Boyfriend Girlfriend

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The next morning, I was sleeping. While I slept I dream I was actually having sex with my sister. My cock was buried deep in her pussy! The feeling in my cock felt so real. I thought that I was actually fucking my little sisters sexy bald little pussy! I felt like I was going to cum hard.

Then I awoke to find myself spooning my sister. Her little ass was up against my lower stomach, just above my cock. Her leg was over my right hip. My little sister was whimpering as she held my throbbing cock between her pussy lips. She was so wet, my hard throbbing cock was almost dripping from her juices. She was slowly thrusting, and sliding her pussy along my cock! She was using her hand to hold my cock in place, and rubbing the under side of my cock.

She jumped a little when I thrusted my hips forward. She whimpered and moaned. She turned her head and made eye contact with me. Mmmmhhh good morning baby uhhhh, she moaned. I’m so sorry, she whimpered, I just can’t help it, I love your big cock so much uuhhh. I began to moan! Oh god, don’t be, I love the way you woke me up, I moaned.

As we layed in my bed we began to move faster and faster. The way her pussy juice coated my cock, made her wet, hot, pussy glide along my cock with ease! I knew I was about to cum, but I wanted to eat her soaked pussy. She began to kiss me hard again as she thrusted along my hard cock. She moaned and whimpered, her little voice made my cock even harder!

I want to eat your little pussy so bad, I whispered. She kissed me hard again and began to sit up. I layed flat on my back as she began to straddle my face. She lowered her pussy to my face. I then began to lick her sweet pussy. I licked along her whole slit as she whimpered and moaned. My tounge then made contact with her clit. She began to shiver. Soon I felt her lay down and immediately slid my cock into her mouth.

She was grinding her pussy into my face as she shoved as much of my big hard cock into her mouth as she could while she moaned. After what seemed like hours of pure bliss, I couldn’t hold back anymore. As my balls began to tighten and tingle, she squirted her teen cum into my mouth, sending me over the edge. We both stiffened and jerked as we both came hard!

The last few days I had off of work, that’s all we did. Every time we had the chance we would play our new boyfriend girlfriend game. In all my time as a grown man and with the 2 girlfriends I had, I had never ever cum so hard, so many times!

I never knew that an incestuous relationship would be so fucking hot, I told her. Me either, she said. Who needs a girlfriend when he has a sexy sister like you, I asked. Wait, I thought I was your girlfriend, she said as she giggled. I like this new game. So I think we should play it all the time. We pause and go back to being siblings when we walk out the door so no one knows. Deal I responded, what sucks though is that I can’t actually fuck you! I know she said, but we can still have fun!

The weeks following, were filled with pure lust full play. I ate her pussy so many times, and fingered her. She sucked my big cock as best she could, and we would always end up cumming hard many times. It was more intense when I would come home from a 24 or 48 hour shift. We would always send very sexy and hot texts while I worked. This went on for a few weeks

It was Saturday when my shift ended. I came home and heard my sister moaning. Her bedroom door was cracked, so I peaked in. I saw her bare sexy teen body sitting in the chair at her desk. I looked at her screen and saw her watching porn on her computer. My cock began to get hard. I went in and took a shower to get cleaned up. I had a few classes to teach at the academy. So I wasn’t able to play with her. Instead I got into the shower and began to stroke my throbbing cock, imaging her fingers rubbing her clit, and her fingers dipping into her pussy. The way she was moaning and whimpering mad my cock swell more! Before I realized it I was moaning her name as I jerked off! I came so hard that I almost passed out! I finished my shower and got out. I decided to just come out naked. As soon as I stepped out the door, there stood Malia. She gasped when she saw me.

That’s so not fair, she whispered. How do you think I felt when I saw you playing with your pussy, I replied. Now all I’m going to be able to think about at work is your sexy naked body, she said. That’s not a bad thing is it? No, not really, she said, except I won’t be able to concentrate now. GOD you have such a nice cock, she said seductively. Her eye brows jumped as she said it. She reached down and gripped my hardening cock. I shivered at her touch. She stroked it a few times while looking me in the eyes. I love it when you do that I whispered. Good, you need to get use to it anyway, she quietly said. I gotta go to work she said. I am picking up my new friend Katie. I moaned in disappointment as she let go. You have to teach classes today anyway don’t you, she asked. Yeah I need to be there in an hour.

