Brad Bardulf: Tanzanite Werewolf

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Brad Bardulf: Tanzanite Werewolf

Disclaimer: The story, the characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to someone is co-incidence. The author at any point shows no discrimination either by race, color, gender, identity or ideology. All fictional characters are at least 21 years of age.

Warning: Contains adult themes, sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.

If you missed, please check out the first part of this werewolf story & hope you will enjoy it – Brad Bardulf: The Werewolf

Brad Bardulf: 35 year old man living with his husband.

Chapter 1:

I can hear my husband speaking in a different tongue near the window that was open to expose the bright pink evening sky. We arrived in Croatia in the morning. I know my husband wanted to take this trip alone but I did not want him to make it leave me behind. I understood Brad was planning to meet his other werewolf clan members living in Croatia. I had asked him if he could let me visit his other clan members. Brad looked at me before turning away. The sky is so beautiful when Brad turned around and smiled. He came forward after finishing his call to tell me, “Let us get out for dinner, we have a reservation.”

“Where are we going Brad? What happened to our meeting with the werewolf clan folks?”

“The clan folks cannot have you around because the meeting will happen around the full moon. Now we have a reservation at this restaurant facing the sea.”

“That’s so romantic.” We kissed each other.

I took my belt to wear it and sprayed on some perfume. I looked into the mirror and recalled Brad’s last three man to wolf transformations was less fruitful because of dense clouds in our Canadian town. The full moon was invisible. Brad was feeling overwhelmingly tired and he suggested taking a trip out of the country to have a transformation under clear skies. He wanted the big bright moon. I know monthly lunar energy is so crucial for Brad. I heard Brad call my name and then I quickly got out of our hotel room with him.


Brad and I walked past the streets of the narrow lanes of the Croatian town. As we walked, I asked Brad, “Tell me the purpose of this visit. I know there’s more to this trip than just transformation.”

Brad added, “That’s not true. I prefer to transform with people and in a place that I trust. I have been here two years ago. I am fine here and look at the sky. Just clear skies.”

I knew Brad answer is incomplete. He led me through another small lane filled with white walls and flowers pots hanging from the balcony. Then it led us to the seaside restaurant. There were many occupants in the restaurant. Brad led me to the front desk and I stood behind him with a grim. The front desk lady led us to the table that was facing the sea and the area was bright. I looked up & the moon was almost full.

The waiter asked us, “Can I get something to drink?”

I replied after receiving the menu, “I’ll have a mocktail.”

“Why won’t you drink some wine?” asked Brad

I spoke to him in a stern voice. “Either you tell me the whole truth or you tell me that you don’t want to tell me at all. Your secrets are bothering my mind and I can’t drink.”

Brad continued, “Look, I love you and I don’t wish to hide anything but I just don’t want to tell. That’s not important as much as my transformation under the full moon.”

Brad saw my mouth was refusing to speak a word and he said, “OK. The truth is… I am on my way to find my protective amulet.”

“A protective what?” I gasped.

Brad bit his lower lip and looked at his plate. He spoke then looking at me, “A werewolf after his Vigor must find a way to obtain his protective amulet. As much as we live in peace with humans, we must know there can be danger around us, from unknown entities. I am a supernatural entity. Tommie, I am expecting my offspring soon. I have to get this amulet to make you, my offspring safe. I wanna make us all safe.”

I suddenly remembered Betty carrying Brad’s offspring, safe and fine back in Canada.

“What danger exist Brad? I thought we are perfectly safe.”

“We most certainly are safe. I don’t sense any danger but we all have to be safe. I have the moral responsibility to make you feel safe always… even when I am not around.”

I chose not to discuss anymore because Brad assured me that everything is fine. He has to do what every werewolf would do after their Vigor. I understand his protective instincts are very significant and but I trust him. We got out of the restaurant after our dinner and took a walk along the narrow promenade along the beach. I could see a fine, thin lady standing by the tall lamppost. She appeared to be waiting calmly for someone & suddenly Brad greeted her. He said. “You must be Klaudija. We spoke on the phone in the evening.”

“Yes, I am Klaudija and you must be Brad. Such a pleasure to meet you! So, this must be your husband Maltepe Escort Tom.”

“It is Tommie, my husband.” Brad corrected her and looked at me to add, “Klaudija will be your tour guide to show you around this town while I am away. She’s fluent in English and a great guide. I spoke to her and she agreed to show you around this seaside town.”

