Boardroom Bitch Ch. 01

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Best Friend

***Author’s note: It should, of course, go without saying, that anyone involved in any sexual activity is above the age of eighteen.***


Vincent was, without doubt, the best thing that had ever happened in Vanessa’s life. But it took her the best part of twenty years to figure that out.

Before she experienced that epiphany, she had viewed him as something of an inconvenience. A chore, even. Yes, she supposed she loved him, he was her son after all, but it had never been a particularly intense or overwhelming bond. He had always been a good boy, obedient and well behaved, but he was also a complication, an occasional irritation, a burden. Something that had to be dealt with, rather than adored.

What on earth did she have in common with a young boy, anyway? Was she supposed to play catch with him in the back yard? Take him to a football game? Go fishing? Hardly. It got no easier, even as he got older. His interests and obsessions may have changed; her ambivalence did not. She had never really known how to relate or interact with her son. He was a mystery to her. Motherhood as a whole was a mystery. In so many ways, they were just two people living separate lives, who just happened to be in close proximity to one another. That’s the way it was. That’s the way it had always been.

It’s not as if she had ever actually wanted to be a mother. Even as a child, she had shown no interest in playing with dolls, or acting out the mundane routines of domestic life. There were to be no make believe tea parties or playing house for this young girl. Babies just didn’t interest her. They were not on her agenda.

And then, when she was eighteen, she got pregnant. Babies may not have interested her all that much but, increasingly, the way you made them certainly did.

She had actually been a fairly innocent teenager. Sure, she’d fooled around a little, doing some of the things teenagers did. Heavy petting, a little dry humping maybe. But she wasn’t a particularly wild child. She didn’t have a reputation for being that kind of girl. But people began to notice her. She had become a quite stunning young woman. Puberty hit relatively late, but when it did, it hit pretty damn hard. It didn’t exactly happen overnight, but when it did happen, it happened fast. And, as you might imagine, when a dramatic transformation like this takes place, people noticed. Older boys, older girls. Men. Women. Like moths to a flame, her rare beauty attracted attention. All kinds of attention. The wrong kind of attention.

One of those people doing the noticing was Charlie Lowen. He was 42 years old. He also happened to be her best friend’s father.

Vanessa and Emily Lowen had met on the first day of term at the very expensive private school their respective parents had sent them to. Both of them had been dressed up in the prim and proper uniforms the school demanded all its pupils wear. Both of them seemed so small and so overawed by their new surroundings. They happened to be standing next to each other in the main school hall, and one girl had caught the other’s eye. They had shared a shy, nervous smile. They had been pretty much inseparable ever since. Emily was an angelic little blonde, with huge blue eyes and a sweet disposition. The two girls spent endless hours in each other’s company; so much time in fact, most people treated them as if they were sisters, rather than just best friends.

Charlie Lowen had always liked Vanessa. She was funny and bright and his daughter adored her. But she was a kid, so he didn’t focus all that much attention on her. But then, by the time she was eighteen, he realised she certainly wasn’t a kid anymore. At first, this fact sort of amused him. But over time it aroused him. Those prim and proper school uniforms looked a lot different on a nubile young woman, than they did on a little girl. And the sight of Vanessa walking round his house on one of his daughter’s sleepovers, wearing nothing but a short little nightie and white cotton panties, triggered a whole new reaction now that she had physically matured.

And if Charlie had taken a not entirely innocent interest in his daughter’s best friend; his daughter’s best friend had long had a not entirely innocent interest in him. To put it simply, Vanessa was deeply, madly in love with Charlie Lowen. She had a massive crush on him; one that had evolved during her adolescence. When she was younger, it had been an almost sweet, adorable fixation. But as her body changed, and her sexuality blossomed, that fixation became a far more carnal and adult affair.

She did nothing about it, though. He was her best friend’s dad, after all. She didn’t see that much of him anyway. Mr Lowen was a busy man, always working, and Vanessa only caught the occasional glimpse of this rather stern, sexy figure in her life.

