Blondie Confesses to Sibling Sex

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Blondie Confesses to Sibling Sex

Cajun hotwife admits to balling her brother and agrees to do it again for cuck hubby

While attending LSU business school I met and married a lovely local girl more than a half decade younger than me. We’d gone to bed less than a week after meeting and I quickly learned that she was quite sexually experienced and a libidinous little nymphet with a voracious sexual appetite matching, even exceeding, my own. I, myself, was possessed of voyeuristic impulses and budding, but befuddling, cuckold tendencies, that I didn’t begin to understand. I found myself frequently fantasizing about watching my pretty little Southern belle, who loved to dance provocatively and perform sexy stripteases for me, dance like that and strip for other men. Of course, I knew, although I wouldn’t yet admit it to myself, that I really didn’t want her seductive behavior to stop once she’d removed her clothes.

Suspecting that my little Blondie had a penchant for such promiscuity, I began to formulate ideas on how to make this all happen. I started grooming her to make her even more provocative and more sexually desirable to other men than she was already. My goal at that point was indistinct in my own mind but as she morphed from pretty girl into alluring woman it began to become clearer: what I truly wanted was for her to become a hotwife, to engage sexually with other men while I, her cuckold husband, sat by and observed them.

Blondie was a bottle blonde, acquiring the nickname from her classmates when she first bleached her hair in her sophomore year at Baton Rouge High. The sobriquet fit the short, perky Cajun cutie to a T, so much so that long before I met her, even her family had begun addressing her that way with Blondie being an easy transition from her given name Belinda. Almost shyly quiet around strangers, she could become a little spitfire when with family and friends, a quality that when combined with her physical beauty and healthy libido made me believe there was a very good chance of expanding her sexual horizons with the right coaching and encouragement.

Although I could not know it at the time, my instincts were spot on, but still I took the grooming process slowly, gradually getting her to dress more daringly in tighter, shorter dresses and skirts, higher heels…all worn with sexy underwear. I persuaded her to increase her makeup and adopt more dramatic hair arrangements, all geared to making herself not only look more glamorous but to make her feel that way as well.

She took to it readily once she began to see what I had long seen: inside this pretty girl lurked a gorgeous, sensuous woman just waiting to be revealed. She steadily evolved into a very saucy looking little fox who quickly discovered that she very much enjoyed the heightened attentions her new, sexy persona elicited from other men. While she found it more than a bit curious that her handsome husband liked putting her sexual allure on exhibit for other males, she also found doing it to be sexually stimulating, so she continued her cooperation.

But Blondie’s most desirable sexual attribute was not on public display—the young woman had an exceptionally tight vagina—and having been very sexually active myself since my teens with far more women than most men my age, I was fully aware of just how remarkably tight it was. And the idea of her sharing that uniquely tight treasure between her thighs with other men really fueled my cuckold compulsions.

Although she was initially a bit reluctant to consider having sex with another man, Blondie’s simmering libido eventually overpowered her waning inhibitions. She completely stunned me the night of her twenty-fifth birthday when she asked me if I would like to watch her fuck one of the guests…a handsome Hispanic cop…once the other guests had departed. Of course I agreed and our long hotwife/cuckold lifestyle was launched that night when they had sex twice…and countless other times through the years…as even today he remains our friend and was her lover for three decades.

For interested readers, these early events are chronicled in more detail here at Literotica in “How Blondie Became a Hotwife” and “Blondie Finally Becomes a Hotwife”.

Several years and many partners after that first experience, I became curious after Blondie had become incredibly passionate, and I do mean incredibly…wildly, crazily so…with two different men during two separate trysts a few years apart. The two young fellows themselves were exceptional due only to one shared trait: they both had a misaligned left eye. Pondering how that could possibly be a turn-on for her, I recalled that Blondie’s older brother, Bertrand, disabled in movement and speech by childhood meningitis, would sometimes have escort bursa an eye go out of sync when he became very angry or excited, such as when watching an LSU or Saints football game.