As she began to leave, she gave me a look I have never seen before. She reached down and gripped my cock and said, look I may bring Katie home. She is so sexy, I want to eat her pussy so bad! She is only 16 but she is so fucking hot. She has really blonde hair, blue eyes and a very sexy body! She has braces too. Are you hoping to get some pussy from her, I asked. Oh god yeah, she whispered. She reached up and we began to kiss hard as she stroked my hard cock. Our tounges twisting and licking. Mmmm she moaned. God I wish you weren’t my brother, she whispered.

She let go of my cock and grabbed her bags and coat. We kissed again as she stoked my cock again. She then broke the kiss, bent down and kissed my cock. She licked it a few times, and then shoved as much of it in her mouth as she could! Hhhhhh, oh god that feels so nice, I moaned. She then dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around my cock and jerked and twisted the part she couldn’t fit in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock as her tounge worked. I felt my balls begin to stiffen as she surprised me by shoving my cock into her little throat! Oohh fffuck! I yelled as she choked and gaged! She pulled back and did it again. This time I was amazed at how far down her throat my cock went. Nnnghhh, oh fuck I’m going to cum baby, I warned! She responded by sliding my cock in and out of her mouth faster while sucking harder. She gaged as she pulled my cock out of her throat. I began to shake and tremble! My body had chills racing through it as my balls tightened. I then began to shoot wad after wad of my cum down my little sisters throat! She looked up at me and showed me what was left in her mouth. She then swallowed it as I stood there jerking and shaking! Mmmm nothing like a nice load of cum from my brother to get the day started she said seductively.

She stood up and kissed me hard again. As we kissed I could taste my cum. She then stopped and said, I have to go, wish me luck, I’m going to try to get into her pants tonight. Good luck I said. Oh, and don’t be mad, but I’m going to show her a picture of your cock. Ok was all I could say. I was still coming down from my orgasm.

As she left she looked at my cock. She reached down with her hand and stroked her pussy while she looked at it. She bit her lower lip and moaned as she walked out the door. Soon after, I got dressed and I went to teach classes. While in the middle of one of my classes, she sent me a text. It read,

I made her really wet! I showed her a pic of your cock, and she wants it really bad! She says its the biggest one she has ever seen!

I shot one back to her during one of the breaks.

Nice maybe you’ll get into her pants now.

Hope so she replied. She has asked to see it a few times now, and she just stares at it.

She asked me who’s it was, I told her it was my boyfriends. She is totally jealous!

She wants to know if she can see it in person.

Don’t think that’s a good idea, she is only 16. I replied

Well I don’t think that would be an issue, but well see.

Ok I replied. Gotta go.

Me too she replied. Try not to get hard in front of the class baby, I might have to get jealous!

My cock was semi hard for the rest of the day. Once I was finished with the classes, I headed home. Once I got there, I went inside and saw my sisters new 16 year old friend. She looked at me and smiled really big. Oh my god I said to myself! She is a fucking hot little thing! No wonder my sister wants her!

She was a blonde young little teen. She was a little taller than Malia. Her hair was curly and it went to the middle of her back. Her eyes were big and bright blue! Her tits were a little bigger than my sisters sexy little tits. She was in a sexy outfit, so I knew she worked with Malia. Hi, I said, my name is Alan, I’m Malias brother. I’m Katie she said. I’m glad my sister has a friend here. Where is she anyway I asked. She went to her room, she said as her eyes glanced at my slight bulge. Well its nice to meet you Katie, I said. Nice to meet you too!

Soon my little sister came out of her room. We all had a nice conversation. We ate some pizza as well. My little sister was loving the way her new friend Katie was looking at me and flirting. After about an hour or so, they went to Malias room. After about 30 minutes I got really quiet. I didn’t hear anything from the living room. I knew that my sister was eating pussy, and getting her pussy eaten. After an hour or so, Katie left. She had a big smile on her face. As my little sister came past me she bent down and kissed me hard. Her pussy tastes good doesn’t it baby, she asked. Yeah it does, I replied. She saw your bulge when you got home. She thinks your hot!

About a month went by as me and my sister continued to play our new game. Then I began to notice something. She seemed to be on the computer a lot more. She would be up really late at night watching porn on the weekends. We still played a lot! It kind of slowed a little but we still sucked, licked and rubbed my cock on her pussy! And for some reason, it was so much more intense! It was getting to the point, that my sister would take my hard throbbing cock, and rub the head along her pussy slit, dipping it between her lips. I can’t tell” title=”escort”>escort you how badly I wanted to shove my big cock into her pussy. The thing that stopped me, was that we were siblings.

