Bob , Nikki’s Story – Ch. 02

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She moved flatter still and at the same time took a hold of his waist with her left hand and began to pull him over on top of her. She was ecstatic that he was not resisting her. She placed the head of his dick at her entrance and began to buck up toward him. She felt him moving also and as a result, suddenly there was about an inch of his cock inside her. She relaxed and a little more of it moved into her vagina. Bob was moving now too, the movements of lovemaking taking over in an instinctive way. He was actually fucking his little sister. Putting a little more of his huge cock into her with each little thrust.

” Oh God Nick, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I know this is wrong but I just can’t stop. You are so beautiful and sexy and I want you so bad. Please forgive me but I can’t stop,” Bob said.

“Bobby, my sweet Bobby, I don’t want you to stop and you don’t have to apologize. I’ve wanted you for a long time. I think for years actually, though I didn’t realize it at the time. I’m so happy that you are my first.”

“Then you are a virgin! Or I should say you were a virgin. Does it hurt, does it feel like you are bleeding or anything,” Bob asked.

“No silly,” Nicki replied, ” I was so wet that there was hardly any pain at all. It feels awfully full but it is so good, oh Bobby, I love having your cock in me. I love fucking you. Oh Bobby fuck me, fuck my pussy good.”

Bob continued to push slowly, withdrawing only slightly, then pushing again, finally lodging himself fully into her molten pussy.

Nicole grunted as he continued his advance. Finally she could feel his balls up against her ass.

“Nicki, it feels so tight and hot, just like velvet. I won’t be able to last long baby, I know I’ll cum quick.”

“It’s OK Bobby, cum for me please.”

“Are you on birth control, ” he inquired, ” do I need to pull out?”

“I just finished my period sweetheart, It’s alright, you can cum in me, I won’t get pregnant.”

Bob picked up the pace, moving rapidly, thrusting deep into her pussy and then almost withdrawing, only to push it back in, the tip reaching her cervix.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, oh Bobby, fuck it, fuck that little pussy, fuck your baby sister until she can’t stand it anymore. “

Bob was slamming it into her now. Her pussy had opened and adjusted to his size though it was still extremely tight but comfortable. She was juicing great, her secretions bathing his cock in lady juice.

“Nicki, oh Nicki, I love you so much, I can’t get enough of you. I wish we could stay here and just fuck forever.”

“Bobby, I love you too baby, I love you so much, I want to just keep fucking you and fucking you. Fuck me hard Bobby, fuck my pussy hard, oh Bobby, fuck me harder, fuck me fast, oh Bobby I think I’m gonna cum!”

“Nick! Yes baby, cum with me, cum with me, I’m gonna cum soon.”

Bob was pumping her hard now, very hard, the couch was shaking, it seemed the whole world was shaking. It was about to happen. Suddenly, he could feel a difference in her pussy. It was if it were quivering, then it clamped down on him and he knew she was cumming.

” I’m cumming she screamed, Oh Bobby, I’m cumming hard. “

At this moment he could feel the sperm beginning to erupt from his cock, spraying the inside of his sister’s vaginal canal with his potent sperm. He hoped that she was right about not getting pregnant because he was really filling her up.

“Bobby, she half whispered, it feels like it’s clear up in my belly. Oh baby, I can feel it squirting up in me. I love it my sweetheart, I just love it. Promise me we will fuck at least once every day. I could spend the rest of my life fucking my big brother.”

“Nick, I know that we can never go back. I know I should say that we will never do this again but that would be a lie. Yes sweetheart, we will, but we must also be very careful. You know that. Think what would happen if Mom or Dad found out. They would probably kill me. Yes baby, we’ll continue to fuck, I guarantee that, but we must find the time only when it’s safe. Speaking of safe, I’ll run to the store tomorrow and buy myself some condoms. We sure can’t afford for a pregnancy to occur. Right? “

“Yes Bobby, I guess you’re right, but I like to feel bare cock, not something encased in some kind of rubber or plastic. “

For some reason as his cock receeded and moved from her vagina with a plop he decided to reach up and tickle her like when they were little. He reached up and began to tickle her under her left arm, she reacted immediately.

“Bobby'” she squealed, ” what are you doing. ” She was giggling and trying to move away from him. He continued and then suddenly stopped as he remembered her injured ankle. Just as suddenly she jumped up and ran from the room with not the slightest limp.