I had also noticed through our several years of sexual adventuring that Blondie’s lovemaking tended to become more impassioned, even frenzied, when her partners were younger. She’d been very hot with a handful of college boys she’d entertained, but had gone absolutely wild on a couple of occasions when she’d bedded high school boys as young as eighteen. I had previously attributed that merely to the natural attraction that seems to exist between young men and older women, but along with these other observations, I couldn’t ignore the reality that if my wife and her brother had engaged in sibling incest, both would have been young at the time, thus this exceptional passion she displayed with her youngest partners.

My curiosity subsequently led to my finding Bert’s porn stash on his computer while back in Baton Rouge for a Thanksgiving visit when he asked me to find and fix a glitch he hadn’t been able to resolve. Within his porn folder was a Word document containing a few chapters of what appeared to be portions of a more or less unfinished, although very detailed, journal, with dialogue filled accounts of an extensive incestual relationship with his little sister. From his recounting, she had been a reluctant yet sympathetic participant initially, but had grown to be an enthusiastic, fully involved sexual partner within a relatively short time.

It would be disingenuous to say I was shocked because I really was not. Blondie had admitted shortly after we were married that she’d been very sexually active her last year of high school. I’d long had some suspicions, which she later confirmed by finally conceding that some sibling hanky-panky had occurred, ultimately admitting to sibling intercourse, which brings us to the story at hand.

It was a clear, crisply cold, early-December, Friday night in our bayside subdivision south of Mobile and we were kicked back on the oversized, L-shaped sofa that was our primary playpen (outside the bedroom) of our contemporary home, with a blazing fire in the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace providing a warm, golden ambience for our sexy fooling around. I’d been in a frigid New York City all week on business and was glad to be back in the Deep South. Even if it was cold here, too, the cold in coastal Alabama was nothing compared to the arctic frigidity I’d had to contend with all week up north.

I’d come home horny, and happily for me, my lovely wife, as usual, was also feeling frisky. I’d met Blondie downtown when she finally left her property management office and we’d enjoyed several drinks and a sumptuous dinner with wine in a comfortable restaurant. With the wine we were now drinking here at home and the very good dope we were smoking, we were very mellow indeed.

I was now relaxed on one end of the couch in my red corduroy robe while she was wedged into the sofa’s corner where the two sections joined, wearing nothing but a white, full-length, rose-lace peignoir and her very sexy, white, pom poms: white satin mules with 5-inch heels and marabou feathers on the toes.

With easy rock music playing softly in the background, Blondie’s attention was intently focused on the first of two videos I’d brought back from New York, featuring a handsome black man ravishing a gorgeous blonde who bore a strong resemblance to the lovely lady lying here avidly watching their energetic copulation…the main reason I’d selected it. Blondie lay back against the plump sofa cushions, languidly applying the rounded knob of one of her little friends, a powerful, corded vibrator, to her hairy vulva. My sexy wife would dress like a porn star…wear heavy makeup like a porn star…tease her blonde mane out into big hair like a porn star…and most assuredly could and would fuck and suck like a porn star…but one thing she adamantly refused to do was shave her pussy like a porn star…saying it looked unnatural and was uncomfortable. Her single concession was to let me trim and neaten it up a bit when it got too bushy.

She was really getting into it with the vibrator as the film progressed and I began to worry that she might climax too soon, before we got to the main feature, the video I’d spent the most time and money shopping for. It was a brother-sister incest tape featuring a comely young blonde schoolgirl who somewhat resembled Blondie when she was in her teens. The brother was a darkly handsome young stud who looked a bit older, although still quite youthful, making them a very attractive, pre-adult couple. Although the label assured purchasers that all actors were 21 or over and that no performance was intended to depict any unlawful act and therefore legal to bursa merkez eskort possess in New York, it’s legality in Alabama in those days was anyone’s guess.

I’d spent a good bit of time trying to find just the right video and had even paid the rude cashier $20 to let me open it and screen it in a back room. It had a minimal story line and included some high production values scenes that…convenient for my purposes…approximated some of those depicted in Bert’s journal, and I was anxious to see Blondie’s reaction.

