Britney Ch. 24: Native Tongue

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Big Dick

Britney heard her Father come home.

Luckily she was still alone to talk with him. Brother Lance was out and about with his friend Styles.

Finding Keith taking his boots off at the door Brit steps into view.

“I just realized something Daddy.”


“The dance is Friday right?”

He squints at her, “Yeah.”

“Our Charity Carwash is next Saturday. We have so much to get done yet. I’m going to be really tired.”

“You’ll manage. I thought you would be happy about what I did.”

“I am. Very much so. I’m going to fuck that boy silly.”

“Of course.” He rolls his eyes at her.

“Mom called, checking in. She had to go to Orlando. I want to go see Mickey and Minnie.” She pouts then laughs.

“Why? So you can gangbang the Seven Dwarves?”

“Haha! You’re just being Goofy now.” She sticks her tongue out playfully.

Keith was exhausted. His humor waning he moves away from her and hits the shower. He locked the bathroom door just to keep his daughter from joining him. He needed space.

She didn’t even try. Instead she went to her room and got comfy. She removed her white shorts and just lounged around in her peach colored Tee. It barely covered her bottom. Only when standing. No underwear left her wide open.

Texting her friends Cryssa, Tara, Dawn, and Sophia they talked about the Barn Dance. They were jealous. That subject led to their impending slumber party. Brit knew how she wanted it to go down. Two days away and counting.

Twenty minutes later Brother Lance came home for the night. After stomping through the house he ducks his head into her room.

“Wassup Skank?” He jokes.

“Not much, Perv.”

He loiters in her doorway while she continues texting. After a few minutes of silence she looks up from her cell, “What?”

She could tell his mind was in the gutter by the way he looked around for his Dad. He knew he was in his bedroom getting ready to go out for a beer. After a hard day working on the Ruuthouse Farm he quite often did just that.

“Dad is going out right?” Lance squints.

Shrugging Brit continues to text Sophia. Still Lance lingered. He would step away to his own room for short periods then return. Having changed into a pair of cut off at the knee sweat pants Lance held out until Keith exits his own bedroom. Meeting in the hall the men stare at one another.

“Going out?” Lance scratched his scalp.

“Couple hours. Why?”

Shrugging at his Father he didn’t give him any real answer, “Just wondered.”

Keith didn’t care any further. He left the house and didn’t look back.

The second Keith’s pickup truck left the front curb Lance bolted into Britney’s room. He takes a running dive on to her mattress.

“Time Ankara escort to obey me. Been awhile.”

Recalling her lot bet she rolls her eyes.

“I’m busy.” She hisses as he lays facing between her opened knees. He could see her perfect snatch and sister or not it looked delicious. So far their bet led to her blowing or jerking him off only. He toyed with the idea of sex but after she had helped him nail neighbor girl Chloe he backed off. Now that Chloe was setting rules for Lance and her sexually he felt needy.

“Keep texting.” He crawls to his knees then grabs his sister by her ankles. She squeals as he drags her body toward him from her headboard.

“What are you doing?” Brit hisses losing her comfort of a propped pillow.

Without any reply she watches Lance pry her legs wide to give him room to bury his face between her thighs. Her eyes bulged at his insistence. She had never been treated to his tongue before. It repulsed her at first but as his talent shined she gave in and enjoyed the feast. She tried her best to continue texting. She didn’t want to tell her girlfriends what her Brother was doing. So the texts became idle chatter.

“Dammit Boy.” Brit holds her breath as Lance’s tongue slid up inside her hole. Digging deep and growling at his persistence to make her moan. That she did. Loudly. Her thoughts muddled her texting took a back seat to her emotions.

She grits her teeth, “I never knew you were this good at eating pussy.”

Lance merely gives her a thumbs up and refuses to give her a second to resist. Not that she was.

Five minutes later Britney gushes across her Brother’s face. Still he fed. Her brain was exploding as the sensitivity level increased. Body shaking dramatically she fought with little success. His grasp of her legs were like vice grips.

“Lance! I can’t take much more. Stop.”

This time he shakes his head negatively and bit her clit. He inserts two fingers up into her twisting and turning. Her released ankle allowed her to plant her foot on his shoulder to attempt escape. Lance refused her.

Finally, her hormones gave up. Lance had made her cum a second time to eight minutes.

“Who knew?” She huffs, squealing loudly.

Lance knew. He didn’t really have the experience but he had faith in watching hardcore Porn. Learning tricks as he went along.

Another five minutes Britney Leann Foxx screamed at the top of her lungs. Hands in her hair tugging it over her face and into her open mouth. Eying her over his continual feeding Lance had the idea to reach out with his drenched fingers and plant them between her lips. Her tongue lapping at their intrusion. Then her lips closed around his fingers. Sucking them. Her brain lost Ankara escort bayan control over her ability to make any decisions. It just happened.

Lance admired her facial features. So much ecstasy. It made him smug. He wanted to make her brain literally fry.

