lengthy discussion on the possibilities and results of such a fun game.

Later, at Marilyn’s apartment, Ann suggested that they get a new set of Braille playing cards, the kind that they used to use back in college to pass the time away. Marilyn was once step ahead for she had just purchased several. Sandi thought it best to play in teams like the women against the men. Ann agreed that way they could stay together in their sexual exploits. Either they would win together or lose together but no matter what, it would be fun.

“If a woman is the last one with an article of clothing on, then all the women win the game!” Ann said. “We can do with the men as we wish for as long as we want!”

“But what if a man is left as the winner?” Marilyn said.

“Well then the men win and we lose!” Sandi replied.

The three set the date for the next Saturday afternoon. Marilyn decided they should call the men, separately so they could sort of gang up on each man over the speaker phone. That way he couldn’t resist such an invitation. The other two agreed, giggling as they anticipated each phone call. As each man heard the three of them ask at once, the responses were typically favorable, as they knew they would be.

After all the calls were made, Ann said, “Ya know girls, we ought to sweeten the pot by sending detailed descriptions of our bodies so these guys can get off, throughout the week!” Finding Marilyn’s Braille typewriter, Sandi began to list the attributes as each girl shared them. Ann gave hers first as the other two laughed hysterically.

She reported her breast size as 36-C, her hair color as dark brown, with her pussy completely shaved. She also said she had a hot, round ass and extremely soft thighs. She was 5′ 4″ in height and had really soft skin.

Marilyn was taller at 5′ 7″ and had 38-C breasts. Her hair color was black which extended down to her shoulders. She said her thighs were quite firm and somewhat muscular from her workouts. She didn’t’ know how to describe her ass but told Sandi to type that it was shy but ready for anything. That description made the three scream with laughter. Marilyn’s pussy hair was thick and untrimmed but would certainly be willing to be parted by a stiff cock.

Finally, Sandi told Marilyn and Ann that she was 5′ 4″ in height. She had bouncing 36-B breasts, a full patch of blonde pussy hair, and a small but tight ass. Her thighs were slim and very soft like Ann’s. She noted that none of her holes were shy. Since she was a blonde, she would really enjoy having a darker haired dick inside her.

Midst more laughter, the three women put the descriptions into mailers so the Braille would not be damaged. After sending them, Marilyn invited Sandi and Ann to stay over for the night. They could talk further about strip poker as the week continued. The three men called Marilyn’s place several times that week as each received his packet of descriptions. Although Sandi and Ann weren’t there, Marilyn decided to have phone sex with each guy as he called.

“What the other two girls didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them!” Marilyn said to herself.

What Marilyn and Sandi didn’t know, however, was that Ann had also received calls from each guy, resulting in some pretty intense orgasms over the phone line. Not so surprisingly, Sandi was doing her phone sex unbeknownst to Ann and Marilyn. By that Friday night, when the women got together for dinner and a movie, much sexual tension had developed as they fantasized what would happen the next afternoon.

The game would be held at Ann’s apartment. She had more space with two bedrooms. In her main bedroom, she had a king size bed which was great for spreading one’s legs to their widest. She also kept a box full of various sex toys which Sandi and Marilyn had only heard of but weren’t’ exactly sure about.

When the ladies arrived, they set up three small card tables with two chairs at each, table, one for each woman and one for her male partner. Hands would be played until one or the other was completely naked. As each would remove an article of clothing, he or she would hand it to the partner so there was no cheating. Each woman ankara moldovyalı escortlar wore a pair of shorts, pair of panties, a t-shirt, a baseball cap, but no bra. The men wore a pair of shorts, pair of boxers, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. If anyone cheated in any way, the game was over and the opposing team won by default.

When the three men arrived, the ladies met them with open arms. Since they weren’t’ wearing any bras, the hugging got pretty intense for the first five minutes or so. Each man wanted to hug all three ladies and the girls were more than happy to let them hug to their heart’s content. Each man sported a raging harden in his shorts so the hugging wasn’t just pleasurable to the men.

