Breed Me Daddy

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Thanks to Todger65 for the editing.

All parties in this story are over the age of eighteen.

= = = = =

Daddy awoke to his daughter at his bedroom door.

He could barely make out her image as she was silhouetted by the hall light. She was dressed in a short sheer teddy that hung from her breasts and barely covered her navel. Her patch was covered by a sheer matching thong.

“Daddy? Are you asleep?”

“What is it baby?”

“I have a headache daddy, and I can’t sleep.”

“Did you take some Tylenol honey?”

She came into the room and sat down on the side of the bed. “Yes daddy. But, it’s not helping. Can I just lay here next to you for a while?”

“Princess, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Daddy doesn’t have any pajamas on.”

She peeled back the blankets just enough to let herself in, then spooned back against her daddy’s form.

“Sweety, you shouldn’t be here like this.”

She reached back and brought his arm around her waist and wiggled her ass against him to snuggle in more deeply. “Shhhhh daddy. It’s Ok. Just go back to sleep.”

He sighed, closed his eyes, and nestled his head into the pillows and drifted off to sleep.

For her, a thousand naughty thoughts flooded her mind. This happened every month about this time. She would have her period and then about ten days later she would get like this.

Her body screamed for attention and nothing she did would satiate her. She played with herself, used dildos, and brought herself to orgasm a hundred times but nothing seemed to quell her lust. Lately she had turned to porn on the internet.

The sites that turned her on the most were all about breeding; taking a man’s seed, letting it grow, making babies and feeding them with her milk. She was fascinated, knowing her body was capable of spawning new life.

She was not sexually naïve. She had her first experiences in high school. Daddy had taken her to the doctor to get the pill when she blossomed a couple of years back. She had always made her boyfriend’s wear condoms and never let them cum insider her.

How could she trust them not to give her a disease? That’s all her sex-ed classes, back when she was in high-school, ever talked about.

She wanted to experience the feel of a man erupting inside her, filling her with cum. Just the thought that his sperm would be seeking out her egg heightened her passion, but she needed someone that she could trust. Someone like her daddy.

She had always loved her daddy. Since her mother left several years ago, he was the man of her life. She initially lived with mom, but when mom re-married she hated her new step-dad. Her real dad had taken a job in another state and now she was stuck here with mom and her step-dad.

She never felt safe around him. He yelled at her for stupid stuff, leered at her, and one day she caught him going through her underwear drawers. ‘Eeeww!’.

She moved out to live with daddy, where she always felt safe.

Her dad was always sweet. She loved hanging out with him. She loved to sit with him and watch scary movies. He always made popcorn and when the scary parts came on, she loved to curl up in his arms where she felt safe, protected.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized… she was in love with daddy.

Over the past couple of months she started looking at the porn sites that talked of incest. Daddies and daughters together, loving each other, sleeping together. A loving daddy bedding his daughter, breeding her and having his babies.

She saw pictures of girls pregnant, their bellies full, and round, their tits swollen with milk. No other fantasy gave her the orgasms that she had when thinking about having daddy’s baby.

She went out and got a breast pump. She found a medical site that described inducing lactation for adoptive mothers. She started using her birth control pills and the pump as described and could now produce a small amount of milk from her breasts. She loved the feeling of giving milk but wanted to feed her daddy.

She started planning to seduce her daddy to breed her. She would dress more provocatively around him. Every time he came home she would hug him, squeeze him, and give him a tender kiss and ask “How’s my daddy?”

She would time her showers to make sure daddy was around. She would leave the bathroom door slightly ajar, hoping he would catch a glimpse of her nude form. She would make sure she ran into him as she came out of the bathroom in the tiniest towel she could find. She would always giggle and kiss him on poker oyna the cheek before scurrying down the hall to her bedroom.

She would leave her bedroom door ajar. She wanted him to see her as she dressed, wanted him to hear her moan as she masturbated. She began doing her hair, putting on makeup and perfume, and wearing nighties to their scary movie nights. When the scary parts happened, she would throw her arms around him, crush her tits against his chest and bury her face in his neck. She would kiss him and say “Hold me daddy.”

As the movie progressed and the evening waned, she would get ‘tired’, and lay her head on daddy’s lap, stroking his thigh with her nails, and making sure to rest her cheek against the bulge in his pants.

This was it. She was ready. Tonight was the night she would seduce daddy to breed her. When he went to bed she showered and shaved. She had a well-defined ‘runway’ just above her pussy and she trimmed it to make sure it was perfect for daddy.

She combed out her hair and moisturized her skin. She laid down a trail of perfume for daddy to follow, from behind her ears, down her neck, along her cleavage, across her belly and navel, all leading to her runway where her own natural pheromones would intoxicate him to ravage her.

She dressed in her sexiest sheer nighty. The top hung off her breasts, her areolas blatantly visible, and her nipples poking at the material. He would only need to push it aside to nourish himself with her milk.

Her thong barely covered her womanhood, the fabric so sheer that he would be able to see her slit, taste her wetness, even with the panties in place.

