Breeding Lynn Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Old Enough to Bleed

Lynn was a 19 year old newlywed. Sweet and innocent. I learned that she was a virgin when she got married only months before. Very attractive, friendly and outgoing too. She worked for me part-time at my commercial real estate business and since I was a one man shop, she did just about everything for me from secretarial work to closing deals. I was 45 and divorced with two grown children who were older than Lynn.

Lynn was attracted to older men. Her husband was 16 years her senior and had a big time job with a law firm. Lynn was his fourth wife and his first true trophy wife. Right after they married, he got transferred by his law firm across country. She didn’t have to work, but she didn’t know a soul in her new home. And besides, she enjoyed earning her own spending money and said she was just too young to spend her days caged up in a big stuffy house or playing bridge and going to teas with the older wives in her upscale neighborhood. Her husband traveled on business a great deal and was out of town on business for sometimes weeks at a time. He rarely took Lynn along, always telling her to wait until he was going somewhere where there would be time for work and a little play. At the moment, he was in Delaware filling papers for a new corporation and wouldn’t be home until the end of the week.

Something told me by the way she was acting at work that Lynn was in her period. That afternoon my suspicions were confirmed, when I got a strong whiff of her menstrual cycle aroma. What a turn-on! I had always had fantasies about girls and their time of the month. And I had always been fascinated and aroused by feminine hygiene products. In my youth, I had spied on my older sister on several times and watched her change her pads and tampons. I had even gone steady with a girl in college who was nearly as perverted as me, and she let me change her tampons on numerous occasions.

But my ex-wife was so prim and proper that I could never even suggest such a thing to her. She would have been horrified had she known that I often swiped one of her tampons and would spend the entire day with it lodged up my ass. A few times when I felt like living dangerously, I actually made love to her with a tampon inserted in my rectum. My ex was so squeaky clean there was not a chance in the world she would ever touch me there. She was a good woman and a terrific mom. But she sure didn’t share my appetite for sexual misconduct, for lack of a better term.

Because I Casibom had a looming deadline to close a big sale the next day, I asked Lynn if she could come over to my place, earn some overtime, and help finish some paperwork that night. She agreed saying it was really boring in the evenings around her house when her husband was gone like now. Little did she know that before she came over that evening, I had planned to video her if she happened to use my bathroom. And I figured the chances were pretty high considering the time of the month.

When I got home, I carefully hid my spycam in the dirty clothes basket across the room directly opposite the commode. I had it set it up to come on automatically when the bathroom light came on.

When Lynn arrived about seven thirty, we went immediately to work. I was all business. She admitted that she was not feeling well and wanted to get done as quickly as possible. She was rather lethargic, and I sensed that her menstruation flow was exceptionally heavy and she was severely cramping. After about an hour, she asked to use my bathroom. I said sure, and Lynn picked up her purse and headed to the john. The fact that she had taken her purse with her thrilled me! I knew she was going to be putting on a crude but sexy show which my spycam would soon record.

She was in the crapper for nearly 10 minutes. When she came out, I told her I knew she wasn’t feeling good and she should go on home. I could easily finish up now. She took me up on my offer. I walked her out to her car and gave her a fatherly hug and thanked her for coming over to help.

When I got back in the house, I rushed to the bathroom and retrieved the spycam. I put the mini DVD in my laptop and my secretly recorded movie began to run.

The camera rolled when the light switch came on. Lovely Lynn walked over to the toilet and completed removed her pants and panties. Naked from waist down, she picked the panties back up and removed a protective panty liner that had pink spotting all over it. She wrapped it in a tissue and threw it away in my trash.

I paused the video and made off for the bathroom. The pad was in my bathroom trash under other rubbish as if she had attempted to hide it from me. I picked it up, unwrapped it and sniffed deeply. It had the potent and pungent odor of Lynn’s sweet pussy permeating it. I took it back with me to where I was watching the DVD and resuming the video. I deeply inhale her scent on the panty liner again and began stroking my cock Casibom Giriş while I watched the delicious young girl exposed on the monitor.

