Born to Love Ch. 03

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I woke up to the morning sun shining on my face. Thinking about last night and the way Michael touched me with such tenderness made me feel loved. Even now laying in bed with Michael’s arm draped over my waist I could feel his warmth.

I turned over and ran my fingers through his hair lightly. He looked like an angel sleeping soundly. I couldn’t help but think about how handsome he was and how we were finally together. It almost felt like one of my many dreams where we were together and happy.

“This all seems so real..” I whispered to myself as I continued to play with his hair so caught up in my brother that I didn’t realize his breathing had changed.

“Maybe that’s because it is real.” Michael said as he opened his eyes and stroked my cheek with his thumb “Good morning, beautiful.”

My brother kissed me lightly on the lips and as he tried to pull back I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him on top of me kissing him passionately. I could feel his morning erection pushing into my stomach so I spread my legs for him.

“Please, Michael, make love to me again.” I was panting and grinding into my brother as I saw passion shine in his eyes.

“Rachel, I can’t think of anything I want more.” With that my brother stuck the head of his dick into my pussy and in one swift movement he was completely in.

“Oh, Michael! You’re so big but it feels so good.” I couldn’t hold back I was to excited. My brother was pumping into me hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clawed at his back. I was moaning and screaming So loud I’m sure my grandparents heard us but in that moment I didn’t care. The waves of pleasure were just ratting stronger everytime Michael pushed his dick into me.

“Michael, I’m gonna cum. Please, don’t stop.”

“Rachel, I’m almost there too. Oh, God…” With just a few more strokes we were both cumming. After our breathing got back to normal my brother lifted his head and kissed me tenderly for a few minutes.

“I think we should probably get cleaned up and head downstairs. I don’t know about you but I’m starving.” I said to my brother who gave me the biggest smile ever and kissed my nose.

“Yeah, you’re right. After the night and morning we just had I think we could really use a shower and some food.” Michael lifted off me took my hand as he led me out of bed and into the shower in my bathroom.

We casino oyna spent another hour in the bathroom touching and cleaning and making sure we were cleaned up and looked suitable before going down to see our grandparents. As we headed downstairs we could smell breakfast being made. Like every Saturday morning my grandfather was sitting in front of the TV with his lemonade watching a news program and my grandmother was in the kitchen. I walked straight into the kitchen and my brother went into the living room with our grandfather.

“Morning, Grams.” I said with a shy smile on my face.

“Good morning, honey. It sounded like you had quite a long night and morning too it seems.” my grandmother had a cocky smile on her face.

“Yes, I did. You know you’re being extremely calm about all this. You’re really not upset with Michael and I for doing this?”

“Darling, at first when I talked to your brother I will not lie it did upset me but the more he talked and the more I listened, I realized that he truly loves you. All I have ever wanted was for the two of you to be happy and if this makes you happy then so be it.” My grandmother gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I was glad she was willing to accept us as most people wouldn’t.

“Now, why don’t you help me set up the table so the men can join us for breakfast?” Grams asked me with a comforting smile on my face.

“Sure thing, Grams.” I grabbed the dishes, silverware and cups and set the table. We all ate breakfast together and talked about the end of the school year and what are plans were for the summer.

The rest of the day went smoothly we all did our usual chores and late in the afternoon I sat in the garage with Michael as he did some more work on the truck. Of course watching my brother all sweaty and topless working on the truck made me get all hot and bothered so we went back into the house and into my bedroom alittle sooner than expected. We spent another night making love and taking our time, appreciating each others body.


The next morning I woke up with my blanket wrapped around my tangled body. I stayed in bed a little longer than usual thinking about how Michael and I have changed so much but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my grandmother was hiding something. As thrilled as I was that she was taking everything so well between me and Michael, I couldn’t help canlı casino but feel alittle awkward about it.

I got out of bed and took a nice warm shower and changed into a pair of my favorite ripped jeans and a button up white shirt. I left a few buttons undone thinking about how Michael would react to it when he saw me.

Walking down the stairs I heard my grandmother in the kitchen. I went in and walked straight to the fridge and poured myself some lemonade.

“Morning Grams.”

“Goodmorning sweetheart. I take it you slept well last night?”

“Yeah. Have you seen Michael? When I woke up this morning he wasn’t with me.”

“Oh he went out with your grandfather to pick up some parts for the truck he’s been waiting for. Apparently the auto shop in town finally got them in stock.”

“Oh ok…” I sat down at the table watching my grandmother get things prepared for lunch later today and wondered what it is that she wasn’t telling me.

“Rachel if you think any harder your head might explode.” Grams said with a smile on her face. “Whats on your mind honey?”

“I was just wondering how you can take all this so calmly. I mean doesn’t it make you feel weird knowing that your grandchildren can’t keep their hands off each other.”

My grandmother suddenly stopped preparing lunch and came to sit next to me at the table she took my hand in hers, “Sweetheart, do you remember your Uncle William and your Aunt Beth? You met them when you were really little.”

I tried to think back and remember still wondering what thy had to do with Michael and I. “Not really I think I remember Aunt Beth because she looked alot like mom.”

“Well yourAunt Beth and your mom had alot of problems talking to each other. You see they use to be very close until your Aunt Beth started dating your Uncle William.”

My eyebrow raised wondering why a man would get in between them, “Did mom like Uncle William or something? And what does this have to do with Michael and I.”

“Well you see your mom was very old fashioned about some things and she got that from me. You see, your Uncle William and your Aunt Beth were brother and sister. When your mom found out they were dating her and Beth got into a huge fight and barely spoke to each other after that. Now, of course when Beth and William told your grandfather and I we were very upset as well but seeing how your kaçak casino mother and aunt arguing made me realize that I don’t want to lose either of you just because I wasn’t open about your relationship. Your aunt still feels terrible to this day that your mother and her never got on good terms before your parents passed away. So you see I will always love you and be open to you loving your brother because I refuse to lose either of you just like I refused to lose Beth and William. Of course, I was shocked and upset when you to came to me but having accepted William and Beth’s relationship it is easier to accept yours and Michael’s.”

I wiped away the tears that had fallen down my cheeks and hugged my grandmother closely. I was happy that she told me the truth but I felt very sad that Aunt Beth never got close to my mother after telling her about her relationship. Then I started thinking about how my parents would feel about Michael and I and I just started crying more.

My grandmother rubbed my back and told me she would always love me no matter what and holding her closely I knew she would.

“Grams?” I asked with tears still in my eyes.

“Yes dear?”

“Do you think mom and dad would hate me for being in love with Michael?”

Grams brushed away my tears and said “Sweetheart, I’m sure going through what your mother went through with Beth, she would have learned to understand and accept the love you have for your brother. I know where ever your parents are I’m sure that they are just happy knowing that you are happy with Michael and that he is a good man that can take care of you.”

I kissed her cheek and thanked her for telling me about my aunt and uncle and for the comfort she gave to me.

I went outside and sat on the porchswing waiting for my brother and grandfather to come home. I listened to the birds sing and the wind blow the wind chimes. I thought about the life that Michael and I could build together the possibility of having a home together even children in the future. I would love to give Michael children and imagined him coming home from work to me cooking dinner and kids running around the house.

An hour had passed and I was still deep in thought. I didn’t even hear my grandfather and brother pull up in the car. My brother walked on the porch and came to sit next to me on the swing. I leaned into his arms and he wrapped his arm around me holding my hand on his chest. He kissed me softly and together we just sat looking out onto the lake and hearing the sounds of nature knowing that this was just the beginning of a wonderful life together.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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