Sandi escorted each man to his assigned table. Craig would be Sandi’s partner, Allan would be Marilyn’s, and Mike would be Ann’s. A deck of Braille playing cards sat in the middle of each table. Bowls of chips and dip were available along with various cold drinks. The guys thought it was overkill but the girls planned it, so the guys accepted things as they were, supposing that they would beat these women, easily. The only thing these men wanted to eat wasn’t’ chips and dip.

Then, Marilyn told everyone to sit down and the playing would begin. The men let the women shuffle and deal the cards. The game was 5 card draw and Joker’s were wild. As each man picked up his cards to sort them, various sexual comments were directed at their female partners. The women laughed and gave it right back to them.

Craig said to Sandi, “So none of your holes are shy, huh?”

“You’ll never know, Craig!” Sandi replied and then laughed as she slapped the table. “By the way, I need two cards!”

Ann then said to Mike, “While you deal me two cards also, I’d like to tell you that it’s not polite to point that dick of yours, when you hug me!”

Shrieks of laughter filled the air but Mike came right back at Ann, by saying, “I’ll bet you’d like it pointed in that hot, round ass of yours!”

As Marilyn giggled, she said, “So guess what, Allan! After we three ladies strip you idiots, we’re going to take your caps off your heads and hang them on your wimpy dicks!”

Even the men laughed hard at her suggestion and Allan was actually caught without a comeback.

When the first round was over, Allan gave his cap to Marilyn, Sandi gave her cap to Craig, and Ann gave hers to Mike. Each lady dealt another hand while these over confident men crunched away on chips. As Mike picked up his cards, he told Ann that she might as well strip now for her loss was inevitable. She laughed and told him she needed one card only.

Mike needed two to possibly get a full house. When all was done, each gave their hands to their partners so each could verify the other’s hand. Ann’s hand was only a pair of tens while Mike’s was three of a kind. In response, Ann pulled off her shirt and handed it to Mike.

Marilyn’s hand, however, was incredible. When Allan felt the Braille dots, he realized his partner had a straight flush, Queen high. His hand was nil so he took his shirt off and handed it to his shy but ready for anything partner. Marilyn boasted in her win and the other ladies cheered.

Sandi, on the other hand, lost big time to Craig so she pulled off her shirt, leaving her topless to his blind gaze. Even though he couldn’t see her tits, his cock raged within his jean shorts. His breathing was a bit heavy and the others noted his panting, telling him to calm down.

“Don’t cum now, Craig!” Allan said. “Save it for her hairy, blonde cunt!”

This brought out a mutual gasp from Ann and Marilyn, not to mention Mike, who was rubbing his erection under the table. Sandi immediately told everyone to get back to the game. Snapped back to what was important, the three ladies dealt a third hand. On the third, the three men won hands down so Ann removed her shorts, leaving her only wearing her panties. Marilyn took off her cap and Sandi took off her shorts. Each handed her material to her partner.

The next two hands definitely favored the ladies, except Marilyn lost her shirt, but the hand after that brought everything to a sexual frenzy as both Sandi and Ann removed their last article of clothing, their already drenched panties. They were naked, leaving Mike and Craig victors. Marilyn still had her shorts and panties while Allan only in his boxers but on the next hand, she lost her shorts, making them even. If Marilyn lost the next hand, the men would be the victors but if she didn’t, then the women could have their way with these three blind mice.

Midst the sounds of crunching and the opening of cold drinks, Marilyn dealt her last hand. The women all cheered her on while the guys cheered for Allan. The sexual tension was high because the night depended upon one of the other winning this game. The aroma of wet pussy filled the air, too, causing Mike and Craig to stand and stroke their cocks to full length. Ann and ankara ukraynalı escortlar Sandi played with their own nipples in anticipation that Marilyn would win and they would have a night of absolute pleasure, the way they wanted it.

Marilyn dealt the cards and drew the worst hand she’d ever drawn. She had a possible inside straight but it was such a long shot for she needed one card to make it. Allan gave her one but she missed it, ending up with a pair of eights. The only hope she had was that his was a loser too.

“Wahooooo!!!” he yelled out. “Four of a kind!!!” Allan said.

The men immediately cheered their victory while the ladies moaned in defeat.