At least a couple of weeks went by. And I was about to discover what she had been doing all this time on the computer. I did notice her on google a lot, and that she had been looking for specific porn. I didn’t see which kind though. I didn’t want to snoop much further. Hey I couldn’t help it, I was just curious!

Then while I was at work, I received an email from her. It was kind of weird cause I had never gotten one from her before . I was kind of nervous, and exited at the same time. I didn’t now what to expect.

I decided to check it out. So I opened the email on my phone. It had a picture attachment added to it, but It didn’t show because I had to open it. I decided to go ahead and read what she had to say first.

It read:

Sorry I didn’t just come to you and talk to you about this first. The reason I didn’t, is because I’m scared. I love what we are doing, cause its so much fun! You make me so horny that my panties are constantly wet!

Truth is, I absolutely love your cock! It has to be the nicest, biggest cock I have ever seen! Its perfect! The way its so long and so thick! I love how straight it is! Its so beautiful! I love that its so white, and pink. The way the veins look on it, and the way it feels in my mouth! More especially how it feels on my pussy and clit! Everything about your cock just drives me wild! Its all I think about anymore. Oh god and the way you shaved it for me!!! It looks so much better than a porn stars cock!!

By now you know that we haven’t messed around as much anymore. Truth is, that its so hard for me to control myself! My body just screams for that hot cock of yours!

Well when you are at work and on the weekends, I have been watching a lot of porn, and doing research. I am so loving what I’ve been finding lately! I’m amazed at what I have found, and frankly, it really turns me on that much more.

I’m not going to tell you what it is yet. The reason for that, is I’m scared. Ill explain why in a minute. But I really would love for certain things to happen with us. But I’m too scared. So here is what is going to happen. If you really want to know what I have found tell me by sending me a text that simply says yes. It has to have quotation marks around it. If I get that then ill tell you what I found! I really hope you want to. If not that’s ok, and I hope we can keep playing boyfriend girlfriend.

Now the reason I’m scared. Once I found out I was bi, I told mom and dad. They we’re ok with it. In fact they encouraged it, and told me it was ok. They gave me enough room and space for me to continue to explore. It was when I told Steph that everything changed. She somehow became religious. From that day on, she hated me so bad. It was like someone flipped a switch in her from loving her sister to hating her with a passion.

That’s why she acts like she does around me. I am afraid if I tell you what it is, I may lose my brother too, despite what we have been doing. I don’t want that. So if you want to find out you know what to do. I really hope you do, god I hope you do! Think about it before you answer. Ill understand if you don’t.

Love you, see you when you get home. I guess you’ll be gone for a couple of days. Stay safe sexy.

Your little sister.

So I thought about it. I thought back to all the times that I wanted to fuck her hard. I thought back to all the times she told me how much she wished I wasn’t her brother. I was almost sure that, that wasn’t the reason for all this. I thought about it for almost all day and during my second shift. Close to the end of that second shift, I began to think that I really wanted to know.

So towards the late evening close to the end of the second shift. I had made my decision. It was over 24 hours after I had read the email! So I sent her this text.”YES” then I opened the attachment. I got so hard. I had to sit until my cock deflated! It was a close up of her pussy, and it was shiny from her wetness! I wanted to slide my cock in to that sweet teen pussy so bad it hurt!

A few minutes later, she texted me back! It read, oh my god I just got sooo wet! Now, since you made your decision, and the one I hoped for, I’m going to send you a link. I want you to watch it and tell me what you think. I am so amazed at how often this really happens! Hope you like it!

I finished my shift out, and then headed home. I ended up working late because of a bad call we had. So by the time I got home my sexy little teen sister had already left for school. I got home and took a shower. I got cleaned up and went to my room and found a note taped to my computer. It read, I saw on the news that you had a big one today. Sorry I couldn’t see you before I left. I had to get to school. Thank god its Friday though.

I took the note and put it too the side. I hadn’t gotten dressed yet, and I was getting ready to. Then I remembered that there was a link that my sister sent to me. Hmm I thought, I wonder what its all about. I decided to stay naked since I was home alone, and well, it felt good. I went and took a long shower and grabbed a quick bite to eat. As I was showering and eating, I thought about the link and what sight it might lead me to. It started to bug me a little, because its all I could think about. It started to get to the point that I had to know. My curiosity was really getting to me. Its almost like when you know that you just have to do something.

