Britney Ch. 03: Sound Advice

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As the second night of their bet was coming to a close, Lance Foxx sat in the living room with his Dad “Keith”. They were watching a baseball game together that was less than eventful for the team they rooted for. His dad had gradually drifted off in his recliner. His mother had long since gone to bed. Nobody awake to hound him about it being a school night.

He felt devious and tiptoes from the living room and down the hall to his sister’s bedroom. He didn’t even bother knocking and just opens the door. She was brushing her hair in front of the mirror on her closet door.

“Try knocking next time.” She frowns.

He hushes her with a finger to his lips. The motion made her uneasy.

He silently closes her door behind him and steps into her space. Face to face he whispers, ” Mom’s asleep in her bedroom. Dad’s knocked out on the couch.”

“So?” She grimaces.

He eyes her body noting the clothing. She wore pajama pants with “Minion’s” on them from the movie “Despicable Me”, and a canary yellow bra that was partially see through.

“Ready to obey me?” He wiggles his eye brows.

“Now? I’m getting ready for bed. Can’t you wait until Mom and Dad aren’t home? We seriously can’t get caught. If we did then your bet is pretty much worthless.”

“There’s copies hiding I can use even if Dad did find the video.”

“You suck Lance.”

“Not as good as you do. Wait. That didn’t sound right.”

She begins giggling at his word malfunction. After a second to share their amusement Lance pulls out the waistband of her pants. She was wearing matching yellow panties. They too were partially see through.

“Peeping Tom.” She frowns.

“Okay. Here’s where you prove to me that you won’t be disobedient.”

“Ummm? Meaning what?”

He yanks her pajama bottom to her ankles and looks up at her.

“Step out of these.”

She fidgets then lets him remove them from her.

“Now, I want you to walk out into the living room and accidently turn the tv up loud. Tell Dad you were just shutting it off and hit the wrong button.”

“Are you insane? Why don’t we just share that video with him now. If he see’s me strutting around in my bra and panties he will paddle my ass.”

“So, you’re disobeying me already?”

“Oh my God, Lance. Do you want to get me grounded? If I do there goes your new friends controlling me for 48 hours.”

“Wake Dad up then if he doesn’t get mad sit and talk to him. Tell him you need advice about boys.”

Her jaw drops.

“Yeah, that will go over well. Are you trying to get me to turn Dad on?”

“Not trying. I wanna see Dad’s reaction. You know you’re his favorite. He’s always hugging you.”

“With my clothes on. Not in my undies. Lance please.”

He grips her by the shoulders and spins her around to march her toward the door. At the threshold she tries to halt her exit and stomps her foot.

“This could go bad. Why would you do this?”

“Trust me.”

“Yeah, as if that’s ever been wise.”

He opens the knob and shoves her 112 pound form out into the hallway. She squeals and feels a chill creep over her. Her nipples responded vibrantly. Hugging the hallway wall cautiously she looks back to Lance at her door. He follows her quietly listening at his Mother’s snoring for safety.

She reaches the living room and takes a deep breath before telling herself to just do it and get it over with. Shuffling without care she finds the remote laying on her father’s chest, held there by his arm. Picking it up gently she aims the remote and blares the volume. She shrieks quietly and immediately turns it down. Her back was turned to her Dad so that her butt was near his field of vision. Hesitantly she looks back to witness her Father staring at her groggily.

“What’s going on here Princess?” Keith Foxx focusses his vision to see her better.

“Sorry Daddy. I saw you asleep. I was just going to shut the tv off and go to bed. I know how you hate when we waste electricity.”

“Thoughtful.” He nods rubbing his chin, “So what’s with you parading around like Big Bird?”

“Big Bird?”

“Yeah, all this yellow.” He waves a hand swirling it toward her.

“I grabbed a drink from the kitchen and noticed you. I really thought I could get back to my room without waking you.”

“It’s all good Sweetheart.” He sits up and stretches trying not to look at her perfect body. Least of all her long silky legs and perky tits. He was failing miserably but wouldn’t admit to it.

“Do you need anything before I go to bed?” She offers biting her lower lip as she blushed.

“Yeah sure. Grab me bottle of Corona. Get one for yourself.”

“On a school night?” She winces.

“Oh yeah. Right. One won’t hurt you. I have to work in the morning too.”

“That’s the first time you offered me a beer. Me being underage to drink.”

“You’re at home. Not driving. Not around objecting people. Enjoy.”

