Breaking in a Cousin

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I was 19 and visiting my Aunt and Uncle in the Big Apple. Uncle J was a very successful businessman. He was also a compulsive, possessive Father.

My cousin was 22 and, with a very few exceptions, had not dated. Don’t get me wrong; she was very attractive and always dressed to the nines. Uncle J rarely let her out of his sight.

The second day of my visit, Uncle J announced he and Aunt B were going to be at a business dinner. He suggested C and I make plans for a movie or something to entertain oursleves.

Little did I know what my cousin had in mind. She was 22; about 5′ 4″; perhaps weighed in at 120; and had a trim figure.

I had wished them a good evening as they departed and plopped down on the sofa for a little tv.

C came out of her room wearing a short baby doll nightie with matching bikini panties. She smiled as she sat down on the sofa and said she had been looking forward to some quality time with her cousin.

It was a bit awkward at first; being a horn dog, I couldn’t help but look over periodically. The nightie cut low in the front and offered a great view of cleavage. The panties were brief and displayed a nice ass crack above the line plus a flat belly in front.

We’d been sitting for about 10 minutes making small talk when she said she had something in her room to show me. She hopped up and took me by the hand as she led the way down the hall to poker oyna her room.

She stopped and turned as we entered her room. I was paying too much attention to her wiggling ass and bumped right into her. With that, she laid her lips on mine and gave me a kiss. She moved closer; put her arms aound my neck and kissed me again. This time her tongue darted into my mouth.

Instinctively, I responded and began driving my tongue deep in her mouth. My hands dropped to her ass and I began rubbing both cheeks.

She responded by reaching further up my neck and the back of my head which had the effect of raising the hem line on her nightie. It was one of those shorties with an open front below the bodice.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed which she had already turned down. I lay down with her and continued administering my tongue to her throat and mouth. She was responding in kind.

The front of her nightie had a tie which I undid. My hands went from her ass to those titties as I began kneading them and squeezing the nipples. I raised her slightly so my tongue could begin applying pleasure to those globes. Her head went back; and she gave a groan as I began sucking first one then the other nipple.

In no time, my left hand had dropped to her belly and worked its way into her panties. She had a full bush and what felt like a nice set of lips. My fuck finger went between those canlı poker oyna lips and found her clit which I began to massage gently. Her legs spread as it was evident she wanted more.

I began kissing her body as I moved down to her pussy. It was so aromatic. I began kissing her pussy and bush through the panties and that really set her off. I slid the panties down her hips and she raised up so I could work them off her ankles.

My face went to her pussy as I began sucking on her pussy lips while tonguing her clit at the same time. She was going now. My lips were tugging lightly on her lips as my tongue darted all over her swelling clit. She was gushing a flood of cum all over my face as I lapped her juices with all of my might.

I flipped her legs onto my back so she could wiggle and buck that pussy even better into my face. She was cumming so hard the juices were running down to her asshole.

I raised up and asked her if she was ready for more.

She was so out of breath, she could only nod her head.

I lifted her ass and positioned it on the side of the bed. I stood and allowed my shorts to drop; my cock burst forth free and eager.

I stood between her legs and began rubbing my cock head over her pussy to get it lubricated with her juices. “Please don’t impregnate me”, she pleaded.

I promised to pull out before I orgasmed. Her pussy was so tight; internet casino I knew then she was a virgin.

I began to slowly push my cock into her. Despite her virginity, her pussy allowed my cock easier entry than most. I suppose it was due to the excitement and the amount of cum she had released.

My cock head hit her hymen. I took her hips in my hands and began rotating to get her accustomed to the feel of my cock.

She squealed when I thrust forward and broke her cherry. Her eyes rolled as I began pumping my cock in with increasing intensity.

She was sweating now and her legs were locked around my hips as I pumped in and out. I looked down and saw the coating my cock had received. My balls were beating her on the ass. She was massaging those titties.

I could feel my load begin to build. As I had promised, I pulled out and began stroking my cock.

Her eyes opened and she watched as I jerked my load off onto her belly. I had not fucked in 3 days; and my load was a thick one. I shot with such intensity; much of it hit her titties and a few drops hit her face and chin.

As I came, her hands were working my cum into her skin; and I smiled when she took the drops from her face and chin and licked them from her fingers.

She sat up and dropped to her knees on the floor. Her lips opened; and I guided my cock into her mouth for a cleansing tongue bath. Her tongue worked its magic. I heard her gulp some of the thick creme from my cock down her throat.

She was massaging my balls as she watched my still erect cock. With a smile on her face, she licked her lips to signal for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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