Breaking The Norm Ch. 3_(1)

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So I’m reposting the first 6 chapters I have been encouraged by close friends and relatives that I should really publish A book with this and since you guys on the site gave me my first reviews I want you to read again a let me if we’re book worthy. There are almost 11 chapters done now so let me what you think.

Ch. 3

It was about 6pm by the time I reached the gym, today I was poised to not let anything, better yet anyone stop my workout. Lisa wasn’t at the counter so I didn’t have to deal with her meddling. I was at the locker room in no time. Emerging from the locker room I went right into doing some calisthenics to warm up. After a few minutes I’d decided to hit the bike for a few miles.

I would be lying if I said there weren’t any women in here worth looking at. I’d also been lying if I wasn’t checking for one in particular. This was so uncharacteristic of me to be locked in on one chick especially when there are quite a few worth attention in my presence. I’m here to workout I finally told myself, and that’s what I did. After biking I hit the weights, about 10 stations in all. Subliminally I still had an eye out for her though.

Even though my workout was as uneventful as it could ever be, I felt good having gotten a pretty damn good session in. After returning to the locker room I headed for the exit. Just as I stepped foot onto the side walk I laid eyes on the magnificent specimen they called Cheyenne. I wasn’t going to say much just a ‘good evening and enjoy your workout’.

To my surprise she beat me to the greeting.

“Hey there” she began.

“How you doing?” I responded.

“Oh I can’t complain………. well not today at least. Hey look I want to apologize if was really short and a little cold towards you yesterday. It had been a long day and I was focused on working out some stress that had built throughout the day.”

“No need to apologize to me, I understand and besides I am nobody, just a random guy.”

“Nonsense …….. Everybody is somebody.”

“I guess your right Cheyenne.”

“You remembered my name I’m impressed.”

‘You damn right I remembered your name as fine as you are’ I thought to myself. At the same time I was really taken aback at how open she was being.

“Aw its nothing.” I stated.

“What are you doing tonight?” she questioned.

Hell what was I doing tonight? Its Wednesday yep Modern Family and Criminal Minds were on the agenda.
“Well…….. Just a few shows I like to watch and cooking dinner for myself that’s about it.”

“Hmm is that right you cook?” she exclaimed sounding a bit surprised. “Well I’m not really sure why but I feel really bad for yesterday and feel compelled to make it up to you.”

“Wait wait wait……… Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes and no.” she replied. “It’s complicated I suppose because I’m in a relationship.”

“So a friendly outing with acquaintances?”

“Yeah I guess we could call it that.”

I had always been the one do the asking out, never had a woman asked me out, I was actually a little dumbfounded. I was no fool though I took on the offer to sit in the presence of this lovely lady.

“I have to head home and freshen up” I exclaimed.

“Not a problem I’m gonna do the same.”

We exchanged numbers and headed to our vehicles. I couldn’t believe my fortune today. First a lesbian customer practically handed me her pussy on a platter and now I was headed home to prepare for an outing with a woman whom I had lusted after the day before. What was even more odd and shocking she had asked me out.

I made it home and showered and decided to straighten up a little in the case I might have some late night company. Not that I had much to clean up but I just want to be sure there was nothing negative to be said about my place.

What the hell…… I was going out of my way for a woman that is strikingly beautiful, but is taken. This was so not typical of me, but at the same time I couldn’t deny my overwhelming attraction to her.

After a while I received a call from her, we had decided to meet up at a local sports bar that served as a middle point between us. I can’t even lie for the first time in my life I was experiencing butterflies because of a woman. I felt weird to say the least.

The butterflies only intensified as I pulled into the parking lot. I sat in the car for a few minutes hoping they would subside. I watched her get out of a black BMW 650 coupe; the car was just as sexy as she was. My mind went to what kind of work she did to be rolling like she was. As I stepped out of my Tahoe we made eye contact as I strolled over to her.

“You stylin’ and profilin’ aintcha’?” I said comically.

She laughed saying “Hard work pays off I guess.”

Flexing my biceps I said “Sure does.”