Try as hard as she could, she couldn’t wait. She snuck down the hall to daddy’s room and listened at the door. She could hear him turn a page of the book he was reading. “Damn,” she thought, as she returned to her room.

She lay on her bed and fingered herself, thinking about daddy’s cock, in her hands, in her mouth, and in her cum hungry cunt. She thought about the expression on his face as he erupted into to her. She could almost feel him pulsating inside her. Then her orgasm took her.

She lay there in a post-orgasmic haze; wanting to drift off to sleep, but desperately trying to stay awake so as not to miss her opportunity.

Now she is here, nestled in daddy’s arms, lying in daddy’s bed.

Daddy’s breath is slow and softened… he’s asleep. Slowly she grinds her bum into daddy’s lap and can feel his bulge through his shorts. His arm unconsciously tightens his grip on her as his cock awakens. She can feel it growing, pressing into her ass, straining to be free.

She wriggles again and daddy stirs then relaxes.

She reaches down and slowly brings his hand to her lips. Her tongue slowly encircles his middle finger, bathing it in her saliva. Her lips encase it and she gently sucks on it while caressing it orally.

She moves his hand to her breast and wriggles her ass against his hard-on. He stirs again and his hand grabs her tit, massaging her for a few seconds, before once again relaxing. Her nipple firms and moistens with a small drop of milk.

She moves his hand lower till it is resting against the sheerness of her panties. She moves her panties to the side and his palm rests on her runway. She feels her pussy release new lubricant at the heat of his hand on her mons. She wriggles once again and his fingers stretch out across her moistened vulva, and she shivers in delight.

Daddy stirs again. His grip on her pussy tightens, and he is grinding back against her. In his dream state he is envisioning a beautiful, firm, round, ass in front of him, and his cock sliding in and out of his lover’s passage.

She rolls forward and reaches back with her hand and rubs his cock through his briefs. Daddy rolls over on his back and snorts. He continues to dream.

His lover has reversed positions now and has his cock in her hands. Her hypnotic eyes look up at him as she brings her lips to his crown. She kisses it slowly, gently, seductively, her tongue extending to retrieve the pre-cum she has milked from his member.

His lover reaches down as she works and pulls his briefs away and he steps out of them. He watches as she engulfs his crown with her lips. He can feel her tongue swirl around and around him. He thrusts into her and she swallows more and more of his shaft. Her hands cup his balls, kneading them like bread dough, as she continues to make love to his cock.

He reaches down and runs his fingers through her hair and presses her head to his groin. She disengages canlı poker oyna and stands before him and kisses him.

The depths of his dream shallow but the feelings of passion continue. He can taste himself on her tongue and kisses her back. He grabs her with his arms and holds her to his body. His hard-on screams for attention.

She breaks from his lips and kisses his neck and he hers. She reaches down and strokes his cock and gasps as she feels the sweet agony of his love bite on her neck. His teeth nibble at her flesh as his lips suck against the veins of her neck.

She whispers in his ear “Mark me daddy. Make me yours.”

The words blur through his brain. His cock strains and his balls ache for relief as his tongue drills into her neck and he puts his mark on his daughter’s neck.

His ‘daughter’… what is he doing?

He disengages and pushes her aside. “Oh my God! What are you doing?”

“I love you daddy,” she exclaims.

“Baby, we can’t do this. This is wrong.”

“Daddy, this is all I want. All I crave is to be yours and you to be mine. Don’t you love me daddy?”

“Of course I love you baby. But, this… this is wrong baby.”

“It’s ok daddy. No one will know. No one knows me here and mom lives three states away. Nobody will ever know except you and me. I’ve been thinking about this since I moved in with you. You’re the only man in my life, the only man that I want. I can’t go to bed at night without playing with myself and thinking about you.”

“I cum for you every night daddy; I want you to make love to me. I want you to kiss me and hold me and touch me. I want you to taste me; I get so wet for you. I want you inside me daddy. I want you to put your baby in me.”

“Do you know what you’re saying? Do you know what you’re asking? Baby, if that happened, everything would change. You wouldn’t be my little girl anymore; you’d be the mother of my child.”

“Our child daddy, and I’d still be your little girl. I’ll always be your princess daddy. I love you so much. Please make love to me. Please put your baby in me daddy.”

With that she kissed him. First on the cheek, then she plied him with soft kisses as she moved closer and closer to his lips. “I love you daddy.”

She kissed him lightly on the lips and let her tongue drag across them. She kissed him again and his resolve weakened. She kissed him again and parted his lips with her tongue to find his own waiting to dance with hers.

She reached down and found his cock and he twitched to her grasp. She slowly stroked him as their kisses became more passionate. He kissed her back, deeply, wetly, his hand cradling her head. She sighed into his open mouth and he fully committed to taking her.

She lay back on the bed and he followed. Now it was she cradling his head as they kissed. She raked her nails across the nape of his neck as they kissed with unbridled hunger.

He broke free of her and she surrendered her neck to his lips. His hand moved under her nightie and cupped her breast. She moaned as he pinched her nipple and kissed his way to her cleavage. His tongue circled her areola, brushing her nipple, teasing her. He took her between his lips and was rewarded with a flood of warm milk. He stopped and looked up at her.

