Bobby and Diane

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Bobby was 18. Diane was 49. They met at the bar where she worked.

He would come in and usually just get a beer or two. Bobby noticed Diane’s motherly hips, her ass. He was attracted to older women. She would talk about her daughters and her life being divorced, and as Bobby watched her over the weeks, from close up and afar, he was getting very aroused at the sight of this middle-aged mother.

She was a hot motherly type; this night she was wearing a denim skirt, with small leather boots. He couldn’t help eyeing the cellulite on her otherwise hot, bare thighs. This made him extremely hot. He began fantasizing what her panties looked like under that skirt. In the course of their conversation, he lied and told her he was 26. He was currently living with his mother to “help her out.” He got up the courage to ask her to a baseball game. Diane was initially non-committal, she thought he was very young, too young, but finally agreed.

Bobby took Diane to the baseball game and slowly got her drunk and they returned to his mother’s house. Bobby’s mother was gone for the weekend so he had the place to himself.

He guided Diane to the doorway of his mother’s house, stopping to kiss Diane, slipping his tongue into her mouth and fondling her motherly hips.

Once inside, they sat on the couch and were making out hot and heavily. He then maneuvered her to his mom’s room, and to her bed, where they sat on the edge and continued to kiss passionately.

Diane was inwardly nervous as she feared she was going a little too far with this young man, she had thought he was nice, but she felt old enough to be his mother. She could have done with just a little peck on the cheek and a goodnight but it appeared the young man had other plans. She didn’t want to disappoint the sweet young boy.

Now, she was sitting on his mother’s bed and he was moving his hand up her skirt!

Diane was getting aroused; she always thought she’d have a son in addition to her two daughters…but she divorced her husband before they could have another child. Sometimes her thoughts had turned naughty when she got really horny. She’d often fantasized that she had a son, and she secretly fantasized about flashing this ‘son,’ exposing her panties “innocently” as she bent over doing daily housework. She fantasized catching her ‘son’ jerking off in his room after watching his mother “innocently” bending over, and maybe coercing him into having sexual contact with her!

As she thought, she got more and more turned on with the thought that she was old enough to be this young man’s mother and they were sexually lusting on the young man’s mothers’ bed and soon he had her hands in his and he was guiding them to his now exposed cock. She fantasized being this young man’s mother and it aroused her greatly.

She looked down and görükle escort watched as he made her slowly jerk off his young cock. She gasped lightly when she saw what he was doing with her, and when he heard her gasp it made his already hard cock harder! He licked and kissed her neck. She began breathing heavily; the thought that this was her ‘son’ made her think obscene lascivious thoughts.

In time, during this increasingly obscene kissing session with the young man, his right hand went to the back of her head, lightly directing her to bend over his young cock. Diane resisted a little and then he got her to take it into her mouth. “I guess this will be okay, if we just do it a little, “Diane thought, naively. She began to lick his cock, slowly at first, then speeding up a little. He had her hair in his hand. She was about his mother’s age, and it aroused him that he was getting someone his mother’s age to suck his cock!

Diane listened to the boy moaning softly. She was conflicted. She knew she really shouldn’t be doing this with this young man, especially on his mother’s bed! It might damage him in some way. But, at the same time, she had his young, hard cock in her mouth, and she was very turned on by it. She took her mouth off his cock momentarily and looked up at the boy. Their eyes met.

It was extremely arousing for the young man looking down and seeing this mature mother holding his cock…and seeing that she was a little conflicted with what they were doing! She wasn’t sure this was right! This thrilled and aroused him more because her conflict told him that what they were doing was wrong; this much older woman, old enough to be his mother, was letting a much younger man guide her into sexual play, like licking his cock, and she felt…guilty about this!

The boy looked so innocent, she thought. He was very aroused and excited with what he was getting Diane to do. Despite having conflicted thoughts about her immoral actions, she reached around, undid her dress, letting her small tits sag before the young man, letting him see her tits contained in the tight bra she wore.

She wanted to do something for the boy, so she slowly coerced him to lay back and then she straddled the boy’s chest. She had fantasized in the past about her ‘son’ sneaking peeks of her and then masturbating furiously to this fantasy, and she often thought that some real mothers must know that their sons, in their growing sexuality, would become interested in them as sexual objects.

Some mothers must have suspected their sons of having sneaked peaks of them in tight shorts around the house, and had gotten sexually aroused in secret, so she was giving this young man a real life fantasy that she believed all young sons had for their mothers, and as she straddled him she saw that it was indeed eskort bayan working; the young man gasped as she reached back and felt the full hardness of his young cock!

