Born to Love Her Ch. 03

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Christmas of 2017 fell close to a weekend, so our family was set to spend that weekend at our family cabin. We all contributed to maintaining and paying for the cabin, sometimes renting it out in the summers to cover any extra costs that popped up. It isn’t that we had a lot of money as a family, but we did what we could to maintain the acquisition, which we gained by chance.

It was a nice cabin, with enough room for several people, if you counted the den as a bedroom, and most of the group were couples sharing a room. Obviously, our family knew nothing of me and my sister’s relationship, save for our cousin Kat, so we wouldn’t be sharing a room, and that actually bothered me.

I was riding with Krysta to ‘save gas’. At least, that was the excuse we both gave to our parents, when they realize she and I were going to arrive at the same time. Being required to come up with a cover story was something we knew we would need to get really good at, if we were going to keep this relationship a secret.

“So, are you gonna be able to handle not sleeping with me in the same bed, and hanging all over me like you do at my place?” I asked Krysta.

“No, I hate that we won’t be able to cuddle, or do couple things,” Krysta said.

I had said it to tease her, but I realized she was dead serious, and the solemn look on her face only added to my own despair about it.

“You could always sneak into my room,” I said with a smile.

“And get caught by mom, dad, grandma or grandpa?” Krysta said. “It’d be pretty awkward trying to explain why your dick is rock hard, and buried inside me.”

“It’s not what it looks like, mom,” I said. “See, Krysta and I were playing Truth or Dare, and we dared each other to get naked, and she tripped on my shoe, and fell on me this way.”

Krysta laughed, as did I.

“Right,” she said. “Oh, hi daddy… I know this looks bad, but we’re just rehearsing a play we were hired to do.”

“Or,” I said. “It’s a new cardio workout.”

“Well, it is cardio,” Krysta said. “Gets the blood pumping.”

“And so much cum.”

“Truth or Dare, bro?”

“In the car?” I questioned. I shifted in my seat, not sure what to expect.

“What’s the matter, are you chicken?” Krysta said.

“Oh now it’s on,” I laughed. “Dare.”

“I dare you to jerk off, right now in the car.”

“Jesus sis, I barely got any room,” I said. “I’ll jizz all over my clothes.”

“If you don’t do it, you know I’m just gonna pick something ultra embarrassing later,” Krysta said. We turned onto the road that lead up to the cabin. It wasn’t a private road, but it rarely had any traffic.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Does that mean you pass jerking off?”


“Then I’ll figure it out later,” she giggled.

“Okay,” I said. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Krysta said.

“I dare you to flash me right now.”

“Easy, since there’s nobody on the road,” she said, as she unzipped her coat, lifted her shirt and bra, and showed off her B-Cup tits. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said.

“You thinking about us fucking right now?” she said.

“Yeah, are you?” I said.

“Of course,” Krysta laughed. She peered over at me, then back at the road. “Hey, but seriously… I love you. You know that right?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I love you too.”

When we arrived at the cabin, the twins hadn’t gotten there yet; not much of a surprise since they lived further from it than we did, but I had to wonder what they would be doing, since Kat told us about her and her brother Ayden’s activities. Part of me thought maybe they’d be doing something as well, but then, it would be hard to get away with as many relatives that would be there.

After settling in, the twins arrived. I greeted them both, though Kat hugged me, and leaned close to my ear.

“Meet me in the den,” she whispered.

I nodded and smiled, as though she’d said something else. When our greetings were finished, I met Kat in the den. It was set aside from most of the cabin, just off the main room where the tree was. The den’s colors were darker, but felt very comfortable.

Kat closed the door, and leaned against it, then eyed me. She still had her coat on.

“What?” I asked with a smile.

She smiled and looked into my eyes.

“I haven’t been able to get what happened on Thanksgiving out of my head,” she said in hushed tones. “How you and Krysta are having sex, and how I caught you. I mean, I never thought I’d see your dick, especially pulling out of your sister.”

“Yeah, thanks for keeping our secret,” I said.

“Can I be honest with you, Andy?” she said.

“Sure,” I said.

“I have a crush on you,” she said. “I have for a while, actually, and I know you’re nine years older than me, but I thought you should know. It was just such a thrill to find out you were into incest like me. I was wondering, would this weekend be special-occasion enough for me to watch you guys?”

“I don’t know, it would be hard to set it up with as many people that will be casino şirketleri here,” I said.

“I can figure that part out,” Kat said.

“What’s Ayden think about you joining in?” I said.

