Blueberry Muffins, and More

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I’d seen Deborah all over town from time to time, and knew her casually. She is in her early to mid thirties, a tall woman, married and the mother of three. She’s always been the picture of motherhood, doing all sorts of things to support and raise her children and doing them virtually as a single mom. Oh, she’s married but her husband is more married to his work and his cronies than to her and his children. He’s at work in his office for long days and on the road overnight often, and when he isn’t working he’s usually at the club with his buddies playing golf or playing poker until well into the night. You rarely see him with the rest of the family but still the family seems reasonably happy. I’d always chalked it up to Deborah’s efforts as a dedicated mom.

Over the past year or more I’d noticed that Deborah was losing some weight and really starting to pay more attention to herself. Her two oldest kids, boys, were well into their teens now and her teen daughter was becoming more boy conscience. I figured Deborah had a bit more free time now that the oldest boy was driving now, time to do for herself for a change.

A fellow in town died suddenly recently, a well liked fellow that got sick and died much too quickly and very much too soon in life. The funeral was well attended and as it happened I was seated behind and just slightly to the side of Deborah. It struck me how great her hair looked that day. She has a very full head of medium brown hair that has just enough natural curl to afford waves, and she grooms it well down onto her shoulders. I love long hair on women, not giving a rat’s ass for those short crew cut style haircuts so many women sport these days. Anyway, as we stood to depart at the end of the service I took the opportunity to compliment Deborah on her hair. As I spoke to her she turned to face me and I was almost shocked at how lovely she looked.

Deborah had always carried a few more pounds than she needed, or more like a lot more pounds than she needed, but in recent months she really has dropped many of those pounds and is now well endowed with full curves in the right places and in very attractive proportions. She’s tall, just a few inches under six feet, and the clothes she had on were perfectly selected to take advantage of her new figure in a most tasteful and respectful way. Her makeup was simple but appropriately elegant without being too noticeable, and her smile was warm and friendly. Damn, this woman had transformed from a seemingly neglected soccer mom into a very sexy milf.

She was appreciative of my compliment, almost as if she was surprised to get a compliment but very gracious in accepting such, and she reached out to touch my hand as she looked me straight in the eye to thank me. Again, this was a true departure from anything I’d ever witnessed from Deborah and seemingly very out of character. She had another woman with her that I didn’t know who was impatient to leave so they excused themselves and walked on. I stood there and admired Deborah’s figure as they walked away, and was caught doing so by Deborah as she turned at the last moment before exiting the door to look back towards me. We exchanged a quick smile and she was gone.

I didn’t see Deborah for a week or better, as I don’t get into town all that often if I can help it, but one weekday morning I headed to the grocery to do my weekly shopping. I like going then as the crowds are lighter and it’s usually only women. I was about two thirds through the store when I ran into Deborah. She was wearing a skirt and a snug fitting sweater that really showed the size and shape of her generous bosoms. Although it was turning autumn outside it was nice in the store, and my eyes were instantly drawn to the two hard nipple bumps that appeared just after Deborah and I met. I tried not to stare, but my eyes kept wanting to drift down to her chest as we exchanged pleasantries.

From that point we met on every remaining aisle, travelling in opposite directions so that we faced each other as we passed, and the chat subsided to a grin after a few aisles. I got finished before she did and loitered at long as I could at the checkout but was processed and headed out the door before she ever approached the check-out area. As I looked back she smiled and I figured that was the last of that.

The next morning I had finished my breakfast and my emails for the morning, and was about to head out to work up some firewood when I heard a car coming down the driveway. I live well out of town with my driveway coming off a little used secondary road. My house sits well off the road and is invisible from the road, and my nearest neighbor is a half mile or more away. It’s nice and quiet out here, and very private, and it’s rare for a vehicle to come down my driveway. I wasn’t expecting any deliveries or visits so I assumed it was someone lost, so I stood there on the porch to greet the vehicle. I didn’t recognize the vehicle, a small SUV type car, but when it got close Escort enough I recognized the driver as Deborah. I hadn’t seen that car before but she had been here before a few years ago when I was helping her oldest son with a school project, some outdoors stuff that was as foreign to her husband as oil is to water.