And she was becoming increasingly busy herself. Although she had been relatively late to the game, once Vanessa discovered poker oyna sex, she dived in head first. Her previously innocent reputation was quickly discarded and she began notching up quite a series of conquests. She saw no shame or ignominy in promiscuity. Sex was an endlessly interesting, novel and exciting mystery. There was so much scope for variety and pleasure. There were so many people to sleep with. Vanessa genuinely didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t just fucking everyone else.

Her partners were numerous, mostly the boys and girls at school, although she did fuck one or two of her teachers. Any thoughts of Charlie Lowen were mostly forgotten, however. By then, she had totally discounted any idea of a sexual encounter with him. He was still her number one, go to masturbatory fantasy, but he was always just beyond her reach. He was unattainable, almost mythic. Fucking him was about as likely as fucking the president of the United States. At least that’s what she thought.

But then came the night of Emily’s eighteenth birthday party, and the idea turned out not to be so far fetched after all.

Vanessa was a couple of months older than Emily, so she had already reached that important milestone. The Prudhommes had celebrated her coming of age in a relatively low-key sort of way. They went out for a meal at a very classy Italian restaurant. All the Lowens were invited and everyone remarked how grown up and beautiful the two girls had looked. Both of them had made the effort to look as mature and sophisticated as possible. Charlie had spent most of the evening staring across the table at Vanessa. Every so often, she would catch him looking at her, and she would smile back at him. He was hard. She was wet.

Emily Lowen was never low-key. She was a vivacious firecracker, always the centre of attention; so her birthday celebrations were a considerably more grand affair. Her parents laid on a ginormous party and all her friends and family were in attendance. There was expensive catering, a professional band, and plenty of booze. Who cares about the legal age of drinking when you’re rich?

All of Emily and Vanessa’s friends were gorgeous young things, so the house was teeming with guys and gals, dressed up to the nines. Emily herself was very much the star of the show. She looked like a supermodel, tall and slim, with legs that seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles. She was wearing a slinky, metallic silver dress that went all the way down to the floor, with long slits that went all the way up to the top of her thighs.

If Emily was glamour and elegance, Vanessa was pure sexual charisma. She was a couple of inches shorter than her best friend, which was ironic bearing in mind she had always been the taller one when they were kids; but what she lacked in height, she more than made up for in shape. Vanessa had the perfect hourglass figure and a full, sensuous body. Emily’s breasts were hardly small, but compared with Vanessa she seemed positively flat-chested.

Vanessa’s dress was a deep green velvet, a colour that complimented beautifully the similarly deep red of her lustrous hair. And this dress was outrageously short. Practically every guy in the place had been trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt all night. It was a tight bandeau style dress, low cut and highlighting plenty of delicious cleavage.

She’d spent most of the evening showing off on the dance floor. Vanessa and Emily had put on quite a display, and there had been more than a few raised eyebrows when, at one point, they had started grinding their bodies together like a couple of cheap strippers. There had been some amusement when Emily grabbed hold of Vanessa’s tits, but not many of the guys were laughing. If asked, the two young women would have written it off as a little fun and games, a little display of outrageousness to enliven the evening’s proceedings, but both of them had been turned on by their performance. Their hearts were racing, their pussies were wet.

Charlie had noticed. He could see how excited they were. He recognised their arousal. He shared in it.

Both girls had danced with him at one point or another. Especially during the slower numbers. He had feigned a certain reluctance, but he had allowed himself to be dragged up on to the dance floor. He had been supremely conscious of their young, lithe bodies pressed against his. He had gotten hard dancing with both of them. Even with his daughter. Charlie had harboured some not entirely fatherly thoughts about her too, in recent years. He at least had the decency to feel a little ashamed of pressing his erection against her groin, trying to hide it as best he could.

He had no such qualms when it came to Vanessa. She had audibly gasped when she felt his rock hard cock the first time. But then she had smiled at him and pressed her body harder against his. Her hips swaying gently, his hand moving further down her back, getting closer to her butt. They gazed canlı poker oyna into each other’s eyes, their bodies pressed together. The two of them were mere moments away from kissing, when Emily’s mother had broken up the proceedings by bringing in the birthday cake. A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday followed. Charlie was stood right next to Vanessa as they all sang, his hand fondling her butt.

