Boyfriend’s Father had Eyes for Me

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When I was twenty, I began dating Alex. Alex’s parents were divorced and Alex lived with his father in a big house with a fantastic swimming pool. I never knew anyone with a pool back then so he was a keeper, well until the end of the summer, anyway.

Alex’s father was an attractive older gentleman. From what Alex told me his parents had been divorced for several years. His mother had re-married and his father was not seeing anyone. His father always went out of his way to be nice to me. During the weekends he would bring us food and drinks when at the pool. I could tell his father liked me.

Back then I only had one swimsuit. It was a red bikini, which honestly didn’t fit very well. It was a cheap bikini that was somewhat thin and flimsy. It wasn’t water resistant so when it got wet it just kind of hung there and you could pretty much make out everything I owned. Actually I had to be very careful that the top didn’t fall off when it was wet. I was young and it was all I could afford.

Alex’s father gave us our privacy at the pool, however, there were times that he would be doing yard work or just came and sat by the pool with us. I didn’t mind, as he was very sweet and kind.

After the first couple of weekends of hanging out at the pool I did notice that his father watched me a fair bit. Actually he never took his eyes off of me. Even when he was doing yard work I noticed him watching me. When I was in the pool or walking around he watched me. I never said anything to Alex after all what could I say. But I did notice.

Six months prior I had my first experience with an older man and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. (Will share that story soon). So when Alex’s father started to notice and watch me it was a big turn on for me. Over the next few weeks I began to tease his father in a subtle way. I would make a point of walking past him in my wet clingy bikini, which you could clearly make out my young firm breasts and erect nipples. I was slow to adjust my top after coming out of the pool. A bikini slip here and there. I was having fun with both Alex and his father.

Alex and I spent a lot of time enjoying the pool. The pool was very secluded and we had our privacy. Alex’s father was rarely home during the week so in his absence we began having sex in and around the pool.

That summer, I worked part-time and Alex worked full-time. Alex encouraged me to use the pool when I wasn’t working. There was never anyone home so I had an open invitation. Besides, he told me it was fine with his father. Hmmm, yes, I am sure it was.

As I got to know Alex better I felt more comfortable and I took him up on his offer. On my days off I would go over in the afternoons and relax and enjoy the pool until he got home a few hours later. That summer, I had the best tan ever.

I became comfortable with the privacy of the pool, so I began to tan topless on occasion. This was a first for me. I have always been shy, but the pool was totally secluded and I was alone. It was the perfect time to eliminate those tan lines. I felt poker oyna proud that I had the courage to go topless even if I was alone. It was a big deal for me. Besides, I knew it drove Alex wild when he would come home from work and find me sleeping in a lounger, topless. He loved to sneak up on me and touch and rub me as I laid there with my eyes closed. It always led to sex.

One day I went to the pool like usual. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and I was in heaven. This was one of those days that I decided to go topless. As I laid there with my eyes half closed I heard some movement in the yard. At first I didn’t see anyone, but then realized it was Alex’s father. It looked like he was lurking in the yard. Did he see me? Was he spying on me? Should I cover up or pretend not to see him? Damn, what should I do?

I had a split second to make a decision. I normally would have covered up but being topless in the warm sun I was feeling a bit risqué. I liked Alex’s father and I knew he liked to watch me, so why not tease him and let him have a peek. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. As I laid there I began to feel a rush of excitement. I liked the idea of exposing my young, perky breasts to him. Besides, Alex wouldn’t be home for at least another hour.

I laid there, listening intently. After several long minutes of silence I heard some movement closer to the pool. Is that him? My heart began to beat faster. I could feel a rush of excitement through me. My mind was racing. Time stood still as I concentrated on every sound. I could tell he was approaching the pool deck area. OMG is he coming in for a closer look? I had no idea he would come this close. I was committed now, I had no choice but to pretended to be asleep.

He was now on the pool deck and I sensed him moving closer and closer. He stopped and I could hear him breathing. Holly shit he was standing right over me. There was now complete silence as he just stood there for what seemed like an eternity. I had no idea what to do so I just stayed still with my eyes closed. My adrenaline was flowing and I couldn’t believe how aroused I was. I could literally feel my bottoms getting wet. How long is he going to stand there before he leaves? Does he want me to open my eyes? Am I in trouble? This was definitely not what I was expecting.

All of a sudden I felt a hand softly touch my shoulder. I just froze and didn’t even react. OMG what is he doing? I heard myself say, “Hey, babe,” as I would have acknowledged Alex. He responded with a brief and muffled, “Hey.” The sun was shining in my eyes so I kept them closed. His hand began to slowly move down my shoulder.

All my senses now shifted from listening to being focused on his touch. I felt every inch of movement as his fingers touched my skin. Now my heart was really pounding fast. What have I gotten myself into? He slowly slid his hand across my shoulder, brushing my neck, and ever so slowly down between my breasts until he gently cupped one of my breasts. I let out a deep gasp.