” Hey you,” as he ran after her, ” what about your ankle? He chased her toward the family room. “What did you pull on me you little turd?”

He caught her halfway across the family room and hugged casino siteleri her from behind in order to stop her.

“What the hell is going on girl? I thought you hurt your ankle. Did you just fake that? Why?”

She stopped struggling against him, turned her head toward him smiling broadly, ” and it worked too, didn’t it. You were so worried about me, you couldn’t even think straight. All you knew was that your baby sister was hurt, and before it was over, I got you to fuck me didn’t I, hmmm? Didn’t I Bobby?”

He admitted inwardly that she was right. It had worked exactly as she had wanted it too. At the same time he realized that they were both naked still and he had his crotch pasted right up against her ass, and she had taken the opportunity to start slowly moving it side to side, just an inch or so at a time but enough that his cock was starting to come alive again.

“You little tease, yep, you got what you wanted, now you may get more than you want.”

“Oh Bobby, I’m beginning to feel exactly what I want. Are you going to take me right here? You gonna put that big cock of yours in my little pussy again and fuck me with it?”

“Well sweetie, it’s not that little. It wasn’t to begin with and it sure isn’t now. Now spread your legs a little and bend over the end of the couch there,” he instructed her as he moved closer to her placing his cock at the entrance to her love tunnel. He began to push, feeling the tightness of her pussy that she still possessed. She was soaking wet and for that reason, tight as she was, he still was able to enter her completely.

“Oh Bobby, fuck it baby, fuck it good,” she moaned as he began sawing in and out of his recently deflowered virgin sister.

She was so good, so hot. She had started moving her ass pumping up against him and at the same time revolving it just a little. She was the hottest piece of ass he had ever seen. He was slamming into her so hard now that the couch was beginning to scoot just a little with each thrust. She was playing with her nipples, pulling and pinching them as hard as she could stand. She had juiced so much that you could hear it squishing every time he hammered her.

“I love you Bobby, I love you so much. Just keep fucking me, please just fuck me forever, I want to fuck you in every position there is. Oh baby, do it, do it hard, make me cum again, shoot your juice in me baby, squirt it up in my pussy, oh God, here it is, here it cums.”

With that she jerked her ass back hard, driving him as deep as he had yet been in her. He felt like he was clear up into her womb. His balls clenched and then the journey began. He could feel his sperm, heading for the end of his cock and then Nicki’s pussy.

” Oh baby, here it comes, I’m gonna shoot, oh baby I’m gonna cum! “, he began to cum, firing strings of his hot cum up into her dainty pussy, feeling his cock spasming like he had never felt before.

“Bobby! It feels like a gallon!”

“Oh sweetie,” he moaned, coming down off of the high of cumming so hard, his cock was still throbbing, depositing little strings of cum now, just inside the entrance to her pussy. “Baby, for someone just beginning you are one hell of a lover.”

Nicole grinned widely. “Do you really feel that way Bobby? Have I really been fucking you good? You aren’t just saying that?”

“Nick, I mean every word, I swear. I realize that I haven’t had a whole bunch of girls in my bed but I’ve had enough to know how great you are. “

He backed away from her and as he did so his sperm began to drip rapidly from her reddened and still gaping pussy.

“Bob, you better get something to wipe that up, ” she gasped, “It’s running everywhere baby. It feels like it’s running from up in my belly all the way down. How much of that stuff did you shoot in there anyway?”

Bob returned with a roll of paper towels from the kitchen.

“I guess it was enough wasn’t it? This stuff will wipe up easily from the wood floor but it’s dripping down the side of the couch too. How we gonna explain that sister dear?” With that he also wadded up some paper towel and jammed it up between her legs. “We might as well shut off the source too shouldn’t we?”

Nicole rolled slightly, turning in the process and seated herself on the couch, leaning back almost into a reclining position. “Mmmmm, I feel dreamy. So relaxed, so well fucked. I not only have a brother, I’ve got a real life, good looking, walkin and talkin stud, and I do mean stud!”

Bob chuckled as he walked from the room, taking his paper towels and the ones they had used with him. His sperm had a very strong and recognizable odor to it. He put it in the kitchen trash but pushed the wad of used towels down past the other trash in the can, on towards the bottom. In this way he felt sure that no one would notice it or smell it.