“What brings you out to the sticks, Deborah?” As I stood beside the driver’s door it didn’t take but an instant to see that Deborah was more casually dressed than the past two times I’d seen her, but looking equally as nice. She isn’t a strikingly beautiful woman, more of the girl next door type turned into soccer mom type. Before she replied she unlatched the door and began to step from the car.

“I just came out to say hello and bring you some fresh baked blueberry muffins. They’re still warm and will go well with a cup of coffee.” There was a grin on her face and a twinkle in her eyes, but a tentativeness in her voice that told me she had something on her mind and was nervous. For her to even be out here was odd enough, but seeing her was occluding that from my thoughts at the moment. You see, I stay in some state of horny all the time and Deborah was looking pretty good these days, the kind of curvy and mature woman I often fantasize about.

“Awesome. Come on in and I’ll put on a fresh pot.” I put my arm around to touch the small of her back as she walked past me towards the house and I actually thought I heard a sound from her as I touched her back. I chalked it up to my imagination.

Small talk was passed as I prepared the coffee and poured two cups. We took our cups and the muffins out to the den to sit in front of the fireplace where a few logs were still flaming and casting some welcome heat. There is a large leather sofa facing the fireplace and I pulled the coffee table up close enough to set our mugs and muffins on while we ate and talked.

“So, I know you didn’t make muffins and drive all the way out here just to have someone to share a muffin with. What’s on your mind this morning?” There was a long pause and you could practically see the thoughts whirling around in her head, and the struggle for the courage to express those thoughts. Whatever it was that brought her out here was definitely something of weight.

“I need to ask you something, but need you to keep this whole conversation totally confidential. No matter your response, you need to keep it mum.” At that point she paused and I thought she was going to dismiss the whole topic. “I trust you. I have a problem and I think you are the only person in town I can confide in and certainly the only one that I would consider helping with my problem.” Another long pause and I sensed her hesitancy.

After a few moments she went on to explain what a lot of us already knew, that her life was centered around her children, about how her husband was a wonderful provider for them financially, and of how her husband was never around. The way she was talking I began to get the feeling that she wanted me to talk to him about paying her more attention, of spending more time with their children while they were still at home, of not letting money and his buddies be the recipient of his time, passions and energies. Then she made it all clear.

“Harley, I want you to be my no-strings-attached fuck friend.” Wow. It sat there for a moment while I recovered.

“Deborah, I am honored but are you sure? I mean, you have my total confidence and I can understand why and how you might feel neglected, but are you sure you want to do that?”

Deborah never took her eyes from mine but with a serious look on her face she set her cup down, reached down to her waist with both hands and began to pull her sweatshirt up. She raised the sweatshirt up high enough to expose the lace bra that held two magnificent breasts. My eyes shot to her chest and instantly identified the dark circles of her areolas and the hardening orbs of her nipples.

“Touch them, Harley. Touch my breasts.” I reached over with my right hand and cupped her left breast with her nipple at the base of my palm. Her breast was large but firm and I could feel the nipple hard against my palm. “My husband hasn’t touched them in over a year. You have no idea what your touch is doing inside me right now.”

I pulled my hand away. “Your husband has lost sense of his priorities. A woman like you deserves more.” It sounded too corny but it was all that came into my lust filled mind. I was growing a first class erection that was becoming difficult to hide and was almost grateful though immensely disappointed when she began lowering her sweatshirt.

“What do you say, then, Harley?”

I honestly had to think on this for a minute. “OK, I’ll do what I can to help you but it has to be in a way that is confidential, private, and safe. If you ever, ever, want out of this all you have to do is say so. You call the shots.” A smile came across her face and you could see the burden lift from her.

