Bottomless Depths

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Big Tits

We had a considerable amount of work to do with the moving, but this didn’t stop the ladies from teasing us menfolk, or even the guys and gals from teasing each other. We were quite the randy crew, though we still had to recover. The moving process was more than helpful with that, and indeed, we got quite a bit moved by lunch time, when we finally called it quits, in spite of the teasing. We settled into the small, cozy living room full of light from the Georgia Sun coming through the windows.

I looked at my watch. It was 1:30 pm. We were all hungry, sweaty, and drained. It was definitely time for a nice mid-day meal. Sally seemed to read my mind, bringing me a pulled pork sandwich, BBQ chips, and peach tea as well some for herself. I noted that Candy seemed to cater to Carver as well, indicating that it was a sort of impromptu lunch date for us and our significant others, our primary partners. Indeed, Mary caught on and did the same for Lowell, as did Martin for Mark…

Then it really hit home. Mark and Martin should get married first, not Martin and Kelly or Mark and Belle. They might be bi instead of gay, but the two guys really were each other’s main squeeze and that was worthy of marriage, albeit an unconventional one. It was a good thing that the Federal courts were tossing out the “one man, one woman” bullshit with yesterday’s trash. I had to confront my own prejudices, but I was firmly decided upon this, though it was clear that the two guys had been good sports about following my will over their own preferences. In time, anyway, if the bigamy laws changed, they could marry the ladies, too.

“Mark, Martin, I have realized something. You two should marry each other first, be each other’s legal spouse. Other marriages can wait for the two of you, hold out until they can be arranged. Priority should be your union with each other. You guys really are in love, aren’t you? You fuck plenty of others, but it’s true love with the two of you,” I declared.

“Yes, thank you for understanding. I want badly to be Mark’s, openly and publicly, to be more than just his boyfriend. I want to be his husband and I want him to be mine. I was prepared to follow your will and hope for a same-sex marriage later, but no offense to Kelly or Belle…it just feels right to pledge myself to Mark for life, to be his official partner and companion for the rest of my days,” Martin confessed, blushing a little in spite of his conviction.

“Then, I trust that Kelly and Belle will understand my decision and trust me that they, too, will get married in time. I haven’t decided to whom, but we’ll figure it out,” I asserted, to which they nodded as they fed each other.

“Actually, I want to marry Belle. How about, cousin? Want to become a lesbian couple? It’s not like we would have to stop fucking men or even other women,” Kelly proposed to the redhead.

“I love it already,” I grinned as Sally poured us another glass of the peach tea.

“If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right,” Belle then got on one knee, “I don’t have a ring, but I will try to rectify that. Kelly Bottom, will you become my wife? Will you marry me?”

“Yes, Belle! Yes, I will marry you, cousin! I will be your bride and you will be mine!” Kelly beamed as she pulled Belle up for a steamy tongue kiss.

“So, now we have two new engagements. Mark and Martin are now engaged to each other, as are Kelly and Belle. I think that we should celebrate this after lunch by having the engaged couples get it on. One-on-one this time. Orgies are great, but sometimes you just want to focus on your favorites,” I smiled as I finished off my lunch and winked at Sally.

“Make sweet lady love to Kelly? Sign me up!” Belle giggled as she made out with her cousin-fiancée again.

“Yes, and Shannon, go get the camcorder,” I instructed the youngest Bottom girl, who was quite thrilled to do as I asked her.

Shannon had to go back to the main house to get that, but she did so in a hurry, clearly enthused about the idea of filming the gentler, lovemaking kind of sex about to occur between the new lesbian lovers. For my part, I dropped my pants to moon Sally and the others, taking full advantage of Mooning Monday. They started chasing me and teaming up to tackle me, much to their shared enjoyment as well as mine, especially once Mary planted her ass in my face and I began eating it for dessert, triggering a minor orgasm that ended just in time to distract everyone a little and enable a surprise.

“So, I go away for a while and come back to find that you’ve been very busy indeed, nieces and nephews…even my lovely daughter,” a strange female voice announced as its owner followed Shannon into the house.

“Aunt Patty?” Lowell rushed to hug his father’s sister, who apparently didn’t consider that enough of a PDA by any means, as witnessed by the passionate kiss that she planted on him.

“So, this is the famous Aunt Patty, mother of our sweet Kelly! Wow…this could be a bit awkward, as witnessed by casino siteleri Shannon’s retrieval of that camcorder…we were about to film something rather kinky, taboo even,” I warned her as I started to embrace her.