She latched on to my arm and said “let’s head in and grab a seat”. As we walked I felt her stroke my arm a few times. I down played it though trying not to read too much into it, seeing as how she said she was with someone. We opted for a two person booth casino oyna rather than the bar. We placed our drink order almost immediately after being seated. She ordered an apple martini while I got my normal long island iced tea.

“So what kind of work do you do” I asked.

Sipping her drink then answering she answered “I am the Human Resources Manager for a big company headquartered downtown. How about you?”

“Oh I do nothing fancy I am a self-employed, I work for the cable company as a technician, and I run a computer business on the side” I stated.

“That has to be an interesting field of work. I’m sure you’ve got a story or two to tell.”

Wow she was actually interested in my work; she just keeps getting better by the moment. “Yeah trust me I do. You ever seen the show Hoarders.”

“Yeah ……. comes on A&E right?”

“Yep it sure does, but I have the unpleasant luxury of seeing it up close and personal. I’ll say it’s an eye opening experience.”

“I can only imagine” she said while shaking her head.

We had a few more drinks and just really got to know each other. She turned out to be one cool ass chick, probably the coolest I’ve met to date. Not to mention the sexiest. She confessed to me how much of a tom-boy she was and how she loved to hoop and get it in on call of duty and madden. I boasted on my skills on all three and how she wouldn’t stand a chance. She pelted out a villainous laugh and told me it was on, and just to let her know when and where.

It was about 11 or so when the conversation took a turn and made for real interesting talk.

“So Brandon what’s your love life like?…………….. I mean if you’re ok with me asking.”

“You good miss lady……… Well currently I’m single just a beneficial friend or two that’s all.” Come to think of it had I ever really had a relationship? My first girlfriend… but we were in high school so I don’t really count that. “Hows about you?”

“I’m in a relationship I suppose.”

“Awww what is that, either you are or you not.” we both chuckled.

“Yes I am.”

“See how bad was that……… So how long have you been with him?”

“Well we’ve been together almost a year and a half.”

“Cool cool, are you in love with him?”

“Yeah I like to believe I’m in love her.”

“Word that’s what’s up he’s a lucky man…………..Hold up wait………….. Ummmm you said her.” She started cracking up laughing.

“Your right I did say her. Wasn’t sure you caught that for a second there.”

“Hmmm interesting, deflating, and sexy all at the same time.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Just what I said. Interesting, because I wasn’t expecting you to be a lesbian. Deflating, because to be honest and blunt I’m all kinds of attracted to you. Sexy, because you and another woman shall I say anymore?”

With a sexy ass smile she said, “Gotcha, gotcha, and gotcha.”

At this point it was getting late and we both have to work tomorrow so we brought our outing to a close. We said our good byes in the parking lot. I reached my hand out for a goodnight hand shake only to have it push aside to be pulled if for a hug.

“Oh ok my bad pimpin’” I said.

“Hey we bonded tonight so I only feel right to hug you friend…… That is if I can call you friend.”

“Sure thing under one condition.”

“Whats that.”

“First we have to hang out like this again, and give me your gamer tag to I can tap that ass in Madden and COD playa.”

“Awwww you ain’t said nothing.”

We exchanged gamer info and parted ways, but not before she gave me another hug. By this time we had walked to her car, and like the gentleman that I am I opened the door for her and saw her off. I walked back to my truck feeling good about the outing. Before long I was back home in a matter of minutes.

As soon as I got in went to my closet and dumped my clothes in the dirty bin. Then headed for the bathroom too relieve myself and brush my pearlies. Soon as I came out, I received a text from Cheyenne saying she made it home just fine. I replied thanking her for the great time we had and sent good night wishes. When I hit the send button I heard the doorbell ring. I looked at the clock, it was damn near 12:30.Now who the fuck was at my house this time of night?

I went to answer the door in just my boxer briefs anticipating someone who probably had the wrong address. So, I was just going to poke my head out. I looked thru the peep hole and saw absolutely no one, so I decided to head back up stairs. As soon as I turned to head back up to my room the doorbell went off once more. I quickly unlocked and snatched the door open.

I was rushed by a person dressed in all black with a ski mask on. I took a couple steps back and cocked my arm to throw a punch and the next thing I know I’m on the floor shaking like a stripper on a pole. Yep, I had been tasered.