It was too much to hope for to find a video with an actor with a wandering eye, but I had actually looked to see if such a thing were available…even going so far as asking a couple of clerks if they might have such a thing… earning me weirdly questioning looks, even in decadent New York. But this video should be a close enough approximation to test my hypothesis, I hoped. In fact, the bathroom scene was uncannily close to some scenes depicted in Bert’s journal.

Luckily, Blondie hadn’t climaxed by the time the interracial video faded to black, and now having her warmed up and aroused to a hopefully more receptive mood, I was on my feet quickly to initiate my test, saying to her as I swapped the tapes,

“This is something different…the clerk at the video store said it’s one of their best sellers.”

Resuming my seat, I watched my sexy sweetie closely and saw her stiffen and click her vibrator off when the title, “Sweet Sexy Sister” scrolled down the screen. She threw me a look, asking with just a bit of asperity,

“What the hell is this, Rick? This isn’t our kinda stuff, cher.”

Patting the air between us with my hand in a calming motion, I said, “Just watch, babe—just watch for a little bit and give it a chance, okay?”

But her eyes were already locked on the pretty young blonde in a schoolgirl uniform strolling up the sidewalk to a sizable suburban home with her backpack. The next shot was of the girl in her bedroom removing her white, school uniform blouse and pleated plaid skirt to reveal a small-breasted, girlish body in white nylon panties and matching bra. She stepped into a bathroom, surprising an attractive young man standing at the sink shaving, attired only in a pair of maroon jockey shorts. An insipid verbal exchange ensued, with multiple references to big brother and little sister, ensuring that no viewer missed the point of their relationship.

The girl teased him about his not yet being old enough to shave, leading to the first overtly sexual dialogue when the boy pointed his razor at the dark smudge showing through the crotch of her panties, telling his little sister maybe he should shave that bushy thing. When the youth reached out and cupped his sister’s dark mound, Blondie’s briefly abandoned vibrator hummed back into life. The little blonde cutie stepped in closer, grasping the substantial swelling in the lad’s jockeys, causing my wife to release a low lustful moan. When the girl squatted and pulled those shorts down to reveal a very large cock for a kid of that age and slender build, that moan turned into a depraved groan, and when the sweet little thing took it into her mouth the groan grew in intensity until Blondie cried out,

“Oh mon Dieu (Oh my God)! Prends-le…prends-le…prends-le (take it…take it…take it)!”

I smiled, feeling like jumping up and yelling “Eureka!” at the top of my lungs or some other such cry of vindication for tentatively having my theory proved right—but I wisely remained silent, waiting to see how my experiment would play out.

On the screen the nymphet stood…unsnapped her bra, tossing it aside…revealing a small but quite respectable pair of firm young, pink-nippled breasts before stepping out of her panties. She reassumed her squatting stance, taking that big cock first back into her small hands…then into her mouth…and resuming the blowjob with even more skill and vigor…betraying her true age and professional experience. Both Blondie’s hands were on her little friend and her hips were rolling responsively as she murmured,

“Mon Dieu, Rick, regardez cette chose (My God, Rick, look at that thing)…look how thick it is for just a boy…oh, mon Dieu.”

“That girl is une jolie petite chose (a pretty little thing) and she’s very good at that, isn’t she?”

I nodded, agreeing, “She is pretty, but not as pretty as you were at that age,” in a not so subtle attempt to further tie her into the scene on the screen. “You have a sexier mouth, too, babe—much fuller lips—always have.” I waited a beat then said slyly, “I’d love to see you blowing that kid,” drawing another huge groan from her.