After eating I went back to the room. I grabbed a clean pair of boxer briefs and was starting to put them on when I looked at my computer. I dropped them onto the bed, and sat down at the desk. I opened my computer and went to my email. I found the link. Above it was a caption.

It read, I really hope this doesn’t freak you out baby, I hope it turns you on as much as it did me. You’ll be amazed at how common this is! I hope you enjoy!

I clicked on the attachment. What came up on the screen floored me! It was a video on a porn tube site. My cock immediately began to harden!! I then looked at the title of the video, and I almost couldn’t breath! My cock swelled fast!! It began to throb as chills covered my naked body! The title was “Sexy Little Sister Sucks Older Brother”. It looked like it was home made!

My vision became very hazy as I gripped my rock hard cock!! I clicked play. Soon there was a blonde little teen with a blue and white shirt or dress on. She was saying something about 20 minutes! Then she started to suck his cock! I was amazed, and very very turned on by it. Just the fact that it was a real brother sister doing this.

I started slowly pulling on my cock. Then I see the sister stand up. I saw her pussy. Then I see her straddle her brother. I watched as she positioned herself above his cock. She grabbed it and held it as she lowered herself onto his cock. I watched as it slipped in to her little pussy! My mouth and eyes were both wide open in amazement!! I was jerking my cock faster as I watched this little teen fuck her brother!

After I saw that one I clicked another one, where this hot sexy brunette sucked and fucked her brother!! I was so hard and horny I couldn’t see straight! So I sent a text to my sister. I saw the link! She texted back and asked, so what do you think? I was so fucking hard I couldn’t stand it. I knew at that moment, that my sister, wanted my cock in her pussy! I also knew that I wanted my cock in her! I wanted to fuck her so bad, that it hurt!!

I couldn’t think of a way, to tell her that It turned me on so much in words. So I decided to do something else. I texted her back and said. I will send you an answer, but you have to open it when you’re alone! She then replied, ok I will. I grabbed my phone. Went to my mirror, and put it on video mode. I then pressed record as I aimed the camera at my hard cock! I then wrapped my hand around it, and slowly jerked my throbbing cock! Does this answer your question I asked as I recorded myself slowly jerking off!

I saved the video, and sent it to her, then waited to see what would happen! About 20 minutes later I get a text from her, that read, OH MY GOD!!! You sooo should not have done that!!! I am so fucking wet right now!!! And yes it does!! After that, another hour went by. During that time I had been slowly rubbing my cock while I watched more brother sister incest videos. I had to pinch my cock a few times to keep from cumming hard! I couldn’t believe that my little sister was watching these all this time!

During one of the videos, I got another text from her. It read, I’m going to call your phone, don’t answer, I’m leaving you a voice mail! Soon after my phone rang. I sent it to voice mail. Once my phone indicated I had a voice mail, I picked up the phone, and listened. My sexy horny little sisters voice was all I heard. She was whimpering, and breathing really hard! She said, oh god baby I’m so horny for that big sexy cock of yours! Mmmmhhh my panties were so wet I had to take them off baby! I’m going to touch my cl uuhhh oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming. I heard her whimper and moan! She dropped her phone in the middle of what sounded like an orgasm!

Then she picked up her phone, and asked, can I baby, can I please have your cock? I want it deep in my pussy uhhhh! Please?

It ended there! I got up. I faced the computer to my mirror to get a good view of the brother sister video I was watching! I got it as close to the mirror as I could! Then I hit record on the video, on my phone. I zoomed in on my cock as I slowly rubbed it up and down the whole length! Then I zoomed out so the video showed, along with my cock! I began to jerk my cock faster as my balls began to ache! I kept jerking off untill my whole body began to jerk and tense up! My cock swelled more as I kept jerking. Then I went stiff, my cock began to shoot load after load of my cock juice! I got it all over the mirror and my dresser. As I kept jerking my orgasm began to subside! Oh my god, I said, I want my cock in your pussy so bad right now! I just wish you were home!!

I sent that to her. After almost an hour I got a text! GOD that was fucking HOT!!! Oh fuck I” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan want to fuck you so bad, she said! To my utter surprise my cock stayed as hard as a rock! I had to keep rubbing it!

Soon after that I got a text from mom. It said, your sister Malia is coming home. She is sick so I checked her out, just thought you should know!

