Boat Trip to Ensenada

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Chad saw the two sexy women walking down the pier. “Here come the girls, Andy” he whispered. “Come take a look.” Andy quickly popped up out of the hatch, and both men waved to the women as they continued down the pier. Leigh was wearing very short shorts which showed off her long legs and a halter above which lots breast was showing. Karen had on a short skirt, also showing lots of leg and a light blue shirt under which her nipples were visible.

Leigh was tall, maybe 5‘8” or 5‘9” Andy thought, a very fair blonde with very pretty light blue eyes. She was waif like thin and had long, gorgeous legs. Despite being thin, Andy knew from his prior experience that she had very nice breasts, probably big C or small D cups he thought. Not really big, but they looked great on her little body. Her nipples were little and not prominent. Her thin little waist gracefully sloped down to a nicely rounded ass.

Karen was shorter, maybe 5’4” or so and very well built, maybe DD cups Andy guessed, with very prominent nipples. She had an ass to kill for, as Chad said, one of those rears which made men get hard just from watching her walk away from them. Karen had dark blonde hair and big brown, doe like eyes. “Two very attractive women” thought Andy.

Leigh was a frustrated wife who several weeks ago had decided to go dancing with her single friend Karen. The two women had met Andy and Chad at a night club, and, after some sexy dancing, the four had gone to Chad’s house where they shared very good sex.

The couple of days after, Leigh felt terribly guilty. While her husband had turned from a loving, sexy man to a man who paid little attention to her, in her mind, having sex with other men was wrong, and it was doubly bad since she had had sex with the two of them. She was especially loving with her husband over the next several days, in a way trying to make amends. Leigh had declined to go out with Karen the following weekend, still feeling guilty. But her husband had continued to ignore her over the next couple of weeks, and when he announced that he was leaving on a weekend golfing trip, Leigh had called Karen and asked if she could go out with her, thinking that maybe she would just go dancing.

But, Karen had said “Leigh, I’ve told you that Andy would really like to see you again. He told Chad that you were the hottest woman he’s ever been with.” The thought that Andy found her sexually attractive was a turn on for Leigh, and after a second of thought, she told Karen that she would go out with the three of them again.

The next day, Karen walked into Leigh’s office and told her that the two guys had reserved a boat and wanted to sail down the coast to Ensenada, Mexico, for the weekend. Leigh was not sure about riding in a boat in the open sea, but Karen reminded her that the two guys were Naval Officers very experienced with the sea, and Leigh had agreed. Karen told Leigh that Chad had said to bring some clothes to go shopping in during the day in Ensenada and some sexy clothes to go out in Ensenada Saturday night.

After agreeing to the trip, Leigh thought about why she had agreed, and she realized that it was the thought of more good sex with the two very attractive men.

“Welcome aboard, ladies” said Chad “make yourself at home while Andy and I will get this boat underway.”

However, Andy said “I’ve got other things to do first.” Andy took Leigh’s hand and led her down into the boat, down the passageway, into the tiny stateroom. Once there, he kissed her deeply and passionately, his tongue exploring her lips and mouth. After some hesitation, Leigh returned his kisses, using her tongue as he had. Leigh was a bit put off that Andy seemed to want to have sex with her so soon, but his kisses were electric, and she became aroused faster than she ever had.

Leigh put both arms around his neck and pulled his face down to her and kissed him passionately. Andy’s hand went down to her ass and began caressing it as they kissed. Leigh quickly felt his erection against her, and she remembered how good his thick penis had felt. She pulled away from Andy, smiled at him, and reached behind her and unhooked the halter, letting it slowly fall off of her. As he had the first time he had seen her breasts, the look on Andy’s face told Leigh that he found her breasts gorgeous and exciting. Andy turned her around with her back to him and he reached around her with both hands on her breasts and caressed them, first caressing her entire breasts gently and then moving his fingers toward her nipples which he caught between his fingers. At the same time, Andy pulled her hair up off her neck and kissed and nibbled on it. He continued to caresses her breasts while his kisses moved from the back of her neck to her ears and that area below her ear.