She ponders her father’s decision then goes to the kitchen returning with two beers. Handing him one she watches him open his bottle with a twist of his fingers. He then tilts the poker oyna beer back while admiring her.

She struggles to open her own beer and opts to lift it toward him.

“Help me Daddy?”

“Sure Kiddo.” He claims it tucking his own bottle between his legs until his mission was over. Keith then hands it back to her watching her take her first swig. She grimaces at it’s taste.

“This is awful.” She admits.

Chuckling Keith pats the cushion beside him, “Come sit by your dear old dad.”

She fidgets then does as he requests. She had Goosebumps traveling her entire body. As she sat down her eyes flared wide thinking to herself, ” Oh boy.”

“So, how’s classes? You never talk to me much these days.”

“I’m passing them. So, good I guess.”

Nodding as he takes another sip, he notes her shyness suddenly.

“Something wrong, Princess?”

She lowers her gaze and puckers, deciding how best to discuss boys with him. He had no clue she had ever even had sex.

“Daddy? I need your advice.”

He again nods and senses her confusion. Hesitantly he reaches out and rubs her back.

“Ask away. I’ll do what I can.”

His touch made her quiver. He rubbed his hand from shoulders to lower spine. It felt really nice to her. Yet awkward.

“There’s this boy I really like at school. A senior like me. Eighteen like me.”

“He as good looking as your old man?” He jokes.

She laughs and glances at him, “Nobody is as handsome as my Dad.”

“Good answer. Go on. What’s the problem?”

“Well! He asked me out this weekend. He’s been asking me awhile now, but I keep telling him no. I want to go out but I’ve been making sure his intentions are good.”

“A parents dream. Good girl. So how is this a problem?”

She sits her bottle like he did, between her legs. The chill caught her off guard and she squeals.

“No pants. I’m so stupid.” She giggles with a wrinkled brow.

“Happens to the best of us. Go on, I’m listening.”

“Anyway. Even though he’s been patient I think he wants to get to first base. Possibly second.”

His hand squeezes her neckline under her hair. She loved his grip.

“Wow. I didn’t realize my neck hurt until you squeezed it.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. It felt great.”

“Tight muscles?” He probes her back gently, “Yep. There’s a couple knots.”

She tenses up at his fingertips kneading gently at her trouble center.

“So he’s running the bases without going to bat?” Keith chuckles.

“I feel ready to experience small doses as long as he doesn’t go too far.” She winces then leers back at Keith, “This feels weird talking to you about boys.”

“Better from me than hearing your Mom. She would tell you to tighten that chastity belt.”

“I know. I’m glad I came to you first, Daddy.”

“Me too. I trust you to make the right decisions.”

“So, what should I do if he goes for second base?”

“You even know what second base is?” Her father laughs.

“I know he will kiss me. I want him to. He might get handy. I’m not sure how I will react to that. How far is too far without going all the way?”

He exhales loudly as his hand pauses. The topic was suddenly close to home.

She shivers and leers back at him.

“Why did you stop? I like your massage. I need one. Or, should I let Jake give me one?” She offers a dumbfounded expression.

“Let’s hope Jake doesn’t see you dressed like this when he tries to give any massages.” Keith suggests as he grips her arm and carefully pulls her from the cushion into his lap. She bulged her eyes beyond his vision.

“I’ll make you sleep like a baby.” He widens his legs to allow her space on the cushion he was seated on. Once settled in he used both hands to give her a back rub.

“Oh my God! That feels incredible. I remember when you used to give me backrubs as a kid. You always left welts. Please don’t leave welts.” She giggles.

“I’ll try not to be so rough.”

His eyes trail her back and he grits his teeth. His little girl wasn’t so little these days. With each squeeze she melted. His thumbs prodded along her spine until he reached her neck.

She pulled her long mane of dark hair around her shoulder and over her chest. This gave him easier access to her shoulders and neckline.

“Your old man doing a good job?”

“Heavenly.” She tilts her head forward.

He glides his fingers beneath her bra straps and fidgets there.

“So, do you want Jake to do this?”

She shivers at his fingers under her bra clasps, “If he’s half as good as you. Maybe.”

“You do realize that second base usually means the guy gets your bra off?”

Her eyes bulge wide and she tenses up.

“Really? I always thought second base just meant fondling through clothing.” She nibbles her lip.

“Nope. Second base normally means getting the girl’s clothes off. Then the fondling begins.”

“Daddy? You stopped rubbing.”

He decides it best to knead her spine all the way to her lower back. She bends forward to give him room to work. In doing so she realized then that she canlı poker oyna had given her father an erection. Stunned she remains in that position afraid to let him know she discovered him.