Klaudija gave a brief of the itinerary she had planned for and I agreed to meet her tomorrow to begin the tour. Later, we bid her good night. I was immensely happy that Brad has planned this when he meets his werewolf clan.

Chapter 2:

We walked back to the hotel. We decided to take the stairway instead of the elevator in the hotel. I stopped after taking a few steps. I thanked Brad for opening up with the truth and then for arranging the guide. I kissed him on the steps and felt his crotch. Brad kissed me with his bearded mouth and he grabbed my hard cock. He ran his insane tongue over my cheek and squeezed my cock harder. We both rushed to our room.

I shut the door while Brad took his shirt off and kissed me again. I looked at his beautiful aquamarine eyes. I sucked on his lip and my lips met his tongue. I went further down to caress his neck with my lips and many more kisses. I heard him unzip his pants while I was playing around his Adam’s apple. Brad asked me to get down.

Brad grabbed my hair and directed me to his cock. “Suck it, cocksucker.” He stuffed his thick, erect cock into my mouth.

I struggled to accommodate this meat while breathing through my nose. I slowly moved my tongue over this thick meat. Brad was moaning. I can taste his sweet precum and that opened my eyes. I loved the taste. I slurped harder. I pulled down his pants and his boxer briefs. Brad pulled the cock out of my mouth and I licked his balls while holding his cock.

Brad managed to fit both the balls into my mouth while his erect cock fell over my face. I managed to flee my mouth and took a deep breath. Brad directed my face below his balls and I can feel him press my mouth on his perineum. My ears picked the sound of Brad taking off his boots. I shut up eyes and I heard him removing the pants which were wound to his ankle. I opened my zip and my 7 inches came out. I gave it soft strokes. I slowly preceded to take control of Brad’s cock in my mouth. He happily pushed into my mouth and made my throat croak. He was deep throating until the same throat started to spasm for more air. He paused just to allow me to catch some air.

After sucking, my husband pulled me to the bed and I fell on it. Brad in haste, pulled my shoes and my socks. Then, he moved closer to kiss me again more passionately before he managed to remove my jeans. My briefs flew away with my jeans. After a few seconds, I felt Brad’s beard and his lips softly touch my asshole. He squeezed my ass & felt this tongue finding a way into my hole. His kisses were so wet. Brad pushed his finger in and started sawing in and out. Then, I felt the pleasure of taking his two fingers.

Brad dripped saliva on my asshole. I said, “Prepare my hole for your big cock.”

With ease Brad placed his cockhead right up on my wet hole, spreading it wide with his hands. I felt that thick cock of over 8 inches grind inwards, lubed with his saliva. He pushed his hips, spat more and buried half of his cock in.

“You’re tighter than usual, Tommie.”

Brad held my shoulders and pushed his cock in and out of me with much force. He smartly made way fully in by now. His shiny aquamarine eyes lit as I moaned his name, “Brad!”

Brad’s blonde bearded mouth moaned louder and his humping became more erratic. I was encouraged to pull him close and kiss him as he began fucking faster. He forcing that cock so deep, his steel balls kept slapping on my white ass. Now I can feel an internal vibration emerging from my cock.

Brad was finding a good speed to gain my full ass depth. Now my hands were spreading my ass to allow a full speed fuck. The pleasure vibration ran till my brain. I can feel this pleasure movement reversing and racing back to my cock.

“Fuck. I’m cumming,” I screamed and I cum exploded on the bed.

Without pulling his cock out, he flipped me on my back and resumed fucking. He kept pounding me. His forceful thrusts pounded into my rectum.

“Where do you want it?”

“On my ass, Brad.”

Brad pulled out his cock briskly. He shot hot splashes of cum on my back and on my ass. He kept cumming, shot after shot. As he emptied his load, he sat back on the other side of the bed. I was greedy to taste that sweet cum fallen on my back. Then, Brad helped me clean my back and we cuddled. His cock was still hard. I noticed Brad was still wearing his socks.

Chapter 3:

Brad arose at dawn while I was still sleeping. He woke me up and I can see the faint sunlight glimmering into our room. I got up and went for my briefs. Brad came forward with coffee. I was indeed happy Anadolu Yakası Escort he called in room service earlier and was waiting with my morning coffee.

