Boring Night Gets Better

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Late one Saturday evening I was sitting at home bored with nothing to do. I had already flipped through every channel and ran through all the videos I had owned and decided that I should go for a drive to the local sex shop for maybe a new video. I arrived at some out of the way place tucked back off a dirt road. There was one other car in the lot as I pulled in. I walk in and see the clerk at the front. She was a bit on the freaky side wearing her straight hair down past the middle of her back and was colored with red and blue streaks. She barely looked at me from her book of fantasies that she was heavily involved in.

“You got twenty minutes till closing time”, she said with a snarl.

I walk into the store toward the magazines. After thumbing through some huge pictorials I made my way to the videos when a long corridor caught my eye. I walk down the dark hallway to find two doors both closed. Through one door I hear a woman’s voice talking to someone about sucking cock and getting fucked. I assumed these were those movie booths I heard about. Just as I was about torn the knob I heard a mans voice moaning also. Intrigued, I pushed my ear to the door and had a listen. Yes there was a movie playing as the corny music gave it away but the action on the other side was no mistaken that there were a few people enjoying the show and each other.

I ended up grabbing the door to the next room and quickly sat in the chair ready to pump a few coins into the video machine casino oyna when I noticed a hole. I looked into the hole in the wall and saw directly next door. To my shock I was right at what I thought I heard. A man, a bit older was sitting in a chair with his jeans around his ankles. Between his legs was a older woman, kneeling in front with her head bobbing up and down. I can only assume that she was relieving this guys pressure from watching this flick.

Feeling a bit of arousal myself I undo my zipper and yank out my stiffening member. With my fist around my manhood I started pumping my cock while watching her head bob up and down. The noises of the slurping and of the porn blasting out of the room were getting to me. Before I knew what was happening I felt a hand replacing mine. I jumped back to see that freaky girl from upfront stroking my cock slowly as a smile ran over her face. My cock seemed to have gotten harder as she spat on the tip. Her spit dribbled down my shaft and to my balls where she ran her tongue over them to catch it. Her pierced tongue ran up along side my shaft before sucking my tip in her mouth. Her one hand stroking as she sucked me while her other was under her skirt feverishly fingering her pussy. I quickly returned my eye to the scene where the woman now was riding this guy facing the hole. I had a feeling she knew she was being watched as she stared at the hole and smiled moving her hips harder and fucking this guy deep.

Meanwhile the little canlı casino cocksucker going at it on me was really getting to me as I felt my cum start to boil in my balls. I backed off and stood her up in front of me taking her hand and sucking her fingertips into my mouth tasting her sweet nectar. I turned her around and bent her over towards the wall where I hoisted her skirt up and pushed her thong panties to the side. What a perfect ass on this girl and what an even prettier pussy. Perfectly shaved and totally wet. I pushed my face between those lovely ass cheeks, sliding my tongue out over her asshole before running it down to her wet slit. She flooded my mouth with her juices as I hungrily lapped up her mess. With my tongue working her holes I suddenly heard a slurping sound. I brought my face up and saw her sucking the guy next doors cock through the hole. The woman next door must have told him about their watchers. Just as I returned my attention to her tight ass I again felt the wet sensation over my cock. Sure enough the woman next door was downing my meat making it sloppy wet. Was I in a dream I thought as the girl’s ass I was eating was starting to shake. I focused back to her clit where she erupted squirting her love juice all over my face. The woman sucking my cock jumped up and started to lick my lips and chin where this girl’s pussy juice was. Just as she finished cumming I heard the guy yell out as he filled the girls mouth with his seed. She accepted it swallowing kaçak casino some of it and holding a good amount in her mouth. She turned to me to show me the white spunk overflowing her lips and went to kiss the older woman. They exchanged the mans seed before swallowing it down.

By now my cock was so hard I thought I would explode. The older woman laid me down on the cold floor and straddled my face forcing her dripping wet pussy on my lips. Before I could protest the girl slid down on my cock with ease. Her pussy was warm and so inviting. She road me like there was no tomorrow yelling obscenities to anyone who would listen. I was so into eating this woman’s sweet pussy that I didn’t even see the guy from next door feeding the woman his limp cock. My luck was getting better by the minute when the girl jumped off me and bent over the chair. The older woman jumped up also and brought me to my feet guiding me to the girls waiting pussy by my cock. I filled her up banging her hard as she gripped the chair tight, moaning hard and loud as she again came hard squirting once again on my thrusting cock.

“Fill me up now”, she yelled as I obeyed her command shooting my seed into this girl’s hot pussy. She screamed in pleasure when she felt me fill her tiny pussy with my cum. As I settled down the older woman dropped to her knees and sucked my cock clean before pushing her face into the girls pussy eating my cum from her used twat. What a sight. After a few minutes I got dressed as the two kissed. I thanked them both, tipped my hat to the guy and walked out the back door since they had closed over an hour ago.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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