Bringing Out the Animal

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It had been a busy and very hot day at work for Dave Gleeson; the sweat was running down his back and from under his arms. He smelled like a horse that’s was ridden hard and put away wet. All he looked forward to was a cold beer and a dip in the pool.

As he entered the drive to his duplex he noticed a moving van, parked in front of his garage. He was immediately irritated and pissed off.

“Who the fuck?!”; He murmured to him self.

He honked the trucks horn for about 3 seconds.

When Belinda, Mrs. Stevenson’s great grand daughter came out. She was dressed in faded gray shorts, an old ragged t-shirt which seemed 2 sizes too big for her. She was 5’3 and had a petit build her bosoms where like hard grape fruits fitting her frame very nicely, Belinda always had a smile on her face she waved at Dave and gave him a broad smile.

Having lived next to Mrs. Stevenson for the past 4 year, he had noticed her before and because the strained relationships with the old Lady, it stayed at admiration even some lusting. Her flaming red hair was in a bun on top of her head and she looked very sexy in a, been working all day way. As Dave thought to himself that she must be moving some of the old Lady’s stuff out, seeing that she had been moved to a nursing home after a stroke. Dave and the Old Lady as he always referred to her had never seen eye to eye. Dave parked his truck inside his garage and walked into the duplex. Peeling of the sweaty and clingy shirt, he had on as he walked up the stairs.

After putting on his swimming trunks, he moved back down stairs, looking at the mess he had left in the lounge and thought. “I would have to clean up this mess, mom would freak if she saw this” But not right now it was to hot and his body was sweaty, Dave moved to the kitchen and as he opened the door of the fridge to get a beer out, the waft of cool air gave him goose bumps. He opened the beer and downed it half way. As Dave walked outside to the pool, the rush of hot air hit him and he was thankful for the pool he had installed, he stepped into the cool water and as he dove in he could feel all the heat and stress of the day falling away, as the water surrounded him.

Belinda McGregor heard the splash in the pool as she was placing the last of the boxes down in the spare room. She went over to the window overlooking both there back yards. Dave was in the pool, she watched his muscular back as he swam, his arms and legs where propelling him through the water, he came back the second time stood up the water running of his muscular body. Standing on the bottom step of the pool, Belinda watched as he took the beer that was standing on the side, he downed the rest of the contents some spilled from his lips. Belinda groaned thinking how she would lick the spilled liquid from his chest, running her tongue along his pectoral muscles which where well defined. There was a stirring between her thighs. Belinda felt the vixen in her come out; she wanted him like she never wanted any other man before, not since her day’s as an erotic dancer did she feel this much lust. The past 5 years she had been married, had slowly subdued that in her and now that she was free her wild urges and lustfulness started coming to boil again.

Dave noticed Belinda standing in the bedroom window, staring at him. He felt a twitch in his loins as she waved at him. Looking longingly at his body she had to fight the urge to rub her puffy lips through her shorts.

Belinda had to turn away her pulse was quickening and she had goose bumps thinking of how wonderful it would be in those muscular arm, wrapped around her she sighed as another wave of excitement ran from her now damp vagina up her spine, making her hairs stand on end. Belinda didn’t know if it was the lack of sex, she’s had over the past six month’s or the heat making her think these bad thoughts, but she knew she had to find out what it feels like being taken by Dave’s.

After a few more laps Dave got out and went inside for another beer, he was on his way back out when there was a knock at his door. ‘Dave wondered who it could be; he was not expecting any one!!’

As he opened the door the aroma of sweat and perfume hit his nostrils making them flare. There in his door stood Belinda, she had loosened the bun and her head, her hair was draped across her shoulders and her green eyes where, Dave swore looking straight into his soul, searching for something. Her luscious curved breast now more prominent, seeing that she had tide a knot in the front of her shirt, there where freckles all the way down her cleavage of her exposed globes and Dave felt the rush of blood to his now swelling erection. Belinda was sporting a red Safire belly ring, the shorts where sitting right on her hips and Dave could see the top of her hip bones, curving down. He felt another tingling building in his loins, as more blood rushed to his penis.

