Brainy Teen Ch. 17

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Right after school, Wendy texted Sarah and Madelynn to see if they’re free this afternoon, but they both replied that they were busy. Lauren called Wendy suddenly, saying that she can’t meet up with her because of a sudden errand. Sarah hadn’t given her any assignments yet. Wendy was instinctively trying to find an excuse to not visit the address. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Cynthia. It was just that it was a huge unknown, and she was a little worried. Eventually, Wendy decided that it was too important not to go.

The place was a Victorian-style house painted in navy blue and white. It didn’t stand out much from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Wendy pressed the doorbell one time and waited. A girl with matted shoulder-length ash blond hair opened the door. She was wearing a teal satin bathrobe and lavender slippers.

“Hello, what’s the password?”

“Password? Cynthia told me to come here.”

“Oh, you must be the new member! Come on in!”

Wendy was literally pulled through the door. As she was being led through the hallway, Wendy’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. She noticed that the girl’s nails were painted with red lacquer. They stopped at the living room.

“Wait here, I’ll go get Cynthia.”

Wendy heard constant moaning and kissing sounds. There were sounds of slapping, slurping, and giggling. A faint smell of cigarette smoke and perfume tickled Wendy’s nostrils.

“What is this place? What’s going on?”

Suddenly, a lamp was turned on. The scene that greeted Wendy shocked her. There were many girls in all states of undress paired with each other and having sex or making out on chairs, sofas, or on the carpeted floor. At least one pair of girls was tribbing. Another pair was doing a sixty-nine. Yet another pair was fucking with a pink strap-on dildo. Somewhere engaged sexually in a three-way or four-way. Dildos, strap-ons, double dildos, vibrators, anal beads, and other sex toys were scattered on glass tables. Various bottles of lube and oil were scattered on the floor or seats.

A lone Goth girl with a pageboy-style haircut took noticed of Wendy and walked up to her with a cigarette dangling between her fingers. She had glossy black hair, black eye shadow, glossy blue lips and nails. Around her neck was a choker with a chrome double-Venus symbol in front. A shiny black latex bra held up her breasts, and Wendy noticed the enormous cleavage. Below that on the navel was a silver belly piercing with a dangling blue Sapphire gem. Further below, to Wendy’s shock, was a thick 10-inch strap-on mounted on a black latex harness. It was transparent blue and slightly curved upwards. A wet sheen on the dildo indicated that it might have just been used.

“Hey babe, wanna fuck?” asked the Goth girl seductively in a husky tone as she exhaled a plume of cigarette smoke in front of Wendy’s face. The Goth girl licked around her glossy lips, revealing to Wendy her shiny tongue piercing.

The word “slut” screamed in Wendy’s head. Wendy was too shocked to say anything and started to run for the exit, but the teenage girl in the teal bathrobe blocked the front door.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I want to leave. This place isn’t for me.”

“You can’t.”


“WENDY!” exclaimed Cynthia at the end of the hallway.

Wendy turned around. Cynthia was in her school clothes, but her upper body was naked. Both of her nipples were very wet-looking and there were lipstick marks all over her neck, chest, and belly.

“Sorry, Cynthia, I can’t do this.” Wendy ducked beneath the girl in the bathrobe and rushed out from the front door.

Wendy stopped running after she reached the end of the street. She slowed down to a very sluggish pace. Cynthia eventually caught up with Wendy.

“Wendy, why did you leave?”

“That place is not for me. Those girls were-“

“Fucking each other and enjoying themselves,” Cynthia finished for Wendy.


“Didn’t you do the same with Sarah, with Madelynn, with ME?”

The exact truth of the statement stunned Wendy.

“But they’re different. We’re just practicing…”

“Which is still fucking,” Cynthia said a matter-of-factly.

“Cynthia, I don’t know them. I don’t want to go too far. I don’t want be a slut.”

“Then you’ll need to get to know them, Wendy.”

“But this is different. It’s not the same as-“

“Wendy, didn’t you said to me you were willing to step it up? Why are you backing out now? Do your promises mean anything?”

Wendy remembered her promise to Sarah. She wanted to say something, but the words were caught in her throat.

Cynthia’s face became very solemn. “I am very disappointed in you, Wendy. You’re a liar and hypocrite. No wonder Daniel didn’t choose you.”

Without giving Wendy a chance to respond, Cynthia walked hastily away.

“No, Cynthia. It’s not like that! Cynthia… Cynthia!”

Cynthia ignored Wendy, knowing that she’ll follow her. She kept ignoring Wendy until they were both right outside the blue house.