Still inebriated the person was attempting to pull me further into my home. I had begun to figure it was a female or a very weak dude because perp was struggling and grunting canlı casino trying to move me. Once I began to regain feeling in my extremities I was already bound. I began to struggle when I heard the person speak.

“No need to struggle you can’t escape.” I was trying to catch on to the voice. I couldn’t, it sounded like whoever it may be they are trying to disguise their voice. It almost sounded like a woman trying to portray a man. “Now get up and lead me to your room.” When I didn’t budge the intruder flashed the taser to motivate me. I slowly proceeded up the stairs all the while pondering how in the hell I was gonna get out of this situation.

We entered the room and I quickened the pace to create a little separation. I turned around to face my assailant and question the motive. I was hoping to throw off the intruder and go for the damn taser, because that was the last thing I wanted to feel again.

I was standing with my back to the bed when I began to speak. “What the HHHEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!”

Just like that my ass was being tasered again. I landed on the bed flat on my back. As I was being strung up to my bed post I cursed myself and freaky ambitions for purchasing a bed with high post on it. Now I was tied up and my mouth was now duct taped, the assailant began to disrobe. When the jump suit came off my suspicions were confirmed it was a woman. The sight of titties were a little comforting being the situation, but in this day and age I still had to worry for all I knew this could be a transsexual.

“Now see we could have gone about this in a whole different manner, but no you wanna play mister hard to get and not give me the time of day.” She had a lot of disdain in her voice as she spoke.

Now fully naked, she stood there in the ski mask; I silently had thanked GOD for I wasn’t staring at a penis. I breathed a little easier though I wasn’t completely out of trouble, after all she still had the damn taser. She climbed up in the bed and laid right next to my face and began to whisper.

“Now I got you where I’ve wanted you for some time now, and it feels great wouldn’t you say?” I was enveloped in trying to figure out who this was that had ambushed me and made me a prisoner in my own damn home. I tried looking at the naked body to see if I could recognize who this was, but not a single characteristic was familiar. This wasn’t somebody I had relations with before. Whoever this is she is bold as shit though.

“Do you not hear me talking to you?” I didn’t understand how she expected me of all people to answer when she had just taped my mouth shut, I mean what the fuck. She slapped the shit out of me causing me to squirm and try to yell at her.

Chuckling she said “yeah that more like it, when I speak you answer me bitch. You got it?”

What the fuck this chick is fucking crazy I thought, but I was nobody’s bitch that’s for sure. I decided not to answer again, and again the slapped me but this time I didn’t budge nor make a sound. I saw the anger in her face intensify somewhat.

“Oh so we still wanna play hard to get do we…….. Well I’ve already won, for you see now all I have to do is let nature be nature and do its thing.” with that closing statement she slipped down and wrapped her lips around my deflated member.

I tried to let my mind roam the most unattractive thoughts, in hopes I wouldn’t stiffen and she would become uninterested. It would have been a great plan if I wasn’t the sex addict that I was. Besides she was phenomenal with her mouth. Damn she deserves an award for dick sucking; my toes would have curled three times over if they could. She was hitting the spot ten times over, and when she honed in on the head of my stick she used her tongue to stroke the underside making me quiver and squirm I started to feel like being prisoner in my own home wasn’t half bad at all if could get grade A dick service like this. She deep throated me while fondling my sac and I blew my load in that instant. Truly a pro with the dick she didn’t budge as my baby juice shot down her throat. All the anger in me had been sucked out and converted to pleasure, I was now really bothered I didn’t have the use of my limbs to encourage her. With her continued work and expertise I was still rock hard and anticipating her next move.

“You liked that didn’t you?” I nodded in agreement and with that she ripped the duct tape from my mouth.

“Fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!!!!!!” I was pretty sure that’s what a wax must feel like. I stretched my mouth out still recovering from the pain. “Who are you and what is this about?” She slapped me again.

“No fucking questions bitch.” With that she stood up in the bed revealing her sopping pussy. I mean I don’t ever recall seeing a pussy this wet; the juice was running down both legs. She straddled me and positioned her pool of a cunt over my rod. She lowered down on me slowly taking me in at her own pace. As my head made entry I bucked my hips up to exact some revenge. She yelped not expecting what I had done, and the expression upon her face was as if a freight train was headed kaçak casino straight for her.

