Bosom Buddies Ch. 07

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Public Sex

(All characters in this story are at least 18 years old)

(And thanks, ErikaKane, for being my editor-extraordinaire)

I awoke to the soft patter of raindrops against the cabin roof. Snuggling up against me was Elizabeth, her breathing peaceful and her bare breasts warm against my side. Though the bed sheet covered our bodies, it had drifted down just far enough to expose a hint of Liz’s voluminous, silky smooth cleavage. The silver light of the morning diffused through our curtains and cast a soft glow across the bed. She looked radiant, like something out of a renaissance painting.

Much as I wanted to stay in that position forever, enjoying the presence of Liz’s body, I had thrown down enough alcohol the previous night to necessitate a prompt trip to the bathroom. I untangled my legs from between hers and snuck out of bed as delicately as possible. She didn’t wake up, just made an adorable little mewing noise.

A minute later, as I gently slid back into bed with her, Liz finally blinked awake. For a long, happy while she just smiled at me, until a sudden, unprovoked case of modesty colored her cheeks. Giggling nervously, she rolled out of bed, hiding her huge tits with nothing but her tiny hands. She had still not changed out of Rachel’s petite little silver satin panties, and the overwhelming majority of Liz’s Botticelli hips and delectable ass cheeks were exposed in the morning light. She urged me to look away, but I patently refused.

She hurriedly threw on her Hello Kitty bathrobe and cinched the belt.

“So,” she whispered awkwardly, “I’m gonna—gonna—”

Her eyes locked onto my obvious erection standing up beneath the bed sheet.

“Gonna take a shower,” she finally finished, then she vanished into the bathroom and locked the door.

I took a deep breath, unable to retire the memories of the night before: everyone switching underwear, the game of spin the bottle that had resulted in us all licking each other, the thrill of watching Stephanie’s sexy nude body as she 69’d her boyfriend, and my own climax exploding across Elizabeth’s expansive bosom.

My fingers dropped lazily to my shaft, gently touching myself through the sheet as I replayed the events over and over again. By the time I heard the shower switch off, I was beginning to sweat with arousal.

Elizabeth stepped back into the room wearing her hair up in a towel. Her damp, naked body was covered with nothing but that same Hello Kitty Bathrobe. The hot water clinging to her skin turned to steam in the cold morning air. The look I gave her was unmistakable.

“Oh no you don’t,” she laughed, “I just got cleaned up, you need to put some pants on, Mister.”

Nothing was further from my mind. I pulled aside the sheet covering my nudity and stalked across the bedroom towards her, my hard, hot cock leading the way. Elizabeth’s smile evaporated, and she blushed anxiously at my approach.

She was nervous; not sure what she wanted. Last night, we had been drinking, and our inhibitions were down, but now we were totally sober, and she was free to overthink the situation into the next decade. Elizabeth even opened her mouth to protest, but as I wrapped my arms around her curvaceous body and pulled her in for a kiss, her eyes glazed over and the words went unspoken.

We melted into each other’s lust, tongues dancing excitedly. Her teeth nipped at my lower lip, prompting my naked hips to buck hungrily against her robe. I pulled the towel from her hair and cast it aside, letting those long, wet tresses cascade down her slender shoulders.

Keeping my lips pressed fiercely against hers, I reached between us and slyly unfastened her belt. Then, with a single, sudden movement, I yanked open her robe and pressed my naked body against hers.

Liz let out a surprised gasp that immediately turned into an excited moan as she felt the thick head of my penis touching her bare stomach. I luxuriated in the feel of her warm, damp body and the soft, full breasts mashing against me.

I dropped to my knees, grabbing a quick handful of her butt before proceeding to slide my tongue up the insides of her smooth thighs. My teasing must have gone on for too long, because Elizabeth grabbed me by the hair and impatiently pulled my face up into her scorching hot slit.

“Aw, yeah! Aw, yeah…” she panted, her words husky as they tumbled out.

I looked her in the eye as my tongue finally penetrated her cunt.

The fingers in my hair clenched tight, and her breathing grew frantic. My gaze dropped to Liz’s mouthwatering breasts, heaving and bouncing with every exhalation. I reached up and grabbed hold of them, giving each one a satisfying squeeze.