“Last Ümraniye Escort chance, Wendy. Do you want to step it up or give up?” Cynthia paused for effect before saying, “Remember, Wendy, once you give up, you’ll lose everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING!” Cynthia touched her own pendant and grabbed the double Venus symbols roughly.

“I want to step it up,” Wendy said slowly with downcast eyes.

Cynthia opened up her red bathrobe, revealing the lipstick marks all over her naked upper body.


“Kiss my breast.”

“Here, right now?”


“But, other people might see!”

There was currently no people around, but a car might drive by at any moment.

“Too afraid to risk it? Fine then!” Cynthia closed her bathrobe.

“No, Cynthia, I’ll do it!”

Cynthia opened her bathrobe again. Wendy immediately kissed Cynthia on her right breast. When she tried to pull away, Cynthia said, “No, not until it’s hard. Keep at it.”


Wendy’s active sucking quickly made Cynthia’s nipples erect.

“You may stop now, Wendy.”

Cynthia closed her bathrobe.

“Sorry about that. I was just trying to see how determined you were. Now, let’s go back in.”

Both girls walked back in the house while holding hands. Cynthia could still sense hesitation in Wendy’s steps.

“Time for Plan B,” Cynthia spoke silently to herself.

“Wendy, it’s alright. I’ll be with you all the way. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Trust me, alright?”

“Okay, Cynthia, I trust you.”

Instead of going through the living room, Cynthia took Wendy up the stairs to a private room. Wendy could hear faint feminine moans through the walls as she walked. The main colors of the room were pink and white: pink walls, white ceiling, white carpet, white furniture, and pink fabrics. The most noticeable feature was a vanity with fancy makeup of all sorts. There was nothing immediately sexual about the room that was obviously designed for girls. However, there were secrets in the room that Wendy didn’t know about. Hidden cameras were recording everything that was occurring from all angles.

Cynthia sat on the bed and did nothing. Wendy sat next to Cynthia, unsure of what to do next.

“Wow, this is so boring,” Cynthia said sarcastically.

Initiator… Be the initiator… Start sexual situations… Be a lesbian…

Wendy scooted over and kissed Cynthia’s cheek.

“Wendy, what are you doing?”

“I-I want to do it with you.”

“Of course you do, Wendy, but sex isn’t exactly what this place is about.”

“It isn’t?”

“Yes, you’ve jumped to conclusions. I was going to explain everything to you clearly, but you rushed out.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. I would probably react the same way if I were you. Now, for starters, this is the Twin Venus Club.”

“I’ve heard people in school mentioning secret clubs, but I thought they were just joking around.”

“But this one is the real deal, Wendy. It’s a place of female sexual freedom and education.”

It didn’t really make sense to Wendy at first.

“Women and girls here are free to have sex with each other in any way they choose without consequences and also learn all there is about female-on-female sex, romance, seduction, and lesbian lifestyle.”

“Then it’s basically a sex club!”

“You’re oversimplifying it, Wendy. Yes, this club involves sex, but more importantly, you get to try out new experiences and learn from them, without consequences and restraints.”

“So, it’s like a place where we get to experiment and try out new things.”

“Pretty much, and we don’t need to worry about anything because what happens here remains a secret to the outside world. However, you have to make a choice on how far you want to go.”

Wendy now understood why Cynthia told her to come to this place. She was going to learn more about lesbianism, which would help her seduce Lauren.

“So, Wendy, how far do you want to go?”

“I want to go… all the way,” Wendy said softly. Despite saying that, Wendy was still unsure. She felt like she was repeating a line, but felt obligated to do it. She had made a promise to Sarah, and it was part of the plan.

There was a knock on the door.

“Oh, here comes the refreshments!”

A raven-haired girl in a skimpy maid outfit brought in two drinks on a tray. She smiled at the girls while putting two subtly different glass cups on the table before leaving. They looked like ordinary grape juice.

Cynthia was first to choose a glass. It had a special identifying mark that only she noticed. Once Wendy finished her drink, it didn’t take long for the drug to affect her. Wendy was still mostly alert, but the drug suppressed any inhibitions that she might have.

Noticing that Wendy was out of it, Cynthia leaned in close to her until their shoulders touched, then whispered into her ear, “We’re going have sex, Wendy.”


“A girl Ümraniye Escort Bayan would then come join in later for a threesome.”

“We’re going to do it with another girl?”

“It’s totally necessary. You need a wide range of sexual experiences as a lesbian in order to become a better lesbian. Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side. Nothing bad would happen. You’ll be safe.”

Wendy gulped, but she knew she had to do it. The only way to beat Lauren in the game was to step it up. She had made a promise to Sarah on not to give up. There was no reason for her to worry. This place was a secret. No one outside of this house would know what she was doing here.