Ferociously he dug his tongue even deeper into her. As he did he pressed his left palm over her pubic area. He had heard that by doing so her G-spot would compress and she would feel it with more intensity.

True to form Britney quaked violently. Her lips opening around his fingers. He chose to leave them there and force her to endure his hand keeping her jaw prisoner. Without further ado Lance grunts. Without even touching his own erection he shot a load into his sweats.

Hearing him Brit cries out with a muffled, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Lance had succeeded in making her lose once again.

His hand releasing her jaw he glides his palm slowly over her peach Tee caressing her left nipple on his way down. Finally, Lance retreats. His mouth drenched he overlooked the taste. Saying nothing he crawls off of the bed and eyes his wet sweat pants and erection. He then eyes Brit who was withdrawn in her final orgasm. Her hair a disaster of sweat and saliva. The blanket beneath her had a two foot wide circular stain beneath her butt cheeks. Her pussy still trickling.

With a glint or arrogant fulfillment Brother Lance left her to her buzzing texts. She had over twenty texts to reply too.

Misery’s Bar and Grill.

Keith Foxx sat at the bar tilting his beer mug back when his own cell rang with a rendition of a Howling Wolf. He winced and looked at the caller. It was a number he didn’t know. Shrugging he decides to answer it.


“Keith?” He hears in a soft whisper. He knew the voice instantly.

“Mary? How did you get my number? Don’t let Isaiah hear you.”

Mary Ruuthouse sobs, “This is the family phone. Grace gave me your number. She will erase it after we talk.”

“Okay. You’re crying. What’s wrong?”

After hearing her blow her nose she continues, “Isaiah tells me that he intends to take his Mother to Iowa. He wants to take Daniel. Daniel has never met this side of the family.”

“I see.” He puckers knowing to keep his mouth shut about knowing Isaiah’s plan.

“They intend to leave by train after the Barn Dance. Leaving Myself and Grace to run the farm.”

“Is this a Bad thing, Mary?”

“I am only in shock of his decision. This will give you time to visit more often Yes?”

“As much as possible. I’ll be there for you Mary.”

“I desire to be with you Keith Foxx.”

He already knew that and grinned. He felt the urge to consume her thoughts even more.

“Where are you calling Escort Ankara from?”

“I am outside. Everyone is asleep already. I woke Grace. She knows how I feel about you more now that we talked.”

“She’s alright with your feelings?”

“Yes. Very supportive.”

Keith winces knowing Grace was a damn good kid.

“Alright. I just don’t want Isaiah or Anna to hear us talking. You don’t need trouble.”

“I am safe. Grace will warn me with a flashlight from her bedroom window if she hears Isaiah searching for me. Anna will never wake up this late.”

“Late? It’s only 9:00.”

“As you say, we go to bed with the Chickens.”

He chuckles, “I guess that is true.” Realizing they as Farmers and Mennonites were set in their ways.

“I miss you Keith. I cannot stop thinking of you.”

“Same here. Maybe we can get sneaky at the Barn Dance.”

“Would it not be safer to wait until Isaiah and Anna are gone?”

“Nope. I’m fucking you at the Dance.”

“Oh my!” She faintly giggles.

“How long does Isaiah plan to be gone?”

“He tells me a Month.”

“In that Month I’ll come help feed the Horses and do some mowing. Take you for Groceries and stuff. I’m sure Isaiah’s Brothers will be around too so we need to keep our eyes peeled.”

“Yes. I am certain Isaiah will have them check on us.”

“Step at a time. In this Month I’m changing you. You can decide what you want once Isaiah gets back from Iowa.”

“I embrace this change Keith. For you I will do anything.”

He had her where he wanted her.

“You better get back inside.”

“I will dream of you Keith Foxx.”

“Same here. Night beautiful Mary.”

“Good night Handsome Keith.”

Hanging up Keith ordered another Draft.

Britney had finally got her thoughts together. Ignoring her friends texts she stumbles from bed and weakly shuffles to her Brother’s bedroom. He was laying in bed with headphones on listening to music. Standing in his doorway as he had hers not long ago. Loitering there until Lance notices her he shrugs, “What?”

Removing his headset he awaits her reply.

“I hate you so much.” She sneers through sweat abused bangs dangling over her eyes.

Without another word Britney scurries toward his bed and dives on to it as he had hers. She wrestles with him laughing as his sweat pants get pulled down. Eying his still semi erect cock she swallows him whole.

She sucked his cock for an hour. He detonated twice more.

Brit was on a mission.

Her tongue got very tired.

Regardless, the Natives were restless.

Strangely enough, afterwards Brit crawled over her Brother and just lay in his arms.

A warm kiss ended their night.

As she fell asleep Lance crawled out from under her snuggle and shut her light off sealing her bedroom door. Returning to his own room he closes his own door and got back in bed.

They would snuggle until morning.

Safe bet.

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