Breast Feeding Ch. 01

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“Rosie, look at your home, how so chaos?” I went into my daughter’s house and frowned.

“Dad, so good you’ve come. Please help me clean it up.” Rosie was holding her one-month-old son and grinned at me.

“Do you take me as a nanny?” I jokingly said.

“Dad, can you help me, please?” Rosie begged.

She was but my only daughter and had just given birth to a child for only a month. Her mother and I broke up when Rosie had been 6. After that I had never re-married and myself brought up my daughter, who had become very dependent on me.

I shook my head helplessly. The child was spoiled. “Okay!” I sighed.

“Thank you, Dad!” She was delighted and kissed me softly on the cheek.

People often said that a woman’s shape would change a lot after giving birth to a child. Indeed Rosie’s shape had changed; her buttocks and waist had become more full and rounded. She was sexier. The biggest change was her breasts, more developed. Because there was no bra, I could see her breasts bouncing fiercely under the clothes. Her waistline had yet swelled but was still small and soft. It was twisting with the rounded buttocks while walking. It was really attractive.

Rosie had been admired for her beauty. She was beautiful and 5 feet 6 inches tall with a sexy slender figure, coupled with soft and waist-long hair. Every time she could catch the men’s eyeballs in the streets and was always their watching target. Her buttocks were full rounded and stuck out, giving a plump and meaty feeling. They were swaying under her thin and soft waist while walking, giving out seductive waves. The attractive scenery would surely arouse an old man’s long-sleeping lust. Even the young school boys could not stop whistling at her. She was a mixture of Angelina Jolie and Michelle Reis, a Hong Kong famous star.

I did not know why a medium high dad could have such a tall daughter? Her husband, Jo, was also very handsome, and they formed an ideal couple. Joe’s company had taken up the construction of the Great Dam, which had just started. As the project manager, he would have to supervise the processes and to reside on the site. Even after the birth of their son, Joe could only be allowed a 10-days leaves to take care of Rosie. Because there was no one to take care of her, she had to call for my assistance.

Her home was surprisingly dirty and chaotic, and reluctantly I had to temporarily change from a father into a nanny. After my hard and fast work of tidying, her house was restored clean and orderly.

When Rosie noticed that the home had undergone such an enormous change, she appeared very happy, came forwards, hugged my neck and kissed my cheek, “Dad, you are so nice!”

Her soft and moist lips made me very comfortable. My heart was fluttering and I had a weird feeling. I at once pushed her away, “Let go! Don’t act like a small child.”

In fact, Rosie often hugged and kissed my cheeks when she was little. But my present feeling was not the same.

” I’d just shown my gratefulness, sir.” Rosie pursed her lips.

“I don’t need any appreciation, as long as you don’t let me carry out the household duties again.”

Her son was crying, and she immediately entered the sleeping room and brought her son out. Although he was just one month old, he looked very plump. Maybe this was due to the sufficient supply of nourishing milk from her mom. The baby was very cute.

“Oh, my babe is hungry.” Ignoring my presence, she pulled up her T-shirt, revealing the left breast and putting the rosy pink nipple into the child’s mouth.

Her breast was gorgeous and alabaster, which had made me dizzy. I could not avert my eyes.

“Dad…!” Noticing my gaze, she pouted and protested coquettishly.

” You…, you’re quite adept at breast feeding.” I was a little bit embarrassed and looked away from the dazzling breast. Rosie made a grimace to my reply.

After dinner, since Rosie had learnt that I would leave, she requested,”Dad, who will take care of you lonely man at your home? Why don’t you move in and live with us, thus we can take care of each other.”

“That’s not possible. I still have to work!” I said promptly.

“What casino siteleri work! Just sitting before the computer and writing articles on the Internet at home!” Rosie pouted.

I was actually a freelancer for a new science and technology magazine and wrote at home each day. Just over fifty years old I was still single.

” Dad, it is okay? “Aware of my unwillingness, she became anxious and shook me.

I was embraced in her body, and her two full breasts pressed against my arm. Her body temperature and the breasts’ softness transformed to my arm, heating me up.

I could not stand anymore and at once said,”Okay! I would think about it.” I hurriedly escaped from her house.

Rosie had been spoilt by me since she was young. I often gave in to her requests. So I finally decided to move into her house.

The next day, I packed up a few things, which included my most valuable laptop, and came to Rosie’s family. She was of course very delighted on my arrival. She then settled me in one of the 2 sleeping rooms.

From then onwards, Rosie was responsible for the 3 daily meals and I for hygiene and cleaning up. Our lives were very leisure and peaceful.

One night when I was reading in bed, Rosie wearing a pajamas came in with a glass of milk-like liquid and said to me, “Dad, drink it, please.”

“Milk?” I asked.

“Yes milk! Mine…” She flushed and shook her head.

“Your milk?” I was shocked.