“He wasn’t exactly happy that I told you guys about us having sex, to say nothing of either of us joining in or watching you guys,” Kat said.

“Pissed, huh?”

“Yeah, a little bit, but he got over it.”

“You cold?” I said, pointing to her coat.

“No,” she said, shook her head, and smiled, then unzipped it most of the way, showing off a bare set of C-cup tits.

“Why don’t you have a shirt on?” I said.

“Ayden and I stopped on the side of the road to have sex,” she said. “But, then we saw a car in the distance, and thought it could be our parents, so we had to get dressed really fast. I didn’t have time to put on a shirt… or underwear, just FYI.”

“Wow,” I smiled and suppressed a laugh.

“Wanna touch ’em?” she said.

I nodded, and reached for her perfect tits. I have to admit, I got hard, though I never really thought about Kat in that way before. As a guy, I wasn’t going to turn down fondling a pair of nice tits, even if they were my cousin’s; she offered, after all.

Without a word, while I was squeezing them, she leaned forward and kissed me, her nipples had become erect, and it was clear she wanted me. A clamor from outside the den shook us to our senses, and we quickly regained our composure before we would get caught doing what we were doing.

“We should probably get out of here before someone wonders what’s going on,” I said as Kat zipped up her coat.

“Yeah,” she said.

I opened the door, and went to my room to read, when Krysta followed me upstairs and into my room. She closed the door.

“What was that all about?” she said.

“Not much, she said that she had a crush on me, and that she couldn’t get Thanksgiving out of her mind. She wasn’t wearing a shirt or anything under the coat,” I said.

“How do you know?” Krysta said.

“She showed me,” I said. “She said her and Ayden stopped to have sex, but was almost caught on the road, so they had to hurry and cover themselves. She’s got nice tits, actually. Very filling.”

“Filling?” Krysta said, with a grimace.

“Yeah, she let me touch them,” I said.

Krysta rolled her eyes, and leaned back against the door.

“Does that mean you like her too?” Krysta said.

“Hm?” I looked up at her from my book. “Babe, no, it’s not like that.”

“Do you not like my tits? Are they too small for you?” she said.

“No, I like them just the way they are,” I said. “Look, I’m sorry if what I did hurt you, but-“

“It’s not about that. I didn’t expect you to completely give up other girls for a sibling relationship, I just didn’t think you’d find our cousin a viable option. I mean, I’d like for us to be exclusive,” Krysta said. “That all she want? Just to say she fucked her brother in the car, and to get touched by her cousin who is already taken?”

“She asked if she’d be able to watch us while we’re here,” I said. “You okay with that?”

“To be honest, I’m a little nervous about it,” she said.

“It’ll be fine,” I said. “But, if you really don’t want to let her, we’ll tell her.”

“I didn’t say ‘no’, Andy, I just-” she said.

“Just what?” I said.

“I don’t want her coming in and taking you away from me,” Krysta said.

I put my book down, got up, took her hands, and pulled her closer to me, then caressed her cheeks and kissed her softly. She kissed me back in turn.

“No-one could ever take me away from you,” I said. “And I get you want to be exclusive, so do I. I’ll let Kat know she can’t actually join, but she can watch.”

“No,” Krysta said. “If she wants to join, that’s fine, but nobody else. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said. “I agree.”

“So, do you think you two will fuck?” Krysta said.

“I don’t know,” I said. “Not really part of the plan, but I won’t do it unless you’re okay with it, and included. I’m with you, not her.”

“Okay,” Krysta said.

She left, though I knew Krysta better than anyone alive, and while she was going to allow Kat to watch us having sex, I knew she wasn’t sure about Kat’s role in our sex lives.

Later that night, as I laid in my bed, watching porn and talking to someone on a site I frequent, Krysta crept into my room, and closed the door. I put my phone down, after one final message, and greeted her with a kiss.

“Hi,” I whispered.

“Hi,” she whispered, and breathed a laugh. “I just thought I’d come in here and help you with the major boner you’re about to get.”

“Oh yeah?” I smiled.

Just as I was about to peel off her shirt, I heard a knock on the door. Krysta quickly hid in the nearby closet, while I regained my composure. I opened the door to see Kat standing there in PJ pants and a matching button-up shirt. I beckoned her to come in, and motioned for her to be quiet. She did so, and I brought Krysta out of her hiding spot.

We sat down on the queen-size casino firmaları bed, and began talking about Krysta and I.

“Okay, so how did you two get started?” Kat said. “And when?”

“Well,” I said. “We got started earlier this year at a camping trip. Krysta invited me, it was all her idea, and we ended up coming clean about how we feel about each other.”