Before she took off her panties, Marilyn had to verify Allan’s hand so she picked up his cards to feel them. There were four Jacks, of course, but then she realized that two of the Jacks were of the same suit.

“Wait a damn minute!’ she yelled. “Two of the Jacks are diamonds!”

“What!” Mike said in surprise.

“You must have pulled from another deck, Allan!” Marilyn snapped.

Both Sandi and Ann verified them as well and then said together, “Allan, you cheated!!! There’s two Jacks of Diamonds!!!”

The men also verified his hand and chided Allan for doing such a stupid thing. This meant they forfeited the game to the women. As the guys cussed him out, the women cheered their victory, all the while hugging each other, mashing their naked bodies into one another. The results were quite stimulating and each felt the tingling sensations of their mutual softness. Ending up in a three way hug broth them closer than they’d ever felt before. .

The guys were still angrily blaming Allan for his stupidity. Each finished removing his clothes, all the while wondering what these women would do to them. After all, it was only three in the afternoon so there was plenty of time left for them to be slaves to the female whims of these now angry women. The men would pay dearly for Allan’s stunt.

Meanwhile, Sandi moaned deeply as she inhaled the mixture of three cuntal perfumes. Marilyn followed with several words of sexual delight while Ann pressed her luscious breasts harder into the two wet with desire, ladies. The men heard their victor’s sighs and moans, causing their anger at Allan to fade into some deep breathing and sexual wantonness. As the three blind babes continued their sensual hug, Marilyn dropped her hands down to caress the ass cheeks of Ann and Sandi.

Their moaning increased for this led to a fondling frenzy that resulted in a feverish build up in sexual anticipation. Sandi’s finger tips were probing her friend’s backs and Ann managed to get a caressing hand around Marilyn’s round breast. As Marilyn playfully teased her friend’s butts, she poked her index fingers into the top inch of their cracks. This move sent a tingling wave of desire through Ann and Sandi that caused them to giggle in a high pitch.

The guys were going crazy not knowing exactly what the girls were doing and these hot women weren’t’ telling them either. Each man was stripped naked and stroking his cock like there was no tomorrow but each also knew the men lost the poker game, due to dumb ass Allan. This dilemma only caused more frustration.

Figuring the men were stroking their cocks, Ann broke away from her soft, sexy partners. She commanded the men to leave themselves alone. The men didn’t’ like it one bit but their desires were irrelevant until these hot, lusty, wet babes decided what to do with them.

“Since Allan cheated, I think he needs to pay for it by eating all our pussies, don’t you think?” Marilyn said.

“Hmmmm, well in the Old West, card cheaters were shot but I think having my pussy eaten would be much better!” Sandi said.

Although Ann agreed, she had something else in mind first. She told Marilyn to stand with her legs parted so that she could be eaten first. After all, she was really the victor for the women’s team. Sandi helped Marilyn get ready while Ann felt her way to her bedroom to get some hand cuffs, three pairs to be exact. When she came back to the living room, she told the other two ladies that they needed to cuff the losers so each wouldn’t try to take advantage of them. Sandi and Marilyn took the cuffs and shackled each man’s hands behind his back. Marilyn then had Allan get on his knees to eat her already soaked pussy. He started in immediately licking and sucking her clit, making her whimper with delight, as the women cheered her on. Both ladies caressed Marilyn’s body to stimulate her further. Her groans of ecstasy filled the air. Mike and Craig were going crazy not being able to touch their cocks yet feeling like they could blow their loads any second. Cheater Allan also sported his hard cock but the ladies made sure not to touch it lest he feel pleasure. It would just have to point in the air while he gobbled pussy after pussy.

Holding onto Allan’s head, Marilyn began to grind her pussy into ankara minyon tipli escortlar his face. His lips were covered with her cuntal fluids and each time she ground her pussy into his face, a smacking noise sounded. Sandi held onto Marilyn’s right ass cheek while Ann fondled the other. Both women were sensually whispering sex talk to their comrade as she purred in wanton sexual delight.

“Eat me, you fucking cheater.” Marilyn commanded.

“Cum all over his face!” Ann whispered, loudly.

“He’s a fucking cheater and needs to be taught a lesson!” Sandi whispered.