“Of course.” She nodded. “The quantity of my milk is too plentiful and the baby cannot drink it up. Every night my nipples are swollen and painful, and so before going to bed, I have to suck the remaining milk out with the breast pump and used to drain it away. It’s I think a little wasteful. To-night I suddenly thought of you. You know the books always encourage breast feeding. That does mean that mother milk is full of nutrition, doesn’t it? So in order not to increase the waste, it’s better for you to drink.”

I pointed to myself and then to the cup of milk. “You mean… you said… let me drink your… milk! But, I’m…your Dad.” I stammered.

“Just drinking of milk. Anything to do with the father-daughter relationship? I’ll leave it here. Whether to drink or not, it’s up to you.” She said naturally, placed the cup on the side-table and left.

I looked at the glass of milk in a daze. As a child I had been breast-fed by my mother, but then too small and had no impression at all. But to drain it away was somewhat wasteful. On the other hand, I had heard that in ancient China a very powerful and strong emperor had been drinking women’s milk until his death; he had lived to the age of 90. Drink my daughter’s milk I thought was, however, ridiculous.

After a moment of hesitation, I put the glass under my nose, and immediately a fragrance of milk assaulted my nostrils. I tasted the milk with my tip of tongue; although it was not as sweet as the cow’s milk but gave a special delicious flavor of some kind. Anyway it would be a waste of draining away, and since no one except I, she and maybe God knew about the matter, others could not make fun of us, I simply took the drink. So I had a big mouthful of the milk, the whole glass. Lying in the bed, I thought, “Oh, it was so funny to drink the milk of my own daughter. What an experience! An experience not any father in world would have had!”

The next day, Rosie did not ask me whether I had drunk the glass. But each night afterwards, she would place down another glass of her milk on the bedside table, and each time I would without delay down the drink which had still been lukewarm.

Since I had drunk the milk, on one hand I always felt an irresistible impulse to look at Rosie’s breasts, but on the other hand my rational mind told me that she was my daughter and this was immoral.

But whenever Rosie was feeding her boy in my presence, I still could not help but secretly took a full gaze at her breasts. She seemed knowing my glances but instead of avoiding it, she would expose the entire feeding breast each time and sometimes even both breasts. My god; she sometimes even slightly pinch the nipple of the spared breast. I did not know whether canlı casino it was to protest against or to flirt with me.

One night, Rosie as usual came into my room with another glass and put it down on the side-table. She, however, did not immediately leave. She was wearing translucent pajamas. I could see clearly that she had not had a bra and her briefs were also vaguely visible; in fact the entire wonderful and fully rounded body was almost visible. Cough! My heart sighed, “How lucky her husband Jo is! To enjoy this seductive body”.

Since Rosie had still stayed behind, I was feeling a little bit embarrassed to have a drink.

“Dad, drink it now or it will soon become cool.” Having noticed that I had yet drunk, she whispered to me.

” I … I cannot drink when you’re here.” I was shy and stuttered.

“A dad becomes shy before his own daughter, ah?” She laughed and was taking up the glass to my mouth. “Drink it, please. My lovely.” She ordered.

What I could to do was to open my mouth and drink obediently.

She was too close that, I could, through the pajamas, have a clear and good look of her pink nipples, smell the body fragrance of a mature woman. Oh! I was really dizzy.

” Dad, tasted good?” As I had finished drinking, Rosie asked naughtily.

“Why not try yourself?”

“How could one drink her own milk?” She then suddenly kissed my cheek.” Good night!”

She walked out right away, leaving me sitting in bed and losing my way for quite a long time.

“Dad, my breast pump is broken.” A few days later, Rosie suddenly came to my room at night and looked anxious.

“Little problem! Buy a new one tomorrow.”

“Then what can I do tonight? She said worriedly.

“Be patient, dear. Early in tomorrow morning I will buy one right away.”

“No, ah, you don’t know! My boobs are swelling and I am very uncomfortable and painful! ”

“What can I do?”

Rosie flushed and hesitated for a while. “Have you helped Mom before under the same situation, haven’t you? Jo used to suck the milk out directly. Anyway you’ve drunk that before. ” Finally, she said timidly.

“What? You wished … … me sucking your breasts.” I was startled.

She raised her head, looked at me and nodded.

“My god! How in the world can a father suck her daughter’s breasts? No! ”

“Just sucking. What matters! Anyway nobody would know.” Upon my refusal, she appeared anxious.

“Even so, it is not OK.”

“What’s wrong with you? You often peeped at me while breast feeding.” Rosie became more anxious,”I knew that, Dad. You often had a full view of my boobs and drunk my milk too. How can you not give a helping hand when I am longing for one? You do know that a Dad in need is a Dad indeed, don’t you?”

Having listened to her reasoning, I felt I had somehow been in the wrong.

