Brigitte Ch. 3

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Brigitte was still weak and shaky after her orgasm. She could still feel the sensations of her uncle’s tongue on her hot, young slit. She stood in the shower, her cheeks flushed, as Jeff slowly ran a soapy sponge all over her body.

He washed her from neck down to her pretty little toes with red toenails; making sure not to forget any crevices on the way. When she was all lathered up, he guided the stream of water onto her body and rinsed her off. He positioned the showerhead between her legs to rinse out all the foam from her soapy pussy and ass. She moaned when the water hit her sensitive clit.

After he rinsed her off, she took the sponge, poured some bodywash on it, and began to wash him, starting at his broad shoulders. She continued moving the sponge down his muscular chest, lathering up his chiseled pecs and abs. Brigitte stopped at the navel, and then, instead of going further down, told him to turn around and started washing his back and arms. She loved the feel of his hard body. When she was done with the upper back, she moved the sponge down to his firm buttocks, spreading the lather in circles, and then moving the sponge into the crack of his ass. Then she washed the backs of his powerful legs, and moved back poker oyna to the front, working her way up from his ankles.

All that Jeff could do was stand there watching the naked beauty at his feet, inching closer and closer to his painful erection. He groaned when she moved the soapy sponge in between his thighs, barely touching his balls. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Brigitte, sweetheart…please…” he pleaded.

“Please what?” she asked coyly, her face literally centimeters away from his erect shaft.

“Suck me” he said.

“As you wish, baby” she said and flicked her tongue over the engorged head of his dick, licking off the droplets of precum.

“Mmm…yummy” she said, lapping at it.

Then she cupped his balls and engulfed the head with her mouth. Jeff groaned and leaned back against the tiled wall of the shower.

Brigitte sucked on the head, and then began working more cock into her mouth, working the shaft with her tongue. Meanwhile, she was gently massaging his balls and rubbing firm circles with her index finger on his perineum.

He was loving every minute of this great blowjob, but knew that if she kept at it for another minute, he would climax.

“Brigitte… stop… canlı poker oyna I’m gonna cum if you continue…” he moaned.

“That’s the whole idea” she muttered, his cock still in her mouth, pressing harder on his perineum until he was gasping with pleasure. Her mouth was like a vacuum, sucking more and more shaft into the warm, wet orifice.

She felt his cock twitch and jerk, and then he came with a loud grunt, squirting globs of jizz into her mouth.

“Ohh yeahhh…” he moaned, while his cock pumped away.

“Mmm…”she mumbled, swallowing the hot cream, and keeping his cock in her mouth until it started to soften.

It took him a minute to recover, as he was still leaning against the wall, panting.

Brigitte released his cock and stood up.

“Scrumptious” she said, licking her sweet lips.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he pulled her into his arms and they stood naked under the stream of water.

“Why don’t we go and dry off” she said, breaking the silence.

“Yes…”he said and turned off the water. He followed her out of the shower, and then proceeded to get a warm terry cloth towel and dry his niece off.

“Finally there’s towels in this bathroom” she said. He chuckled, internet casino remembering the earlier incident of her running naked and dripping wet from the bathroom this morning.

They exited the bathroom, squeaky clean and dry.

Jeff took Brigitte’s hand and led her to his bedroom.

“Go make yourself comfortable…I’ll be right back…”he said and left the room.

Brigitte looked around the elaborate master bedroom. It was beautiful. He had lots of antique paintings on his walls and rich crimson drapes over the windows. The bed was huge and just as elaborate. The bedspread was black satin. She dropped the towel and climbed naked onto the bed, under the satin sheets. The smooth cool fabric felt nice against her flushed clean skin. She lay back, waiting for her gorgeous uncle.

When Jeff walked back to the bedroom, he almost dropped the sweet condiments he had with him on a tray when he saw his niece. She was laying on her side amidst the black satin. Her dark hair was a wild mess of black and red, framing her beautiful face, and her luscious body showed clear signs of arousal. Brigitte’s nipples were erect, and when she spread her smooth thighs, he could see the glistening moisture of her pink vulva.

“Come here, sexy,” she said.

And he was indeed close to cumming just by looking at her provocative pose.

His niece was definitely the sexiest fuckable piece of ass out there. And he was definitely ready to fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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