“Hey, don’t stop on my account. I’ve been to a federal women’s prison! Think that you can do anything that would shock me? Hell, this family is full of incest, for that matter. Everyone knows what the Bottom tribe is all about and yet here I am. My only daughter is going to marry my one of my nieces and I love everything about that, including the fact that they’re about to make love in front of me,” Patty declared before giving me a lip lock that stunned even me.

“Caught you off-guard, did I? Well, you’re going to marry Sally, so you’re family, and evidently you know full well what that means, since you’ve taken over the helm, so to speak. Patricia Bottom, at your service, but you can call me Patty. Leave the ‘aunt’ part for when you feel like exploiting the incest kink, please. If you doubt that I want in on this, you don’t realize just how much of a hold this way of life has on us. I tried to forsake that, but I realized too late that I made a serious mistake. Now, I’m back…and I’m bound and determined to be a good Bottom bitch, as it were. I’m a slut…your slut now, just like the rest of these fine ladies,” Patty continued while stroking my cock and balls.

“Welcome home, then, Patty Bottom. Now, sit back and watch your niece fuck your daughter into tomorrow. Shannon, set up the camcorder and capture it all on film,” I instructed them.

“With pleasure, Master,” Shannon grinned as Patty grabbed a sandwich and some tea, along with a small package of potato salad that she had with her from the local deli.

“Getting a bite to eat while you watch your niece and daughter make sweet love to each other?” I teased Patty, while Sally started sucking my cock.

“I want the girls to be happy, just as you do, Master,” Patty assured me between bites, “all part of a mother’s love…and an aunt’s, for that matter.”

Meanwhile, Kelly and Belle undressed each other in a passionate frenzy, slipping each other plenty of tongue to exhibit their desire during the foreplay. Pretty soon, Kelly’s fingers sank deeply into Belle’s snatch, while Belle started rubbing Kelly’s buns with her hands. Belle soon started moaning as she experienced an entire hand up to the knuckles in her cunt, pistoning in and out of her twat. Her toes curled and her body became very rigid indeed, while her pale, freckled skin turned pink and even red in some places to match the fiery color of her hair. The orgasm seemed to last forever, but the tape later showed it was all of six minutes, a messy, shivering business that turned Belle into mindless jelly, unable to remember her own name or her environment right then. She certainly didn’t seem to recall that she was on film.

“Hmmm…delicious. My sexy cousin’s pussy, just dripping with her juices,” Kelly licked her fingers clean now, relishing the taste and scent of Belle’s soaking cunt.

Then Kelly descended and spread Belle’s thighs to begin lapping up the feminine fluids that leaked from her pussy. Belle found herself moaning yet again, with a new orgasm on the heels of the first one. It was obvious that she was capable of several such climaxes if sufficiently aroused, but even the two that she had were more than enough to keep everyone’s rapt attention. The sight of the swarthy babe Kelly on her knees, eating Belle’s cunt, her hands now fondling her pale buttocks, while Belle’s now dove through her cousin’s hair, holding on for dear life…it was such a tender and yet vigorous act of pure eroticism…all of it captured for a home movie.

At this point, while we all watched with fascination, Belle rose and flipped Kelly over to spread her cheeks. Before anyone knew it, Belle’s lips and tongue slid along Kelly’s crack, rimming her with undeniable enthusiasm. It was obvious that she wanted a taste of her cousin’s olive-skinned ass, not that any of us blamed her there. It was too much for Patty, who finished off her food and now rushed into the action, parting Kelly’s thighs to sample her own daughter’s juicy twat. The soft, sensual nature of the lesbian sex didn’t detract at all from the romance of what the lover were doing…it only added a mother’s love to it, a true thing of beauty if there ever was one.

Kelly’s knees buckled under the combined pleasure of the two mouths on her holes, forcing the ladies to hold her up in order to keep her from toppling over. She reveled in the attention given to her, now caressing her mother’s hair with real, tender affection as Patty’s tongue darted between the lips of her pussy. At the same time, Belle continued to lick her cousin’s ass, rimming her shamelessly due to the sheer extent of her love and lust. Kelly was soon breathing rather shallow as she responded to the stimulation, her highly aroused and sensitive body reacting with shivers and goosebumps along her slick, canlı casino sweaty skin. She whimpered and moaned after a while, her whole body shaking from the effects of her unexpected Sapphic threesome.