“You’re always a good and kind dad. Help me just once, please.” At this time, she changed into a soft tone and begged.

Not waiting for my reply, she was unbuttoning her pajamas quickly, exposing the pair of already swollen gorgeous boobs and pressing one of the pink nibbles towards my mouth. It had happened so promptly that I was still in shocks and my brain was blank. Reflexively, I opened my mouth and started sucking.

The nipple was very soft. With only a slight suck, a flow of sweet milk was pouring into my mouth. I was sitting on the edge of the bed whilst Rosie was standing in front of me with both hands on my shoulders. The entire breast pressed on my face and I could feel the softness and was very comfortable. Very soon I sucked the breast dry, and then I went to the other one.

The alabaster complexion of Rosie’ breasts made me dazzled. I clutched the bed sheet helplessly. My nostrils were assaulted by the breasts’ fragrance. Soon the other breast was short of milk and both boobs became softened. When I spat out the little nipple, I found that her face had reddened and so had I.

“Thank you dad!” Rosie kissed on my cheek and said delightfully. She then fled from my room.

I was still sitting in bed and lost in thought. It seemed that her lovely nipple had still been in my mouth. kaçak casino It liked a dream. At my age, I could still suck milk from a young woman, who was in fact my beautiful daughter.

The next morning, Rosie did not urge me to buy a breast pump, and I also pretend not knowing. When I was going to bed, she came to my room again. This time, we both acted as naturally as possible. When she put a small nipple into the mouth, she groaned. She began to stroke my head as gently as a mother to her child. After a while, we became less nervous but were feeling excited and shy.

Knowing that I was always clutching the bed sheet, Rosie took my hands and placed them on her waist. This was the first time I touched my daughter’s sensitive part after she had become a grown-up. When I touched her soft, sexy waist, my hands were trembling, but the feeling was very comfortable. I dared not, though really desired to, caress her because she was, after all, my own daughter. Fortunately, Rosie did not only stand still, but slightly twisted her waist and her buttocks back and forth, so it was equivalent that I was caressing her body. I could not hear myself praising in the brain, ” Rosie’s body is really too tempting! Even as her Dad, I’m attracted to her.”

I did not know how long I had enjoyed the breast feeding, but reluctantly released the nipple until there was already not any drop left. Rosie then pull down the upper clothes, which had at once form a big convex surface by her large boobs.

“Thank you old Dad!” She bent over and kissed my cheek.

She then turned to leave. While walking, my eyes were attracted to her twisting full rounded buttocks. They were very tempting.

One night, we started the milk-pumping as usual. Rosie was wearing a T-shirt and a miniskirt. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed, and she standing in front of me. I took the initiative to pull up her T-shirt, revealing the full bulging breasts. The areolas were small and pink, like ripe grapes.

“How can you suck two at a time?” Rosie was holding the rolled-up edge of the T-shirt and laughed.

I could only act cheekily and my mouth quickly covered the right breast. Acting as naturally as I could, my right hand slowly climbed up her left breast. Rosie was shaking a bit, but did not stop me. Having known that I became bold and kneaded the breast. Since there was still no rejection, I became bolder and was embracing around her waist with my left hand, then slipping along her small back down to her buttocks. I gently caressed and stroked them. Even separated by the skirt, I could still feel the softness and plumpness of her fully rounded upturned butts. The caressing made me feeling comfortable and fun.

Rosie was breathing heavily and the breaths became more short and quick; she moaned softly. When I had finished sucking, she was standing a bit unsteadily.

I stood up and she was leaning lightly against my chest. Her thighs pressed on my lower body. I could tell that she had felt the hardness of my “little brother”. One of her delicate hands was holding my back tightly while the other one travelling downwards and rubbing my hard penis gently.

“Rosie, stop! You cannot touch there ah …” My body was trembling.

“Why not? You did also touch me, didn’t you? Ah!” She made a sly smile.

My lust finally prevailed over my rationality. My hand sneaked into the mini skirt and stopped at the rounded buttocks. Although they were covered by the tiny briefs, I still got hold of most of the exposed buttocks and begun to caress.

We fondled each other for a long time. When we separated, she flushed crimson with a little bit shyness.

Rosie then straightened her clothes and was glancing at my big tent in the front part of the trousers. “Dad, you do want me to help, don’t you?” She sneered.

“How can you help?”

“What do you want me to help, ah?” She smirked.

“We are a father and a daughter. We should call it a day.” I smiled,”Can’t exceed this line.”

“I can help you, Dad.” She grimaced. “… …To masturbate.”

“Are you crazy!”

“No, I just wish to give you a helping hand.” She teased while her right hand was making an up and down strokes in the air.

“Ok, good night! My dear.”

“You’re sure, aren’t you?” She tried again.

“No. I can handle it myself.” I shook my head.

She sighed and left reluctantly.

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