Blow Out The Candles

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Turning sixty-two did not seem special to Jack. In fact, it was mildly depressing. He figured Estelle, his wife of ten years, would take him out to a nice dinner, followed by some of their now familiar sexual repertoire. But the thought of making love to his dear wife did distract from the angst of getting another year older. He adored her.

When he woke the morning of his birthday, Estelle — sleeping naked next to him — wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. “Happy birthday, my darling!” she whispered. Her smile was radiant, even at seven in the morning.

He was surprised when she said their friend Rebecca had invited them over for dinner. His birthday prediction had been off. Rebecca was an old friend of Estelle’s, single and a couple of year older than them. She was an unapologetic free-spirted former hippie. At nearly sixty-five, she was gorgeous: long-legged and fit, with long hair and a wonderful smile. She had the spirit of a twenty-five year old and the lovely body of a forty year old.

She also had a great sense of humor and never shied from sexual topics. Once at dinner at Estelle and Jack’s place Rebecca saw a high school picture of Jack and said, “I so would have schtooped you then!” Jack spared Estelle from hearing he would have taken Rebecca up on that in a heartbeat. He had been shy when he was young, with little early sexual experience — other than by his own hand and imagination.

Another time Rebecca asked everyone at the dinner table how many people they had slept with in their lives. She started, proudly claiming several score of schtooping partners. The woman to her right unhesitatingly said, “about 50. Free love, baby!” Stuck in the high single digits (after marrying very young and staying married and faithful for nearly thirty years), Jack blushed and passed on answering the question. Estelle also refused to answer, keeping her substantial past sexual history with men — many while she had been married to her ex-husband — a continuing secret from Jack.

Jack loved it when Rebecca invited them over for dinner. She was fine company, a good cook, and loved spending time with them in her hot tub. As soon as they finished dinner, Rebecca would go undress in her room with the door open, wrap herself loosely in a robe, then walk back into the living room, where Jack and Estelle would be peeling off their clothes. Both voyeur and exhibitionist by nature, Jack’s heart raced as he always took his time being naked in front of these beautiful women. Estelle too was completely comfortable being naked around Rebecca. Jack never wanted to hurt Estelle’s feelings by expressing too much exuberance about hot tub nights, out of love for her — and for not wanting her to turn down Rebecca’s invitations.

Rebecca had soft lighting around her hot tub, but it was usually rather dark. Jack left his glasses on in the tub to get the clearest look at Rebecca and Estelle in the dim light, always fighting his nemesis, the steam. At first he wondered if it seemed suspicious he wore his glasses; but he noticed Estelle and Rebecca kept theirs on too. Perhaps everyone enjoyed the show, not just him. They were all remarkably fit for their age.

The three of them would sit together in the tub laughing and talking about life. The water did not quite reach the women’s luscious breasts, the cool evening air making their nipples stand erect. Neither Estelle nor Rebecca made any effort to cover themselves. Jack was in heaven as he looked from one woman to the other but tried not to make his voyeurism too obvious. He would lightly massage Estelle’s soft thigh under the water, hoping he would not get an embarrassing erection that might end hot tub night forever.

When they eventually finished, Jack — ever the gentleman — always let the ladies go first, which let him admire their glistening bodies as they climbed out of the tub. As soon as he entered the house he took his time drying his long, lean body, savoring the time he spent naked with them. He knew Estelle loved his body. He hoped Rebecca liked seeing it, too. He certainly liked seeing theirs.

Jack appreciated Estelle’s willingness to do this with their friend. She loved Jack fiercely but was confident enough to let them spend time naked with a beautiful, flirtatious woman who exuded sexuality. While his eyes roamed on hot tub night, Jack loved Estelle even more for being open minded, though she sometimes teased him about how much he enjoyed their time with Rebecca in the steamy water. He thought he had been doing a better job curbing his outward enthusiasm.

So the idea of celebrating his birthday with Estelle and Rebecca cheered him immensely.

Being mid-June, it was still fully light when they arrived at Rebecca’s doorstep on that warm evening, towels draped across Jack’s arm, a bottle of wine in Estelle’s hand. Rebecca greeted them warmly with hugs and a light kiss on Jack’s lips, as she always did. They nibbled appetizers and drank wine in the living room, chatting happily as they caught up. Moving to the dinner table they celebrated by drinking a bottle of wine more than usual ankara eryaman escort as they savored Rebecca’s delicious cooking.

“So what do you say? Hot tub time?” Rebecca exclaimed as they finished and she cleared the table.

“Yes!” Estelle beamed. Jack smiled but tried to look nonchalant.

“Jack, can you go out first and get the cover off while we finish cleaning up in here?” asked Rebecca as she glanced at Estelle.