“The game of ‘Truth or Dare’ didn’t hurt either,” Krysta said. “Got us a little naked.”

“So, do you guys use protection?” Kat said.

“No,” I said.

“Birth control?”

“Nope,” Krysta said. “Not anymore. It was making me sick, so we both agreed that I would stop taking it.”

Kat’s eyes widened at the implication, and she bit her lower lip.

“We’ve been talking about trying to get pregnant,” I said. “So, do you and your brother use protection?”

“I’m on the pill,” Kat said. “I told Ayden if he used a condom, I’d refuse sex.”

Krysta fought back a laugh.

“First time Krysta and I had sex, it just felt perfect,” I said. “I realized she was supposed to be mine, and I was meant to be hers. The fact that we’re siblings didn’t, and still doesn’t matter to me.”

“Details,” Kat said.

“Well, we were at our tent,” I said. “We got caught up in the heat of the moment. We got in, and before I could ask Krysta who would be on top, she was on her back with her legs spread, so I got between them, and stuck my dick in.”

“Yeah,” Kat said as she started rubbing her pussy over her pants. “How did it feel?”

“Like incest,” I said.

“But did you like it?” Kat said. “Did you cum too early?”

“Well, clearly we both liked it, Kat,” Krysta said. “I mean, we’re trying to get pregnant.”

I watched as Kat masturbated in front of us, and she paused a moment.

“Is it okay if I masturbate in front of you?” Kat said.

“I don’t care,” I said. “If you’re going to be joining in on our fun, you’ll probably be doing all kinds of things.”

At this point, I noticed Krysta giving me ‘the look’; the one she always had when she wanted me. She leaned in and kissed me passionately, and as we kissed, Kat continued rubbing her pussy.

In seconds, Krysta had my pants halfway down, and so I gripped hers, and pulled them down off of her. Her pink panties left behind, yet not long before I also had them on the floor.

My pants were totally off, and having no idea when, Kat had removed her shirt, exposing her C-size tits; her nipples poking upward as she watched. Next, she also removed her pants, and I learned that she was not wearing any underwear at all. Her two middle fingers entered her pussy as she laid back.

Krysta straddled me, and slid my cock inside her very wet cunt. Riding me in waves, she played with her own tits while I held her hips. I could hardly believe what was happening; Krysta and I were fucking in front of our cousin.

“Hey,” Krysta said. “Remember what Chap90 said last week?”

“About?” I said.

“Threesomes,” Krysta said.

“Oh! Yeah, you want to mention it?”

“Yeah,” Krysta said, as she turned to Kat. “Wanna join?”

“Yeah,” Kat said with a smile.

“Sit on Andy’s face,” Krysta said. “Let him eat you out.”

Kat sprang up, and straddled my head, then lowered herself down on me. My tongue explored her pussy lips for a moment before I slid it in. I licked from her clit, to near her ass hole, and each time I passed her urethra, I heard her gasp and hold back a moan.

First, my sister and I hook up, then our cousin joins in on the action. I was enveloped by the sensations I was experiencing, and couldn’t hold back. I started cumming hard, up inside Krysta’s eager pussy, though the fun didn’t end there. I kept licking Kat’s pussy, and Krysta kept grinding me, despite I’d lost my hard-on just long enough for my dick to fall out of her. Once it was hard again, she’d started rubbing herself on it, while watching me eat out Kat’s tasty cunt.

It was clear to me that Kat was trying to hold back her moans, and with a tiny whimper, I felt her pussy contracting. She covered her mouth, and breathed a heaving sigh after a heavy gasp. I felt her knees buckle, and she shook, as she fell slightly further onto my face. I kept licking her cunt, making her convulse, and whimper. Some sadistic part of me wanted her to keep doing so, wanted to keep licking her tasty pussy just to see her squirm.

Krysta stopped grinding me, and finally reinserted my hardened dick into her ever-increasingly wet pussy. Now riding me hard, and with purpose to cum, she leaned down a bit, and used only her hips to sate her aching desires. Though Krysta was usually a very loud girl when being fucked, or fucking hard, she did her best to cover up her cries of passion. In truth, part of me was surprised at the time that we didn’t get caught then and there.

I could feel my cum leaking out of Krysta’s pussy as she rode me hard. It served as just as much a lubricant, as it did a reminder that she wanted to get pregnant from me. Kat’s orgasms eventually faded, and she crawled güvenilir casino off of my face to see the slick of her juices lining my mouth. She leaned down, and kissed me, licking her own fluids off of me, and tasting from my tongue, the mess she had made.