Belinda stood there seeing how he was looking her up and down and she noticed a stir in the front of his swim trunks, she felt the dampness increase between her poker oyna legs. Her eyes making there way up his taught body over his muscular pecs, at this time she could see his tattoo clearly “it was of a dragon encircling a Kio fish coming out of the water”. She spoke suddenly in a sweet and innocent way to try and get herself together.

“Hi Dave, sorry to bother u.”

She reached out to shake his hand; her hand was soft in side his rough hand. He smiled and didn’t want to let go of her hand, as Dave felt her pulling her hand back he let go and she ran the tips of her fingers on the inside of his palm.

Belinda thought to herself these where the hands of a man not a sissy boy doing paperwork all day, but a man’s, man who worked with his hands, his body wasn’t the evict of gym, but of hard work and she longed for those hands to cores her skin.

Dave then spoke his voice warm and deep.

“It’s no bother!”

Belinda had to take a deep breath not to sound fluttered. “I was wondering if u can assist me in moving the van out of the complex.” Seeing that some of the other tenants have come home and the drive was much narrower, she explained. “I’m afraid I might have an accident.”

How could he say no, Dave was a sucker for a red head; have always been and the smile, she was giving him made him forget all about the pissed off feeling he had when he got home.

While reversing out the van for Belinda, she was walking in front of it, trying to guide Dave out. He could see that the shorts she had on was riding up, making the mound between her legs prominently straining against the shorts, her legs where smooth and bronzed nicely, she was swaying her hips accentuating her ass. Seeing that made more blood rush to his already semi hard-on and his erection strained against his swim trunks. Almost; causing him to collide, with the Henderson’s car. ‘Dahm man, concentrate.’ He thought to himself, he took a deep breaths; trying to calm himself down.

Belinda got a smile on her face as she noticed; he almost hitting one of the parked cars, and she knew it had been because he was not concentrating on his driving. As Dave looked to her there was a sweet seductive smile on her face, letting him know she saw him checking her out.

Dave parked the van outside, as he got out he took the towel from the seat he was sitting on and quickly wrapped it around his waist, hoping Belinda would not notice the bulge in his trunks.

But Belinda had noticed and her body tingled all over, as she looked down while Dave was wrapping the towel around him. He had an impressive package and she wanted to see more of it, she started to formulate a plan in her head and said

“Thanks for that……umh, reversing the van out for me.” She said trying not to look down at the bulge in the front of his towel. Belinda placed the palm of her hand on his chest and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. Dave had goose bumps instantly and she overly reacted with a. “OOOHHHH!!!!” She looked at him with a wicked smile on her face. Letting him know she approved. He felt the blood rush to his cheeks and he felt his cheeks get red.

“Do u have any plans tonight?” She asked in her sweetest possible voice, still keeping her hand on his now taught pecs. Before Dave could answer she then just continued. “I thought about getting a pizza and we could share it?”

“Sure!!” Dave said in a rushed foolish manner. Belinda smiled and she hoped in to the van her breast jig-gelling as she did. “Hell these things are high.” She said out-loud,

“Ya!!” you look kind of small in there.”

Belinda shot him a look of enthusiasm, and said “You would be surprised at what this little body can do.” And with a wink she, slammed the door shut and was of not waiting for a come back from Dave.

Looking back in the rear view mirror at Dave, walking inside she wanted him, that glimpse she had of his erection made her damper, Dave was going to be hers the lust she felt at that moment in her slick pussy, sent shivers threw her body, making her skin super sensitive.

Dave had to go jump back in the pool, hard dick thinking throbbing as he thought about Belinda, her small frame holding her in his arms that mound sinking his tongue in between her lips. He could feel his dick straining against his swim trunks as he reached into them grabbing hold of his monster cock starting to fist it, bumping up and down, longing to impale Belinda on it. He was quickly interrupted by someone shouting his name as he looked over his shoulder he could see Peter Henderson peering over the wall, “Hi Dave; nice and hot again today?” he said as he looked to the cool water of Dave’s pool.

“Ya!” Dave shouted back he new that Peter probably wanted to come over for a dip, and being the naborly thing to do Dave said. “Come on over.” With a strained smile.

Peter waved his hand in a gesture that said no. “Where going out tonight so, I just wanted to say high and welcome back!”