“I’m nobody’s bitch!” I said with force. She reached down and grabbed the taser and flashed it at me. She wanted to get off and taser the hell out of me but her body wouldn’t let her. She dropped the taser letting out a monstrous moan and threw her head back, pressing her hands into my well defined chest.


While she was climaxing I was able to free one of my bound hands. She had no clue, and while she was still in her own little world of pleasure I quickly undid my other hand. She was reaching for the taser and trying to dismount me but I grabbed her close and told her If you taser me you get tasered too. She dropped the taser and began to struggle; her strikes had no effect on me though. I scooted down and with one hand untied both feet all while keeping her body pressed against mine.

After undoing myself, I flipped her over on her back and with dick still in place began to pound away. I didn’t bother taking her ski mask off because I wanted be surprised at the same time surprise her. She went from fighting to taking all the pleasure my dick was delivering to her cunny. It wasn’t long before she was shuttering beneath me.

“Yeah who’s the bitch now!”


“You damn right” at that moment I felt my surprise rising ready to spew. I pulled out and in one smooth move had pinned her arms down with my knees. Dick in hand I pulled the mask off of her face and released my load. Revenge is sweet I thought as I cam on Lisa’s face.

“FUCK!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

“Yeah pretty sure you hadn’t planned for this, as this was not part of your plans huh?” I flipped her over onto her stomach and began hog tying her. Once done I walked out to the kitchen to grab a drink. I couldn’t believe she had stalked me… to my home at that; looking at the microwave it was now 2:15 a.m. I returned cup in hand, I dropped a straw in and let Lisa sip.

“Now Lisa what should I do with you?”

“Please let me go I’m so sorry I I I just needed you to be in me. You drive me crazy I couldn’t help my feelings.”

“Oh ok so I should just let you go right?”

“Yeah that sounds good to me…… I mean you did get pleasure out of it after all right.”

“You know your right I did……and it was pretty good too.”

“See so lets call it even.” She pleaded.

“Bitch please you tasered me twice and was gonna go for the trifecta…….What the fuck were you thinkin… You want me right….. Well you gonna get me alright.”

I began to untie her only to tie her to the bed post, but unlike me she was face down. I went over to my stash and grabbed some KY. I strolled over and began applying the jelly to her asshole. She shook violently trying to avoid me.

“Please don’t do this I’m a virgin back there.”

“Awwwww and I was a fucking virgin to being tasered before tonight………… So you’ve taken a virginity of mine its only right that I return the favor. You don’t agree?”

I didn’t receive an answer only a low whimper. I put two fingers in my mouth to provide lubrication to them. I slid a finger in her and she tensed up something terrible. I began to slowly stroke it in and out. When she released some tension, I inserted another finger to compliment the first. I let her know the more she tensed up the more painful it would be. I positioned myself behind her and readied my cock for the ensuing anal assault.

She took my advice and decided to relax, though it didn’t feel that aided much for it was a mission just to get in. I took it nice and slow seeing as to how this terrain hadn’t been navigated before. I wanted revenge, yes this is true, but I didn’t want to be totally brutal about it. After several minutes I was more than half way in, I let it rest there giving her time to adjust.

“Lisa you ready to be fucked in the ass?”

“Just fuck me and get it over with asshole.”

Without further do, that’s what I did. I began rocking my hips back and forth and listened to her scream and curse me in what seemed like every language known to man.

“Yeah bitch you like me in your ass don’t you?” I said while slapping her ass.

“NO! Mmmmmmm.” She said trying to fight the moan from escaping her lips.

“You love it don’t you?”


Her ass tightened up around my dick as she came, which in turn had me pumping nut into her ass. I was completely through dealing, not an ounce of energy to do much of anything. I lay there for 10 minutes before untying her from the bed. I gathered all of her belongings and handed them to her, everything that is except the taser. I informed her she could let herself out and to lock the bottom on her way out. I walked into my bathroom and jumped in the shower I didn’t even bother turning on the light. A few minutes into my shower I felt Lisa slip in and hug me from behind.

“Brandon I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I know your pissed at m , but can I stay the night with you please?”

“Tonight only.”

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