Breakfast In Bed With Grandma

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The sun was shining outside on a beautiful Saturday morning when I woke up with morning wood. Instinctively, I palmed my erection and slowly started to slide up and down my shaft. I had just awoken from a dream about my sister at the beach; in the dream, she was wearing a thin white tube top and a red bikini bottom, her nipples poked through the thin fabric as her big breasts filled her top. I flipped off my bed sheets, my swollen member basked in the warm rays that filtered through the blinds. I was just about to start whacking off when the door opened and my grandmother walked in with a tray full of food.

“Good morning, darling. For breakfast today, I thought it’d be nice to… oh my…” she said before she stopped mid sentence in full view of my erection.

I couldn’t respond, how could I? My grandmother had just caught me masturbating. The awkward silence finally stopped when Grandma spoke again, “As I was saying, I thought it’d be nice to have breakfast in bed, with eggs, bacon, and I guess now, some sausage,” she smiled.

With that, Grandma walked up to my bed and set the tray on top of my legs, pressing my swollen penis against it. I was too shocked to move, because all I could concentrate on was my grandmother’s casino oyna large breasts that dangled dangerously close to me as she leaned over; even through the blouse that she was wearing today, I could see Grandma’s large cup sized bra straining to hold her tantalizing bust; breasts that I had been fantasizing about since I was 14. At every family gathering I would try my best to cop a feel with a long hug; the last time was during my eighteenth birthday. It was quite a surprise when she showed up yesterday on her way back a vacation.

“I think it would be best if we could spend a little private grandmother-grandson time together,” Grandma suggested as she closed and locked the door behind her. “Now start eating, dear, because I spent quite some time making this delicious meal for you and I’m beginning to get a little hungry myself.”

I still couldn’t respond as my erection began to hurt because it was so hard.

“Oh honey, don’t be shy about being nude in front of your dear old grandma,” she teased, “You know, it makes me very proud to see that my grandson is so well endowed.” Grandma reached over and replaced my hand with hers, wrapping her soft fingers around my swollen member. “It does an old woman canlı casino good to be in the same room with such a virile young man like yourself.”

“Fine, since you won’t start eating, there’s no point in wasting food. Would you mind if your grandma ate a little bit of your food?” With just a quick nod from me, Grandma moved the tray and bent over, lowering her mouth to the head of my throbbing penis. ‘Maybe I should start with some sausage, mmm…”

I threw my head back in ecstasy when I first felt Grandma’s warm wet lips engulfing the tip of my penis; her tongue lashed roughly as Grandma let out a small moan.

“Oh, Grandma, suck me,” I said as the reality hit me that my own grandmother was giving me a blowjob. I grabbed a hand full of hair as I pushed more of my cock into my grandmother’s hungry mouth.

Grandma deep-throated my entire length she buried her face into the hilt of my crotch, the head of my cock sliding down her throat. I could feel her tongue trying to wrap around my shaft as my grandmother began bobbing her head up and down my engorged member. With one hand, Grandma started playing with my balls, and with the other, she held sturdy the base of my erection as she continued to suck. I let out a kaçak casino low moan as Grandma began to blow harder and faster, I could feel the building tension as the muffled moans of my grandmother echoed lightly in the room.

“Grandma, don’t stop! I’m almost cumming!” I panted as I felt the build up of semen in my balls starting to shoot up in my shaft.

I let out a loud groan as I buckled underneath and began to spray my cum down my grandmother’s throat, flooding her mouth as she ferociously drank it up. My groan turned into yells as Grandma kept sucking on my deflating cock, each bob of her head sending huge waves of pleasure searing through my body. Finally, as a very limp and very sore penis slipped out of her mouth, Grandma stood up and looked at the work that she had done; her grandson laying motionless in front of her, with the taste of his semen in her mouth and down her throat.

“Thank you so much, darling, I’m quite full now,” she smiled, “But now it’s your turn to have a little taste,” Grandma said as she lifted her arms up to her chest and cupped her breasts.

“It sure did get hot in here very quickly, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if your silly grandmother took off some of her clothes,” Grandma said as she began to pull off her blouse.

All I could was smile in return as I felt my penis stir at the sight of my grandmother’s huge bust as she tossed her blouse away and began to slide down her bra straps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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