He returned to the family room only to find that his sister had relaxed so much that she had drifted off to sleep. He watched her sleeping. She was so beautiful. A canlı casino pang of guilt stabbed at him still. He was desperately hot for her, he just couldn’t help it. He didn’t know where it would all lead but there was no way he could quit fucking her, not now. He reached down with his powerful arms and lifted her off the couch, carrying her down the hallway to her bedroom. As he laid her on the bed she awakened.

“Bobby, let’s fuck again, OK?”

“No Nicky, not now. You need to get some nightclothes on and get under the covers. This has been a big day for you and Mom and Dad will be here within the next hour or so. I’ll see you in the morning babe.”

He kissed her gently and she moaned, reaching to squeeze his cock through his jockey shorts that he had put on in the family room.

“Nope, not now Nick, not now. Now c’mon, get your PJ’s on and get in bed.”

Nicole let out a sigh and turned, walking to her dresser to retrieve her pajamas.

“OK this time Bobby, but I’ll be ready to fuck by tomorrow, I’m telling you that.”

“Whatever baby doll, now get a good night’s sleep. “

He closed her door quietly and walked to his own room. He put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and slipped into his moccasins. He began a deliberate and slow search of the rooms, making certain that he and Nicole had left no trace of what they had done. He was startled to discover that they had done nothing about the mixed cum from him and Nicole that had run down the end of the couch. He grabbed the towels again as well as some cleaner from under the sink and went to work on the evidence. He needed to get the sex smell out of the room too. After cleaning he went to his room and retrieved a cigar that he had put in his desk drawer last week. His mother hated for him to smoke but the cigar would serve a different purpose this time. She would smell that rather than evidence of what had gone on earlier. After a brief smoke, enough to stink up the room he walked to the bathroom, tossed the cigar into the bowl and flushed. It had served its purpose. He walked to his room, turned back his bed and slid in between the sheets. They felt cool to the touch, which refreshed him to an extent. He thought about all that had transpired during the day. It was hard for him to believe. His sister had tricked him, let’s face it, she had seduced him. He hated to admit to himself that he was happy that she had done so. They had entered dangerous waters and he hoped that he would be able to navigate them through those waters in a satisfactory manner. Robert drifted off to sleep realizing that he too was very tired.

The days seemed to fly by. Nicole and Bob were not able to have sex every day as she had promised. Bob had purchased a supply of condoms and was surprised at how quickly the supply was diminishing. He saw to it that they did nothing that would arouse any suspicions. He continually cautioned her about showing too much affection toward him He even started a couple of arguments with her to make things seem normal. At first she seemed hurt but later he took her aside and quietly explained it to her, she understood and then grabbed a quick squeeze of his cock.

Bob spent a lot of time in the basement, lifting weights. This diverted his mind from thinking about Nicole and their sexual activities. He was still concerned. This situation could not go on forever. At the back of his mind he harbored the idea of moving away with her, establishing themselves as husband and wife. He immediately discarded the thought. He could never do that to his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or whomever. It would be a disaster for them. He decided to quit thinking about it, if that was possible.

The holidays approached and they were deep into winter. Bob and Nicole managed to find times to get together for sex, particularly during the holiday season when their parents attended quite a number of parties.

Nicole realized that her Mother was working today and her Dad wasn’t due for almost three hours. She decided to hunt for her brother. She searched the entire house with no luck. Then she heard the clink of weights, coming from the basement. She went to her room, intending to change out of her skirt and put on a pair of shorts, then changed her mind. She took off her shoes and socks and placed her feet in a pair of slippers. She took off her shirt, then her bra and put her shirt back on. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Just before leaving her room, she removed her panties.

She crept quietly down the stairs, careful to make no noise. He was lifting with his back to her, the muscles in his back rippling. She was shocked at just how muscular he was. He was wearing the lifting outfit that he had also used in wrestling. His butt cheeks were peeking from the suit and she felt a tingle between her legs. It had been almost a week since they had been together sexually. He must have sensed her presence. He turned and peered into the dark corner in which she had been standing.

“Is someone there? kaçak casino Nicole is that you?”