As my tongue spiraled ever closer to her clit, Liz rocked on weakening knees, dizzy and off-balance. She leaned forward, crushing her huge ripe tits against my palms. I moaned loudly into her cunt, utterly intoxicated by the scent and the wetness splashing against my cheeks. My thumbs and forefingers found my lover’s happy, gumdrop shaped nipples and gently squeezed–

A gaziantep bayan escort mini-orgasm rippled through her body.

I let her ride out the sensation, then I pulled my mouth away from her crotch and ordered her onto the bed for some more.

“You mean you’re not done?”

“Hell no, I’m not done. That was way too fast, I want to do this properly.”

Elated, Liz flopped onto her back, those breasts bouncing crazily upon impact. I scooted comfortably between her legs and set in for the long haul, gently and teasingly playing my tongue across her most intimate regions. She grabbed up handfuls of the bed sheet and whimpered noisily, clearly not caring if anyone could hear us.

Secretly, I hoped that our neighbors were listening in. I imagined Stephanie and Simon rousing from their naked slumber, following the sounds of Elizabeth’s pleasure until they were standing behind the bathroom door, spying on us through the slats just as we had spied on them the previous night.

The thought spurned me on, and I slowly walked two of my fingers up Liz’s left leg and slid them into her cunt. As I pushed forward, I crossed those fingers one on top of the other to create a new and exciting shape inside of her, then rolled my wrist back and forth, twisting that shape while I heartily licked at every sensitive millimeter.

Her moans of pleasure became staggered and incoherent, and I sensed it was finally time to give the girl some relief. I dragged my tongue upwards and bathed her poor, desperate clit in loving attention. Below, my twisting fingers uncrossed and began pumping into her, simulating sex with rhythmic, powerful thrusting.

Going down on Liz was driving me wild as well. My hard dick throbbed painfully between my legs, furious about being left out of the action.

“Don’t stop!” she screamed, as if I would ever dream of doing such a thing. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t—”

She arched her back, tossing those beautiful tits up towards the ceiling as her breath seized for a few, blissful seconds–

Elizabeth purred out a long, satisfied sigh. I continued to tongue her pussy for a couple minutes after, enjoying the hell out of the little orgasm-aftershocks she kept having.

Finally spent, she moved away from me and propped herself up on her elbows—causing the two succulent melons on her chest to sway in a manner I found most inviting. I wanted her so bad I couldn’t believe it.

“That was—mmm… I missed that.”

I beamed at the compliment.

“Should I do you, now?” she asked.

I kept eying her enormous rack as I slowly shook my head back and forth, literally stammering with desire: “A-Actually, Liz—”

Anticipating what I was going to say, she turned deep red– suddenly embarrassed–and blurted out, “I’m not on the pill! I’m sorry, I just—my mom doesn’t want—”

The smile on my face shut her mouth.

“You don’t need to worry, Liz. I wasn’t gonna suggest that. I would just really like to fuck your tits again. If that’s okay with you.”

A wave of relief washed over her. Her smile was adorable.

“Of course!”

She quickly hopped off the bed and ran naked across the room to retrieve a bottle of lotion from her suitcase. As she crawled back into bed beside me, Liz handed the lotion to me, thrusting her chest out for emphasis:

“Would you care to do the honors?”

I would indeed. Liz reclined comfortably on her back and I straddled her chest, her eyes twinkling proudly at the sight of my uncontrollable desire. Her tiny hands pressed up against the sides of those bountiful jugs and squeezed them together, creating an awe-inspiring monument to cleavage.

My cock gave a little jump in anticipation of what was about to happen. I scooted forwards along her body, my balls dragging across the smooth skin of her belly as I inched towards my goal. Just as my cock was about to penetrate the bottom of Elizabeth’s rack, I held back, taking a moment to savor the reality of the situation.

I squirted a handful of the vanilla-scented lotion into my hands and spread it liberally across the soft flesh of her tits until they were slick as a soaped-up slip n’ slide. I lubed up my cock with the stuff, too, for extra fun.

Then I scooted forward, the tip of my penis rubbing up against the pillowy undersides of her breasts. I felt my resolve waning.

Liz bit her lip in anticipation. I could wait no longer.

Groaning, I pushed my hips forward and slid my impossibly hard dick between her impossibly soft breasts. Elizabeth never stopped smiling as I thrust harder and harder into her tits. The view was incredible: those huge, ripe pillows bouncing hypnotically as they crashed against my pelvis, each impact sending shocks of pleasure directly to my shaft.

I knew I would not be able to endure this new sensation for very long. Elizabeth was just way too fucking hot. Her face was beautiful and her tits were spectacular.