Much later on and the party was winding down. Most of the guests had departed and the catering staff were cleaning up. Emily, who’d always been a bit of a lightweight when it came to alcohol, had drunk a few too many mimosas and was throwing up in her en suite bathroom. Vanessa was made of sterner stuff. She was hidden away round the back of the pool house, necking a bottle of vodka and smoking a joint. Like most youngsters of their age and background, both Emily and Vanessa had experimented with drugs. Marijuana mostly, but pills on occasion. Vanessa had even snorted coke a couple of times, but she hadn’t enjoyed it all that much.

She was stood there, quietly puffing away, when Charlie sneaked up behind her. He took a moment to just admire the view. She had slipped out of her high-heeled shoes and was stood barefoot in amongst the bushes. He examined her shapely legs, not as long as his daughter’s, but certainly long enough. Her skin was soft and shiny, her muscles were toned. He could see them twitch and flex as she swayed from one leg to the other. Her butt was a thing of beauty, practically a work of art. Big, curvy buttocks, barely covered by the tight, elasticated material of her short, short dress. The skirt revealing dark tantalising shadows from between her legs. There wasn’t enough light behind the pool house to ascertain whether she had on any underwear.

Charlie came up behind her, reached round and placed his hands over her eyes.

“Guess who.” He said softly.

“I don’t know.” She said, grinning.

He slowly pushed his dick up against her butt, his erect cock resting between her cheeks.

“Uncle Charlie?” She giggled.

She had started calling him ‘Uncle Charlie’ years before. She had spent so much time in his house, it made a certain sense. It struck him as kind of sweet, when she was little. It had a very different tone to it, now she was all grown up.

“Who else?” He replied.

She turned round and looked up at him. Now she wasn’t wearing any heels, he towered over her, a looming presence. Intimidating. Exciting. She looked up at him, then she she brought the joint to her lips and inhaled deeply. Then she exhaled, blowing a cloud of marijuana smoke right into his face.

“Do your parents know you’re smoking this stuff?” He asked her, trying not to cough.

“Nah. They’d freak the fuck out if they knew I was doing weed. They’re not as cool as you.”

“Is that right?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m not sure I approve of this behaviour, young lady. You might be a bad influence on my daughter.”

“I suppose I might be just that, Uncle Charlie.” She smiled at him. A knowing, defiant grin.

Without saying another word, he reached out and removed the joint from her hand. He brought it to his lips and took a long draw. Then he leant towards her, his mouth just a few millimetres from hers, and he exhaled. She breathed in, licking her lips a little, as the second hand smoke entered her body. She took his hand in hers, lacing their fingers together, and squeezed it gently. He could see her nipples were hard.

“It’s been a great night, hasn’t it?” She said.

“It certainly has. You girls looked like you had a good time on the dance floor?”

“Oh yeah, that was great. I love to dance. I love how it makes me feel. So alive, so full of energy, so sexy.”

“Is that right?”

“Fuck, yeah. I get so goddamn horny when I’m dancing.”

He’d let go of her hand and was now brushing the side of her arm, his fingers trailing up and down her hot glowing skin. He could feel the goosebumps on her glistening flesh.

“Did you like dancing with me, Uncle Charlie?”

“I certainly did.”

“Yeah, I could feel how much you liked it.”

Neither of them said a word. She took another toke on the joint and exhaled into his mouth again.

“Do you like my dress?” She asked.

“It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you.” She blushed a little, and for a moment she looked like she was a little girl again. The little girl he had met years earlier.

“It’s certainly very daring.” He said, with a somewhat sardonic tone.

“You think it looks slutty?” She said, accusingly.


“It is kind of slutty,” She admitted. “But then, I am kind of a slut.”

“Is that right?”

“Oh yeah. Big time. I try not to be, but I mean, if you’ve got a body like mine, it’s kind of hard not to be a slut.”


She nodded, handing him the joint.

“I mean, the real problem internet casino with this dress, apart from it being so fucking short, is VPL.”

“VPL?” He inquired, knowing full well what it meant.

