BMOC: Innocent Interlude.

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Here’s a little thing I wrote as an exercise, trying to get things flowing and trying out some new stuff.

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing. This particular chapter takes place between chapters 2 and 3 of BMOC: The Innocent and details what went between Alyssa and Kelly while they were getting cleaned up.


The blonde bitch had no idea what was going on. I don’t think I was ever as naïve as her, or as easily cowed. Once the bathroom door was closed behind us, I rounded on her and grabbed her hair and pulled back. She squealed as I forced her to bend backward and reached up to push me away—so I slapped her hands down and hissed, “Who said you could try to stop me, you silly cunt? When I let go, I expect you to strip out of that fucking dress, get on your knees, and ask to lick my pussy.”

Oh, I suppose I should mention that I’m not David Beech. I’m his girl, his favorite fuck, and I know it, even if he doesn’t. My name is Alyssa Powers, and I was going to train this new girl how to be a good pet for David and me.

See, I like to establish a pecking order. David can do what he wants with who he wants, and that’s fine. I don’t get jealous… all right, I get a little jealous. But not too jealous. Like I said, I’m his fucking favorite. And now we had this innocent bitch here, flaunting her young fucking body, enticing my man, and I wanted to make her pay. I wanted to break her before she realized what was happening and turn her into a submissive fucktoy for David. And if I got to use her too, well, that was just a fucking bonus.

Not fifteen minutes ago, David fucked us both with his god-damned amazing prick and soaked us both thoroughly with cum. I didn’t mind wearing his cum; hell, I’d go to class with my face covered if I thought he’d like it. But with both of us as drenched as we were, well, there are limits. So when we got back to my dorm room, I had him waiting and watching porn while Kelly—the blonde bitch I was talking about—and I got clean.

Physically, that is. My mind is permanently in the fucking gutter. Ever since meeting David, I just… I’m getting sidetracked. You’re not here to hear about my fucking emotional bullshit, you want to hear about two hot sluts getting freaky in the shower, am I right? Yeah, of course I’m fucking right.

Anyway, I had Kelly strip off her pretty little dress and kneel. Then I got naked too, until I stood in front of her. My hands were on my hips and I gave her my best better-than-you look as I took a long hard look at her body. David had good fucking taste, and I’m not just saying that because he likes me. Oh, I’m fucking hot—I’ve been a dancer and gymnast my whole life. I’m not very big, but guys like that; they like thinking that they can just throw me around and fucking use me. The lucky ones get to do just that, or at least that’s how it used to be. Now it’s just David Maltepe Escort who gets to wreck my holes, slap me around, pull my hair, and do all the other stuff loving couples should do. All the other fuckers just have to wonder how flexible I am (very flexible) and how good I suck cock (you’ve never had better) and how tight my other holes are (the tightest).

Anyway, this bitch, she looked good. Even with her dirty blonde hair all messed up and some cum still drying on her skin, she was practically fucking edible. I don’t know why a girl who used to be a virgin trimmed her pussy hair, but she did, and just below that little tuft of hair was a tasty slit (I knew this for a fact). She had decent sized tits, big enough to be a fucking handful but not too much of a good thing, you know? And there was something else about her too, some air of innocence that just made me want to fucking ruin her. The rest was almost irrelevant. It’s like, I wanted to make her into a depraved slut, and what she looked like kind of didn’t matter. But it fucking helped that she was hot.

So I looked at her, sizing her up, until she started getting fucking nervous. As soon as she opened her mouth, I clamped it shut. “Did I tell you you can talk, bitch?” I asked. “No, I fucking did not,” I answered. “You think that just because you got fucked, you can talk to me like we’re fucking equals? We are not equals. I am in charge here, and you’ll do what I fucking say. Understand, cunt?”

I took my hand away, and she opened her stupid fucking mouth again, only to shut it when I glared at her. Instead she just nodded. The bitch could learn, at least. I stretched out in front of her while I put my hair up. She was a bit taller than me, but not while she was kneeling, and I had a better body than her, so I wanted to show it off. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she was good looking. Fat titties, like I said, and a decent ass. But me? I’ve got pale skin that shows a handprint when David gives me a slap, and tits that are big enough to bounce when I ride him, and long black hair that’s perfect for pulling. And of course my legs and my ass deserve fucking poetry. Seriously—one guy wrote a poem about my ass. It was shit, but his heart was in the right place and it got him a fantastic blowjob.

Jesus, I probably sound like a conceited bitch. Oh well; I am one. Don’t like it? Fuck off. David does, and that’s one reason why he keeps coming back. Anyway, I let Kelly take a nice long look at her superior while I limbered up, and then I said, snidely, “You’re fucking filthy. Go lay down in the fucking shower.” She knee-walked over there, which must have hurt a bit on the tiles, and slid into the tub. Once she was in I pulled up the thingy that makes the water come out of the shower part instead of the bath part—it must have a fucking name but I don’t know what it is—and turned on the water. Like every shower everywhere, the water came out cold at first and hit the dumb cow full on.