“I have to leave now. I am meeting a clan member, He should at the end of the street soon and he will take me to their enclave.”

“Where is this enclave? Are you reachable Brad? Just if I want to call you.”

“I think north of this town. There’s a forest that stretches for miles along the seaside. I am not sure if I can get mobile phone reception there.”

I just did not know what to add more. I remembered tonight was the full moon and then Brad will go search for the protective amulet. The coffee was fresh and tasted good.

“Will you get the amulet? Do you know where to find?”

“I will know when I transform into a wolf tonight. There are very few of these protective amulets but I need to find the amulet that will perfectly work on me. With tonight’s lunar energy, I can have a much easier transformation and I can go find my amulet.”

Brad bent towards to kiss me and said, “Explore the town. I know you will enjoy this place a lot. Klaudija will meet you later to show you around. She has a car to drive around.”

“Yes, she will guide me to some monument today. But Brad, please be back soon. I can’t let you run wild with other werewolves. I trust in you. I wish we could buy this amulet on eBay or something. You and I need to be together on this trip.”

Brad smiled and kissed me. I felt his blonde, 2 inch beard graze my chin. I can see his care and love in those eyes.

Brad added, “I need to go now but I love you Tommie. I should be back in three or four days. I will be back with the amulet. Have fun if you want to have fun.”

Brad picked a small leather backpack and he left. I went into the bathroom. It was small but furnished with new amenities. I showered and got dressed. I made a list to visit places to visit and use this list to discuss with Klaudija. I stepped out of the hotel and took the route to the seaside through those narrow streets. I stopped at a small restaurant to buy coffee again before I meet my guide to begin my sightseeing.


At the same lamppost, Klaudija stood waiting for me. I met her 10 minutes late and she accepted my apology. She greeted me with a handshake. She seemed tall, a brunette, thin, bluish eyes and a round face. She was wearing a short dress to suit the warm seaside weather. She smiled nicely and she briefed me on the day’s plan.

She showed me the old town. It was filled with cobblestoned streets, small cafes, many tourists, old buildings, narrow streets lined with houses with hanging flower pots. Our stroll brought us to an arch. From this arch to another cobblestoned lane. Surprisingly, they all looked the same. This lane led us to the promenade on the harbour side. I grew tired from the walking and I suggested, “Let’s get some waffles or cake.”

“Why not? I know a cafe but we have to head the other side.”

After the cafe visit, we strolled around the promenade, the shops and had our dinner. Klaudija spoke a lot about the history and her eyes lit every time she praised this town. She was very concerned on how tourists interpret Croatian culture. Later, she walked me to my hotel as I have no idea on how to get back. She hugged me and bid me good night.

Chapter 4:

The next day, I rose up & wore my white linen shirt, jeans and my walking shoes. I decided to skip the coffee at the hotel and have with Klaudija at a cafe by the promenade. I met her at the cafe and she gave me details of day’s itinerary. She wanted to take me to a former a palace which is now in ruins. Klaudija made me walk through some familiar streets and we reached the gigantic ruins. It was an immensely big building.

Outside it seemed there were many tourists but inside the corridors was deserted. It bore an eerie look. Some areas of this monument were well lit by sunlight but some were dim. Klaudija could detail what each wall and each stone in this monument had to tell.

We were walking & I was busy using my mobile camera, Klaudija suddenly caught my hand and pulled me. She hastily dragged me saying, “Come with me, now. Quick.”

“What happened? Klaudija?”

“Nothing happened. Come with me, Tommie.”

Klaudija took a left turn and she brought me to narrow passage. This place was dimly lit.

“Are we hiding from someone Klaudija?”


“Who is it?”

“My ex-boyfriend. I saw him here. I thought he left town but I did not know he’s back. I just don’t want to talk to him. Totally, not interested today.”

“Are you okay?”

“I am. Don’t get alarmed, Tommie. I just don’t want to meet him and start talking of our past. Let’s wait here for few minutes till he’s gone.” She hissed.

“By the way, how old are you?” I asked her with a laugh.

“Stop laughing. I am 26 years old. It is normal to avoid your ex.” She İstanbul Escort frowned.

“By the way, I am 33 years old.” I laughed.