Then Patty really astonished us all, thrusting her bosom up to both women to invite them to suck her tits. The enthusiasm with which the ladies went to town on her nipples, as if being nursed by them…it was incredible. It was also on tape, much to our collective gratification. It also made it clear that Patty had to have at least one more pregnancy, if for no other reason than to actually make some milk…not to mention that Kelly could use a blood sibling, or half-sibling in this case. I knew just the right man for the job, too.

When the women rose up, I tapped Sally on the shoulder, as she was still sucking my dick and playing with my balls, indicating that she should stop for now. As much as I enjoyed her oral services, some business had to be handled first. Then we could get on with the clusterfuck…and I was eager to really make it count. It was high time to reward Carver with an unexpected pleasure, that of giving Kelly a brother or sister. The very idea of the auburn-haired MILF that brought Kelly into this world carrying an African-American son or daughter in her womb was irresistible.

“Patty, I haven’t introduced some people to you. This is Carver Watson, Esquire, and his wife Candy…Dr. Candace Watson, unless I’m mistaken. She’s a geneticist. He’s an attorney. They’re both rather delicious, I might add. They’re not going to live in the Bottom house, at least not now, but we will have a lot of play dates with them, so to speak. Think of them as extended family, if you will. Carver, Candy, as you see, this is Patricia Bottom, or Patty in fact, Kelly’s mother and the aunt of everyone else here,” I formally introduced the Watsons to the new cougar in our clan.

“Oh, God…I’ve had black pussy, thanks to my cellmate, but no black cock yet. The only thing is that I haven’t had menopause so far. I was only 18 when Kelly was born and…well, you get the idea. Salvatore found me when I was young and dumb. I married him, though I wasn’t totally faithful, and he nailed everything in a skirt. I didn’t care about that half as much as you’d think. What bothered me was when he planted the drugs on me and skipped town to let me face his music.

“Thanks to the President, though, my sentence was commuted to time served. I was a lifelong Republican, but if he could have a third term and I wasn’t still a convicted felon, I’d vote for him, since he sent me back home to be with my family. I’d sleep with him, but I doubt that the First Lady would like that, plus the Secret Service wouldn’t let an ex-con like me near the Leader of the Free World,” Patty shocked Carver and Candy by planting French kisses on them.

“You want to fuck Carver, don’t you? Fine with me. Just don’t leave me out of it. Threesome, anyone?” Candy invited her, “your Master is perfectly fine with the idea, I believe.”

“Hell, yeah! Go for it, honey. Let our naughty neighbors play with you for a while. Have their way with you,” I commanded Patty, trying out my new authority over her.

“Yes, Master, but I must warn you that I’m rather fertile right now. If Carver does me bareback, he will breed me,” Patty smiled to indicate that she wanted it even more for that reason, but that she didn’t how I’d react to it.

“Well, Carver, time to grab some ass and put a bun in Patty’s oven. Patty, bend over that sofa. Candy, start lapping that pussy, get her nice and drenched for your husband’s dick. Time to thank Carver properly for sharing his marital rights to Candy with us,” I directed the three of them.

Turning to Mark and Martin, I added, “Don’t think that I’ve forgotten you two. Far from it. I still want a nice gay sex scene. Just wait until Carver seeds your Aunt Patty first and gives you a new cousin. Then you’ll have your tubes tied, Patty, and make no mistake of that. One more pregnancy is enough for you. After that, you’ll be busy enough without trying to pop them out wholesale like Michelle Duggar.”

“So, Kelly finally gets a blood brother or sister at last. Hope that she’ll still think of us as her siblings, too,” Shannon worried.

“Oh, I dare say that she will. Won’t you, Kelly?” I encouraged her as Candy orally serviced Patty and prepared her for Carver’s cock.

“God, yes, just as I think that Mom will think of her nieces and nephews as her daughters and sons,” Kelly agreed with a gleam in her eye.

“Exactly,” Patty barely managed to say as Candy ate her out.

The sight of Candy licking Patty’s slit was only the beginning, of course. She continued to pleasure Kelly’s mother as Carver lined up, but she stopped just long enough to guide her husband into the other’s pussy. When he was buried far enough inside the resident MILF, his sultry black wife spread her cheeks apart and began licking her crack, which only excited us even more to view kaçak casino it. Candy’s gorgeous hair looked like it belonged right there as she rimmed Patty, while Carver continued to pump in and out of this newest addition to the family. I made a mental note to have my own threesome or two…or three, including Patty.