“Let’s begin, Wendy.”

Cynthia kissed Wendy directly on the lips. Wendy was surprised by Cynthia’s quickness, but relaxed and wrapped her hands around Cynthia’s waist. Cynthia’s tongue pushed passed Wendy’s lips and rubbed against the teeth. Wendy opened her mouth and let Cynthia’s aggressive tongue in.

“Mmmmphfff… Mmmmm…”

When Cynthia broke the kiss, there was a saliva thread connecting their lips. Cynthia smiled at Wendy and licked the excess saliva on her lips. She then arched her back and thrust her chest outward.

“Help me take off my bathrobe. My breasts need attention. They want a lesbian to play with them.”

Wendy’s hands moved forward to undo the soft belt. She then placed her fingers on the neckline and gently opened up the robe, exposing Cynthia’s breasts. The multiple lipstick marks of different colors were still there. Wendy’s heart was beating fast. She closed her eyes and placed her wrapped her lips around the erect left nipple.

Cynthia tilted her hand back in pleasure. “MMmmm… That’s it, Wendy… Keep sucking on it…”

Wendy continued taking Cynthia’s red robe off, pulling it through the arms. Once it was off, Wendy embraced Cynthia. Her lacquered nails gently grazed Cynthia’s naked back as she caressed it. Cynthia placed her hand over Wendy’s crotch and rubbed it through the denim. “You’re getting better, Wendy.”

Just as Wendy was about to switch to Cynthia’s other breast, the door creaked opened, causing Wendy to stop her actions and turn around.

“Looks like you girls started without me,” said the girl jokingly.

“No, Tamara, you’ve arrived just in time,” Cynthia replied.

Wendy noticed that Tamara was the same girl who answered the front door of the house, but the she was dressed differently this time. Tamara wore shiny teal-colored high heels, white thigh-high stockings, a satin teal-colored baby doll negligee with white lacing, a V-neck, spaghetti straps, a teal built-in bra, and a matching satin thong. Her midriff was exposed. A zircon gem hung from Tamara’s belly ring. Moving up to her face, Wendy saw that Tamara had retouched her makeup. Her lips were glossy, crimson red. Her eyes were layered with glittery blue eye shadow, and lined black. Her eyelashes were thickened and curled with black mascara. She smiled warmly at Wendy, then took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled. The smell of the smoke was familiar to Wendy, but she couldn’t immediately remember where she had noticed the smell before.

As Wendy was eyeing Tamara, Cynthia lightly stroked Wendy’s pussy and whispered into her ear, “Do like her, Wendy?”

“I think she looks kind of cute…”

Wendy noticed the necklace around Tamara’s neck as Tamara walked closer.

“She wears that necklace too!” Wendy exclaimed in her mind when she noticed the glinting double Venus pendant.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Wendy?”

Be the initiator… When you see the double Venus symbol, you’re in lesbian mode…

Wendy got up and walked up to Tamara. She had a feeling she saw her somewhere before. In reality, Tamara was actually Tara’s sister.

“Hello, I’m Wen- Mmppfff…”

Without warning, Tamara embraced Wendy tightly and kissed her forcibly. After a brief moment of resistance, Wendy stopped struggling after reminding herself why she was at the place: she needed to expand her lesbian horizons. Wendy reciprocated Tamara’s hug and kiss. It didn’t really matter to Tamara what Wendy’s reaction was though, because Tamara had on a special red lipstick. Wendy was going to be relaxed no matter what. Tamara wasn’t going to let go until the special lipstick did its trick. It contained a strong aphrodisiac and a drug that made Wendy vulnerable to suggestions. While Tamara was still kissing Wendy, Cynthia got up and took off the rest of her clothes. She then hugged Wendy from behind, further encouraging Wendy to kiss longer.

“Wendy, I’m going to undress you. Is that okay?” Cynthia asked.

Wendy only made a muffled response. Cynthia didn’t really care what her answer was as she went around Wendy’s waist to unbuckle the belt before pulling down Wendy’s jeans and taking off her sneakers, which exposed the white satin panties she was wearing.

Noticing Wendy’s glazed eyes, Cynthia whispered into her ear, “Get yourself ready for some hot lesbian three-way sex, Escort Ümraniye Wendy,” then dragged her tongue along the edge.

When Tamara’s kiss with Wendy broke, Wendy was already having have this dreamy look on her face.

“Relax. Let yourself go,” Tamara whispered. “Enjoy the lesbian pleasure. Here have a drag.”

Tamara handed Wendy the cigarette, which Wendy took between her lips without hesitation. She inhaled deeply. Everything felt good and peaceful. Wisps of smoke hovered in the air. The two girls led Wendy into the bed and made her stood on her fours while facing the headboard.