I fell forward onto my hands, humping away at Elizabeth’s massive chest as fast as I could. Though I could no longer see the action, I was still going wild just listening to the sound of those soft, slippery tits slapping against my flesh. In a daze, I looked back and watched the upside down image of my penis bursting into view through Liz’s cleavage.

Eager for more to do, Elizabeth lifted her head up towards my abdomen and sensually licked the sensitive area beneath my belly button. As my climax approached, she upped the intensity, slathering hot saliva across my skin—

“I’m gonna cum!” I screamed.

Her boobs bounced wildly all along my cock.

“I’m gonna cum! Ahh!”

Elizabeth mashed her tits together—

I came, powerfully blasting my load up against the bottom of her chin. Warm, sticky semen dribbled down my lover’s neck and settled in the valley between her breasts. She giggled at the odd sensation.

“Guess I need to take another shower, now.”

I gratefully kissed her forehead.

“I’ll help.”

Our naked bodies had to squeeze together just to fit in the closet-sized shower. After Elizabeth had gently soaped up my cock, and I’d made sure her breasts were sparkling clean, she pulled me close and we kissed beneath the steaming spray. After only a few minutes, my renewed hardness rubbed against the hot skin of her belly, and the slipperiness of her soapy tits flopped against my chest. I wanted to fuck her so badly—

But an even more powerful desire overwhelmed that one: I just wanted us to keep kissing.

So we did. We kissed until the water ran cold.


Leaving that bedroom was like crossing a firing range. Any hopes we had harbored that the others hadn’t heard our earth-shaking orgasms were dashed to pieces the second we opened the door and heard the cheering. Not only had we been obnoxiously loud, we had also been the first two people up that morning. Our moaning had literally woken every other person in the cabin.

We fielded a merciless barrage of good-natured teasing. Oddly enough, it actually seemed like our friends had been rooting for Elizabeth and I to hook up, which frankly mystified both of us. I’d screwed around with every straight girl in the cabin over the past few months, but our other friends had never before made such a big deal about it.

Only Amy gave us a free pass, and that was just because she was so focused on surviving her hangover.

Poor Amy. That girl really went through hell that morning. She spent hours hugging the toilet, still dressed in Stephanie’s oversized underwear from the night before. We all took turns sitting on the floor beside her for company, administering a metric ton of drinking water for medicinal purposes.

When my turn came to play nurse, Amy seemed especially mortified. She protested that she didn’t like the idea of a boy to see her when she looked “not awesome” (her words), but I reminded Amy that she and I had hung out together plenty of times after our runs, when she was covered in sweat and B.O. If I could handle her smelling “not awesome,” I could easily forgive the fact that her eyes were a bit puffy and her skin was a tad pale.

My sexy redhead friend, usually so full of self-confidence, draped a pitiably weak arm across my shoulder and swore off alcohol forever. For the record, that lasted about two months.

When she was finally starting to feel a bit better, Amy leaned into my ear and whispered “So, what went down with you and Lizzie this morning?”

I blushed a bit. “What, you want details or something?”

“Hell yes, I want details. All Liz was willing to tell me was, ‘it was nice.’ You didn’t fuck her, did you? She’s not on the pill.”

“No, I didn’t fuck her. We messed around in bed for a while and then we took a shower together. And she was right, it was nice.”

Amy gave me a congratulatory pat on the back. “Bet you guys had all kinds of fun in that shower. What’d you do?”

“We kissed.”

“And what else?”

I frowned at her. “And we got clean. We kissed and we got clean.”

Amy recoiled from me, surprised and intrigued by this development. I didn’t understand what the big deal was and I told her as much.

“You just kissed? That was all? You guys were in there for like five days. You didn’t go down on each other, or give each other hand jobs, or anything? Were you just spent or something?”

I shrugged. “No, we were both pretty turned on. We just wanted to kiss, I don’t see what’s so weird. People kiss.”

An impish grin crossed Amy’s face and she chuckled, still weak from all the alcohol. She pointed an accusing finger at my nose and chided, “You’re falling for her.”

“What? It’s Liz, we’re friends. I’ve screwed around with everybody, now. Well, everybody except… you-know-who.”

The memory of Corrine tasted bitter in our minds, so I quickly pushed past, “I like Liz a lot, but it’s not like we’re a couple or something.”