“Happy to,” Jack replied. As was the custom, he stood in the adjoining living room, just feet from the dinner table and kitchen, and slowly took off his clothes. He felt a thrill stripping naked in front of the fully clothed women.

“You may be sixty-two, Jack, but you’ve still definitely got it goin’ on,” Rebecca teased, looking him up and down. “Don’t you think?” she asked Estelle.

Smiling, Estelle said, “He does indeed.”

Jack blushed. He hoped the blood rushing to his face would keep it from making a scene by rushing to his cock.

“Thanks for the sweet compliments, ladies. Keep putting off those visits to the eye doctor.” He smiled, picked up his towel and slowly walked past them towards the door to the backyard. Estelle patted his firm ass as he passed her and she and Rebecca giggled.

“Some girls have all the luck,” Rebecca said as Jack stepped out the door.

He wasted no time getting the cover off and slipping into the water, which was the perfect temperature. He was looking forward to the women joining him, especially since there was still plenty of light in the sky to enhance his view of their bodies. He closed his eyes and languidly sank low in the water.

Five minutes later he heard the sliding door open from the kitchen. Opening his eyes he beheld Estelle and Rebecca walking out the door — both completely naked — carrying a birthday cake together that was ablaze with candles. Carefully coming toward him, they sang the most beautiful version of “Happy Birthday” he had ever seen. Or heard.

“Who needs Marylin Monroe popping out of a birthday cake?” he thought.

The cake blocked his view of one breast of each woman, but the light summer sky revealed the rest: their happy, beautiful faces and expressive eyes; Estelle’s blond hair and golden pubic hair, her seductive hips, perfect breasts, and her incredibly shapely legs; Rebecca’s shoulder length brown hair, her long arms and legs, her ample breasts and curvy hips, and her clean-shaven pussy. They both smiled radiantly as they gently set the flaming cake on a small, low table next to the tub.

“Okay, birthday boy, time to make a wish and blow these suckers out,” Rebecca said.

Before blowing out his candles, Jack noticed Estelle’s left nipple and Rebecca’s right had ventured into the frosting on his cake, leaving each tipped in sweetness. Trying to focus, he made his wish, leaned over the edge of the hot tub, and blew out the candles. The women’s exquisite breasts swayed as they applauded his feat.

“Time for birthday cake in the hot tub. Talk about decadent!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“Let me help you, Rebecca,” said Estelle as she turned and moved the table away from the edge of the tub. Rebecca also turned and both bent over at the waist to cut the cake. As Jack admired their fine asses in the clear light, Estelle turned around and gave him a smile and a tiny wink. Jack smiled back. His heart pounded.

Cake plates in hand they turned back towards the tub.

“Geez, Rebecca, it looks like we got a little too close to the cake,” Estelle said, looking down at the icing on their nipples. “Icing can’t be good for hot tubs.”

“Definitely not. It’s a real problem” said Rebecca, smiling lasciviously at Jack.

“Our hands are full of cake, Jack, so you need to help us with this predicament,” Estelle said, smiling at Jack, then Rebecca.

“It’s our only hope,” Rebecca added with feigned seriousness.

Stunned, Jack paused. “I like to be helpful. But are you sure, honey?” Aroused as he was, he still did not want to do anything to risk what he had with Estelle.

“Go ahead, baby. We’re all friends here,” Estelle reassured him. “It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked.”

Rebecca nodded.

“True. But I don’t see napkins to clean you up with,” Jack said, looking around.

“Then I guess you’ll just have to use your mouth,” Estelle said, smiling as she looked into his eyes.

“That’ll work! It’s a sin to waste frosting. Like killing mockingbirds,” Rebecca added.

“If you insist, sweetheart,” Jack said to Estelle as he stood up in the water and moved to the edge, facing the standing women, who were still holding plates of birthday cake. Smiling, he leaned down to Estelle’s sugary nipple and slowly licked it clean. He gave it a final gentle suck to finish the job. He paused.

“Don’t forget poor Rebecca,” Estelle said.

Jack looked at Estelle for further confirmation and she smiled at him, then Rebecca.

Permission slip in hand, Jack slowly lowered his mouth to Rebecca’s decorated nipple. She assisted by thrusting her ample breasts out for him. While Estelle’s nipples were smaller escort elvankent and pink, Rebecca’s were larger and light brown. His tongue circled her nipple as he carefully cleaned off the deliciously sweet icing. Without thinking, he rested one hand on her naked hip as he devoured every bit of frosting, sucking her nipple as he had Estelle’s. Rebecca closed her eyes. He felt her nipple hardening in his mouth.