It was mean, but the way she yelped when Maltepe Escort Bayan she got hit by the cold water was fucking hilarious. She squirmed around, and I confess the way it made her tits jiggle was enough to make me stare. But the water heated up pretty damn fast, and soon she stopped wriggling and started relaxing. I grabbed the showerhead and moved it around, so the water hit her everywhere. When I had it aimed at her face she scrunched her face up and when I moved it down she ended up blinking a lot, like she didn’t know what was happening, which I guess was pretty fair. I mean, she came here expecting to get a fucking campus tour and maybe visit some classes, and she wound up getting her virginity taken from her in a classroom before being dragged back to the dorm for more debauchery.

Oh, right. Kelly was a high school girl, and a good Christian too. She’d made some dumb pledge to stay a virgin until she got married, and she had a ring and everything. Past tense, had, because David made her give it to him before he’d fuck her. God, I love the way that man thinks. I almost came without even touching anything, when he made her fucking beg to get fucked.

I keep getting sidetracked. I guess I’m not a good fucking storyteller. Back on topic. I basically used the showerhead to hose Kelly down, and she just lay there and took it. I needed to get clean too, though, so once I’d given her a good thorough soaking I stepped into the shower as well. “Stay down,” I ordered her, as I lathered myself up with shower gel. The warm water felt great, and as I cleaned myself the soapy water splashed down on Kelly. “Be sure to get yourself clean,” I said to her, and she started to sort of feebly rub herself down with the runoff coming off me.

The whole process didn’t take long, maybe five minutes. I had my hair up, and it wasn’t like I wanted to take my time. Once I was clean I looked down at the scared little slut laying down under me and told her to get up on her knees. It was hilarious, watching her try to get up on the slippery floor. She eventually scrambled into position, and she winced at having to rest all her weight on her knees on the hard porcelain. I, of course, didn’t care.

“There are two things you need to learn before we go back out,” I told Kelly. “Want to know what they are?” She nodded hesitantly. “First thing: I am better than you, and I am in charge. You do what I say unless David says otherwise.” She nodded again, so I went on. “Second thing: how to eat pussy.” That one didn’t get a nod; she froze like a deer in the headlights.

I grabbed some of her wet hair and leaned back against the bathroom wall, with my hips out. Then I pulled her face to my cunt. She made a noise like “eep” before she got a face full of pussy.

“You’re a girl,” I said. “You know what felt good when I licked your pussy earlier; just do that.” That sort of instruction didn’t make much of an impact. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked feebly at my lips. I gave her Escort Maltepe a few seconds, but it didn’t really make a difference. So I slapped her.

I won’t deny that I was being meaner than usual; there was just something about this innocent little bitch that made me want to put her in her place. So I slapped her again, and she looked up at me with these sad puppy dog eyes, and I laughed at her. “God, you’re practically useless,” I said. “I don’t know why David decided to fuck you.”

That seemed to make her even sadder. I let go of her hair and pointed to my clit. “This is your target,” I said. She stuck out her tongue again and tried to lick it, but I stopped her. “Hold on,” I said. “You can’t just go stampeding toward the clit. You’ve got to work up to it. And you’re not licking a lollipop. Point your tongue. Move it from side to side. Use your lips, too. Kiss me.”

Kelly seized on that last instruction. Nervously, tentatively, she planted a gentle kiss right on my pussy. And you know what? It felt good. Don’t get me wrong; she wasn’t exactly driving me mad with stimulation. But she was just so submissive, so stunned by the events of the night, that she was willing to do whatever I told her to, and that was such a fantastic feeling. She wasn’t the first woman I’d dominated, but usually David was there too, so I rarely got the chance to cut loose and be purely dominant.

I held her in place as she started her first explorations into the world of cunt-licking. She was hesitant, but with a few more kind words from me she got going. It was… well, I’ve had better. But for a first-timer she wasn’t bad. She took instruction well, definitely. Kelly got started by kissing my thighs, then licking my slit. A few more gentle words—ha!—from me got her doing at least a passable imitation of a cunt-licker, and it started to feel pretty damn good.

“Good girl,” I cooed, stroking her wet hair as the shower ran. Her tongue flicked over my clit and I shuddered. “Very, very good girl. You’re going to make a good pussy-cleaner.” I held her in place as she kept at it, and while she wasn’t stellar the sheer filthiness of the situation got to me pretty fast. I mean, I was basically turning this eighteen-year-old into my bitch, making her eat my cunt in the shower, and I had known her for less than a day. And she came in so fucking pure and perfect, but now she was on her knees eating her first pussy.

I didn’t bother to keep quiet. “Come on you little bitch, make me cum,” I said. “You’re so fucking close. Keep going.” Kelly made a small noise and her efforts got more frenetic, and soon enough I was there. I shrieked out “Yes! Fuck!” as I came, and Kelly got a nice face full of girlcum. I didn’t let her up immediately, though; I used her hair to keep her there, on her knees with her face buried in my twat, until I was done and all the aftershocks had passed. Then I shoved her back and stretched out.

“Good bitch,” I said, turning off the water. “Now get the fucking towel and dry me off.” She obeyed, along with my other commands, and before long we were both clean and dry. Then I had her get dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl (it was my roommate’s costume; Kelly and Mel were close enough for it to work). Once we were ready, I led her back to my dorm room, so David and I could enjoy her together.

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