“Thanks ya it’s been a tuff week!” Dave was relieved that he didn’t have to endure canlı poker oyna his overly zealots Nabors. His erection now limp in his hand. He decided to go get another beer from the fridge.

Belinda had gone and got the pizza and was busy dressing after her cold shower. She was looking at her self in the full length mirror feeling sexy. She had dressed in a plain white, almost see threw cotton summer dress, the red satin g-string she had on was ever so slightly reveling; her exposed nipple’s where hard and rubbing against the cotton of the dress, she got a flash of heat racing threw her body. As the rubbing sent sparks to her loins. She slapped herself in the face trying to compose her thoughts.

Dave who was now lying on the couch, he had cleaned up a bit not wanting Belinda to think he was a slob. His semi-erection being irritated by the rough material of his loose fitting swim trunks; the bulge in the front very prominent. He shook his thoughts together; ‘Get yourself together Dave it’s just your lack of sex over the past 3 months, that are making you horny as hell, sure she was flirting with you, but she was a married woman and that is a line he was not prepared to cross.’

Dave stood up and went to the fridge, took a beer from it and was holding the cold bottle against his neck, trying to get rid of the lustful feeling he had. The knock at the door brought him out of his stupor, he walked over to the door, and as he opened the door, Belinda was standing there in a summer dress; she had obviously taken a shower and the aroma of her perfume wafted to his nose, there was a stirring from his still semi hard dick, the short summer dress she had on loosely shaped her body perfectly, her nipple’s where pointing at him, and it took some effort to look her in those big green eyes of hers.

Belinda was also checking him out and smiled seductively, like she approved. Then only did he notice she had a big pizza box in her hand.

Trying to get her head back together, after noticing the bulge she said calmly.

“I’ve brought a peace offering and some wine to thank u for helping me earlier.”

“‘No need to thank me, It’s what Nabors are for.” He said with a smile, taking the pizza box from her and inviting her in, as he walked behind her, her dress was swaying from side to side, Belinda’s curved, taut ass was flicking the dress, the low cut dress coming to about half way down her back and he, got a glimpse of a very colorful tattoo on her lower back, he smiled, as he admired her ass.

Dave quickly excused himself, went upstairs to put on a t-shirt and some dry Khaki shorts. As he undid the snap and Velcro his dick sprang out and ‘PLOP!!’ hit him in the stomach. He looked down at it and with a smile on his face said softly.

“Don’t worry I think we will both be satisfied later.”

He took out a pair of skin tight briefs and slid them on positioning his dick to one side he slipped his shorts on, the skin tight briefs at least hiding some of his erection; further more he put on a bit over sized t-shirt further hiding his dick.

When Dave got back down stairs Belinda had already taken out plates and opened the wine. She had kicked of her sandals and was standing barefoot behind the counter.

“Sorry if I seem forward and helped my self in the kitchen?” She said with a smile.

“No worries.”

Dave said, as he further tried to clean up the mess in the living room, he looked over at Belinda who was now laughing at him.

“And what’s so funny?” Dave said trying to hide the untidy state of the lounge.

“Well it’s just seeing you trying to clean up, men who live alone never have perfectly clean houses.”

Belinda came over with the plates she had prepared and set them down on the coffee table, Dave took the glasses of wine from the counter and handed one to her. They both took up seats in the lounge, Dave on the long leather couch in the centre of the room and Belinda on the single seat couch.

Dave and Belinda; started to talk, Dave found out that she had divorced her husband 6 moths earlier and that she was moving in to Nan’s duplex. Belinda started to explained that the divorce was because of the abusive nature of her ex, Dave blood even started to boil thinking of him abusing her. Belinda mentioned that Nan never liked him much. They both had a good laugh about that seeing that the old lady was very upset, that he always had different woman over and never the same one for very long.

Dave said that since his divorce 5 years earlier he just felt that he will never; want to get involved with someone in a serious relationship again.

She smiled a sly smile and said.

“Well never is a very long time.”

Dave was feeling that she was openly flirting with him now and he was not imagining it this time.

As the night went on, they started to feel completely at ease with each other, like old friends meeting again for the first time in years. Belinda asked about his work, and seemed genuinely interested, it struck him that they really internet casino did seem to get on quite naturally. The conversation then led to Dave’s divorce, he told Belinda, that after 10 years of marriage, his ex-wife decided that she could not live with him being constantly away with his construction work.

