Brian and Kara – Their Parents

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All characters are over eighteen years old.


Five miles outside of town at the Westgate Inn, Brad O’Hara was driving his nine-inch cock into the woman beneath him while he squeezed her firm 36D tits. She was moaning as her orgasm was reaching its peak, while Brad was grunting loudly, as he was about to spew forth his cum. On the next bed, Brad’s wife, Grace, was bouncing up and down on the eight-inch cock of the man below her. Craig Sampson was feeling Grace’s 38C boobs with one hand and was toying with her clit with his other hand. Grace was just starting to cum and Craig hoped that he could hold out until Grace had finished.

The four of them came and after a few moments they sat up on the beds. Grace moved to the next bed and embraced her husband. Craig and Brenda Sampson moved into each other’s arms. Craig said, “Do you think that our kids are doing the same thing that we just finished doing?”

Grace smiled, “Unless they wore themselves out doing it all day.”

Brenda asked, “What makes you so sure that they are sleeping together? I know that Jill has sex regularly; but I’m not so sure that she and Bob are having sex.”

Grace laughed, “When Kara told me that Bob and Jill were staying over, she made a big issue of the fact that Jill would share her bed and Bob would use the guest room. I told her not to start lying to me because I knew that Bob would be in her bed and Jill would be in Brian’s. She didn’t deny it. Kara has always been pretty open with me about her relationship with boys; but she has kept things pretty much to herself for the past month. I’m positive that she’s having sex with Bob and with Jill. I am fairly certain that she is having sex with Brian.”

Brenda asked, “Brad, what kind of ideas have you gotten from your conversations with Brian?”

Brad replied, “I usually have a pretty good idea about what he is doing. He usually talks abstractly though. He seems to be afraid to say something that will identify the girl involved.”

Grace interrupted, “That is a good thing. That’s what upset Kara about the last guy that she dated. He had a big mouth.”

Brad continued, “Brian has been a lot like Kara for the last month. He has been quite silent. I suppose a lot of that is because he knows that I am aware that he has not been dating anyone except Jill.”

Brenda asked, “Grace, why are you so sure that both boys are having sex with their sisters?”

Grace answered, “It’s just the closeness of Brian and Kara this summer. They seemed to be much closer than normal and I noticed that before they started to date Bob and Jill. I also know Kara well enough to know that if she enjoyed her brother that she would convince Jill that she should try the same thing.”

Craig smiled, “I guess that we will have answers to our questions when we return in the morning.”

Craig and Brenda got into one bed and Brad and Grace got into the other. When Brad took Grace into his arms, Grace asked, “Do you think that you have enough energy to satisfy me again tonight?”

Brad replied, “I haven’t satisfied you yet tonight?”

Grace laughed, “Indirectly, you’ve satisfied me twice today. First, you took Craig out on the golf course so that Brenda and I could take care of each other. Then, you kept Brenda occupied so that Craig could fuck the shit out of me.”

Brad fingered her pussy and said, “I think that this time I will get some of the pleasure out you being satisfied.” They began trying poker oyna to arouse each other. Before Brad could mount his wife, they heard the bed springs bouncing next to them and Craig and Brenda were fucking like there was no tomorrow. Brad and Grace, when finished, rolled over and went to sleep.

Kara and Jill are two lovely eighteen-year old girls and they had recently graduated from high school. For most of the summer, Kara had been dating Jill’s brother, Bob. Kara’s brother, Brian was dating Jill.

The four youths were out of bed by seven-thirty in the morning. Kara had put the coffee on and summoned the others to help her restore her parents’ bedroom to the way that it had looked on Thursday afternoon. The guys made sure that there were no articles of clothing lying around and that the trash, particularly the condoms and their wrappers, had been removed. While they were busy with that, the girls put clean sheets on the bed and made it. When she was satisfied with the way it looked, Kara declared, “I’m ready for some sex this morning. Do we all want to go to the same room or should this be a private session?”