About 15 minutes later I heard the door open. My sexy little teen sister just got home. My cock began to throb again. I heard moms voice telling her to get some sleep. Then mom left and my hot little sister locked the door. I heard her walk to the dining room and unzip her backpack. I heard her go to the living room, then walk around my house to be sure all doors were locked and blinds all closed. I heard her walk back to the dining room. I went to the living room and hid around the corner and watched her.

She opened her computer and went to a site and started watching a video. It was almost like she planned it to happen this way! She opened her legs and hiked her skirt up to her waist and sat back down. She then began to finger fuck herself! She started to moan and shake as she was getting near her orgasm, I walked into the room. Her head was thrown back and her eyes shut as she began to shake!

I was still naked! My cock sticking straight out hard as a rock! I knew I was going to finally fulfill our fantasies! I walked in, and began to kiss her hard as my hard cock twitched! I reached down and moved her hand and began to stroke her pussy! She moaned as she realized that I was there. She reached for my cock, but I moved so she couldn’t reach it!

Our tounges rubbing and twisting with each other as pure and absolute lust took over completely! I stopped kissing her and stood up! I was standing to her left, so I lifted my cock as she layed her head back all the way. She stuck her tounge out, almost like she knew what I was about to do! Oh my god I said as I slid my hard cock along the width of her mouth, and slid it back and forth as she worked her tounge! She grabbed my cock with her hand and squeezed it, as she sucked the head into her mouth! Her tounge felt amazing on the underside of my cock head! I groaned out as she sucked, kissed and licked my cock! She then began to lick my balls as she jerked my cock!

Once I backed off she stood up! Oh my god baby she whimpered! You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this uhhh! I love this big cock of yours! Now its all mine right, she asked as she pushed my cock down and rubbed my cock head up and down her sexy bald cunt. She began to lick and kiss my stomach, and chest! Then she backed off and took all her clothes off. Oh god I whispered as her tiny teen tits came to view her nipples were hard, and pointing straight out! Her sexy body looked so fucking hot! Her 6 pak, and her belly ring! And her shaved little pussy made my cock jump! I watched as I jerked my cock!

She walked up to me and sandwiched my cock between our naked bodies. We kissed with so much passion. We were both trembling as we knew what was next! She turned me around and layed me on the table. My cock sticking straight up. She took her phone and took several pics of my cock with her licking it! Then she put her phone and her computer on the kitchen counter. She climbed up on the table on top of me. She slid her sexy soaked little teen pussy along my cock! She began to kiss me hard again.
When we stopped, she looked into my eyes while her forehead rested on mine. She kept sliding her pussy up and down the length grinding harder as she did.

Please baby, she whispered please can I? Oh fuck, I replied, fuck I want you to!! She moaned as she sat up! She sat up on one knee, with one leg bent, using that leg to lift herself up high enough to keep my rigid cock straight. She held my cock and lowered herself so my cock head was right at her drooling pussy hole, between her lips. Can I baby, please, can I slide this sexy cock of yours in my hot pussy? I want it so bad baby, my pussy aches for your huge sexy cock! I thrusted my hips up. Her eyes opened wide as she gasped! The whole head of my cock entered her pussy for a second, and back out!

She then began to sit lower, allowing my cock to slowly slide into her wet teen cunt! She moaned, oh god its so big, as she slowly inched her way down. I arched my back and clinched my teeth as I inhaled sharply! Oh fuck baby, your pussy is soooo tight, god it feels so good, I whispered. Yeah, You like that huh baby, she asked seductively as she continued to inch her way down little by little. Her pussy was so tight, I could feel her pussy stretch little by little. It was trying to squeeze my cock back out!

Your little sisters pussy has been aching for this big cock so much, she whispered as she gasped for air. As soon as she had 5 inches of my cock in her tight teen pussy, she started to slide up and down my slippery cock! Mmmm yeah baby, I can’t believe my cock is in my sisters pussy, I said quietly. She smiled as she rocked up and down on my cock. She bit the corner of her bottom lip as she began to push down more. God my brothers cock feel so fucking good, oh god oh god oh god, I think I’m going to cum already baby, she moaned. Her body began to jerk as her pussy gripped my cock extremely tight! Her pussy walls contracted around my stiff rod as she began to squirt her little teen juices down my cock and onto my balls! I arched my back again, as the sheer pleasure shot through out my body!