She walked slowly toward him. ” Well, I heard you lifting your weights and I thought I would like to watch a little. I’ve never seen you work out down here.”

She glanced at his crotch. He had everything stuffed into the brief shorts and his package looked enormous, but then she knew that it really was.

“You sure that’s the only reason you came down here,” he said grinning, ” do you think that you can just watch?”

“Of course I can, that’s what I came down here for.”

Bob was a little perplexed. It had been all week since they had gone at each other. He wondered if she was tiring of their sexual activities. He turned and bent over to lift some more.

“Can I try to lift that Bob?, she asked.

“Oh c’mon Nicki, there’s no way you can lift that, it’s over 200 pounds.”

“Well, aren’t you even going to let me try?”

“Sure Nick, go ahead, ” he replied with a laugh in his voice.

She walked over, squatted slightly and tried to lift it, not causing it to budge even slightly.

“You get behind me. I know it’s because I can see you watching me.”

“OK Nick, whatever you say, ” Bob replied,once again laughing.

He had fallen completely into her trap. When she knew for sure that he was behind her, instead of squatting and trying to lift with her legs she merely bent straight over. In doing so of course her shirt rode up completely, exposing her ass to him. She had purposely widened her stance and she knew that her pussy with its dark hair was also completely on view. She remained in that position, not even attempting to lift the weight.

“Oh God Nicky, you little tease. I should have known.” His cock was quickly filling with blood. Straining against the fabric of his workout clothes.

He approached her, pulling his clothing down and freeing his cock as he walked. He found himself against her and could feel the heat from her pussy.

“I am so glad you came down here Nicky, so glad.”

He put his cock at her entrance and pushed feeling the heat of her now, feeling her pussy walls pushing out their juice, enveloping his cock in that wonderful fluid. He began the familiar movements, back and forth, first deep into her pussy then retreating almost to the entrance and then back deep, filling the length of her pussy with his rigid cock.

Nicole reached under herself with her right hand as she steadied herself with her left hand on the apparatus that normally held Bob’s weights. She began to rub her clit which was standing up in the middle of her pussy, begging for some relief.

“Oh Nicki, you feel so good this afternoon. You’re so wet baby, so tight and wet.”

He realized that Nicki was now rubbing herself furiously, moving her ass around, moaning with his continued attention. He bent over slightly and started playing with her tits. Her nipples were like rocks or little marbles.

“Baby, you’re so good,” he said to her, “I’m not going to last very long Nicki, that pussy of yours has really got me going this afternoon. Nick, oh baby, I don’t have a condom on. Are you okay, is your cycle where it should be?”

“Um, uh, yes, yes it’s OK baby, just keep fucking, I’m getting close too.”

With that she began to whine. He knew she was trying to keep from screaming. Her hand was flying and he could feel her pussy starting to spasm. He pumped two or three more times and groaned loudly, starting to shoot into her pussy with velocity, still pumping away, but ejaculating strongly.

As they finally relaxed she turned and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

“Bobby that was wonderful, I love it when we fuck each other. When we’re doing it I don’t want it to ever end.”

“It was wonderful Nick, I never get tired of your pussy, never will either.”

“One thing Bobby, this will be a lot easier to clean up being a concrete floor and all. All your athletic equipment smell a little sweaty too so we don’t have to worry about any sex odor,” she said laughing.

“You go back up sweetie, I’ll clean it up. I want to do a little bit of speed bag work then I’ll hit the shower. We got to make everything look good.”

Bob straightened everything up and did work out a little on the speed bag but couldn’t quit thinking about the fact that he had cum in his sister and now that he thought about it, her assurances that everything was OK didn’t seem quite so certain. In retrospect, she had not seemed that positive in her reply.

By now the days were growing longer and it was evident that spring was on the way. Robert and Nicole continued to enjoy the carnal pleasures of their illicit relationship though it had settled down some, into a deeper more personal type of sex, loving and caring for each other in the most tender yet sexy way. Then on the 3rd day of March, the hammer dropped.

Nicole hesitated at her brother’s bedroom door then knocked softly.

“C’mon in Sis.” He knew it had to be her as there was no one else at home yet.

The door opened slowly and his sister entered his room just as she had done on a regular basis for the past few months. She was pensively chewing on her lower lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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