Amy frowned at me, “If it was me in that shower with you, instead of Liz, you’re saying that all we would have done is kissed? Come on! You’d have been inside me in less than a minute. Friends-with-benefits don’t take a long, hot, soapy shower together and just kiss. That’s something else entirely.”

She was right. Or at least partially right. I had always lusted after Elizabeth, just as I’d lusted after all my beautiful friends, but there was something about what had happened between us that morning that was twisting me up. Sure, I was happy—damn, I was giddy—but that wasn’t it. Giddy, I could handle.

No, there was also another, stranger sensation that I didn’t recognize at all. Fantastic, thrilling, and terrifying all at once, like the universe had suddenly taken the training wheels off my bike and pushed me down a hill. Like some phantom hand had reached inside me and made a fist.

It scared the shit out of me.

“Sucks for me,” Amy whined, scurrying back over to the toilet. “No parents around for a whole week, and the only two guys both have girlfriends. I’m not gonna get laid ONCE.”

“Amy, Liz is not my girlfriend. I don’t know what she and I are, exactly, but we aren’t that. Not yet, anyway. Not until we decide we are.”

A short while later, Stephanie relieved me of my post at Amy’s side, and I sought out Elizabeth to discuss what was happening. I could see in her big, green eyes that she was just as confused as I was.

Even though it had been me who had said I wanted to talk, I was at a complete loss as for where to begin. We took a walk outside, in the rain, huddling beneath our umbrella for a surreal forty-five minutes, during which time neither of us said a word.

Finally, just as we were almost back at the cabin I blurted out, “Are we a couple now?”

“I don’t know. Everybody’s acting like we are and it’s kind of pissing me off.”

I nodded in agreement. “I feel the same way, but I’ve gotta admit, I really, really liked making out with you this morning.”

“Me too.”

I reached to take her small hand in mine, but she pulled it away from my grasp.

“I just don’t know if I want a boyfriend right now. Not a serious one. And if I was with you, it would be serious. It would have to be. And I don’t want that weighing on me when we go away to college.”

There it was. College. The looming apocalypse that promised to annihilate every high school relationship, no matter how blissful. It was just four months away. We’d all stopped talking about it because it was so damn depressing, but Liz had a point: Did I really want to let myself fall for her, only for us to be ripped apart against our will?

Deep down, I knew there was no way I would be able to hang onto Liz as my girlfriend while she was away at college. She was unbelievably gorgeous, and there was sure to be an army of studly young guys wooing her, day and night. I wouldn’t be around to deter them. We wouldn’t even be in the same state.

I frowned, “So, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s just keep being friends, I guess.”

I nodded, she hugged me, and we both let out a huge sigh of relief. I felt a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders, yet at the same time I couldn’t shake the notion that I had just discarded something I wasn’t supposed to. Like I had just gone back in time and changed the future from its proper path.

A few hours later, Rachel pointed out how odd it was that two whole days had gone by without us taking advantage of her parents’ hot tub, so we all changed into our bathing suits and relaxed beneath the warm, bubbling water. On any other day, I would have been bug-eyed when my gorgeous friends paraded out in their colorful bikinis, but my morning with Elizabeth had left me so confused that the sight of all that voluptuous female flesh just put me in a funk.

I was still rock hard beneath my trunks, however. There was no stopping that.

Liz walked out wrapped in a towel, which she quickly discarded and slipped beneath the concealment of the water–suddenly bereft of all the sexy self-assuredness she had shown the night before. I expected her to sit next to me, but for some reason Liz chose instead to plant herself down on the opposite side of the tub, next to Simon and Stephanie. The move did not go unnoticed by our friends, though everyone was too polite to say anything.

I looked over at Simon, who, unlike me, had not had a confusing morning at all. He had finally screwed around with his hot girlfriend, and now he was getting to see more exposed skin than he ever had in his life. The guy was probably the happiest and horniest he’d ever been.

How come it couldn’t be like that for me? Simon had glided in effortlessly into our group, snagged a hot girlfriend—MY hot girlfriend–and then he got to enjoy the company of her awesome, gorgeous friends. I, on the other hand, had been buddies with everyone for so long that things got weird any time we crossed the “friend” line.

The girls were all predictably flirty and teasing toward us boys, but while Simon lapped it all up, I just sunk into a deeper and deeper funk. Liz acted weirdly distant towards me, forcing herself to flirt with Simon, instead–innocently letting her gigantic tits bump up against his arm from time to time while we all joked.

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