Bob and Lynda rape Tina 2

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Bob and Lynda rape Tina part 2

Tina filled with utter confusion at the past few events looked into her mothers eyes, completely taken back by the actions of her parents . she looked into her mothers eye as the incredible pain and tightness in her noise from the fishhook her mother had forced into her . It was serval moments she just stood their incredible pain shooting through her body from her parents new physical and sexual abuse they were inflicting on them. ” ANSWER MOMMY KNOW BITCH “Lynda screamed as Tina sobbed and hacked almost vomiting from the pain as she managed to get ” YES MOMMY ” out before being forcefully being slammed onto her mother’s musky unwashed dripping wet dirty cunt.

” That’s right baby like you mommy ” Bob said as he looked at his daughters dark red , heavily bruised , misshapen bum . her sex, thighs , buttocks , and anal cavity all were dark red or bruised beyond a recognizable point . heat radiated from her lower region . Bob watched as Lynda forced her daughter to such and lick the older musky sex Tina gaged , retched , and coughed from the horrid taste and awhile smell but feared her mother’s wrath should she stop so she worked her young immature found in and out of the adobe cunt. Bob started laughing at Tina ” god fuck you Tina you’re sick living your mother like adıyaman escort that you retarded mother fucker ” he laughed as he noticed his cock started to grow ” ha looks like daddy’s gonna rape you Tina ” Bob played as he walled over to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of old fryer oil . he generously lubed up his cock before he forcefully grabbed the disfigured lumpy ass of his daughter and in one move slammed his member into his daughters virgin cunny .

Tina looked up as she felt the mender shoot into her ” NOOOOOOOOOO ” she screamed as the salty grany lubed sick forcefully ruined her body . the force caused her to lose it as she screamed a torrent of vomit flew from her mouth covering Lynda in the contents of her daughters emptying stomach . Lynda watched as Bob style his daughters firing and destroyed her body so she couldn’t ever get pregnant. This forced Lynda over the edge as a massive orgasm s hot through her body causing her to scream in drought as the massive flood of vomit shoot from her daughter covering lunches in the filth filling her mouth as she got sick herself and vommitted in a equally amazing flow covering Tina and Bob in Lynda’s filth as she quiet in the orgasm coursing through her body.

Bob screamned as the filth cover akkent escort him and he shoot his seed deep into Tina’s ravanged cunny . a lawful force shoot through Bobs body as a torrent of liquidly shit shoot from his ass. His eyes flew open mass the river of shit flew from his ass and how sperm shot into Tina even faster flyinging the disgusting fryer scrapes deep into Tina cunt . Tina screamed s the mix forced its way into what use to be Tina’s womb . the mix might has well been acid as it felt like fire was ripping its way through her body imbedding its self deep inside her . she wanted to scream but the bitter vomit in her mouth was making it hard for her to even breath let alone scream , she continued to vomited cough and gag , and cry as she fight for breath gasping as she felt her air way clear slightly and the filthy smell from her father voiding bowel .

Lynda lied their covered in vomit as she smelled the filth flying from bob’s rear. ” fuck Bob are you shitting ” she screamed as she collapsed on the soaked coach. Bob looked at Tina as she tried despreatly to breath during in imaginable pain as Bob decided to add to the mix turning Stone as the last of his shut covered Tina’s face and hair sorta like poop frosting on vomit cake. Tina was dead inside gaziantep anal yapan escort she didn’t v even scream as her father forced yet another ingredient onto the abuse cake shitting all over Tina’s head.

” Oh Tina ” Lynda panted as she whipped the vomited from her own eyes using her feet she kicked Tina as hard as she could over and over again until she slid off of Bobs dick onto the floor. All Tina could do was moan he traditional moan completely disgusted and pain for sing through her destroyed body she laid in a large pool of vomited girl and man sex juice . blinded by the vomit in her eyes the tears early missed by the chunks of burger expelled on her face. Bob looked at Lynda ” guess will have to down up ”

Suddenly a fart could be heard as Gene walked into the room and screamed before saying ” God what the hell happened her did Bob sabot visit ” . Lynda looked at Bob ” oh bobby I don’t think we have to clean any thing up “. She smiled as Bob and Lynda smiled at each other and Bob said to gene ” gene how many times not to make saggot jokes ” . gene looked panicked as his father walked towards him shit running down his legs and his mother dripping with vomited both got closer and closer to him. Lynda looked at him ” now honey mommy and daddy are covers in disgust you are gonna clean us and the room up” . she smilied through the vomit as gene hit the wall age said ” um with um what ” Bob answered saying ” your tounge ” he grabbed the boys shoulders forcefully as he said ” mommy and daddy are gonna rape you gene. ” then him and Lynda bursted laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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