At this, Marilyn began to hump his sucking lips like she was riding a stiff cock. Her moans and groans increased as his smacking lips ate her to a frenzy. Mike and Craig were frustrated beyond measure as they heard him eating her out, all the while not having the ability to do anything to relieve themselves.

As Marilyn humped and moaned, Allan began to pump his tongue in and out of her fully engorged lips in a piston like motion. This sent her to a raging climax. She pulled his head tightly against her hairy, wet pussy while she exploded into his mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure traveled throughout her body as she writhed, and squealed out her orgasmic pleasure. Her juices covered his face and drenched his tongue, almost making him choke from the flood. .

When she released her grip, he coughed as he tried to catch his breath. Marilyn stepped back to let Sandi take over. She reached to find Allan’s face, and then slapped him hard for being a cheater. He yelled out from the stinging pain but Sandi grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face directly to her dripping pussy lips.

“Why don’t’ you ease his pain by coating his red face with your sweet juices, Sandi!” Ann whispered, loudly.

“Damn it!” Craig said. “I’ve got to cum now! One of you get over here and suck me off!”

Feeling around Ann and Sandi, Marilyn found Craig to console him a little. After all, he played fair and square, unlike Allan. She pressed her tall, soft body into his and kissed him gently on the lips. He let out a mixture of moan and frustration at her touch, all the while Sandi was telling the cheater to eat her blonde pussy out.

Ann continued to whisper sex talk to her friend, Sandi, as Allan pumped his tongue in and out. Sandi’s pussy was smaller than Marilyn’s but just as tasty. Allan liked it but needed so badly to shoot his hot load. Little did he realize what else was in store for him that day for these hot babes weren’t’ about to let him forget what he did.

Continuing her stimulating speech in Sandi’s ear, she slid her left hand down to the undulating cheeks of her friend’s ass. Sandi let out a deep moan as Ann’s finger tips prodded her cheeks and crack. In response, Ann walked her finger tips up Sandi’s spine sending tingling sensations throughout her now trembling body. This, made her pick up the pace, as she hunched and ground her hairy cunt onto his cum soaked face.

As Sandi pinched one of her nipples, she told Marilyn to kiss Craig’s cock head. This drove Craig absolutely wild with desire but Marilyn only kissed and licked gently then pulled back to hear him growl his complaints.

“Suck me off, you hot bitch!” He growled but Marilyn just laughed at him.

In an effort to stimulate his dick, Mike had slowly moved over to one of the card tables. He thought that if he could rub his shaft against the edge of the table, he might bring himself off. Not knowing where the surface was, he stepped forward but the end of his dick rammed directly into the edge. He yelled out in pain so Ann left her humping friend to try to help her fellow card player. He wasn’t guilty like Allan was and didn’t deserve the same treatment.

When Ann found him, she lightly stroked his back and rubbed her other hand around his crack. This made his desire increase more so Ann wrapped her arms around him to slow him down a little. Her beautiful 36-Cs were sensually pressed into his arms as she hugged him from behind. Unfortunately, they only made him want her more.

“Please make me cum, Ann!” Mike begged. “I need so badly to shoot my cum! Please make me cum in your mouth!” he pleaded. “Grab my dick, please!”

She pulled away with a giggle and then without warning, reared back and slapped him on the ass, making him cry out in pain. Then to console her male friend, she turned him toward her to kiss him passionately. His mouth was suddenly filled with her sexy tongue as she pressed her hot body into his. His hardness was mashed between them and he could feel her pussy nub tickling his balls. This was enough to send him over the edge but before he could reach a climax, she pulled away to return to her almost fully eaten friend.

“Please come back, Ann! I really need you!” Mike pleaded but he knew she wouldn’t, at least not yet.

Allan was slurping Sandi’s cunt like there was no tomorrow and Marilyn continued her tease of Craig’s sexually frustrated body. Ann followed the moans and whimpers of Sandi only to get on her knees behind Allan. She pressed her pussy into his cuffed hands and he quickly responded with his fingers. Ann let him stimulate her pussy lips for a few moments until she heard Sandi’s breathing become erratic.

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