From a pill bottle, Cynthia took out a spherical pink pill and placed it between her teeth. She kneeled and pulled down Wendy’s panties. Grabbing a bottle of Sapphic lube, she squeezed some on her hands before rubbing them. Slowly, Cynthia pushed her forefinger into Wendy’s anus, cause Wendy to grunt. That was later followed by another finger. More grunts come from Wendy’s mouth. Once Wendy’s anus was expanded wide enough, Cynthia pushed the pink pill into Wendy’s anus with her mouth. The potent drugs of the pill would be unleashed once its hard outer shell melts through Wendy’s body heat.

“I know it hurts, but you know why it’s necessary, don’t you?” asked Cynthia as Tamara joined Wendy and Cynthia in the bed and took the position in front of Wendy.

“Yes, I… need to… step it up…” Wendy spoke dreamily.

“You’ll definitely be stepping up alright,” Cynthia whispered wickedly. In a raised voice, Cynthia warned Wendy, “A lot more will go in your ass. You need to relax.”


Cynthia raised the bottle of clear lube and squeezed a huge glop right above Wendy’s ass, emptying nearly half of the bottle. The bulk of it trickled down along Wendy’s ass crack and trickled down Wendy’s thighs. Cynthia put four pink pills in her mouth this time. She pulled Wendy’s asshole a bit wider with her fingers before depositing the pills into Wendy’s rectum using the force of her lips and tongue. She repeated until there was fifteen of the translucent pink pills inside Wendy’s ass, causing Wendy feel full in her rectum.

Half of pills deposited in Wendy’s body would slowly melt, feeding Wendy a steady stream of powerful drugs that would put her into a state of hypersexuality for a long period. All her sexual responses would become amplified. Her mind would also be vulnerable to suggestions. The other half of the pills was of the delayed-released type, and won’t take effect until about two hours later.

“You’ll be a total lesbian sex machine,” said Cynthia mischievously after she was finished with the pills.

Turning her attention to Wendy’s pussy, Cynthia parted the labia with her fuchsia-nailed fingers and rubbed her fuchsia-painted lips against Wendy’s love box before pushing her tongue inward. Wendy moaned.

Tamara kneeled in front of Wendy’s face. She grabbed Wendy’s chin and tilted it upwards so that Wendy was staring up at Tamara.

“What are you, Wendy?” asked Tamara.

“I am a… lesbian…”

“Just a lesbian? Don’t you remember what you really are?”

“I am a…”

Wendy was stumped.

“Lesbian slut,” Tamara finished Wendy’s answer with an authoritative tone.

“I am a lesbian slut…”

“Good, now prove to us that you really are a lesbian slut. Prove to us that you lust for a female’s body. Prove to us that you will go all the way.”

Tamara moved on her knees so that her crotch was in directly front of Wendy’s face. There was a small wet spot on her teal satin thong. The outline of Tamara’s pussy lips could clearly be seen. Wendy closed her eyes and kissed Tamara’s pussy through the satin thong.

Wendy felt the pressure of Tamara’s hands on her head. It was a dominant grip.

“You can’t be a heterosexual female, Wendy. You can’t be an ordinary lesbian. You must desire every pretty girl and woman you see. You must become a lesbian slut, Wendy. You must become a beautiful, sexy lesbian girl in order to seduce and have sex with other females! It is an important goal for you! You can’t give up on it!”

Tamara pulled her teal thong down, revealing her neatly shaved pussy. Cynthia squeezed Wendy’s ass cheeks with both hands and bit on Wendy’s clit, causing Wendy to gasp. This triggered Wendy’s action to kiss Tamara’s lower lips. She slid her tongue up and down along the slit, touching Cynthia’s engorged clit at each stroke. Juices ran down Wendy’s chin.

Tilting her head back slightly with closed eyes, Tamara sighed, “Ohhhhh… You are indeed a good pussy licker, Wendy. You’ll make a fine lesbian seductress… Mmmmmm…”

Cynthia didn’t let up on pleasuring Wendy’s pussy with her mouth. Her tongue darted in all directions, touching as much of the pink inner walls of Wendy’s pussy as she could. She kept spreading Wendy’s labia with her fingers, not letting it close up even for a moment.

In her dreamy state, Wendy asked herself: Why do I feel so excited? Why does this feel so good?

Sexually amplified by the drugs, it didn’t take look for Cynthia to make Wendy come. Cynthia’s tongue remained buried deep inside Wendy’s pussy. Her lips were completely sealed around the labia, giving no chance for any pussy juice to escape. Wendy pushed her hips backwards during her orgasm as she moaned loudly into Tamara’s love box.

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