Lynn sat down on the toilet and then spread her legs wide. The young Mrs. had the hairiest cunt I’d ever seen. Oh shit, I thought. This girl was my dream come true. It even appeared to me that her unkempt pubes extended up her butt crack, surrounding her brown puckered asshole, although I couldn’t tell for sure at this point in the video.

I like lots of pubes on a women. Not only did Lynn have a super thick bush, but she had a thick head of hair and very bushy eyebrows which I always found to be seductive.

Splitting the middle of all that dark thick curly pubic hair was her long exquisite pussy slit with a white string dangling out between her extremely puffy vaginal lips. With two fingers, Lynn flared her swollen cunt lips apart. Then with the other hand she withdrew a nearly saturated bloody tampon which had been pushed unusually deep into her vagina. Then she dropped it with a splash in the toilet bowl.

I nearly shot my wad. Glory be to heaven, I thought. Her menstruation is so heavy that she has to wear a pad and a tampon to keep from making a bloody mess in her panties. I loved it!

Then Lynn began to pee. It trickled at first. Then a dense stream of golden urine sprayed out of her urethra and into the toilet water with a good deal of force.

Damnation, I thought! I just had to somehow figure a way fuck this adorable young girl! I unzipped my pants, took out my extraordinarily large cock and began jacking off.

Lynn rolled off some toilet paper and wiped inside her slit. Her pubes were still soaked in piss, so she wet a wash cloth and thoroughly cleaned her genitalia.

Then Lynn went through her purse. She pulled out a disposable douche. She assembled the douche bottle which had a six inch long applicator, and she lifted the toilet seat and squatted over it, providing me with a wonderful view. With her back to the camera, she straddled the commode. Now I could see that her dense pubic hair did indeed run halfway up the crack of her dainty little ass.

Lynn inserted the six inch applicator fully into her pussy and forcefully squeezed the plastic bottle until the douche completely emptied in her tender pink sex organ. She removed the applicator and let the vinegary water gushed back out of her vaginal canal into the toilet. She again cleaned herself with the wash cloth, then wrapped the applicator Casibom Yeni Giriş with another tissue. She put the bottle and applicator back in her purse and got dressed and flipped off the bathroom light which stopped the spycam.

I watched the video twice more and continued to beat my hard meat until I was about to cum. I quickly covered the head of my cock with Lynn’s used panty liner pad. My dick exploded, soaking the pad with my thick creamy semen.


Being alone with Lynn the next couple of days at work until the weekend came was excruciatingly punishing for me. On Friday, in particular, because we always dressed casually the last day of the work week. Lynn was wearing spandex pants that clung to her every curve and a thin, tight halter top. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t have real large tits which is common for girls in their teenaged years and before their bodies make babies. But her titties were definitely more than a mouthful. And her nipples were incredible! Shit, I can only say that they were uncommonly big and their outline was clearly visible at all times through the tight halter top she was wearing.

I sniffed around her all morning to the extent I could without it becoming too noticeable. And again I smelled signs of her menstruation. I was semi-hard the whole day. I just wanted to grab her and rip off her clothes and fuck her bleeding pussy on the spot.

Around two in the afternoon, I couldn’t stand it any longer and in order to control myself, I told Lynn to go home and have an early start to the weekend. She was grateful saying her husband would be getting in that evening and she had several things to take care of before he arrived home. She smiled at me bashfully.

I quipped that I bet a newlywed bride, especially one as pretty as her, had lots of special preparations to make before her husband returned home. A good wife always knows how to make her man happy after they’ve been apart for a while, I said.

Lynn blushed and her cheeks turned red. Impulsively she raced over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and an affectionate hug, grinding her soft tits and big nipples into my chest as an offer of thanks for the time off.

Lynn left and I knew that what I had said aroused her. But I also knew she was probably not the kind of wife who allowed her husband to have sex when she was in her period. Maybe he would get a great blow job when he got home tonight, I thought to myself and grinned. I wondered just how beautiful Lynn looked when she had a mouthful of cum. And more important, would she swallow?

If I kept working on her, maybe I would find out for myself. Little did I know that wondrous moment was so much closer than I could ever have imagined.

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