Once her orgasm ended her body continued to jerk, as she bent down and kissed me hard! We continued to kiss as she pushed more of my cock into her wet pussy! I moaned as we kissed from the intense pleasure! Soon she had all but one inch buried deep inside her! She began to ride up and down slowly as she kissed me, moaning and whimpering at the same time! She broke the kiss, and rested her forehead on mine again! God you sexy cock feels so good baby uhhhh! Yeah? I asked her. You like you brothers cock in your pussy baby, I asked. Oh fuck yeah baby she whispered. She bit the corner of her bottom lip as she sat up. I reached up and started to gently message the tiny little tits that I loved! I pinched her nipples as she gasped.

She looked down at me as she lowered her incredibly tight pussy all the way down. She watched my face as I arched my back and groaned! She bent down and kissed me hard, then whispered. Its all the way in now baby. God it feels so fucking good! I have never had a cock this big in me before! Had I known my big brothers cock would feel so good I would have fucked you a long time ago, she whispered. She sat back up and slowly began to ride my cock!

I began to thrust in time with her as she moaned and arched her back! She had goose bumps all over her petite teen body! Her breath getting more and more ragged with each thrust! I wanna fuck you so hard right now, I said. She bent down as I bent my legs to get good leverage. We kissed hard and for a long time before she responded. Then fuck me baby, she whispered. She slid up until at least 5 inches had slipped out of her tight pussy.

I then began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her. She was so tight, that her pussy would squeeze my cock, and help it slide out. When I picked up my pace she began to moan out loud! I began to fuck her faster and faster. Oh yeah yeah baby, fuck my pussy! God yeah that’s it baby uuhhhh! My balls began to slap her ass the harder I fucked her! She sat up and her back arched! She began to moan loud, and breath really hard! Hearing her sexy little voice mad me fuck her even harder! Soon her pussy began to grip my cock very tightly as it contracted. She threw her head back and screamed! Oh my god, oh my god oh my god I’m cumming oh my god! She took in a sharp breath as she yelled OOHHHH FFFFUUCK!! Her body stiffened as her eyes rolled back! Her mouth wide open! She then fell foward onto me, and jerked violently! Oh god, oh my god, she whimpered! I continued to slowly fuck her as she came hard. Before I knew it she wasn’t moving, other than a jerk here and there, as well as her heavy breathing!

I sat up keeping my cock buried deep in her wet teen pussy! I realized her body was limp as I sat up. At that point I knew she had passed out. I cradled her little body as I stood up and gently layed her on the table, on her back. The whole time my cock was buried in her pussy. She opened her eyes half way and began to jerk more. I leaned down and began to suck and lick her little tits, and her nipples. Her hands rested on my head as I did so.

Was it that good, I asked. Her eyes still half shut, a smile formed on her sexy mouth. I then began to slowly fuck her again. Her head moved side to side, as I slid my cock in and out slowly. I did my best to suck her tits more as she gasped and trembled again!
I then kissed her hard again, as she moaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss, and looked into her partially closed eyes. Her mouth was wide open as I began to gradually fuck her harder. Oh god baby, your cock feels soooo fucking good uhhhhhh, oh god, oh god, oh god, she whimpered loudly. Her sexy tiny voice whimpering that loud in pure bliss, made me start fucking her hard again. she arched her back, and began to writhe, her whole body began to shake as she squirmed!

Oh fuck baby, your pussy feels so good, and tight, I moaned! I bent down and kissed her more, then whispered, my little sisters pussy feels so fucking good! I stood up as she raked her fingers down my chest and stomach!

The look on her face, made my cock swell even more! I fucked her harder and faster! She began to whimper as her body shook, and trembled! Her head moving side to side as my cock pistoned in and out of her tight teen cunt! Soon she was starting to tense up and her pussy started to contract around my cock! Her pussy was squeezing my cock so hard, it almost pushed my cock out all the way. She shook violently and her back arched! Her hips bucking up and down! Oh god, oh god I’m cumming again, she whispered! Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming again OH
FUC… I pulled my cock out right then. I was amazed at what happened then! Her pussy squirted all over my stomach, cock, balls, and legs! My sexy little sister was a squirter!

As soon as she stopped spraying me with her teen cum I plunged my cock in all the” title=”izmit sınırsız escort”>izmit sınırsız escort way! She gasped out loud, as her eyes opened really wide! I began to fuck her again! Fuck me harder please, fuck me harder brother, oh god I’m cumming again baby, she said as she whimpered! I pulled out and again her pussy squirted! She didn’t pass out this time! Her hips bucked as she squirted her teen cum! Her eyes half closed and her mouth wide open as she groaned! Her body jerked violently as she arched her back and bucked her hips! OH FUCK, OH MY GOOOOD!!! Before she had a chance to even come down, I shoved my big 9 inch thick cock deep into her pussy, and started to fuck her hard again! The way her little girl voice sounded, as she moaned and whimpered, and the way she continued to squirm, made me feel as though I was going to cum!