“You’ve got milk?” He asked.

“Yes daddy. I did it for you. I wanted to feed you, daddy.”

He returned to her breast and ravaged her. When he had emptied her he turned his attention to her other breast and was soon being nourished again. She pressed his head to her breast as he fed from her and her body writhed beneath him. Once drained he turned his attentions southward.

He left her breasts and returned to the trail of scent she had laid for him. As he plied her with soft wet kisses his nostrils flared with her perfume.

He kissed her belly and tongued her navel, causing her to giggle.

He continued his march south staying on course as if following a map to buried treasure. Upon reaching her mound he found it covered in her sheer panties. He lost the trail at this point but knew he was close as her natural scents permeated his senses, wafting through his sinuses. His cock stiffened in response to her pheromones.

He kissed her womanhood through her panties. They were rife with her juices and he could not resist but to tongue her. She squirmed in delight. His fingers found the margins of her triangle and slid beneath, toying with her vulva as he licked her again.

He reached up under her bottom and found the strap and pulled. Her panties fell away as he lifted internet casino each leg to remove them.

For the first time since changing her diapers as a baby, he took in the visual beauty of his daughter’s pussy; this pussy that would love him, caress him, kiss him, lick him, coat him in lubricant, grab him, pull him in, surround him with warmth and a velvety feel, clamp down on him and hold him in place while it relieved him of his seed.

“Baby, I can’t.”

She sat up and threw her arms around him and kissed him. “Please daddy. Make me yours. I’ve wanted this for so long. I want you inside me.” She kissed him again and he kissed her back and held her tightly and once again committed to mating with her.

She laid back and he went down. He kissed her vulva gently and she shuddered and moaned. He licked her with a broad stoke of his tongue and she bathed it with her juices. He licked her again from anus to clit, his tongue skirting her labia and prying open her slit. With each stroke he would rim her anus, sending a shiver up her spine. Then he would proceed slowly along her slit, caressing her labia, before performing a lazy circle around her bud, then returning to do it all over again.

He penetrated her with his finger, aimed upward and found her ‘G’ spot. He stroked it like petting a kitty. He brought his lips to her bud and encased her engorged clit, his tongue teasing her.

She grabbed at the sheets, then at him, but he continued to torture her. Suddenly her breathing stopped. Every muscle in her body clenched, and she unleashed herself upon her daddy.

A flood of cum poured from her and daddy wasted not a drop. She lay there panting, flaccid, destroyed by an orgasm that was all consuming.

The taste of her elixir, still fresh in his mouth, invigorated daddy. His cock throbbed and would not be denied. He rose up over her and pressed himself against her entrance.

He looked down at his baby girl, locked his gaze to hers. She felt him at her entrance, her labia ready to kiss his manhood. She looked deep into his eyes and nodded ‘yes’ and he slipped his head into her.

He held it there for a second, in some ways hoping that she would have a change of heart and stop him. Instead, she thrust into him with her hips and took more of his shaft. He set up a rhythm, stroking in and out of her. With each forward thrust her labia would swallow more of his shaft, coating him with her juices. Suddenly, he realized his man meat was hilted in his baby girl’s cum hungry cunt.

He could feel her warmth, her wetness, her quivering mass that surrounded his girth. He withdrew but was stopped from leaving as she tightened herself around his crown. He thrust into her again and she rotated her hips to meet him. He could feel his head crash into her cervix, causing her to cry out. It was not a cry of pain but of passion. He thrust into her again, and again, and again. Each time she thrust back at him, feeling him press into her, prying her open, ripening her for insemination.

He looked down and noticed milk weeping from her nipples. He latched on and suckled her like a newborn. She cried out and tensed again and released a fresh flood of cum on his shaft.

“Oh my God! Oh daddy! Fuck me daddy,” She cried.

She could feel him swelling inside her and she threw her arms around him. She brought her legs up to encircle his waist and locked him in her grasp.

“Cum in me daddy,” she screamed. “Breed your little girl.”

He grabbed her around the waist and almost crushed her in his arms. With one last thrust he engaged her cervix and nature relieved him of any further control. From deep in his loins he gathered his load and his pelvic muscles began a rapid-fire series of contractions. His cum crawled the length of his shaft and exploded from his slit.

She could feel the warmth of his baby batter violating her virgin womb and her own body reacted as well. Her pelvic muscles contracted around him, holding him in place. Her pussy fasiculated along his shaft and her hips began thrusting into him, pulling every last once of sperm-laden semen from him.

Wave after wave of hot jism entered her belly, filling her womb. She was finally satiated.

As his release ebbed his grip on her relaxed. She too released her grip on him.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too baby.” With that he kissed her.

They lay there, his spent member inside her, the last remnants of his seed oozing into her.


“I don’t know how you do it sweety,” said her neighbor. Billy is getting to be a handful, Sally is barely out of diapers and now you’re showing with twins. I wish my Steven was half as interested in a family as your husband is.”

“I couldn’t have asked for more. He’s a great daddy,” was the reply.

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