Breaking Clichés Ch. 09

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Note: This story is somewhat lighter than the other Breaking Clichés stories. There are characters in this story that also appear in the “The Remote Cabin” storyline. While reading these stories will give the reader a deeper understanding of these characters, one can also read this story without all the deeper back stories.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


The next morning was another remarkable experience. Last night’s unique encounter had left us both drained and we didn’t feel like having sex, and we simply cuddled together and talked about each other for a while. After a while, Scarlett knocked and entered our room, wearing a long bathrobe. Smiling, she dropped the robe to reveal her nudity and she joined us in bed. After a few warm kisses and lots of hugging, Karianne asked “Where’s Judd?”

Scarlett didn’t reply immediately. After a pause, she said “Getting ready to hit the slopes.”

“Oh. Well, I’m not all that surprised.” Karianne said.

“I’m sorry love.”

“Did you at least have some fun last night?” Karianne asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I did.” she replied with a lascivious smile. “But I have a feeling I would have had a better time with you two here. How was it, your first time alone together?”

“Oh, you know, same old same old…” Karianne replied, keeping a straight face before exploding into laughter. “I decided to fulfill my promise.”

“What?” Scarlett cried. “Seriously?” She looked at me and stared into my eyes. “I know you liked it. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to have a cock and fuck that girl’s perfect ass!” she said, smiling as she turned to Karianne. “And you, my dear, not too painful I hope?”

“No, not at all. I did the stretching exercises you suggested these last few weeks, and it worked! I know I’ll be walking funny for a short while this morning, but fuck! It was mind blowing! And I’m not saying that just because I’m still lying in his arms. Scarlett! You should have convinced me to do it sooner! Damn!”

“She had an orgasm from anal only!” I chipped in.

“An orgasm?” Karianne repeated on a rising note. “I’ve had a slew of them! It just didn’t stop! I fucking wanted him to break me! I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep last night, I think I fainted!”

Both girls laughed as I remained stunned, not knowing just how intense it had been for her. We spent about half an hour in bed together, with some light caresses but no penetration. Karianne brought up the subject of an orgy again, and Scarlett and I shared a look: she really wanted to do this, even if the dancer didn’t explicitly state it. Scarlett winked at me, indicating that we’d talk about it later.

Karianne asked Scarlett “Did you bring any lingerie with you?”

“Of course! Who do you think I am?” Scarlett replied with a smile.

“Go get it.”

When she came back, Karianne told me to sit back on the bed and enjoy the show. And enjoy the show I did. Karianne chose to wear a complete set from Lise Charmel. When Scarlett said “Ohh… Lucky girl!” I knew what she meant. Lise Charmel created very beautiful lingerie, but their bras didn’t go anywhere near Scarlett’s F cups. I looked with lust as Karianne put it on. The bottom of the bra was frilly black lace hanging in delicate patterns under the wire. The push-up cup itself was lined a deep red fabric covered with black lace. But the top parts was where most of the beauty was. There was two embroidered bright red roses on either side, with green embroidered leaves. The little bow between her breasts and on the strings above each cup, finished the look.

The front of her matching panties was very similar, with lower fringes of lace and two triangles of transparency above her mound. The back though, that was something else. Gone were the reds and greens, replaced with a fully transparent lace. There was a triangle on top with a bow, and the rest was just pure fine lace. And that transparency went low and deep between her legs. To finish up, she slipped on a matching set of garters, which were transparent hose all the way to the top, where a thicker elastic band held the garter up. There were a few more inches of hose above that, and the top and elastic were both embroidered with small red roses. It was amazingly beautiful.

When Karianne was done, Scarlett placed her chosen lingerie on the bed. She began by slipping in her panties first, making a show of it by letting her breasts swing and dance. Similar to the effect her new bikini achieved, these equally panties had a perfectly horizontal band at the top, and while the panties covered her pussy with a opaque black fabric, there was a loose curtain of lace from one hip to the other. As she moved around it moved as well, twisting and lifting up. When she turned fully around, the back was cut really high, exposing her fleshy buttocks as they burst from the small confines. While far from a g-string, watching Scarlett walk away with these was a remarkable show.

