Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch 04

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I looked at Dave and noticed his Zombie like stare. I ask him what was wrong. He just sat there with no expression on his face looking straight ahead.

I noticed a half empty bottle of Crown Royal on the table next to his recliner. I could see tears trickle down his face as he mumbled ” I’m sorry, guess I got what I deserve.”

Not sure what he was getting at I ask him several times what he meant. He would only shake his head and repeat how sorry he was.

I wondered if he knew about Allen and I. What was he getting at? I figured it best to just leave him alone. I walked upstairs and peeled off my yoga pants and sports bra. I could smell Allen’s scent on me. I knew I needed to clean up. I settled into a hot bubble bath. Laying in the tub I closed my eyes and dreamed about the amazing sex I had just had.

As I was getting lost with visions of Allen and I in my head I heard the creaking of the stairs. It was Dave slowly walk up them.

He stood in the doorway, saying several times how sorry he was. I begged him to please tell me what he meant. He slowly walked away into our bedroom.

I knew I needed to make a decision. Either stay with my husband or separate. I figured in my mind if he knew about Allen he would have said something. I wanted to call Angie and speak to her but I knew she wouldn’t be much help. She to had been burned by her husband cheating which lead to their divorce. She had a man hating attitude at the moment. Yes, she dated a lot but quickly disposed of them after she had her way with them. I really didn’t have anyone else to speak to. My family would disown me if I mentioned anything about an affair and possible divorce.

I let the tub drain and dried off. Not sure of what to expect when I entered the bedroom. As I walked in I saw Dave reading his phone. He looked over at me and then back at the phone. He laid it down on his nightstand, turned away from me and didn’t say a word. Within a few minutes I heard him snoring lightly. I laid there wondering what was wrong with my husband.

I barely slept and awoke when Dave did at 6am to get ready for work. I ask him what he meant last night by saying he was sorry. He simply stated ” I will tell you when the time is right.”

He left for work as I showered and prepared myself for the day. I knew I had told him to take care of the issue with his mistress but now my curiosity got the best of me. I logged into our phone account online and looked at Dave’s call log. I did notice one number that had sent him several text messages last night. I called the number and a female voice answered. I told her who I was and ask what connection she had with Dave.

She stated she knew Dave very well and giggled. I ask her what very well meant and she laughed again. She told me to ask Dave and hung up. I called back but it went straight to voicemail with a female voice saying simply “Leave a message.”

This angered and upset me. I called Dave at work, which is a rare thing. I always let him be while at work. I told him I called his mistress and she and I talked.

He was silent for several seconds. He said “We will talk tonight.” and hung up.

I had told myself I would let Dave handle this matter but with his lack of communication and arrogance of his mistress I felt like taking matters into my own hands. I text Dave and told him we were gonna figure out this mess tonight when he got home. He replied with OK.

Around 6pm I became nervous knowing Dave would be home any second. I heard the garage door open and nişantaşı escort his truck pull in. I waited and waited for what seemed like forever but Dave had not entered the kitchen yet. I opened the door and saw him sitting in his truck talking on his cell phone. I could hear anger in his voice. When he saw me he put up his hand as if to stop me. He talked for a few more moments and hung up. He got out of his truck and slammed the door angrily. He stomped in the house. I followed him in but did not say a word.

Dave took off his sports coat and sat at the table with his hands over his face. He told me to sit down and listen. As I sat he proceeded to tell me that he had created a mess by having an affair and possibly impregnating his coworker. He said he could not reveal her name but that she was in her mid twenties. He then told me that she was unsure if he was the father and that he had feelings for her.

My fear of him knowing about Allen and I subsided but my anger grew. My husband had been fucking some young slut. What was wrong with me I thought. Am I to old, fat, unattractive? What was wrong with me? My gorgeous neighbor seemed to be into me but not my husband. Had I failed in keeping my husband’s attention?

Dave went on to explain that the affair started two years ago. He and his young mistress went out for drinks after work one evening. He said she made him feel young again and couldn’t resist her. Now she had confided to him that she hadn’t been using protection and was dating other men without his knowledge. This whole situation was starting to sound like a Jerry Springer show love triangle. How had my life got to this.

I ask Dave to choose between the kids and I or her. In a poker face he said he couldn’t do that right now.

My heart felt like I had been stabbed. I and the kids weren’t enough for him? He would rather have a cheating slut than his family?

In my sadness I had a couple vodka and cranberries. I felt sad but relaxed. I knew then and there the only way to get my mind off of this was to see Allen. The revengeful female side of me was starting to grow and the alcohol only made it worse.

I told Dave I was leaving and left the house and didn’t know when I would be back. He didn’t seem concerned. I could tell he was hurt that his little mistress had betrayed him. I now know why he was crying the night before saying he got what he deserved.

I drove to a local strip mall. I went into Kohl’s wanting to buy some clothes. I did hear a siren and wondered if it was Allen responding to a emergency. I text and ask him if he was ok and he replied “Yes, whats up?”

I wanted to be better than Dave but my emotions got the best of me. I text Allen again and said “We need to talk.”

Allen replied that he was at work and his shift ended at 11pm. I ask if he had plans afterwards and he playfully responded “My plans can be YOU.”

I shopped awhile and then went to a bookstore. I very much anticipated seeing Allen and kept looking at my watch hoping the time would fly by. Around 10:30 Allen text saying “Call if you can.”

When I called his deep sexy voice answered by saying “Hello beautiful.” How sweet of him. He was either playing off my emotions or maybe he really meant it. He told me he had reports to finish and would not be done by 11 o’clock but to come by his station if I wanted.