His thumbs continued pressing deep into her lower back. He eyed her butt crack coming into view as she bent over.

“How am I doing Princess?”

“You found a tender spot. If you feel uncomfortable you can stop. I know this has to be awkward for you.” She suggests praying her mission for Lance was nearly over.

“I’m fine. As long as you are.” He grits his teeth hoping that she would stay. As wrong as it was.

“A little while longer then.” She agrees after spotting Lance in the shadows of the hallway. He waved at her to continue. Only Lance saw her roll her eyes and show her teeth like a rabid dog.

“Good. Glad to help.” Keith nods as she glides his palms up her ribs and to her bra strap.

“Daddy? Would you be upset if I let Jake get to second base?”

He pauses with fingers under her strap again.

“That’s not my decision to make. You’re responsible. Just don’t make me a Grandpa yet.” He chuckles.

“I hope his hands are as gentle as yours are.”

“Me too. I’d hate to have to castrate him for abusing you.”

She giggles at his protective nature, noting his fingers cautiously prying at her clasps as if struggling to massage that area. With a glare toward Lance she see’s him motion for her to unhook her bra. She expressed a look of terror. To her that was suicide. Just because her Dad had a hard on didn’t mean she wouldn’t get in trouble going too far. She respected her Father.

Finally, she caves in as Lance shows her his cellphone. He had been recording their every move. She hated her brother more and more.

“If my bra straps in the way I can unclasp it. As long as you don’t think bad of me. I know it’s weird.”

He stammers at her offer and tells himself no. But, his lust was getting the best of him. After all his wife barely gave him any attention these days. Hissing he couldn’t resist.

“Your decision Princess. It’s not like I haven’t seen more of you than anybody outside of your Mom and the Doctor.”

“If it helps you hit those knots better. I guess I’m okay with it.”

Brit holds her beer bottle over her shoulder for him to hold. This assist allowed her to reach both hands behind her and unclasp her bra. She then pulls the flaps to her sides. Reaching for her beer she decided to take another swig.

“Taste any better?” He asks while puckering for a silent whistle as his hands roamed her bare back. His grip becoming more intense. She couldn’t help but express moans of relaxation.

“I’ll finish it before you’re done. I won’t waste a drop.”

His imagination went wild hearing that comment. Even she felt his erection flutter against her ass.

“I’m going to drag these shoulder straps down over your arms. Better grip with them out of the way.”

Brit shivers as his fingers guide them down. Her hands held the cups in place. She was afraid to look over at the hiding Lance out of fear he might encourage her further. He was testing her as it was. The torment of his blackmail scheme made her want to bawl. However, she knew if she did that her father would feel terrible. As if it was his fault.

Keith’s hands graced her bare shoulders and did his best to keep it clean. Just seeing her this close to topless made him regret his perversions. Not enough to stop. Not yet.

As Brit dared to glance at Lance her worst fear was realized. Her damned brother expected her to remove her bra completely. She turned pale and closed her eyes.

“Daddy? Can you squeeze my shoulders and neck more?”

“Absolutely. Lay back against me better.” He could literally bust a nut as she wiggled her ass on to the cushion closer as she laid back against his belly.

As she arched back his massive hands moved gently forward. His grip on her shoulders expanding to her clavicle. Brit propped her beer bottle between her breasts without thinking. She tensed up with his grip crushing her 34D’s around the bottles neck. Of course her bra’s cups being in the way was less dramatic.

“I love you Daddy.”

“Daddy loves his Princess.”

Eying Lance who was being an ass in motioning her to discard her bra, Brit expressed her middle fingers to tell him to fuck off. He merely pointed at her.

“Daddy? If you were Jake would you find me pretty?”

“If he’s that blind he won’t find first base unless you get him a seeing eye dog.”

She giggles and pats his fingers while maintaining both her beer bottle, her pulled forward hair, and her slipping bra.

“This is the best massage ever. Thank you Daddy.”

“Had enough?”

“Never. But, if your fingers are tired I’ll understand.”

He cups his hands around her throat and squeezes while shaking her laughing. As he jolted her she threw her arms to her side and acted as if she was flailing. Laughing together she maintained her ruse allowing her bra to slip further down her chest.

“I’m good. Better catch that bra before you lose it.”

She internet casino stops her arm movement and leaves the bra dangling low. Not low enough to fall off or reveal her nipples. But, low enough to give him an awesome cleave shot.