We finished off a couple of muffins apiece and two cups of coffee as we chatted more about both gossip from town and about how we might carry out her needs fulfillment. Deborah then mentioned that it was best for her to leave then and rose from the sofa. I rose and started towards the door, holding it open for her. As she passed me she paused just long enough to lean up and kiss me on the cheek, laying her hand on my shoulder as she did. I watched as she walked to her car, then waved as she backed out and drove off up the driveway. My dilemma at the moment was whether I’d take the time out now to relieve myself or wait until this evening after my chores were done.

I didn’t see or hear from Deborah for almost two weeks and had come to the conclusion that she’d thought otherwise. I really wasn’t surprised, as she didn’t strike me as the type of woman that would sneak out like that. So, it was mildly surprising when I drove back in from town mid-morning on a chilly, rainy autumn weekday and found her car parked in front of my cabin. Since the cabin was locked Deborah was sitting inside her car but got out as I did my truck.

“I hope you don’t mind me popping in like this, with no notice.”

“No, not a problem. I kind of figured you had come to second thoughts on your request. You want a coffee or hot tea, or something?”

“I sure do.” A smile widened across her face as I motioned her to precede me up the steps to the wide front porch. Once inside I asked Deborah to help herself in the kitchen while I stoked up the fire in the big rock fireplace. The dampness of the day really set the chill and a fire would feel good.

I went into the kitchen before Deborah had finished heating the water for her tea, and I slid up behind her and wrapped both arms around her waist and laid my chin on her left shoulder. I could feel the response of her body, first to tighten up and stand firmly, then to relax and settle into the comfort of the embrace. Her head tilted back slightly as her arms dropped down outside mine, then moving back to rub against my thighs. Just as the kettle was starting to whistle Deborah turned in my arms, raised her arms and wrapped them around my neck, and leaned up to softly kiss my lips.

My hands naturally moved down to cup her ass, finding it ample and firm. Her breasts were pressed hard against my chest and her kiss was becoming more passionate, harder and more aggressive to penetrate past my lips and across my tongue. One hand was grasping my hair while the other was moving around the expanse of my back. A fierce whistle from the kettle broke the trance and our lips parted, eyes opened and looked lustfully into the others.

“Well, I think you make the water boil. You got me all steamed, that’s for sure.” Again, I cringed inside over how corny I sounded, almost juvenile, but the chuckle from Deborah and her smile made it all okay.

“Um, just give me a few minutes, then you’ll know where to find me.” A sexy wink and she turned to leave the kitchen. From her footsteps I could tell she was headed towards my bedroom, easily visible from the den so she knew where to go. I heard some water running, some bedcovers ruffling, then it got quiet. The only sounds in the house were the crackling of the fire. As I started towards my bedroom there was another fire kindled within my groin.

The fluffy down comforter was so thick that it was hard to tell a body was underneath the covers. Deborah’s thick brunette hair was splayed out over the pillowcase and the covers pulled up to her chin. But for her clothes visible on the bathroom floor there was no other indication of her state of dress. I took my time, savoring her hungry eyes as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, slid it from my shoulders and tossed it aside. Boots next, then the long socks. I took the time to walk over to the window to adjust the blinds so make sure the sun didn’t intrude directly, and then walked back to her side of the bed. I stood less than a yard from her as I loosened the horsehair belt, unbuttoned the jeans and slid the zipper down. I took the corner of the comforter as if to pull it down, but Deborah grabbed it snugly and nodded her head in defiance. With a slight grin I pushed the jeans down over my hips and let them fall to my calves, then stepped out of each leg. I was wearing briefs that day and my growing erection was readily noticeable, as was Deborah’s stare at my bulge. I stood there for several long moments before I slowly slid the briefs down, first exposing my pubic hair then the base of my penis, and finally when the full length was exposed and had sprung free I dropped the briefs to the floor. My nuts were itching like crazy and I couldn’t pass on giving them a scratch, making sure to lift the swollen cock out of the way and exposing as much of my balls as practical.

That is when Deborah swept back the comforter with her arm, fully exposing the full magnificence of her wonderful, nude body from the knees up. Her up reached arms beckoned me to her, and without delay I took a position beside her, lying on my side so that I could see her, could stroke her body, and so that I could lean over and kiss her sweet lips.