Her cum squirted out of her little teen pussy every time I pulled out to just the head of my cock! Her eyes were clinched shut, and her mouth wide open as she continued to cum over and over again! Her whole body just writhed as I fucked her as hard and fast as I could! Her pussy continued to clinch very tightly around my big cock as she began to have multiple orgasms! My balls and hip bone making loud wet slapping sounds!

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, oh my fucking god baby uhhh, she said quietly, you definitely know how to get a girl off with that big thick cock of yours!! God, this is so fucking good! I bent down and began to kiss her very passionately as I drilled her pussy! She began to writhe and jerk as she closed her eyes! I’m gonna cum soon baby, I said! She opened her eyes as her whole body spasmed and squirmed! Oh god baby, cum in my pussy, please, I want my brothers cum, I want my brothers cum deep in my pussy please baby, cum in my pussy please big brother , she cried!!

Hearing her little girl voice pleading for my cum, and her moaning and whimpering started to bring me closer to my orgasm! My ball began to ache again as I fucked her hard! My cock swelled even more deep inside my little sisters pussy as I listen to her moan and whimper! Please baby, I want my brothers cum in my pussy, god I want it so bad uhhhh!

Soon her pussy began to contract and squeeze my cock! I pulled out and picked her up as she shook uncontrollably, and her pussy sprayed cum everywhere! I carried her to the living room as my cock head pushed her into her pussy! I put her on the couch and slammed my cock deep into her pussy. She tensed up as she jerked, moaned and bucked her hips! I pulled out again only to be squirted by her teen cum again!

I slid my cock deep into her pussy again as she continued to orgasm. I pumped my cock in her fast and hard! Once her orgasm started to come down, she pushed me back, and got onto her feet. She turned around and bent over. Her cum was still leaking out of her shaved teen pussy as she spread her legs wide! Fuck me baby she whimpered. I slid my cock into her again and began to fuck her hard and fast! She began to push back hard again! She then tensed up again! She fell forward as she began to cum again!

Her pussy clenched around my cock so tightly! I began to feel dizzy, and pulses shoot through my body! I held my breath as I moaned out loud! I’m gonna cum baby, I said as I threw my head back! Her pussy gripped my cock so tightly, I thought my cock was going to get stuck! She whimpered with her little girl voice, cum in me baby, cum in your sisters pussy!! I couldn’t hold back anymore! My first big jet of cum, shot deep into her pussy as I thrusted my cock as deep as it would go!! I jerked all over as shot after shot of my cock juice filled her tiny teen pussy!

When I pulled out she squirted a massive amount of our mixed juices out of her pussy! I fell back and onto the coffee table! I layed back and closed my eyes. My body convulsed as I layed there! When I sat up my sister was on the couch, facing me! Her body jerked as she smiled at me! Her eyes half closed! Her fingers running along her pussy! She then lifted her hand and licked our combined juices off of her fingers. She moaned as she looked at me and bit her lower lip! Mmmmm our cum tastes so good together baby, she said very seductively!

She sat up and leaned over. She grabbed my still hard and sensitive cock! I jumped as she began to wrap her small hand around a much of it as she could! She bent over and licked my cock! Mmmmm my brothers cock tastes so good baby! She sucked my head into her mouth and licked the underside of my cock head. My cock stayed hard!

She kissed my cock and then stood up as she stroked it! Feel free to join me in the shower baby she said seductively! I watched her walk out of the room and into the hall! I then began to follow her. I went to my room to get a towel. She walked in behind me and reached around me and grabbed my cock! Sorry baby, I love your cock so much! My cock began to stiffen more as I turned around. I kissed her as she stroked my cock back to life!

My cock began to throb as we made out again! She mashed herself against me and grinded her body against mine. I began to get an overwhelming urge to fuck my sister again. I picked her up and threw her on the bed! She rolled over and got onto her knees. She used her fingers to open her pussy wide. I placed my cock at the entrance of her drooling pussy! I pushed in as fast as I could! To my amazement, she tensed up and began to tremble! Her pussy began to contract around my cock again! I started fucking her hard and fast, as she began to squirt all over my balls! I pulled out and she turned onto her side! She lifted her leg up and looked into my eyes as I shoved back into her! Her eyes opened very wide, and so did her mouth as she gasped! I fucked her as hard and fast as I could! God I love your pussy baby, I moaned as I fucked her hard!