I looked around. The passage would be 7 feet high and not more than 2 feet wide. It was a short passage and it led to a window. We stood there very close for few minutes. Klaudija was still holding my hand. I looked at her and I saw her eyes were transfixed at mine. I froze and then moved closer while my heart raced.

Klaudija came closer and I can feel her warm breath & she was smelling like spring. Her breath grew closer and touched my lips. I felt my lips engulfing hers and I was introducing my tongue into hers. I could feel my cock was nudging against my zip. I felt her hands reach for my jeans and she unzipped me. She clutched my cock and took my left hand underneath her dress. My hand felt her lingerie and she pulled it down.

My cock spasmed against my underwear. I unhooked my jeans button. I brought down my jeans and my boxer briefs below my knees. She saw my cock was solid erect discharging precum. I heard her say, “Put that big cock inside me. Fuck me, now.”

I needed this: a holiday, a change, a relief, a good fuck, a pussy again, my cock in her pussy. I lifted up her dress. I saw her shaved bald pussy. I looked at her wet, bright pink hole. I used my finger to find the entry and measure the wetness. It was well lubed and my erect cock was trickling more precum. My cock was touching the clit and the pussy entrance.

I wanted to spread those her legs and own her pussy. My cock throbbed at the thought of sliding into hole, filling up her pussy and fucking her hard like only I can. She said again, “Fuck me please. Tommie”

I could not resist her request. Aiming my 7 inch cockhead right on her tight vagina, I moved straight down, trying to push it between those tight lips. I plunged in. Klaudija kissed me resting her mouth on mine and breathing heavily.

My face was still close to hers. Our foreheads and nose touching. I fucked her for several minutes at a faster velocity. She controlled her moans as I kissed her face. It was glowing from the light through the window. I lowered down, holding my cock steady, and pushed into the lubed pussy again. It went deep and she bit my shirt collar.

“Klaudija, I’m gonna cum in your pussy!” I told her.

“I am going to love that. You can.” She said that clearly.

I could not understand whether it was my cock or it was her pussy that was throbbing. Shortly, my cock vibrated with the onset of my orgasm. Her pussy contracted on my orgasming cock, milking out each spray of my cum.

I paused with my hard cock stuck inside and then I kissed her. She saw me in the eye and then she kissed me. I gave her few soft and deep thrusts maintaining eye contact. Then I slowly slid it out. I was reflecting on what happened, and I assume her doing the same.

“I did not know you liked women. And you are married.” She pounced with a grin.

“Well I don’t. I am gay. But I like pussies. Brad does too but he doesn’t mind if I bang a pussy for a change.”

Klaudija pulled up her lingerie and I quickly managed to wear my jeans. My cock was still erect. She kissed me on cheek and said, “We need a drink now, something refreshing.”

Chapter 5:

I went back to the hotel and again reflected on the sex. Klaudija seemed happy. I was happy and fucking was without question was indeed the best sex. I wanted to fuck her again.

Soon, thoughts of Brad started to overwhelm me. I poured myself some water and wondered if he is running in packs in an unknown forest looking for the amulet. I looked at the moonlight flooding through my balcony and I just wanted Brad to return.

In the morning, I met Klaudija at the cafe for some coffee. She quickly took me through today’s itinerary. She said, “We are driving to this winery and then we are going to this old building on the hill. This is just ruins and we can have sex here.” She grinned.

I grinned and said, “Will you ride on top of me?”

“I most certainly will do.” She grinned again and sipped her coffee. My cock got stiff.


Klaudija and I explored the winery, some wine tasting and bought a wine bottle for my consumption. We stopped at the old building on the hilltop. It was like an abandoned castle with few tourists. She led me to the north of this building through a flight of steps. We reached to a small hall with windows built in stone walls. It was a quiet spot and very private. I could already feel my underwear was getting wet with my precum. A sudden erection.

Klaudija opened my pants and sucked my erect manhood. I directed Klaudija to lie on the floor while offering her many kisses. Soon my body was arched between her legs and she directed my 7 inch manhood inside her lubed cunt. A deep plunge. I felt her pussy stretched and she was aroused. I slid my hips forward until the length of my cock was fully inside her. I felt like thrusting naturally and I quickly gained pace.

My cock was sliding back inside Klaudija’s pussy with my hard thrusts. Our bodies pressed together and I kept pumping. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation.

Pump! Pump! Pump! Pump! I was getting close to ejaculate.

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