I drove to the police station and walked into the main lobby. A few minutes later Allen came through a door and told me to follow him. We walked into a room where I saw şişli escort other officers sitting behind computers completing reports. I was shocked when Allen introduced me to his coworkers. In no way shape or form was I comparable to the blonde model looking dispatcher I saw him with a couple nights earlier. I was flattered that he would do such a thing. In all my years of marriage Dave never introduced me to one coworker.

He told me he was taking me on a tour of the station. We went to every area and he explained the duties of each division. He made sure to introduce me as his neighbor friend to each person we passed. I felt proud that he would do such a thing. When we finished touring the top floor of the building he took me to the stairwell. When the door shut he grabbed me and kissed me with intense passion. After all the chaos this day had provided me I nearly melted.

Allen asked if I wanted to do something crazy. I ask him what it was. He simply said “Follow me.” We went back into the top floor area where he lead me to a door. I thought it was a closet but when he opened it I saw a built in wall ladder. He started climbing it and opened a hatch that lead to the roof. I wasn’t sure if I could climb it but I gave it my best shot. As I neared the top Allen reached down and helped me up on the roof.

I felt like a teenage girl sneaking around behind my parents back. He told me that many officer’s had used the roof area for romantic rendevousz but that he had yet to do it. I ask him with all his years of service why he hadn’t.

He replied, “Haven’t had the right gal to do it with.” Such a charmer he was. All my thoughts of Dave and his mistress went away.

We sat like two teens in the middle of the roof. The building was four stories high and it sat on a hill providing a great view for miles. Allen took off his duty belt, vest, & uniform top along with his undershirt. His chiseled body looked so sexy with only his uniform pants and boots on. I stood up and wrapped my arms around him, pressing my chest into his. My hands rubbed his smooth, shaved head. I looked up into his eyes as he stared down into mine. My heart was beating 100 mph.

Allen leaned down and kissed me slowly. His kisses were so full of passion. I instantly became wet. I reached down and undid his pants, kneeling down I slid his pants and underwear to his knees. His dick was already standing at attention. I took that beautiful dick and started sucking on it nice and slow. Making a “pop” sound each time I pulled it out of my mouth. I licked every inch of his big shaft as he moaned and grabbed the back of my hair pulling me downward on it and poking the back of my throat. I gagged a couple of times so he let off and let me be in control.

While he throat fucked me I untied his boots and helped him step out of them and pulled his uniform pants and underwear off. I took off my shirt and shorts, Allen undid my bra and nearly ripped off my panties. I braced myself against a air vent as he entered me from behind. The stretching of my pussy felt amazing. I was so wet that he went in with one stroke. He stood still and let me push back into him every so slowly. As his hand began to tickle my clit my first orgasm began to make my legs tremble. The slow strokes and tickling my clit were different from the hard pounding he had giving me twice before.

Allen turned me around and lead me to the edge of the building. There was a wall about four foot high that surrounded the edge of the station. He had me lean against the edge while mecidiyeköy escort he fucked me from behind once more. My tits swung wildly as he started fucking me with aggression.

I could see people walking on the town square across the street. They had no idea two people were fucking almost right above them for all to see. I was thought for sure they could hear my moans but the pleasure was so good that I could care less if they saw us. This risky pseudo public sex was a major turn on for me. After several orgasms Allen had me turn around and lean back against the wall.

As I leaned back against the wall he lifted my legs so I could use the wall as support. He slid his magic dick into me and would push it as far into me as he could go and slowly pull it out. This sensation felt like a massage inside my pussy.

Allen continued to do this for what seemed like a eternity. The whole time he stared at me with those blue eyes telling me how beautiful I was. His arms were flexed from holding me up. How could I get so lucky, having this strikingly handsome man with a perfect body and big dick fucking me making me feel like I was the only girl in the world. I came several more times as he fucked me slow while leaning forward to give me long deep kisses.

I ask him if he was ready to cum.

He smiled and said “Not yet, I want to enjoy more of you.” His stamina and endurance were over the top. We had been fucking for nearly ten minutes when he pulled out of me and said he had another idea. He gently let me down and we walked to our piles of clothes. Allen put on his pants and undershirt and told me to get put on my shirt and shorts but not worry about my bra and panties.

We then climbed down the ladder and onto the top floor. He lead me into a room with a several tables. Allen said this was the training room. He began undressing so I knew this was my cue to do the same. I ask him if anyone would come up here. He said this floor was pretty much vacant after 6pm and assured me no one would be up here.

After we got undressed he gave me another long deep kiss. I reached down and stroked his big cock back to life. I rubbed my pussy and used the juices as a lubricant for his dick while I stroked it. This made me feel in control, something Dave never let me do. I continued stroking Allen while he juggled and kiss my big tits.

He then turned around, grabbed and chair and pushed it into against a wall. He sat down and guided me onto him. I slowly sat down on his huge cock, I decided I was going to give him the fuck of his life. I placed my hands on his shoulders and began grinding up and down on his dick as fast and as hard as I could.

Allen said “Fuck me baby, get that pussy off.” As he grabbed my right breast and bit on the nipple ever so gently. I continued to ride him and bucked as wild as I could. My tits and hair were flailing about. I felt his cock begin to twitch as he began shooting his hot cum up inside of me. I continued to grind pushing my clit into his mid section until I felt shocks go through my body. I collapsed on top of him. He giggled and said “I knew you had that in you.”

I sat on his lap while he stroked my hair. I could feel his cum and my juices leaking out of me. He told me how sexy I was and how lucky Dave was to have me for a wife.

I told Allen that Dave barely knew I existed. I was his maid and that was about it. I wanted to tell him about the mistress but didn’t feel that the time was right.

We got dressed and left the building. Allen walked me to my SUV and gave me a strong hug and another powerful kiss. He then looked me in the eye and said “Make some time where we can possibly go on a real date, I want to have a serious talk with you.”

He smiled and walked away.

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