Soon, Krysta started convulsing, and her pussy contracted around my cock, gripping it with intense heat.

“Oh fuck,” she breathed. She looked at me, and smiled in her usual cute way. “We’re so bad.” A giggle escaped her.

“Yeah,” I said with a short, silent laugh. “But it’s fun to be bad, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Well, we should probably go back to bed, before somebody notices we’re not there.”

“Yeah,” I said.

Krysta kissed me, and the girls left the room. I collapsed onto the bed, tired not only from the day, but from the fun that we’d all just had over the past hour or so. Still tasting Kat’s pussy on my lips, I fell asleep thinking about what had happened.

Sunlight crept onto my face the next morning, awakening me to a sensation I wasn’t ready for. I looked down to see Kat sucking me off, but before I could say anything about getting caught, she’d begun to coax cum out of me. I felt it shoot into her mouth, spurt after spurt. Finally it subsided, and I felt Kat lick the rest off my tip before gulping the whole load down, and pulling her lips away.

“Mom said I should wake you up,” she said with a lustful smile. She got up and made her way to the door. “Thanks for the snack.”

After she left the room, I got up and dressed myself, then walked down to the kitchen to find me something to eat. At the breakfast table, it was me, Kat, Ayden, and Krysta. The others were all in the living room, talking and laughing about things gone by the past few months for all of them. They had no idea that there was incest going on behind their backs.

The day was mostly spent with us four hanging out, playing card games, board games, whatever we could do to pass the time. Sex was a common topic for us when all our parents weren’t around, and Kat seemed to delight in revealing her desires and exploits, while Ayden was more reserved, and even annoyed by her willingness to brag about their sex life.

The night came finally, and I lay in my bed, watching porn, when Kat and Krysta entered. Quiet as cats, they locked the door, and sat on the bed. Krysta shed her shirt and pants, followed shortly by Kat, who reached for my hardened cock, and gripped it firmly.

“Can I have some of this tonight?” Kat asked.

I looked at Krysta, wishing for her to make the decision in the matter.

“Well,” Krysta said. “Since you’re on birth control, I guess I’m okay with it.”

Kat sprang up and straddled me, inserting my dick into her anxious, yet welcoming pussy. I looked at Krysta, and smiled.

“I want to eat you out, like I did with Kat last night,” I said.

Krysta smiled, and straddled my head like Kat had done, and lowered herself down on me. My tongue entered her pussy as readily as it had done with Kat, all while Kat rode me. Kat’s pussy was about as tight as Krysta’s, and she was using it in ways I cannot even describe. It was clear that she was no stranger to sex, though I doubted she had many partners.

My tongue explored my sister’s pussy in circles, and she breathed moans, trying desperately to hold back her cries of passion. It was a real struggle, and the slightest slip-up could expose us all.

Kat’s pussy dripped down my shaft as her hips moved in waves, circles, and many other ways I couldn’t believe. She was oozing like a leaky faucet, and I was convinced by the time she was done, the sheets would need to be changed and washed. My hands reached her thighs, and I gripped them as a moan escaped from my lips, muffled only by Krysta’s increasingly wet pussy.

“I want you to cum inside me, Andy,” Kat said. “I mean it.”

A year ago, I could never have imagined even having sex with Krysta, to say nothing of Kat. But here we were, locked in a threesome with my sister getting eaten out by me, and my cousin telling me to cum inside her while she fucked me. I never knew that I had two hot, horny relatives, ready to fuck.

My cock was soaked in the slick of Kat’s secretions, and she kept riding me while I tended to Krysta, who was enjoying my tongue’s exploration. My hands cupped her ass cheeks, and she leaned over to keep her balance, giving my finger a good point of entry. I slid it to her hole, and she gasped.

“Wha-?” She moaned, though I didn’t wait for her to finish. I wiggled my middle finger inside her tight ass hole. In that moment, I’d wondered if she’d ever taken dick in her ass, though I doubted it.

Her ass contracted around my finger, squeezing it like a tight rubber band, then letting it go again. I slid it in and out in a slow motion, and Krysta’s voice cracked with her squeaks.

My cock throbbed inside Kat; something I swore she could feel, while she rode me like a carnival ride. She started bouncing up and down on me, thrusting my cock into her repeatedly. The bed began making a noise with the motion, and it was clear that if anyone were up, and would hear it, they would realize someone was having sex. It was obvious, and the fact that none of us brought boyfriends or girlfriends made it that much more dangerous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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