Brian said, “After the last couple of days, I’d like to be alone with Jill for a change. We didn’t even get to have sex with each other yesterday.”

Brian took Jill to his room and Bob and Kara went to her room. Neither couple was in any hurry on this Sunday morning. Kara’s parents had told her that they would be back about six and Bob said that his parents were due home some time late in the afternoon. Bob brought Kara to a series of orgasms as he eagerly tongued her pussy and had just slid his hard cock into her when the bedroom door opened. Bob heard his mother’s voice saying, “I guess that they didn’t get enough over the weekend.”

Bob almost got whiplash from turning his head so quickly. He had been shocked to hear his mother’s voice; but when he turned around, he turned as while as a ghost. He exclaimed, “Oh, um ah, Mr. O’Hara, I um ah?”

Brad O’Hara said, “Relax, Bob. I’m not here to kill you. It doesn’t look like you’re forcing her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. In fact, it looks like she has been enjoying the hell out of it.”

Kara tried to cover her breasts with one arm and placed one hand over her pussy. She shrieked, “Daddy!”

Brad laughed at his daughter’s belated attempt at modesty. He said, “Kara, do you know how ridiculous you look?”

She dropped her hands to her sides and replied, “Yeah. Trying to hide things is kind of stupid. You just saw us screwing.”

Brad simply told them, “Come on to the kitchen, Kara. Your mother and Bob’s father will be joining us in a minute. They’re rounding up your cohorts right now.” Bob quickly grabbed his shorts from the floor and pulled them on. The urgency in her father’s voice told Kara that she would only have time to pull on her short sheer nightgown. She would have to get into her dresser to get some panties and she knew that she didn’t have time for that.

As Kara walked toward the doorway, she saw Brian and Jill walking toward the kitchen with their heads down. Kara squeezed past her father and Mrs. Sampson on her way to the kitchen. As Bob reached the doorway, his mother whispered, “That’s about the finest looking girl that you’ve ever dated.”

Bob tried to mumble a thank you; but he couldn’t get any words out. Fear was keeping him from speaking. The eight of them assembled in the kitchen. The two nineteen-year-old guys and canlı poker oyna the two eighteen girls were embarrassed as they took their seats. Grace was the first to speak. She said, “Kids, we didn’t bring you in here to chew you out about having sex. Kara can tell you that I already knew about the sex that we saw going on here this morning. I don’t know about Kara and Bob; but we would have all been better off if we had waited about ten minutes to walk in on Brian and Jill.”

Brian mumbled, “You’ve got that right.”

Fear was the only thing that kept the other three teenagers from laughing at that comment. Their parents, however, did see the humor in Brian’s statement.”

Brenda said, “Yeah. The timing was bad with Kara and Bob too.”

Grace continued, “We’re trying to learn about the other sex that was going on in the house this weekend. When we got home, I went into our bedroom to put the suitcases away and noticed that the bed had been remade. Kara, there is one thing about making a bed that I do that you have never been able to copy.”

Kara asked, “What’s that?”

Grace laughed, “You’re going to have to figure that out on your own. Mothers don’t give away their secrets. Now who was here that you had to use our bed?”

Kara pleaded, “Mom, no one except the four of us used any of the beds this weekend.”

Grace asked, “Who used our bed then?”

Kara admitted, “We did.”

“You and Bob?”


“Kara, I know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t have used our bed for sex unless you needed the extra room. Who else was in there with you?”

Jill pleaded through gritted teeth, “Kara, please.”

Kara turned to her friend and stated, “Jill, I lie to my mom so seldom that she sees right through me when I try. I have to tell them the truth.” Kara turned back to her mother and said, “The four of us used your bed on Friday night.”

Brenda asked, “What did you want to watch each other for variety?”

Jill replied, “Yeah.”

Brenda said, “Usually when two couples want to share one bed it’s because they want to switch off. Is that what you did Friday night?”