As he bowed his eyes getting a far off look Dave said in a sad voice “She wanted children”

Dave explained that he could not have any, because of an accident he had as a child that damaged his tubes which effectively, made his sperm come out with heads and tails detached. Belinda saw that it was a painful thing for him to talk about; she stood up from where she had been sitting, and sat down next to him, placing her hand on his back, making small southing circles. Belinda then had the urge to hold him, she could feel the heat from his body burning her hand and it was wonderful.

Dave looked her in the eyes, half shocked that he had opened up to her in this way, he had never opened up like that with any other women. Dave felt the electricity between he could not deny his urges any longer, he placed his hand on her cheek, which sent electrical sparks all over his body, he felt like a boy going in for his first kiss, he closed the distance between them and lightly placing his lips against hers, he started to kiss her.

Belinda felt a flooder of sparks erupting from her dampening slit; she put her arms around his neck, and ever so slightly started parting his lips with her tongue, Dave’s lips parted and as there tongue’s touched they both sighed, into each others mouths. Dave’s right hand reached behind Belinda and started stroking her back ever so gently, massaging her skin with the tips of his fingers. Belinda’s body shuddered as she moaned into his open mouth with his touch; she slid her right hand up Dave’s t-shirt he now moaned into her mouth and she ran the tips of her nails from his Pecs, down to his stomach.

Dave felt as if his body was electric just from her touch, he arched his back as she bit his lower lip.

“FUUUCCCKKK!” Dave groaned, into her open mouth.

Belinda slowly removed her hand from under his t-shirt; as Belinda stood up, and kept eye contact with Dave. Dave was thinking that she maybe wanted to go up to his room, when he moved to stand, Belinda pushed him back down in the couch, she then placed her finger on her lips indicating to Dave to keep quiet.

Dave did not move, his erection was now pushing hard against his tight briefs, Belinda turned around to picked up the music system remote, Dave quickly shoved his left hand down the front of his briefs to adjust his dick to a more comfortable position. Belinda looked over her shoulder and caught him, with his hand down his pants, the look she gave him, made him feel like a teenager that got caught masturbating. Dave almost felt too afraid to move, as Belinda walked back over to him.

Dave opened his mouth to say ‘Just shoveling the deck’, or at least, that’s what he wanted to say.

Belinda was looking very stern at him, wagging her finger at him. She took his hand out from the front of his shorts, the elastic smacking hard against his abdomen. Belinda held his hand in hers and bent down, took a deep breath in. The smell was musky, manly and sent shivers down her body which made her quiver.

Dave sat back mouth open. He was looking like a jack rabbit caught in the head light of a speeding truck. Dave’s mind was turning at a hundred km/h, trying to figure out what, was going to happen next.

Belinda ones again placed her index finger on her lips.

Belinda turned around and went to, Dave’s entertainment system, she switched on the system and placed a disc which she had removed from her bag into it she closed it and turning up the volume, half way, turned back to Dave, she had one hand on her hip as she looked over at him, the curve of her stomach turning in along her side, showing off her figure, her right hand taking hold of the seem of her dress.

Dave’s mouth was dry, he was having a hard time swallowing, and he was as stiff as a board not moving.

When the music started playing, Dave didn’t know the song right away, then it hit him. It was (La Passion. By Gigi D’Agostino)

Belinda started slowly gyrating her body with the music, as the tempo of the music in creased so did Belinda’s movements, she rubbed her bosoms provocatively, Belinda let her hands slid down the front of her dress she bent forward and closed her legs around her hands she could feel her clit was hard and the contact made her quiver. Belinda started gyrating, her ass all the time with the tempo of the music. Her butt whipping the dress from side to side, ever so slightly giving glimpses of her uncovered ass. Dave was motionless; he was thinking to him self. ‘What wild animal did I unleash here?’ She did not dance as someone just dancing trying to look sexy, she knew what she was doing, and she has done this before, making little movements with her body very erotically. Belinda turned her back on Dave, she was backing up towards him, placing her hands on his knees, and she spread his legs wide, and sat down on his lap, as Dave went to place his hands around her wanting to rub her wonderful round globes, she softly but firmly said.

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