She then slipped on her bra, a Lejaby Demoiselle Ankara escort full cup bra. It was a small marvel of the lace-worker’s art. There was only a small part that wasn’t transparent, all the way back and to the sides. The rest was a artful mix of lace and fine ribs, all converging on her nipples. Those nipples were clearly visible through the lace, and the curves her breasts made as they were contained in there were breathtaking. The bra wasn’t a push-up, but a pair of well supported 34F breasts couldn’t help but have a nice bulge.

Now as dressed as they wanted right now, the two girls looked at me. “So,” said Scarlett. “You’re going to tell me that you’re leaving? Really?”

“And leave us two girls alone in this room, with nothing to do but play with each other?” Added Karianne.

I managed, by sheer will, to extirpate myself from these two amazing young women and go to work. I really had to, given that I had a talk to give, and also because the college paid for the trip. As I closed the door, I saw them on the bed, kissing and already removing the lingerie they had just put on. I walked the corridors with a huge erection and prayed it would go away soon. I spent most of the day locked in with other philosophers, mostly listening but giving a talk late in the afternoon.

The four of us ate a quick lunch together, Judd included, and despite the tensions between Karianne and Judd, it was a bright and fun hour. When I emerged from the darkened room much later in the afternoon, I found Scarlett in a jacuzzi nearby, surrounded by four men. She was, quite clearly, the focus of all the attention. And she was loving every minute of it. I walked close and extended my hand.

I could almost feel the frustration when the men heard me call her “my love”, yet they still stared like hungry hyenas when she climbed up from the water, wearing her devilishly sexy new bikini. As soon as she was out of earshot, she laughed and said that she had been conducting a mini sociology experiment, trying to see how they angled to get most of her attention.

Scarlett and I spent the next few hours together, eating alone as Karianne and Judd were apparently still on the slopes. We talked about Karianne’s newfound, or rather renewed interest in orgies. Looking around once more, at the men, women and couples, and nobody stood out as interesting. I was still convinced that Scarlett and Karianne’s body would attract a gaggle of volunteers, but like Scarlett I wasn’t all that interested in an orgy with complete strangers. We couldn’t find a solution, and at that point I had no idea that life would offer us a totally unexpected one.

Karianne and Judd suddenly reappeared as the sun began to set. They were not walking hand in hand, but they both seemed really at ease, smiling as they talked. Our foursome decided to find a secluded jacuzzi and repeat last nights evening.

We all drank some wine, but not enough to make us drunk. Just pleasantly mellow. Looking at Scarlett, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Karianne had said about soulmates, and about the ring. I had no plan, no idea what or if I was going to do anything about it. I knew she wasn’t interested, with her intense feminism having burned most of the beautiful aspects of this old tradition. But at some point, after a long and comfortable silence as we watched the very light snow falling around us, I said “Scarlett, have you ever seriously thought about marriage?” All I wanted to do was probe the subject with our friends around, so as to keep the conversation light. Boy did I misjudge the situation, and her.

At that point and time, she was sitting right across from me, and began to talk “Of course I have. It’s not—” and then she stopped. And looked at me. Hard.

“Scarlett? What’s—”

“Shhh.” she stopped me, placing her finger on my lips. She then said, hesitantly, “Well, you know how I feel about feminism, and that marriage is only…” but she trailed off. Karianne and Judd remained silent: the sudden tension was palpable.

After a few silent moments, I saw tears in her eyes and was taken completely by surprise. I said “Scarlett, whatever it is, I’m sorry that—”

“Shhh.” she stopped me again, and I couldn’t decipher the range of emotions that flashed on her face. “I never thought…” she paused, took a deep breath, “I never thought I’d really feel this way about… I know I teased you about it recently, but…” Karianne and Judd were perfectly silent and still around us. “I never thought that such an antiquated institution could…” There was another long silent pause as Scarlett stared at me. Then, a whisper “Are you serious?”

I remained still, befuddled. But my heart nearly exploded in my chest. When I grasped that she was asking me if I was serious about asking her, I simply nodded. Scarlett said “Were you asking about what I thought because you… Were you planning on…” She stopped again and swallowed. Her eyes were brimming with tears. It was clear that while it was a Ankara escort bayan complex issue for her, she was nevertheless ahead of me. I didn’t answer a single word to her question, but the mere fact that I wasn’t replying with a clear “No” was saying something.