Just as it seemed the kid was about to come, the girl stood, kissed him passionately while still stroking his cock, then led bursa sınırsız escort him to her bed. She laid him out on his back then crawled atop him, where after a few moments of fumbling attempts she got him properly positioned and lowered herself, taking him fully inside her. As they began fucking in earnest, my little Dixie Pixie began thrusting her hips up from the sofa cushion, holding the vibrator with both hands as her head thrashed back and forth on the cushions…her luscious mouth forming a prurient, pursed oval… emitting a low, crooning,

“Ooooooh…prends sa bite…prends sa bite…oui, oui… prends la jeune bite de ton frère (take his cock…take his cock…yes, yes…take your brother’s young cock).”

As Blondie’s first spasm of orgasm struck, her hips arched up from the couch leaving only her feet and shoulders on the cushions, the spike heels of her pom poms digging into the cushion to brace her convex, convulsing body. Her wail descended several octaves into an extended, throaty growl. It was unquestionably one of the most explosive orgasms I’d ever seen her have…and it was also unquestionable that she was Cowboy fucking that vibrator the same, wild, frenzied way she’d fucked those two guys with the lazy eyes and screwed those teenaged boys.

Just as she reached the diminishing tremor stage of her sensational climax, the kids rolled over and the boy began pounding that big fat cock into the little blonde with the same kind of ferocity Blondie’s own fervor had inspired in the two fellows with the ocular aberrations. It worked on her this time, too, especially when the video siblings began kissing each other in an un-sibling manner. Two things guaranteed to get my little bayou babe going are impassioned kissing while fucking and thick pricks, preferably with her personal participation, but watching them on video could also do the job, as the current situation attested.

When Blondie’s second climax began before the first had fully subsided, there was no longer any question whether sibling incest was an even more stimulating turn-on for her than interracial sex. As the second orgasm bled into a third and that one, in turn, to another, I was fairly certain I’d found the reasons for my wife’s superheated responses to certain kinds of sexual partners.

By the time the kid came in his sister and the camera closed in for the creampie shot, Blondie was a gasping, quivering wreck. I switched the entertainment system back to music and selected some Fleetwood Mac for background. Topping off her wine glass, I handed her the joint from which she tried to take a hit while still struggling to get her breathing back under control, causing her to cough. Sitting down next to her, I bent and tenderly kissed that lovely mouth, muttering against her lips, “I think maybe I picked the right video, hmm?”

Rather nervously she replied, “They’re a gorgeous young couple,” to which I responded,

“I think maybe the fact that they’re supposed to be a gorgeous young sister and her older brother had something to do with your unusual response don’t you?”

She remained silent without looking at me so I said, “You know, Blondie, when you shut me out of the bedroom with that guy, Jeff, the guy with the bad eye, and I reminded you how hot you’d been with the other fellow with the bad eye, the cowboy, I started trying to figure out why those two particular guys had made you so crazy hot.”

Waiting a beat, I skated out on thin ice, saying, “And you know what it got me to thinking?”

No answer—just the sounds of her still getting her breathing under control—so I pressed on,

“Bert, or more specifically, you and Bert. You told me you guys fooled around, hinting that he fucked you but without ever coming right out and saying so.”

When she still didn’t reply, I said reassuringly, “Babe, it’s okay, I know what you guys did and I’m fine with it, really…I’m fine with it…understand me? I’m totally okay with it, totally. In fact I think it’s sexy as hell, okay?”

That did get a response. Sitting up straight for the first time in an hour, she demanded,

“You know? Just what the hell do you think you know? And just how the hell do you think you know it, vous béat connard (you smug asshole)?”

Having anticipated a vehement denial, I was prepared. Reaching behind the cushion, I pulled out a printout of Bert’s journal and handed it to her…explaining how I had found it in his computer and urged her to read it. Snatching it from my extended hand, she snarled,

“I am totally gonna kill my fuckin’ brother,” before settling back against the cushions and beginning to read. The look of fury that had distorted that pretty face was not in the least encouraging, nor were the ongoing, angry, muttered imprecations as she continued to read. However, as I watched closely over the next several minutes, the hard set to her face began to soften, and even more significantly, her legs, which had been firmly, tensely, almost defensively closed, began to reflexively open, turning outward, relaxing. She looked at me with a sense of surprised wonderment and muttered,

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