My mind was racing. Should I jump up canlı poker oyna and run or should I let him continue? I was breathing heavily now, almost panting. A second hand cupped my other breast. He began exploring my breasts and nipples. I have very sensitive nipples and they were no doubt swollen and erect. I was fast losing control and couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. I had never felt so scared yet excited in my life. The thought of my boyfriends father touching me while I just laid there with my hands at my side and my eyes closed was beyond erotic. I subconsciously made the decision to let him have his way with me. I felt his tongue nibble and suck at one of my nipples. This was too much, I began to squirm and moan uncontrollably. I was trembling and having mini orgasms as he licked and flicked my nipples.

One hand continued to play with my erect nipples and his other hand slowly moved down across my abdomen and slid into my bikini bottoms. I was soaking wet as his fingers began to rub my swollen and slippery clit. A finger easily slid inside of me, making a wet slurpy sound. I was all his.

I had now lost complete control and let out a loud, deep gasp as he was finger fucking me. I grabbed the hand he was fingering me with and broke the silence with a loud, “Oh my God!” as I pushed his finger deeper inside of me while climaxing.

At this point in my life (twenty years old) I rarely had orgasms but this was the deepest, most profound orgasm I’d had yet. My whole body was shaking and my eyes were rolling back into my head. Yes, it was one of those orgasms!

I had barely stopped shaking when I heard a zipper sound and felt him place his cock on my chin. I turned onto my side, reached over and eagerly began stroking and sucking him. I still had my eyes closed as the sun was shining directly on my face.

After a few minutes I could tell by his breathing he was getting ready to cum. I began to open my eyes but it took some time for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight.

I could tell he was almost there as he was thrusting harder and harder. He was pushing the back of my head deeper onto his cock. I resisted my gag reflex and managed to take most of his cock. I wanted to show him what I was capable of. As I looked up we made eye contact; he realized I saw him, but kept thrusting himself into my mouth. Without missing a beat I kept sucking.

He paused momentarily and said, “Its okay… continue”.

I had no intention of stopping. I reached up and cupped his balls as I sucked his throbbing cock. Within seconds he erupted and released a huge load in my mouth. I tightened my hold of his balls as if to squeeze every last drop of cum out of him. I closed my lips tight around his cock and attempted to swallow his full load but it was too much. I felt some of it flowing out of the sides of my mouth.

As he pulled out I could tell he was very flustered realizing what just happened. All of a sudden it became awkward. He was very apologetic and said he didn’t mean for it to go that far. I didn’t know what to say or internet casino do. I leaned in to lick him clean but he pulled away. He thanked me and swiftly walked away into the house. I was confused, embarrassed, I didn’t know what to think. I just sat there topless with his sperm dripping down my chin and onto my breasts.

I quickly cleaned up, grabbed my things and ran to my car to go home. I didn’t want to be there and face Alex when he returned from work. My emotions were all over the board. Did I just have sex with my boyfriend’s father? Was I in trouble? Would his father hate me for cheating on his son? How could I face Alex or his father again? Was this it for Alex and me?

I needed time to think this through. I couldn’t take Alex’s calls until I figured this out. I told Alex I needed time. He had no idea what was going on or why I was avoiding him. Over the next couple of days the more I processed what had happened the more aroused I became. I had all these strange emotions. It was all I could think of, every minute of the day. I found myself touching myself several times a day as I thought about what had happened and how it all played out. What had come over me? I decided to continue seeing Alex and see how it went.

About a week later Alex took me back to the pool. I knew his father was home as it was a weekend and I saw him from a distance. I knew he was watching me. Again I was aroused.

Alex and I never had sex in the pool when we knew his dad was home but this day I was so aroused I jumped him. He tried to resist but it wasn’t like he had any choice in the matter. I made a point of being loud; I wanted his father to hear us. l am sure half the neighborhood heard me moaning.

A few days later I decided to go back to the pool alone in the afternoons. The thought of running into his father aroused and consumed me. It was all I could think of. What was wrong with me? I started going earlier in the afternoon, spending more and more time at the pool in hopes of running into him again. Alex had no idea how much time I spent there.

Eventually, one afternoon, I saw his car in the driveway when I arrived. I positioned the lounger closer to the house so that if he did come out he couldn’t miss me. I sat there topless. His father finally came out into the yard; he stopped and saw me staring at him.

He hesitated, but then began to walk towards me. This time I was making eye contact with him as he walked closer. I made no attempt to cover up. I just sat there topless and watched him as he approached. The closer he got the wetter I became. He walked right up to me and without saying a word he extended out his hand to me. I grabbed it; he pulled me up and led me into the house. I couldn’t wait to fuck him…

Over the next couple of months I had sex with him at least two or three times a week. I also continued to date and have sex with Alex. I would find myself daydreaming about the differences and the similarities between the two of them. I was so aroused to be having sex with both Alex and his father; it was one of the most erotic things I have ever done.

I eventually broke up with Alex but I continued to see his father for over two years; not often, but maybe three or four times a year. We kept in touch; we had a special relationship.

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