“Yeah. Visible panty line. It’s so tight, everyone would be able to see my underwear.”

He stood back a step and looked down at her.

“That doesn’t appear to be a problem.” He stated.

“No, I solved it.”

“And how did you do that, exactly?”

She smiled at him.

“Easy. I’m not wearing any underwear, silly.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, no panties, no bra. I’m not wearing a stitch of clothing under this dress. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds. Both of them knew this was the moment of decision. Up till now, this had all been incredibly inappropriate.

A middle-aged man flirting with his teenage daughter’s best friend.

A middle-aged man smoking a joint with his teenage daughter’s best friend.

A middle-aged man who very much wanted to fuck his teenage daughter’s best friend.

But nothing too untoward had happened. Not yet. Sure, he’d fondled her ass a little earlier. He’d rubbed his dick against her a few times. But that was all. They could both walk away from this, pretend nothing really weird had taken place. Just a crazy night and nothing more.

But both of them knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“No panties, eh?”

She nodded.

“No bra?”

She nodded again.

“Prove it.” He whispered.

Vanessa bit her lower lip, and paused for a moment, as if she was deciding whether to comply. Not that there were any doubts in her mind. She had wanted this for a long time. She had wanted him for a long time. She had rubbed herself raw, night after night, fantasising about a moment exactly like this one. So, without further delay, she reached down and took hold of the hem of her skirt. She slowly pulled it up, inch by inch, until her completely bald pussy was revealed in all its glory. She looked up at him and smiled, smugly.

He stared at her. Soaking in her beauty. Then, he reached forward and slipped a couple of fingers inside her cunt. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. He stood like that, fingering her, for a minute or two. He looked round, this way and that, making sure no one else was near, then he looked down at her.

“You ready to get fucked?” He asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt with his other hand.

“Oh yes, Uncle Charlie, oh yes.”

Two minutes later and they were doing exactly that. There was no foreplay, neither of them needed it. They were both so fucking horny, they saw no reason to delay proceedings any further. Charlie had simply unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, let his pants fall to his ankles, pulled down his boxers and lifted her up against the wall. He slid his dick in with tremendous ease. Vanessa was tight, but she was so wet, and their mutual desire was so intense, there was little struggle.

She had her arms wrapped round his shoulders and they were kissing as they fucked. Their tongues were rolling round together, as spit dripped down their chins. She pulled the top of her dress down, liberating her tits. She had to prove she wasn’t wearing a bra either, after all. Charlie paused to lift one of her breasts to his mouth, so he could suck on her cute pink nipple. He chewed on it too, biting it firmly, but not hard enough to puncture her skin. She gasped as he did so, enjoying the pain she was feeling as much as the pleasure. She ran her hands through his hair as he feasted on her chest. Then he resumed the hard, merciless dicking he was giving her.

It only took a couple of minutes for him to cum inside her. He could feel his cream squirt against the walls of her cunt. Her body shook and spasmed as she came simultaneously. He pressed her tight against the wall, as both of them gasped and puffed and panted. Finally, they kissed some more, Charlie gently stroking her face as his tongue probed the deep confines of her mouth. Then he pulled back and looked at her.

“Well, that was fun.” He told her, with a smile.

“It sure was, Uncle Charlie. And just how long have you wanted to do that to me?” She asked.

“A goddamn lot longer than I should have.” He replied.

“Well, there’s no point stopping, now we’ve started, is there?”

“I suppose not.” He said, as he felt his cock stiffen and he began fucking her again.

The affair that began that evening lasted a little more than six months. It was relatively short, but it was intense. It was also torrid, wild, crazy. Once the floodgates opened, the waters raged like a tsunami. They fucked whenever they had the chance. Vanessa would sneak out of school and meet up with him. She’d be in class and her phone would buzz. It would be a message from him, usually saying something like I’ll be there in quarter of an hour, meet me at the gate. She’d pretend to be sick, or ask to be excused to go to the bathroom. He’d be waiting in his big car. She’d climb in beside him and they’d drive off to a hotel or maybe his office. He liked fucking her while she was wearing her school uniform.

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