As I kissed her lightly about the lips, across her chin and down her neck to her shoulders I allowed my hand to glide over her breasts, being certain to rub against the hard nipples before sliding down across her belly. As my hand was moving slowly below her navel and my fingers beginning to course through her mound of hair her breathing had become more ragged, her chest heaving a bit up and down, her hips beginning to gyrate slightly at the anticipation of what had been too many years in coming.

Deborah’s hand had moved down my belly, up atop my hip then dropped down to engage my fully erect cock. Her grip was firm but gentle, not moving at first but beginning to move along the length from base to tip. As she moved to the base her hand moved down to grab my balls, massaging them with her fingertips and then cupping as much of sack as possible in her hand. By then her hips were more exaggerated their movements and her breathing was much quicker. With both hands she took my head and drew my face to hers, attacking my lips in a kiss of passion and lust.

This was not to be a slow building, foreplay filled encounter. I hadn’t even touched her pussy yet but her sex scent was strong. Deborah seemed to be willing me on top of her, and I obliged by moving one leg across her and shifting my body directly over her, careful to support the bulk of my weight on my arms and knees. She was spreading her legs and pressing her hips upward towards mine, and I responded by putting first one leg then the other between her legs and easing my body down until the tip of my hard shaft was pressing against her clitoris. Just as I put a bit of pressure against her with my cock, Deborah let out a low, guttural moan.

Her breathing was coarse and I moved to kissing and nibbling at her neck and shoulders. Her hand found my cock and guided it downward through the slickened folds of her pussy until the tip was at the warm, wet entrance of her vagina, then pulled on the shaft beckoning me to press forward and enter her and at the same time lifting her hips to partially engulf the tip.

Her cunt was hot, very wet, and felt wonderful. It was as if my cock and her pussy had been specially designed in every way to fit together in a most pleasurable manner. I knew it had been years since she’d had a man, and has anxious as I was to feel the depths of her tunnel I thought it best to proceed with some gentleness. I only penetrated the head of my cock at first, withdrawing almost completely out and lingering before pressing in again. I went just a little further the next two times, finding her hole to be thoroughly lubricated and her upward thrusts hinting of impatience. On the next cycle inward Deborah grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into her as she heaved her pussy hard around my dick. My hard cock buried within her as a loud moan was seemingly pushed from her throat.

Our thrusts went hard and fast from that moment. She was fucking my dick with such raw passion and with the perfect combination of motions and sensations around my cock that my own orgasm was building much stronger and faster than I could control. My mind was only faintly aware of her sounds, of how blushed her face, neck and chest had become, of how her fingernails were firmly engaged in the flesh of my ass cheeks. I wanted her to cum first, and well, but my mind was swirling in my own pleasures. I allowed myself to succumb to the bliss and passion, wildly fucking her pussy like it was my first experience with sex.

Within what must have been but a few brief minutes the pressure and energy within my own body had built to an uncontrollable and irresistible level. Straining against the release my orgasm exploded as I felt a huge flood of cum erupt up from my balls and out of the super sensitive shaft of my cock. At that moment I became aware of my partner who was also in the midst of a powerful and almost convulsive orgasm. Her body had been violently fucking my dick then for an instant became rigid, then went back to humping against my movements. Her hands had dug into the skin of my ass then raked up my back as her breathing went from rapid and shallow to not being able to breath, to deep breaths, groans and moans. We had cum together with nearly no awareness of the other until the moment was spent.

As my orgasm faded and I regained control I slowed my motions, gauging my movements by those of Deborah’s body. We allowed our bodies to come to rest, me still inside her but now growing soft and content. I let some of my weight rest atop her, but not until she had wrapped her arms around my back and hugged me to her. We laid there in silence for long moments, allowing our breathing to return to normal, our bodies to calm, our heartbeat to settle.

After a couple of minutes I made a move to slide off of her, meeting some resistance from her arms and from a feigned frown.

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