Brian and Aunt Em Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Brian eventually moved in with his Auntie Em. They were both fully satisfied with their lifestyle. After about 18 months Auntie Em made an announcement to the rest of the family that she was pregnant. Of course, none of them knew that it was cousin Brian’s baby. She just let them think it was a casual fling she had.

The baby girl was born and she looked so much like Brian the secret came out, but only in the family, Brian was thrilled to bits with his little daughter and wanted to announce it to the world.. Auntie Em and Brian and the family decided that just in case it happened again that they had better move.

So they moved to the other side of the country and Brian and Auntie Em’s eldest daughter, Ellen who was just 18yrs old by then made out that they were married as they were closest in age. As well as this it gave Brian a chance to get into bed with another family member. All this time he was still feeding off Auntie Em’s breasts and drinking the milk that remained there. She had stopped feeding both the babies but he still kept her breasts active and full of milk.

After the move, Brian started to seduce Ellen. Even though she was allegedly his wife, they had never even kissed or cuddled.

The first time they made love Ellen and Brian were wrestling around on the floor Ankara bayan escort and Brian grabbed her by her tits. These were nearly as big as his Auntie Em’s and he loved the feel of them. They were in the Lounge room together and the rest of the family were in school, so they knew that they were alone.

Brian began to rub Ellen’s breasts and tug at her nipples. They were growing bigger by the minute. He slipped her dress over her shoulder and down her arm, so that he had a better access to those beauties. The feelings that were overcoming Ellen were amazing; she had never felt like this before. Brian lowered his mouth and sucked kissed down her neck and to the rounded mounds of those beautiful tits. He suckled and slurped on the nipples and dragged his tongue across from side to side. He continued this for many minutes, all the while sliding his other hand across her stomach, working his fingers towards the Mound of Venus that he wanted to invade. The tip of his middle finger touched the top of her clitoris and she jumped. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but it felt so good. Although Auntie Em had explained the basics of sex to her, she was only a novice. Brian began to rub his finger up and down on her clit and she writhed and squirmed under his hand.

“Oh Brian, what are Escort bayan Ankara you doing to me?” She whimpered.

“Ellen I am going to give you a babe, then I want to feed off your breasts after you feed him/her. Do you want my baby?”

“”As long as it doesn’t hurt, I want your baby.”

“It may hurt for a moment, but then you will enjoy everything I do to you, I can guarantee that. If you don’t believe me ask your Mom, but later, I want you, now.”

With that he lowered his head and began to lick and lave her clit and labial lips, touching his tongue across her inner thighs. She felt as though she was floating and really became fully involved. Brian then climbed up to lay across her body and kissed her again. She felt his hardness on her upper thighs and she suddenly realised what was going to happen. Brian was going to enter her pussy and fuck her. At this realisation she opened her legs for an easier access for Brian. He was very gentle with her, knowing it was her first time. Even though she knew what it was all about, after the talks with her Mom, she had never experienced it.

Brian reached down and guided his rampart cock to the mouth of Ellen’s pussy, rubbing it up and down to wet it so that it would hopefully slide in easier. He inched in slowly until he came to a Bayan escort Ankara barrier, he held her tightly and warned her with a soft “‘here it comes.” She braced herself but that only tightened her entrance, so Brian told her to relax and it would be over faster. He then just thrust his cock into that young, glorious cunt and stopped. Ellen gave a soft scream and went rigid. Brian then started to push in and out of her hot, wet cunt and felt that she had started to relax.

After about 10 minutes Ellen was working with him. Raising and lowering her hips to match his movements. Brian knew that he would not last too much longer after the amount of foreplay they had enjoyed.

He warned Ellen, “Baby I’m going to cum soon, are you ready.”

“I don’t know darling, I feel so good though.”

“Here I cum then, this could me our baby. Take it all.”

“Ellen…….I’m cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg.”

“Brian, I just felt something so goooooodddddd….”

“That was an orgasm, Ellen. I am going to give you a lot of them over the next few years.”

So Ellen and Brian continued with their relationship but Auntie Em was still getting all she needed from Brian.

After nine months, another baby girl was born to Brian and Ellen.

He now had two more little girls to look after, and they made a wonderful family. With Auntie Em, even though she was getting older, Ellen, Brian and E’ms two other children who were grown now, one boy and one girl; and the two new girls, one from Auntie Em at two years old, and the newest from Ellen.

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