Leigh placed one hand on the bulge in Andy’s crotch, caressing it while Andy continued to kiss and caress her. Leigh found his zipper which she slowly worked it down. She then undid the button on his cutoffs kağıthane escort and pulled the cutoffs down, while looking into Andy’s eyes. Her hand found the opening in the shorts and she then was holding his penis in her hand. She kneeled down in front of Andy and pulled his shorts down, with his erect, thick penis jumping out at her, just like it had the first time she had been with Andy. And, again, she instinctively took it in her mouth, first kissing the tip of it and getting a taste of him and then taking it deeper into her mouth. Andy begin moving his hips and groaning as she slid her lips up and down his penis.

Andy then pulled away from her and said “Baby, I want to fuck you . . . now!” Leigh stood up and slipped down her shorts and panties in one motion, leaving her as naked as Andy. Andy’s penis was as hard as a rock, and she again had that feeling that it was exciting to turn on a man like Andy. Leigh stepped backward and onto the bunk. She found a pillow and put in under her stomach as she lay face down with her ass slightly in the air.

“Fuck me all you want Andy. I’m yours” she said. She felt Andy quickly on her back and his fingers opening the lips of her pussy and then felt the head of his penis at those lips. Leigh was not ready and was tight. Andy got the head in and then began slow shallow strokes as he worked it in deeper into Leigh. The first couple of strokes were unpleasant to Leigh, but again the thought of this sexy man on top of her offset the bit of discomfort. Andy continued to stroke her and his penis worked its way deeper in her. The deeper he got, the better it felt to Leigh. She knew she would not have an orgasm, but being fucked by this sexy and very attractive man gave Leigh a very strong sexual feeling.

“Baby, I’m not gonna last long” Andy said

“Just fuck me Andy. I want you to come in me” responded Leigh, and Andy’s fucking became more intense, pounding her into the bed on every stroke. She tried to match his humping, but his weight and his powerful thrusts kept her from being able to move. Andy continued to fuck her with his humping getting harder and harder until he tensed, and she felt him coming deep in her pussy. She continued to hump as best she could as he was drained. After his last spasm, Andy lay down beside her on the small bunk and held her.

It wasn’t long until there was a knock at the door and Chad, followed by Karen, entered. “OK guys, enough fun, time to get this tub underway”. Leigh wondered why she was not embarrassed, but decided that it would be strange to be embarrassed by Chad’s presence since he too had fucked her that last time. All four trouped up to the main deck and the guys got the engine started and the boat untied, and they begin the journey out of San Diego Bay.

The boat slid out of the Harbor Island Marina and into the channel leading out of San Diego Bay. Chad was standing, conning the boat while the other three sat around him. Chad looked at Karen and said “Karen, Leigh has taken the edge off Andy. I think you should do the same for me.”

“I thought you would never ask” said Karen as she, still wearing her short skirt and shirt, walked over to Chad as he steered the boat. She kneeled down in front of him and reached up and pulled down the zipper of his cutoffs. “Oh my” thought Leigh, “she’s gonna blow him right now where anyone on any boat passing us can see.” Sure enough, Karen pulled Chad’s penis out of his cutoffs. She kissed it and then licked it on the end and then up and down it and then took it deep into her mouth. Chad’s hips began to move and his penis slipped in and out of Karen’s mouth. Chad put his hands on Karen’s head and held it in place as he fucked her mouth. Just then, they heard the whistle of a passing boat and as they all four looked up, they saw another boat passing within thirty yards with everyone on that boat watching Karen and Chad. The other boat seemed to be a boatload of young men, most of whom were using binoculars to get a better view of the action.

The attention did now slow down Karen. She wrapped one hand around Chad’s penis and continued to suck him while she jacked him off. Chad’s bucking became more and more pronounced, pounding his crotch into Karen’s face. Then he groaned and the others could see cum leaking out of Karen’s mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but drivels of Chad’s cum ran down her chin.

“Way to go Baby” came from the other boat which had hovered close by. “How about me baby?” came across the water too. Karen pulled away from Chad and stood up and waved to the other boat and then stepped up on the transom of the boat where she was very visible and began to unbutton the buttons on her shirt. She slid her shirt off and stood there in the sun giving everyone on the other boat a good look at her breasts. More calls for her body came from the other boat. Karen then unzipped her skirt and slipped it off. Her panties came off last and she turned around slowly giving güngören escort the men in the other boat a long look. She then waved, blew the men in the other boat a kiss, and sat down in a lounge chair, signaling that the show was over. Chad accelerated the boat and it sped down the channel, soon leaving the other boat way behind.