He began licking the crotch of her panties as she reached back and caressed his cock. He then parted her panties and now had his tongue on her cunt and Diane moaned lowly and this had the effect of further arousing the young man and making him lick her harder and Diane became wet as the young boy licked her with his tongue.

“Oh…this is so bad…you are such a naughty boy…” Diane whispered.

Diane was moaning erotically, making the teenager hot with excitement as she leaned back, and pulling up and down on his cock, the young man licking the folds of her hot cunt as she straddled his face. She hadn’t done something like this with a man since before she was married. It thrilled her, exciting a young man with this obscene sexual position!

He’d probably never done this before, and she felt wicked knowing she was probably teaching him something new. She suddenly felt that this was too much for this young man, it was too, “perverted” she thought, feeling that at her age, she shouldn’t be enticing a young man with this, especially given that they were on the young man’s mothers’ bed, and thinking that this might cause a conflict in the young man’s psyche with his mother later on.

As the young boy continued to moan, Diane became conflicted again. On the one hand, it felt good getting her pussy licked by this boy, young enough to be her son. He had both of his hands on her hips as she straddled him, wagging her hot pantied cunt in his face. Then she thought, ‘this is too much exposure, a young man getting such a perverted view of a woman in her panties, a woman his mother’s age, and doing it all on his mother’s own bed!’

As Diane thought, she let out a low sympathetic moan, thinking of the boy, thinking how she must be setting up terrible psychic conflicts within him as he lay there with a woman old enough to be his mother, straddling him in a sexual way and yet giving him the thrill of a lifetime. And despite her reservations, she too found it perversely thrilling, straddling a young man’s naked chest like this, giving him a perverted view up a much older woman’s pantied cunt.

Her heart beat wildly when she fantasized the boy as her own son! She even fantasized that this would spur the young man to later try to somehow get his own mother to do the things they were doing, to seduce his mother into doing wicked things with him!

Bobby was mesmerized and aggressively aroused and was turned on by the fact that he was getting this mother of three to engage in lewd sexual acts with him on his mother’s bed.

When he heard Diane’s low moan, he licked her pantied cunt harder, and altıparmak escort placed his hand on hers as she slowly jacked his cock behind her.

After a time, Diane began thinking that the “luridness” of this sexual position was going to make the boy cum too quickly, so she hopped off the boy and positioned herself on all fours as the boy looked on in lust. Diane assumed a doggy position on his mother’s bed. This was a more conventional sexual position, not one that was too pornographic.

She looked sweet and motherly on her knees in tight panties though, and the man was already conflating Diane with his own mother and wondering what sexual things his mother did for dates when she went out. He pictured his mother straddling a young guy much like himself, giving her date an amazing look up her pantied cunt as he ate her out and she jerked on his cock!

Diane looked back at him, gave him a look of pleading as she pulled her panties to the side, revealing a lascivious look at her naked, hairy cunt! He turned his focus from his own mother’s sexual acts, to Diane, who was on all fours before him , exposing her wet hot cunt, and ready for a hard doggie-style fucking!

He briefly bent down to smell her cunt, licking her asshole lightly from behind, before tonguing her pussy roughly. Diane was overcome with arousal at the boy’s obscene act, and moaned loudly. “Oh, you naughty boy…you’re being a dirty, naughty boy right now…” she whispered hoarsely.

He parted her panties to the side and put his cock into her. He slid it in slowly; it was lubed with his pre-cum. He was ecstatic when Diane let out a low, guttural moan as his cock slid into her. He could smell her sexual excitement. He watched it as he slowly fucked into her, watching her ass cheeks spreading as he grabbed her hips, moving to the rhythm of their fucking, and then the view of her pussy with his cock in it.

“You like that?” the young man whispered.

He could smell her pussy as she rocked back and forth on his young cock. They sped up as the boy began fucking her with his hard cock, holding her motherly hips in his hands. Diane fucked the young boy’s cock, giving him a very adult style of fucking. He seemed experienced and talented with his cock, turning her sideways, then holding her up so she was leaning back into him as he fucked up into her, sticking his tongue into her mouth, and fingering her cunt as they fucked lewdly, and then pushed her down, doggie fucking her with her head against the bed.

It was a hot 20 minutes for the young man, of Diane moaning sexually, the sight of him in a mirror opposite the bed, actually fucking an older woman doggie-style, on his mother’s bed!

He finally pulled out and shot his cum all over Diane’s panties. They both moaned loudly as the boy’s cum shot out on Diane’s ass! Diane had looked back to watch the young man’s spurting cock and was shocked at this act from someone she thought of as young! The next morning Diane awoke and felt a little shameful and guilty of the things she had allowed the young man to commit with her, on his mother’s bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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