Soon she was cumming hard as she flopped onto her back. I didn’t slow down, I just kept fucking her hard and fast! It seemed like she had one very long and continuous orgasm. She only came down when I pulled out again. I backed up allowing her to stand. She couldn’t stand steady, her legs were wobbly! I’m going to clean up now baby, she said in a shaky voice.

I stood there waiting to calm down a little as she walked out of my room. I grabbed my towel. I went to the bathroom and noticed my sexy sister wasn’t there. I walked out to her room and found her bent over onto her desk. Her legs spread open as she scooped our mixed cum and licking it off of her fingers. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, oh god baby, I was hoping you would come in here! My cock was still rigid, so I walked up and shoved my cock deep into her pussy again! She gasped as she pushed back to get my cock deeper! She stood up as I grabbed her sexy little tits! She leaned her head back and I rested my forehead on hers! I looked deep into her eyes as she whimpered. God I love you cock so much baby, she said as I began to fuck her hard again! I kissed her as she rocked back and forth on my cock! She bent over to get my cock deeper into her pussy! I fucked her so hard I was leaving a red spot on her ass! She came again and hard! My cock stayed hard knowing my little sister was a squirter!

We went into the bathroom. We got into the shower and began to clean each other. She payed close attention to my throbbing cock! I washed her back and slowly got to her front side. I sucked and liked her small teen tits and nipples as I slid my hand down and rubbed her pussy! I fingered her and felt her cum soak my hand! Mmmm god I love the way you get me off baby, she whimpered as she came.

She got onto her knees and began to suck my cock! Oh fuck baby, I moaned as she swallowed my cock! I put my hand onto the back of her head as she gagged and choked as she deep throat my 9 inch thick cock! I felt like I was going to cum hard! But before I did I looked down at her. She looked into my eyes as I told her, I want to fuck you again so bad baby!

She stood up and I picked her up and pinned her against the shower wall. She wrapped her little legs around me as I slid her onto my cock! I kissed her passionately as I fucked her hard! When I stopped kissing her our eyes locked! Her mouth wide open as she moaned loud! Oh god yeah fuck me baby, she whimpered as our eyes were locked! I love the way you fuck my pussy, mmmmm my brothers cock feels so fucking good! Oh my god, my little sisters pussy is so fucking good, I moaned back. She smiled, mmmm yeah, she asked! Oh god yeah, I said. Oh fuck I’m gonna cum soon baby, fuck me, fuck your little sisters pussy baby, she whimpered! I put one hand on her small tit as I fucked her as hard as I could! Her mouth was wide open as she began to moan and whimper loud! Yeah baby, yeah, uhh uhh OH FUCK BABY!! Her head went back so she was facing the ceiling! Her eyes clinched closed as her mouth was wide open!

Her whole body tensed up and she began to jerk! She was moaning and whimpering really loud as her cum shot from around my cock! Her legs dropped as I continued to fuck her! Oh fuck I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum I warned! She pushed me back letting my cock to slip out of her pussy! She dropped to her knees and sucked my cock down her throat! Hhhhhhuuuu I groaned as she gaged on my cock, licked my balls and cock! She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop! She stuck her tounge out and placed my cock on her tounge and jerked and twisted my cock. She also fondled my balls! Seeing that and her eyes looking into mine sent me over the edge! My cock erupted into her mouth! I didn’t cum as much as the first two times but it was still an amazing orgasm! Shot after shot landed in her mouth! As soon as I stopped cumming she stuck my cock back in her mouth and sucked as my cum ran out of the corner of her mouth! She popped my cock out of her mouth and showed me the cum that was left in her mouth. She then swallowed it all. She then used her finger to wipe the cum off of her face, chin, and her small tits and licked them off of her fingers. My cock was so sensitive and finally began to go down slowly. She stood up and we kissed passionately!

Oh my god, I said, this was amazing! Fuck yeah, she said softly! I have NEVER had orgasms even close to that amazing, she said. Never I asked. We stepped out of the shower and we dried off. We walked out into the living room completely naked and collapsed onto the couch! She curled up with me and we just talked!

We eventually fell asleep. Things picked up again when we woke up……….

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