Suddenly, Jill snapped. She snarled, “Yes, mom. After Brian fucked me, I ate Kara’s pussy. After we both came, I fucked my brother. Is that what you wanted to hear, mom.”

Craig was calm as he told his daughter, “Calm down, Jill. Grace told you that we weren’t having this conversation to chew you out about anything. We wanted to find out what was happening with the four of you. We have confirmed most of what we suspected was happening.”

Bob had also begun to stew and he let loose, “You know, I think that it is just too much of a coincidence that the four of you show up here hours before any of you are due back in town. Was this a conspiracy to try to catch us having sex?”

Brenda said, “Bob, we apologize for intruding on you like we did. We did plan to come back her early to catch the four of you in bed. Not because we wanted to catch you at anything; but because we wanted to know how close the four of you had become. If you had become as close as we thought that you had, we felt that we should explain some things about ourselves.”

All four teenagers had puzzled looks on their faces. Brad said, “We didn’t really go that far away this weekend. The four of us went to a quiet place just outside of town and had sex all weekend.”

Kara was laughing as she asked, “You mean that the four of you were internet casino ? shit, when did that start?”

Grace replied, “Honey, your father and I have been getting together with the Sampsons for years now.”

Brian was shaking his head as he commented, “Damn, you people are good. Not only have my parents kept it hidden from me that they like to have a little stray sex; but they have led us to believe that they had no more than a nodding acquaintance with Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.”

Brenda said, “Brian, maybe you would like to have more than a nodding acquaintance with your girlfriend’s mother.”

Brian asked, “You mean that you want to ? with me?”

Brenda said, “Yes, Brian. I would like to have sex with you. There’s only one hitch.”

Brian asked, “What’s that?”

Brenda said, “Your mother said that she wants to try you first. Besides, I want to try my own son out before you.”

Brian gave his mother a questioning look and she told him, “That’s right, Brian.”

Kara questioned, “What are Jill and I supposed to do while our boyfriends are screwing their mothers, watch?”

Grace said, “You could do that or you and Jill could take care of each other. I think that the best thing for you to do would be to go to bed with your fathers, because that is something that both of them would really like.”

Kara smiled broadly and asked, “Is that true, dad? Would you really like to have sex with me?”

Brad’s smile was almost a broad as Kara’s as he replied, “Yes, honey. That’s something that I’ve thought of for some time.”

No one was sure what Jill’s reaction to this was because she had not said a word. Everyone’s questions were answered when she stood up and walked over to her father. She sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. She told him, “Daddy, I have dreamed of this for years; I never thought that it could become more than a dream.” She looked at Grace and asked, “Can we use one of the beds in the guest room?”

Grace stood up and said, “I think that would be a good idea.” She looked at the others and suggested, “Kara, why don’t you and your dad go with Jill and Craig? Brenda and I will go into our room with Brian and Bob.”

The eight of them moved to the bedrooms. It wasn’t long before the sounds of sex reverberated throughout the household. Jill and Kara had each had an urge to have sex with their fathers since they had hit puberty. Neither of them thought that there was any chance of experiencing that fantasy until that day. They were nicely rewarded for their patience. Each father was able to satisfy each of the teenagers. Other than a couple of beat-off session fantasies over the years, neither of the sons had given much thought to having sex with their mother. Both boys enjoyed the fine rides that their mothers gave them.

During a break from sex, Brian commented, “Now we know why Kara and Jill are so good in bed; it’s genetic.”

Bob said, “The way the weekend has gone, I wasn’t sure that I had the energy for much more sex. Damn, our moms reenergized the hell out of me.”

None of them bothered to dress when they went to the kitchen for supper that night. They were just finishing their meal when Grace said, “Brenda and I talked about this earlier this afternoon. We don’t care which house any of you kids spend the nights; we just have two things to ask. Let us know where you are going to be and make sure that you stop in to see your parents every couple of days.”

Brenda added, “Now that you guys know about us, it will make it easier for the four of us to get together.”

After that eventful weekend, the four youths became almost inseparable.

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