Still staring at me, she whispered “Go, then. Ask it.”

Even in the silence, I barely heard her because she was talking so softly. I could see that she was still shaking. “What?”

“Ask me.” she whispered again.

I paused again, and eventually said, my voice tight, “Here? Right now? But I don’t have the… I don’t have anything to—”

“Doesn’t matter.” Another whisper from her, another shot to the heart for me.

“Will…” I stopped, cleared my throat. “Scarlett, will you marry me?”

After another silent pause, she smiled, then grinned, and said “I can’t believe myself… But yes! Yes I will!”. And then she jumped on me, splashing our two stunned friends.

I didn’t even hear Karianne’s very loud shout of joy even though she was right beside me. The rest of the evening was a blur in my mind. We spent the rest of it right there in the jacuzzi, and I know we talked about many things, but all I could think about was her “Yes I will.” Scarlett had said yes to many of my requests, some of them strange and extremely intimate. This, though, this was something else.

At one point, she turned to me and smiled. I caught her message and stood up. She followed me out of the jacuzzi and we walked to our room. Inside, I went to my suitcase and found the ring. When she saw the box she placed her two hands on her mouth and whispered “You have one?”

“I’ve had it for a while now.”

I kneeled in front of her and looked up. “Scarlett, the bright fire of my heart, will you really marry me?”

“Yes, my love. Of course I will!”

After I put the ring on her finger, we hugged and kissed for a long time. Then, sitting on the bed, she looked at me with tears in her eyes again. “Oh gods… If my friends could see me right now! Some would cry out and hug me, and others would probably excommunicate me from the church of feminism. Damn! I know my mixed metaphor is awkward, but right now I don’t care.” She paused, took a deep breath and looked at me. “You’ve told me many times that I’ve upended your world, Mr. Professor. But let me tell you, this takes the palm. I don’t think I could ever do anything that will affect you as much as this affects me.”

“Oh but you just did, my dear fiancée.” I replied, smiling.

“Oh shit! I’m a fiancée now!”

We laughed together, which turned into a kiss and soon our bathing suits were dismissed. And despite the very deep feelings of love that we were drowning in, we didn’t make love like prude angels. We share anything and everything that was possible to share. I took her mouth, fucked her breasts, ploughed her pussy and anus, she rode me, pushed me hard against the wall before pile driving her round ass against me while pushing against the couch, forced me to eat her pussy and ass until she creamed all over my face, I deepthroated her, I bounded her on the bed before having my way with her ripe body until she cried out in climax again, covered in sweat we went to the shower where I took her from behind as she mashed the shower head against her pussy and even played with the empty champagne bottle and her pussy.

It was naughty, it was carnal, it was lascivious and some of it was probably illegal in some states. But it was us, it was nothing more and nothing less than the bloom of our sexuality. A slow session of lovemaking in the missionary position would have been an affront to the sex life we had, to our fantasies and fetishes. I don’t know how many times Scarlett came, but I exploded three times, even though the last time felt more like a wet firecracker fizzling and popping. As Scarlett fell upon me, laughing, I nevertheless grabbed her head roughly and pulled her in for another kiss. I had taken everything her body had to give and I still wanted to kiss her as much as I had on our first afternoon together. From the floor where we had ended up, exhausted, we lurched to our bed and fell asleep immediately.

We woke up very late the next morning. I was already an hour late, but didn’t care much as I had the perfect excuse. Some of the colleagues with me here had seen Scarlett before, and some who hadn’t had crossed her path around the spas. When I would tell them about what happened last night, they would congratulate me and forget about my tardiness. Which is exactly what happened 45 minutes later. I came out of the meetings rather late for lunch and couldn’t find anyone of my foursome, so I ate alone. They were probably on the slopes. I was bummed out at first, given how excited I was, but I took the rare time alone to reflect on what the ring on Scarlett’s finger meant.

I was interrupted by a man calling my name. “John?” I turned around, expecting to see one of my colleagues, but I was stunned to find Tom, one Escort Ankara of my old students. I was very glad to see that it was him, given that he’d been one of my best student in years. I got up and shook his hand warmly, having lost touch with him about two years ago. We moved to a comfortable set of chairs near the mineral pools and caught up with each other’s lives. About ten minutes into our conversation, I spotted two girls walking towards us. Could it really be? “Is that?”