“As long as I don’t move forward it won’t fall off. Unless it makes you uncomfortable.”

“Naw! Only if your Mom or brother decides to wake up. Looks pretty compromising. We know better though, right?”

“Yes. We do.”

“Tell me more about Jake. Get as personal as you want.” Keith encourages. His fingers probing dangerously deep toward her cleavage made Brit tremble. His thumbs were nearly at the top of her shoulders.

“I can tell you anything?”


She looks at his fingers creeping into the upper definition of her bulging breasts. Finally, she says to hell with it and removes her bra entirely. This move made Keith stop and question her.

“Why did you do that?”

“I want to know I can let Jake do this. If I can let my own father see me then I think I can let him.”

Keith cracks his knuckles over her chest then returns to squeezing just her shoulders. His eyes observed her breasts swaying with each squeeze. It was beautiful. Her nipples taunt and stabbing toward the ceiling.

“You sure have grown.” He stutters.

“Have I? Oh, you mean my boobies. They’re huge. Are you looking at them?” She tilts her head back to eye her father.

“Hard to miss Princess.” He glares as Brit pinches her right nipple.

“I can lay on my tummy on the floor if it makes you more comfortable. That way my boobies are face down.”

“If you feel more at ease then go for it. It might be easier to work your lower back.”

“Okay.” She swiftly pulls away and sets her beer bottle on the end table beside them. Following that she sprawled out on the floor. Facing her still sitting Father she smiles up at him.

“You might need a back rub after all this.” She giggles.

“Sounds like a plan.”

He knows she spots his bulging jeans as he sits forward to drop to his knees beside her. Her eyes gave her away. Keith knew his perversions were caught on too.

“Work your magic, Daddy.” She sighs and stretches out more. Her legs wider than they once were. Her arms folded under her chin.

He began rubbing her shoulders again before moving under her armpits. His fingers grazing the crushed breasts.

“I think Jake should get to go this far.”

She shifts her profile to smile at him, “Really? You approve of my letting him see this much of me?”

“Sure. Just behave. It’s only touch right?”

“Yes. I love being touched. Well, as much as I’ve allowed that is. Mostly legs.”

“I say experience it. Just save the sex until marriage.”

“So, totally naked is acceptable?” She wiggles for comfort on the carpet.

His hands reach her hips and stop at her thin panties. He could see her shadowed butt crack within the material. Swallowing hoarsely he looks around him and easily hears his wife’s snoring.

“Sure. Give ole Jake a show.”

“Oh my God! I adore you Daddy. I will. He can see everything. Touch everything. No sex though. I promise.”

He decides to move past her panties while gritting his teeth. He hesitates touching her legs, and realizes that he would be overstepping their bond. She had faith in her father he thought. So far he hadn’t done anything too taboo.

From behind her Father’s profile Brit see’s Lance telling her to remove her panties. She found herself loving the deception now. Her Dad was surprisingly receptive to her story. His hard on was self explanatory.

“Daddy? Can I ask you a really crazy favor?”

“Depends. What is it?” He returns to her pelvis and lower spine.

“I’m afraid to ask.” She feigns a blush.

“Just ask.”

“I want to experience what you think Jake should experience. That way I know exactly what to allow. You said totally naked right?”

Keith’s eyes flutter out of disbelief. She was asking him to touch her how he found it appropriate.

“Well, yeah. Are you asking me to touch you?”

“It’s stupid of me. Forget I asked. It just dawned on me that I’m so inexperienced that I don’t know what I should let Jake get away with. If you showed me every detail then I’ll know right from wrong.”

Keith again listens intently for his wife’s snoring. He wondered if Lance was out cold as well. He must have been. Satisfied he returns his gaze to Britney.

“Okay. As long as you understand this is only to help you. It’s bad of me to do this. But, I would rather you know if he’s going overboard.”

“You’re the best Daddy. I won’t tell anybody. I swear.”

“You better not. I’ll ground you until you’re eighty.”

He straddles her hips and returns to his massage. As he squeezes her shoulder he grips her hair and tugs on it, wrapping it around his wrist. Her eyes bulge at his brusqueness.

“Wow! That’s interesting. So, my hair should be played with?”

“Yep. He should pull it. Harder than I just did. This is how you let him know it’s okay to be a man.”

“Okay. What else?” She spies Lance doubled over silently laughing. She wanted to join him.

Keith released her hair and began massaging her back at a stronger grip. She bit her lip trying not to moan too loudly. At her spine he leans over and whispers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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