However, I was still determined to let Carver alone breed her. It wasn’t safe for her to keep making another generation of Bottoms, but she needed to get pregnant under my auspices the one time, with the sire of my choosing, and that man was Carver. Knowing that he was about to fill her with his seed, Carver clearly had his work cut out for him in terms of holding back his load, but I could hardly blame him there. He knew that he had been chosen…selected…honored by being the man of the hour, the designated hitter here. His swimmers would have this turn all to themselves, ready, willing, and able to procreate with Patty. It had to have fed his ego and excited him to know that he was definitely going to knock her up, to fill her up with his spawn.

“Mark this one under ‘Black Bred and Loving It,’ I think,” Lowell joked while Mary rubbed his shoulders like a proper masseuse.

“Works for me. Your auntie is quite the natural cumslut, and you know that I mean that as a compliment,” I grinned, while Sally resumed sucking my dick and now Shannon joined her.

“Ain’t that the truth! I can’t wait to gang-bang her with Mark here,” Martin chuckled, “even though it can’t lead to pregnancy. Doesn’t matter, will still be fun.”

“That it will,” I smiled as Carver moved his hips in concert with Patty.

Their every stroke drove home the point that he would plant his seed in her womb…while Candy continued to lick her butt like a starving woman. Patty screamed in primal ecstasy as she came and clamped down with her muscles on Carver’s dick, milking his balls through his cock. Spurt after spurt followed in quick succession, sending his load as far inside the ex-con’s cunt as he could put it. The fact that it was bareback during Patty’s fertile phase, meaning that unless Carver shot blanks, she would get pregnant to him, made Candy so excited that she began hungrily sucking his dick and cleaning Patty’s juices off his prick.

This lasted for several more seconds before I had Kelly zoom in on the cum leaking from Patty’s snatch. Carver’s jizz leaked down to Patty’s feet from her pussy, pleasing all of us with the kinky thrill of it. When Belle started licking her way upward from the left leg, Mary did the same from the right, letting their tongues clean up the mess in their own delicious way. Candy, for her part, continued to lick her husband’s cock clean and fondle his balls at the same time.

“And cut!” I ordered once the five of them got back on their feet, with Patty walking a bit funny.

“Now, everyone, let’s go to the kitchen,” I led them as Sally and Shannon briefly released my dick and balls from their mouths for the present.

Kelly carried the camcorder with one hand while touching herself with the other, making it obvious that she was still in heat, and this would only make it hotter for her. She winked at me, clearly curious as to what would follow. Well, she was about to find out just like the others.

“Belle, grab the canola oil and smear some on Martin’s asshole as well as Mark’s dick,” I commanded the redhead.

Belle was rather eager to do this duty, knowing that her brother was about to have his ass taken hard by his boyfriend. We would all get a chance to watch while taping the steamy sodomy between the lads. The pair didn’t disappoint, either, as seen when Martin bent over and Mark started stroking his lover’s cock with one hand, even as he eased his dick into the guy’s butthole. It wasn’t long before they were rutting like a pair of rabbits, only both of them were male, of course, and neither of them was exactly furry.

“See why we ladies enjoy gay porn? Damn, that’s hot as hell!” Candy reacted to the chance to watch two guys in the act of buggery over the kitchen table.

“It is at that. It’s clear that Mark really loves to stuff Martin’s manhole every bit as much as Martin likes to have his ass plundered by Mark,” I remarked while Sally and Shannon caressed my cock and balls and joined me in watching this heated homosexual humping.

“Well, he is a Bottom, after all,” Carver chuckled, to which the rest of us responded with laughter.

The man-on-man love continued for a good ten minutes longer, every push of Mark’s cock invading Martin’s asshole, stretching his backdoor once again to accommodate his prick. Martin responded as usual by bucking his hips to welcome more of that dick further along the way toward his prostate. The two men kept it up as long as they could, but finally, they couldn’t hold out and Mark shot his load deep inside Martin’s ass, coating his colon with his cum.

Of course, Martin hadn’t cum yet, but I had an idea or two of what to do about that situation. I walked over to Candy and pointed to the table. Martin rose from his bent position and indicated his still very hard cock. I grinned and took Candy’s hand before putting it in Martin’s. Then I turned to Mark and pulled him over to join the rest of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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