Reluctantly finished, he stood back up and Estelle handed him his cake, smiling warmly.

Opening her eyes, Rebecca looked down his body. “I see you like frosting, Jack.”

He looked down and saw his cock was standing straight out, thick and hard.

“Apparently so,” he said, blushing again.

“No reason to blush, honey. We want you to have a birthday you’ll never forget,” Estelle reassured him.

“And I’d say he’s enjoying it so far. Us too!” Rebecca said, pinching her freshly cleaned nipple then resting her hand on his shoulder as she stepped into the hot tub. Estelle stepped in and they sat together in the steamy water eating birthday cake.

“It’s really delicious, Rebecca. Especially the frosting,” Jack said. “On the cake, too.”

“I’ll never think of frosting the same again!” Rebecca said. They laughed.

After finishing their cake, Rebecca said, “Let me take those plates before we have any more frosting emergencies.” Forks and empty plates in hand, she turned, raised up, and slowly leaned over the edge of the tub to set them down. Jack watched the water stream off her perfect ass, the lips of her pussy just showing above the water.

As he gazed at Rebecca, Estelle reached between his legs and held his cock under the water, nuzzling his neck with her head.

Rebecca slipped back into the water and saw what Estelle was doing. “Our knight in shining armor saved us from a frosting disaster, but it looks like he needs some rescuing himself.” She extended her leg and rubbed her pretty foot against Jack’s thigh.

“You’re right, Rebecca. What can we do to solve this problem?” Estelle said, lifting his stiff cock in her hand.

“I’m a natural problem solver,” Rebecca said. “Can I take a closer look?”

“That’s a good idea. Jack, why don’t you give her a closer look,” Estelle said, squeezing his cock.

No longer feeling the need for further permission, Jack stood and moved forward to face Rebecca, his engorged cock inches from her face. Estelle moved behind him, kneeling in the middle of the tub, her hands reaching between his legs to stroke his balls.

“Hmmmm. This does look serious, Estelle.” Rebecca said, studying Jack’s twitching cock in her hand. “And yummy.”

With that, Rebecca extended her tongue and gently licked the tip of Jack’s cock. Lifting her head slightly she said, “It doesn’t even need icing!” She lifted his cock up and ran her soft warm tongue up and down along the most sensitive part, looking up into Jack’s eyes as she did. Estelle massaged his balls softly from behind. Having only dreamed of ever being in a threesome, Jack tried to maintain his dwindling composure.

“We want this to be your best birthday ever, baby,” Estelle said softly from behind him. “We want to do anything and everything you’d like; anything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Rebecca looked up at Jack hungrily.

“Anything,” she said.

To his disbelief, Jack’s birthday wish was coming true.

After a few moments, he overcame his shyness and gave the beautiful women direction. “Take me in your mouth, Rebecca.” She parted her lips and he slowly pushed his cock in. Softly holding the sides of her face and hair with his hands, he pushed deeper into her warm mouth, gently moving back and forth as she sucked him expertly.

As Rebecca pleasured him with her mouth, Estelle massaged his ass firmly. “Hold still while Rebecca goes down on you,” she whispered. When Jack stopped moving his hips, Estelle spread his ass and he felt her warm tongue sliding up and down between his cheeks, something he had never felt. Between the feeling of his hard cock in Rebecca’s mouth, and Estelle’s tongue stimulating his ass, Jack thought he would explode.

But he had other plans and wanted to extend the euphoria.

“Estelle, come sit next to Rebecca.” After a few more caresses with her tongue, Estelle moved close to Rebecca. Jack positioned their heads so their cheeks were touching. He slid his cock out of Rebecca’s mouth and into Estelle’s, gradually pushing deep inside. Each woman held one of the cheeks of his ass as he took turns filling their mouths. When he pulled out they both licked him, their tongues touching each other as they pleasured every inch of his twitching cock. Jack touched their nipples, caressed their hair, and moaned.

“Turn around and get on your knees and lean over the edge,” he said. Their beautiful asses presented to him side by side, Jack first massaged them, rhythmically spreading their cheeks. The women draped an arm over each other’s shoulders as he leaned down and buried his face between their legs, running his hot tongue from ass to clit and back, first on Estelle then etimesgut escort bayan on Rebecca. As he focused on one pussy with this mouth, he slid a finger into the other, slowly at first then faster and deeper. Then he switched. Estelle and Rebecca squirmed as he took his time pleasuring them.

Eventually Jack stood and slid two fingers into Rebecca. Then he thrust his rock-hard cock deep into Estelle, then into Rebecca, gripping the women’s shoulders with his strong hands as he fucked them powerfully from behind.