They left San Diego behind with Chad still driving, Karen still naked, and Andy and Leigh enjoying the sun and sea, and set a southerly course for Ensenada. “I’m gonna get rid of my clothes” said Chad as he slipped off his cutoffs. Andy followed suit, and Leigh unhooked and slipped off her halter and shorts and panties and the four of them sat naked as the boat headed south.

As the sun began to set over the Pacific, the four sat on the boat deck. They ate sandwiches and sipped on wine as they watched the sun slip lower in the western sky. The sea was glassy smooth, the evening air was pleasantly warm, and the boat was riding smoothly, giving the four a very peaceful setting from which to watch one of nature’s glories, a sunset at sea. The four said little as the sun slid lower and lower in the sky and then finally, and quickly, disappeared below the horizon.

Karen asked how the guys knew where they were, and the guys gave the girls a basic lesson in navigation. The guys pointed out prominent constellations to the women. Orion was very visible in the northern sky, and the guys explained the story behind Orion, that the horizontal stars were his belt and that the stars leading down from his belt was blood from a wound in his side. Karen got a laugh when she said that “It would be better if those stars were a very long dick hanging down.“ As they sailed south, they passed a number of other boats and ships, and the guys showed the women how to tell the direction and basic size of another vessel from its running lights.

The guys told the women that they planned to go to a nightclub in Ensenada at which anything might happen. “For sure, there will be a wet tee shirt contest” said Chad, “and maybe a no shirt contest and a nicest ass contest. There may well be a biggest cock contest too. The men there like to cop feels too, and couples will have sex in the club. So, if you are squeamish about such things, speak up now.” But Karen said “sounds exciting” and Leigh agreed.

Sometime late in the evening, Chad announced that he and Karen would take the first watch while Andy and Leigh got some sleep. Andy helped Leigh up and the two went back down to the little stateroom. In the stateroom, Andy took Leigh in his arms again, and this time made long, slow love to her. They traded long, deed kisses with their tongues exploring the other’s mouth. Their hands ran over all parts of the other’s body, and Andy’s lips ranged over Leigh’s body, finding every square inch of her skin. Her husband had been reluctant to perform oral sex on her and Leigh was a bit uncomfortable at first when Andy put his head between her legs. But, the licking from his tongue up and down her slit got her over that touch of discomfort, and his nibbling with his teeth on her clit was a spark and thoroughly aroused her. He continued the licking and nibbling until he knew that Leigh was close to an orgasm. He stopped then, and when he noticed the look of disappointment on Leigh’s face, he said “I want us to come together Sweetie”.

He stood up and took a handkerchief which he rolled into a tight line, like a rope. He then tied the rolled up handkerchief around his erect penis and below his balls with the knot of the handkerchief on the top of his penis. Andy then helped Leigh back on her back on the bunk. He spread her legs and again leaned down between them and licked her pussy lips and nibbled on her clit, again bringing her close to an orgasm. He then knelt down over her and using his fingers, opened the lips of her pussy and guided the head of his penis into it. Leigh was well lubricated, and Andy’s penis slide in quickly. As Andy went deep into her, Leigh felt the knot in the handkerchief right on her clit. Andy began to move up and around and sideways, dragging the knot back and forth over Leigh’s clit. The caressing her clit was getting from the knot sent tingles throughout Leigh’s body and quickly brought her to the edge of an orgasm. Andy felt her pussy starting to squeeze his penis and felt Leigh tense and began her orgasm He began to fuck her hard, taking long deep strokes in and out of her. Leigh’s orgasm was continuing as Andy began his. The two shook and moaned together as their respective orgasms swept through their bodies. The mutual orgasms made them better for both of them, and their orgasms continued long past the point at which orgasms normally subsided. Finally, however, the two returned to normal, and Andy slid off Leigh to her side on the bunk. With his arms still around her, the two slipped off to sleep.