“Yes it is!” Tom grinned.

In front of me walked two ravishing young women, roughly Scarlett’s age. One of them was another of my gifted students, Angelica. She had been very pretty three or four years ago, and was spectacular right now. She had dark skin and very long dark hair, cascading down in curly tresses all the way to the small of her back. And her figure… Full, ripened breasts swayed with her steps, hidden by a snow white bikini. Next to her was, Milla, I think, one of their friends that had taken one class with me. She was also remarkably beautiful, leaner than Angelica yet with very nice curves where it counted. She had loved wearing short skirts in class, distracting the hell out of me. Her long, one piece black swimsuit contrasted sharply with her pale skin and startling blonde hair. “Shit…” I muttered before they came too close. Tom laughed beside me.

I got up and greeted them with a grin on my face, particularly happy to see Angelica. We spent the next half hour talking, and very soon their deference transformed into friendliness. I had to work to keep my eyes from wandering all over their bodies. It wasn’t only because of their sheer physical beauty: something was intense in their attitudes and postures as well, as if they were sexually keen. I was pretty sure that one of them was Tom’s girlfriend. Lucky bastard! Soon Milla let slip that they were here for a day only, given that they were staying in a nudist colony nearby. Tom snorted as she said it and Angelica shook her head, smiling.

I reminded them that I was more than just a professor and that I sometimes went outside the campus’ library. “In any case,” I reminded them, “we’re not on campus and you’re not my students anymore.” We kept talking for a while after that, and I was very glad to see that the atmosphere was genial. As Angelica was talking, Tom said “Damn…” while looking over her shoulder. We all turned around and I laughed when I saw Scarlett walking towards us.

She was wearing her killer bikini, and despite the fact that I had seen it a few times by now, it was still magnificent and profoundly erotic. Not only that, but Scarlett was also wearing one of her pieces of head or hair jewelry, a complex network of very fine silver chains hanging in soft loops under a ring on her head. It was remarkable on its own, but atop Scarlett’s head and body, it was breathtaking. I could see the ring on her finger, but I doubt that Tom noticed it. “Hmmm, Tom. Was that polite for your girlfriend?” I asked, a smile on my lips.

Without taking his eyes off of Scarlett, Tom replied “Look who’s talking!” and both girl looked at me with raised eyebrows. After the awkward pause, Tom looked at the girls in turn, and they all grinned and laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I wrongly assumed that one of them was your girlfriend.”

“Isn’t that a fallacy, professor John?” asked Angelica, still smiling.

“No, in fact it’s an abduction error…” I replied, grinning.

Milla sighed and said “Well, it’s not really your fault…” she said, looking at Tom and Angelica in turn, “It’s complicated.” But she was smiling as she said it. “Still, that girl… Wow.”

Angelica nodded, and I realized that she hadn’t moved her eyes away from Scarlett either. John suddenly remembered that Angelica was a lesbian, and understood the interest. When Scarlett turned in their direction, my three old students became silent. When Scarlett came and sat in my lap, they simply froze.

“Why are you surrounded by two gorgeous girls, my love?” she eyed them both for a few seconds before turning her eyes to Tom. “And who is that young man?”

“Scarlett, dearest, this is Tom, Angelica and Milla, all old students of mine. Students, this is Scarlett, my fiancée.”

Milla and Angelica just sat there, slowly shaking their heads, and Tom grinned, looking at me. “You’re kidding us. Right? That can’t be your… It’s not…”

Before I could reply, Scarlett turned her head around and kissed me deeply. A long, heady minute later, she released me and looked at Tom again. When he laughed, we all followed suit and the tension was dispelled.

Milla spoke first, and said “What else can I say, professor. Congratulations! Now, as for us. I’m with Angelica and Tom, well, Toms a special case. Let’s say he’s been granted a special access to our lives.”

“How interesting.” I said. Looking at Scarlett, I asked her “Think Karianne’s going to join us soon?”

“She should. She was with Judd ten minutes ago.”

“Karianne?” Asked Angelica. “Are you going to tell us that you also have two women in your life?”

I grinned. “Well, no. Not, exactly…” When Scarlett giggled, my three old students were all staring at me, unsure of what to think.

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