Broken Days

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Mark: 30, 5’8″, 176 lb, runner’s build and nice tan. Baby blue eyes and short, slightly spiked jet black hair.


Written in Mark’s POV


I stared wide-eyes at my boss. “Wh..what?”

He glared back. “I said, YOU ARE FIRED. There have been too many of YOUR clients finding lawsuits against my policies! Now, LEAVE!”

I turned, shaking slightly as I left his office. I grabbed my coffee mug, my binder, my sunglasses, suitcase, and cell phone before jumping into my old Chevy, throwing everything in the passenger seat. I slammed my hands on the steering wheel. “This day couldn’t get any worse.” I groaned. Here’s a rundown of what my day has been like:

I woke up in an empty bed. Strange.. Looked at my alarm clock.. 15 minutes late! I forgot to brush my teeth, forgot breakfast, and just dressed and ran out the front door. I jumped into the front seat when my phone rang. My boyfrind, who was supposed to be asleep with me. “Yelllo, this is Mark.” I said. Zach sighed on the other end.


Zach: Blonde, shortish hair, brown eyes, 5’7″, 160 lb


My heart plummeted.

“Mark… I’m sorry… But… I. I just don’t think we’re right for each other.” Zach started.

“Zach, what are you saying? We’ve been together for two years now..”

“And we’re worse off than we started. Mark, I’m breaking up with you. You need someone who can take care of you… And that’s not me.” He said before hanging up. My heart shattered. I hung up, setting the phone down. Dammit, now I’m 30 minutes late. I sniffled, starting the car and heading to work. I get there an hour late and the boss is pissed. He calls me to his office, and that’s where this story began.

I sighed, looking at the clouds. I checked the weather. Shit… HUGE storm rolling in and I had Sakarya Escort a 30 minute drive home… I started the car just as the first rain drops started to fall. The roads seemed deserted. I watched as the houses seemed to spread out a little. I lived past the city limits, just on the edge of the suburbs where you could get a good amount of land. Sometimes, living that far isn’t too useful. Like now. I can’t see two feet from the front of my car and the thunder is deafening. Suddenly, two headlights blind me. I hear the screech of tires and next thing I know the car is upside down. I groan. “Great…” I mutter, unbuckling myself. I hear the other car race off, the clang of metal, then just the rain. My head hurt, I must have hit it on something. I reached over to open the door, but it was jammed. Dammit! I moved, kicking at the door, but that did nothing. Then, someone knocked. I blinked.

“Hello?” Asked a young man.

“Umm…” My head pounded. “Hey..”

“Are you okay?” He asked. I could see his knees through the window as he knelt down to listen.

“I’m stuck.. I can’t get the door open..” I said, embarrassed.

He stood. I heard him grunt and the door squealed as he pulled it open. I crawl out and come face-to-crotch with a 6 foot man that looked like he could have easily played Thor, only he had short, brown hair and bright green eyes. I blinked, then turned red as I stood, realizing how awkward that was. As soon as I stood, I stumbled, dizzy. Lightning flashed and I saw stars. Mr. Idontknowhisnamelookslikethor picked me up. “Careful there.. Let’s go inside.” He said, turning to what I assumed to be his house. Just being in his arms sent a warm sense of comfort over me. I groaned softy. Why did Zach have to leave me? If he’d been here to drive, there wouldn’t have been a crash. The man set me down on the couch and closed the door. He grabbed Adapazarı Escort a towel and wrapped it around me, using a towel to dry his hair before pulling his shirt off. I blinked.

“I hope you don’t mind..” He said, tossing his shirt in a basket in the corner. “Are you alright?” He asked, kneeling in front of me.

I found it hard to speak, so I just nodded.

He smiled faintly. “I’m Noah.” He extended his hand. I shook it gently. “Mark..” I said quietly.


NOAH: 35, 6 ft, 180 lb, muscular. Dark green eyes and short light brown hair.


He nodded. “Nice to meet you Mark. Would you like a cup of coffee? Tea? Water?”

“W-water…would be..fine..” I said quietly. He stood and within minutes returned with a glass of water. He watched me patiently drink some of the water. “You should rest. Your car flipped at least twice before it slid.” He said.

I winced. “It’ll be totaled..”

He nodded. “I’d be surprised if not. Why don’t you call someone at home and let them know what happened. Your welcome to stay here until the storm’s over.”

I sighed. “I’ve got no one to call…unm, thanks for your kind hospitality.” I said, pulling the towel close around me as I set the glass down.

Noah sat down behind me, looking concerned. “Surely there’s someone you can call? A girlfriend perhaps?” He asked.

I winced. “My boyfriend broke up with me this morning.” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. He looked shocked.

“Oh…I..I’m so sorry.” He said, biting his lip. I sighed. “I should go.. The police aren’t far, I can walk-“

His hand grabbed my shoulders, catching me off guard. He pulled me into a hug. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He said, hugging me tightly. I sniffled. “It’s dangerous outside, you don’t have a car, and your day seems to have been pretty crappy, so you’re going Serdivan Escort to stay right here Mr. Mark, and you’re going to let me fix you up.”

Tears welled in my eyes as I remembered what Zach said. I started crying in this stranger’s arms. He just held me close, rubbing my back. “Shhh… Just let it out.” He said softly as I tried to apologize. I just curled into him, letting all my sadness and pain pour out in rivers of tears all over his bare chest. It took almost two hours for me to relate my entire life story to him, and he seemed completely willing to hear it, comforting me, telling me he was so sorry… He made me feel better, even if I had only just met him. By now I was getting extremely tired. I yawned, and he picked me up, still holding me close. He carried me down the hall.

“Where are we going…?” I asked, yawning again.

“You’re going to go to bed.” He said softly. “You need a good rest.”

I didn’t object. He turned the light on, folding the covers back on a Queen size bed with blue sheets. He laid me down gently. “Sleep tight.” He said, tucking me in. Just as he stood to leave, there was a huge CRACK of thunder and the power went out. I tensed. “N-Noah…?”

“Yes Mark?” He said softly.

Now, don’t call me a baby, but I’ve been scared of the dark since I was 5. A man broke into my house and shot my father, stealing half of our things, and he was never found. Ever since then, the dark has freaked me out, especially in somewhere I am not familiar with.

“C-can you stay with me..?” I asked, embarrassed and nervous I’d offend him. He chuckled softly and I relaxed. It was a beautiful sound.

“Sure.” He said, slipping under the covers beside me. Instinctively I scooted closer. He wrapped me in a hug and I curled into him, nuzzling my head into his smooth chest. I relaxed, Noah rubbing my back soothingly. “Just sleep..” He said softly. “Just sleep…”

And I did. I fell asleep in my stranger angel’s arms, comforted.


Thanks for reading! This is my first story, and I’ll be posting a second chapter soon!

Any critiques and suggestions are wonderful! Just comment or shoot me a pm! Thanks~

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