The two had not slept long when they felt Karen shaking them. “Chad says it’s your time for watch” Karen was esenler escort saying. Leigh was still in the fog of sleep and was confused about what Karen was saying, but Andy hopped right out of the bunk, being used to being awakened in the middle of the night to go on watch. Andy helped Leigh up and they went up to the deck where Leigh and Karen heard Chad pass on relevant information to Andy, just like they would have done changing the watch on a Navy ship. After that was completed, Chad took Karen’s hand and led her down to the stateroom, leaving Andy and Leigh on the deck. During the next couple of hours, Andy and Leigh visited, Andy telling Leigh numerous stories about life at sea, and Leigh telling Andy about her work at the bank. The couple of hours passed quickly and pleasantly.

Several hours later, Chad guided the Monkey Do tied up to a berth in Ensenada Harbor while Andy managed to get the lines over and the boat secured to the pier. The guys had promised the girls a shopping trip into the Ensenada, and soon after the boat was tied up, the four set out on their shopping tour. After they returned to the boat, all four were sleepy and it was not long until Andy and Leigh were asleep on one bunk and Chad and Karen were asleep on the other.

When they awoke, the guys dressed quickly, but as one would expect, they had to wait a bit for the girls to get ready. But, Andy thought later, the wait was worth it; both women looked terrific. Leigh was wearing a short skirt and a matching shirt which, although it buttoned up high, fitted her well, clearly outlining her breasts. She wore heels which accented her height but set off her gorgeous legs.

Karen was wearing jeans which looked like she had been poured into; the tight jeans made her already nice ass look even better. She had also worn heels which made her look taller and her ass higher. She had on a red shirt which appeared to be a size or too two small and which she had left unbuttoned down to her bra.

Finally, they were in a taxi and headed for the “Bamboo Club”. As they entered the club, they saw that it was a huge place, with a large dance floor in front of a stage and many cocktail tables set between the entrance and the dance floor. Andy led the way into the club and found them a table for the four of them. They all sat down and began to check out the scene in the club. Along the walls were covered bench seats. As their eyes adjusted to the low light, they could see that the dance floor was already filled with bodies moving in time to the music. Andy noted that most of the people there seemed to be American, although there appeared to be a few local people, mostly men.

Andy noticed that the dancing was already risqué as he noticed a slim woman who had pulled her short skirt up over her hips while she shook her pink panty covered ass at her dance partner. He also noticed several women who had shed their shirts. In one corner back on the bench along the wall, Andy saw a couple deep in heavy kissing.

After Andy got back with drinks and after they had all had sips of the very strong tequila, Andy asked Leigh to dance and they headed for the dance floor with Chad and Karen right behind them. Leigh felt at least one pat on the ass from a man she passed. They reached the dance floor and began to move in time with the music. The sexually charged atmosphere, the liquor, and dancing restored the libido of all four, and it was not long until Leigh was turning around with her back to Andy and shaking her ass at him. Karen’s ass was moving too, and she had an audience of men watching. Leigh had seen the woman who had raised her shirt to show her panties, and Leigh slowly pulled her up skirt. She stopped when the hem got to her panty line, but those behind her got a nice view of her cute ass.

Karen saw Leigh and wished she had worn a skirt, but instead unbuttoned another button on her shirt, so that the shirt was open to just above her navel, and a lot of her big breasts were visible. The song ended, and the four went back to their table, each having become flushed with sexual excitement. On the way back to the table, both women had their asses patted several times. For her part, Leigh was aroused; the sexy dancing was a real turn on for her. She was getting that familiar tingling feeling between her legs.

Soon they were dancing again. Leigh loved to dance and she was in heaven as she swayed and stepped to the music. The beat of the music seemed to flow through her body and added to the very sexual feeling she was having. Again, her hands went to the hem of her skirt and slowly pulled it up. She stopped when the hem reached her panty line, and she danced while holding it there; shaking her little ass. She looked at Andy, and he mimicked her by pulling up an imaginary skirt, clearly indicating that he wanted her to raise it higher. She responded by raising the hem of her skirt higher, above her panty line, and then higher, to her waist, and then she was dancing with her ass, in white bikini panties, in full view. She wiggled her little ass, knowing the effect that would be having on the men watching. Andy was among those whom it affected; he felt his penis growing as he watched sexy Leigh swing her ass, with her skirt held above her waist.

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