“Rub your clits while I fuck you.” Without hesitating they eagerly massaged their pussies as he thrust into them, both moaning lustily.

Jack wanted to try something else if they were willing. Sliding his glistening cock out of Rebecca’s wet pussy, he leaned between them and whispered, “Estelle, lie on your back on the deck so your pussy is right here on the edge.”

“Sure, baby.” She turned and climbed out of the tub and Rebecca playfully squeezed her ass. Estelle lay down on the smooth deck and positioned her pussy where it was in easy reach, her feet dangling in the warm water.

“Rebecca, would you like to help me while I fuck Estelle?” he asked, giving Rebecca’s hard nipples a pinch.

“Oh yes,” Rebecca replied, moving in closer to Estelle, who was gently pinching her own nipples. Jack moved in between Estelle’s legs so his cock was touching her pussy. Rebecca reached in with one hand, spreading Estelle’s golden hair and labia, then took Jack’s hard cock in her other hand and began rubbing it up and down across Estelle’s swelling clit.

“Does that feel good, Estelle?” she asked.

“Mmmm. So good,” Estelle managed.

“For me, too,” Dan said, loving the feel of his cock in Rebecca’s hand while she used it as a toy to stroke Estelle’s pussy.

After a few moments, Rebecca pulled Jack even closer, as he supported Estelle’s thighs with his hands. Moving one hand to Jack’s ass, Rebecca pushed him from behind so his cock slid deeply into Estelle’s delicate pussy. Estelle moaned loudly as Jack pushed in and out of her. Rebecca rhythmically squeezed his ass with each thrust into Estelle.

“Would you like Rebecca to lick your clit while I fuck you?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh,” Estelle replied softly.

“Rebecca, would you like to lick Estelle’s beautiful pussy while we make her cum?”

“I’d love to,” Rebecca replied, giving his ass a firm squeeze with both hands before letting go and lowering her face to Estelle’s pussy.

Slowing his thrusts but still inside Estelle, Jack pulled back slightly to make room for Rebecca. She wasted no time putting her lovely mouth on Estelle’s pussy, gently circling her tongue around her swollen clit, then flicking it up and down, lingering when her tongue reached Jack’s hard cock as it moved in and out of Estelle. Rebecca reached up and caressed Estelle’s breasts and nipples as Jack pushed in deeper. Estelle gripped his arm with one hand. The other she moved to Rebecca’s breast, massaging it in rhythm with Jack’s thrusts.

Jack and Rebecca pleasured Estelle for a long time, working lustily together. Wanting to save himself, he slowed his thrusts and Rebecca picked up her pace, vigorously licking Estelle’s clit, and Jack’s cock when it emerged from deep inside Estelle.

Jack could tell from the twitching in Estelle’s thighs that her orgasm was coming. He pushed in and out of her powerfully and deeply as Rebecca focused on her clit. Suddenly, Estelle cried out, “Oh, God!” Her monumental orgasm swept over her, starting at her pussy but spreading through her entire body. She squirmed but Jack and Rebecca kept at it to make the most of her shattering orgasm. Warm liquid spurted from Estelle as she trembled from the throbbing orgasm that went on and on. Now vigorously rubbing her own pussy, Rebecca eagerly lapped up Estelle’s juices. Jack looked on from above, enraptured and on the very edge himself.

When Estelle’s orgasm finally subsided, Jack pulled out of her gently and Rebecca raised her head. “Do you want to taste how delicious your honey is?” Rebecca asked. Estelle remained on her back, spent and breathing hard.

“Please,” he said. Rebecca leaned toward Jack and kissed him deeply, sharing what remained in her mouth of Estelle’s squirting orgasm. Their tongues explored each other, no longer a friendly light peck on the lips. She pressed her naked body tightly against his.

“Now you taste her,” Jack said, presenting his slick, wet cock to Rebecca, fresh from Estelle’s vagina. She slowly licked every inch of it.

“Your pussy tastes divine, Estelle,” she said. Estelle still could not speak after her cataclysmic orgasm.

“Now lie next to her, Rebecca.” As she stood he reached between her legs and briefly slid his index finger between the smooth lips of her pussy. Rebecca’s eyes closed.

But she was eager to get the treatment Estelle got, so Rebecca climbed up next to Estelle on the decking, her long legs spread and draped over the edge into the warm water. Jack did what he had previously only imagined; he gently spread open Rebecca’s smooth pussy with his fingers, parting her lips to reveal her beautiful pink clit and glistening vagina. He rubbed his cock up and down between her lips, teasing her clit with the tip. He had never had sex with a woman with a shaved pussy. Rebecca’s was even more beautiful than he had imagined.

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