Borders’ Delight

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(My thanks to Lord Thelonius Porksword for guest editing.)


I turned 18 years old five days before I started my senior year of high school. It’s so hard being eighteen, but still living at home and being in high school. For example:

Last Thursday, I was sitting in the cafe at Borders’ sipping on my coffee and reading a book on 101 ways to give a blow job. I’ve found it’s a great place to meet more mature men. I’ve just gotten so tired of high school boys. So I told Daddy that I needed to get a book for school and off I went. I wore one of my almost ass-baring denim skirts, a baggy sweatshirt, and some flip flops. As soon as I got in the car, I ditched the sweatshirt. Underneath I had on a tight plunging v-neck that I thought nicely showcased my DD tits. Under my skirt I had on a lacy little pink thong that matched my bra from Victoria’s Secret. When I got to the parking lot, I switched my flip flops for a pair of “come fuck me” heels I’d hidden under the front seat.

I touched up my makeup, slid out of the car, and sashayed my ass into the store. As I browsed the books, trying to decide what to read that night, I was careful to bend just enough to show the bottom of my ass cheeks, but not my whole pussy to anybody walking by. I chose the book on blow jobs and a book of women’s erotica.

Next I went to the cafe and ordered a coffee and selected a seat with a good poker oyna view. It provided any “prospects” with whom I wanted to flirt a good view of me–all of me. Whenever a man of interest would sit down in my line of vision, I’d uncross my legs and open them just wide enough to give him a nice glimpse, before I crossed them again. Then I’d look up and make eye contact with him–my baby blues inviting him to drink in the whole package. Then, I’d lick my lips, or put my finger in my mouth and longingly suck it. Next I’d uncross my legs again, spreading them just enough so he could see that there was just a bit of lace and a string between him and my pussy. Finally, I’d lean forward a bit to “read,” letting my cleavage press against the confines of my shirt.

It usually didn’t take long for the guys to get a twitch in their pants. It was fun to watch. I felt sort of powerful…definitely sexy.

Things were pretty slow that night and I got absorbed in reading about how to tongue flick a man’s v-spot while stimulating his g-spot. I was getting pretty wet thinking about it and squirming in my seat, when all of the sudden there was a hand on my shoulder and a very familiar voice.

“Ali! What in the hell do you think you’re doing? I expected you home two hours ago! I thought you needed a book for school? You have some serious explaining to do young lady…or should I say slut? Where’s your canlı poker oyna sweatshirt? You aren’t even clothed decently!”

It was my Daddy.

‘Shit, what was he doing here?’ I thought.

Meanwhile, I was trying to pull my skirt down as far as possible, but that was hopeless because every time I pulled it down, it left a gap between my shirt and skirt. “Get up! I’m taking you home.”

I got my purse and started for the door.

Daddy grabbed my arm, “Didn’t you forget something? You need to buy your books.”

“But Daddy, I was just reading them. I didn’t plan on…”

He never let me finish. “Shut up! I said you need to buy them. If you’re old enough to sit here spreading your legs for any man that comes along, you’re old enough to pay for your trash reading. Now go pay for your books, before I turn you over my knee right here and spank you.”

Daddy’s voice was very stern, yet there was an electricity in it that made me tingle despite my fear. I quickly looked at the price on the books and realized that the new mini skirt I’d had my eye on at Hollister would have to wait a couple more weeks. I was going to have just enough money to cover this purchase. I picked up the books and Daddy took me by the arm, leading me to the register.

For a minute at the check-out, I forgot Daddy was there. Danny Masters, who graduated two years ago was working internet casino the register. Now Danny was a fine specimen of a man. As he looked at me, I could see he thought I was one hot girl that he’d definitely like to fuck. I could see the life in his pants as I stepped to the register and he undressed me with his eyes. He checked out the titles of my books and said that my boyfriend was a lucky guy. Then he suggested another book about blow jobs that he thought was fabulous. We were getting lost in our flirtations, when Daddy suddenly walked up behind me and thrust both of his hands up my shirt grabbing my ample breasts as he pulled my ass against his crotch! Oh my! My Daddy had a raging hard-on!

Daddy looked at Danny’s name badge, “Well Danny, it sounds like you kids are having a great time, but I’ve really got to get Ali home now. It’s time for her punishment. She won’t be in for a few weeks. Good night.”

Daddy walked me all the way to the car pulling me onto his erection by my breasts. At the car he pressed me against the hood and pushed me down onto it, causing my skirt to raise up, exposing my womanhood. I was covered by a triangle of lace and a string that was like dental floss in my ass-crack. Without any warning, Daddy thrust two fingers deep inside my pussy and I almost creamed myself right then. “What a slut you are! Your pussy is dripping, you’re ready to cum even for your Daddy. Your underwear leaves nothing to the imagination!”

Then *swat* and another *swat*.

“My baby girl obviously has a few things to learn.” With that he ripped off my underwear and told me to get in the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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